Tunisia Mostly Mainstream Newslinks for 23 February, 2011

23 February, 2011 — creative-i.info

2900 Chinese to be evacuated to Tunisia from turbulent Libya
More than 30 shuttle buses were bringing the first batch of Chinese, who
will be put up in the Tunisian resort of Girba, Chinese Ambassador Huo
Zhengde said. The Chinese nationals are mostly staff and their families
from Chinese companies in the Libyan …

Zim activists to appear in court
Zim Online
“Activists meet in Zimbabwe to discuss the implications of Egypt and
Tunisia and end up arrested. Mugabe did not learn the right lessons,”
Crowley twitted on Tuesday. Many observers have sought to draw parallels
between mass discontent in Tunisia and …

Angola, Tunisia reach final after shootouts
JOHANNESBURG — Angola defeated hosts and favourites Sudan on penalties
after a stormy 1-1 draw on Tuesday and secured a place in the African
Nations Championship final against Tunisia. The Tunisians also needed a
shootout after another 1-1 deadlock …

Swiss Banks Scrutinize Mideast Regimes’ Assets
Wall Street Journal
Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak, left, and Tunisia’s Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali at an
October Arab League summit in Libya. Separately, asset-recovery experts say
the US and UK may be moving too slowly to freeze assets believed to belong
to fallen regimes in Egypt …

A Message for Us All
Harvard Crimson
Beginning with Tunisia, popular revolutions have swept up Egypt and Libya,
with the latter country currently in a half-way house between civil
disobedience and full-scale civil war. In Egypt, meanwhile, a grassroots
revolt succeeded after 2 weeks of …

PHL eyes Malta, Tunisia as routes for Pinoys leaving Libya
Philippine officials are considering Malta and Tunisia as possible routes
in repatriating Filipinos who want to leave Libya amid the threat of
mounting violence there. Labor Undersecretary Danilo Cruz said the two
options emerged amid information that …

EU bank wants more funds for Egypt, Tunisia
A long standing lack of job opportunities has been seen as one driver of
the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt. (Nasser Nasser/Associated Press) The
European Investment Bank said Tuesday it needs more money from the European
Union to support a transition …

France: Diplomats Take Sarkozy to Task
New York Times
The criticisms, in an opinion article in the influential newspaper Le
Monde, followed a string of diplomatic embarrassments for France, many
involving Tunisia. “Contrary to the announcements trumpeted for the past
three years, Europe is powerless, …

French ministers on confidence-building trip to Tunisia
“Trust between Tunisia and France has not been broken,” Lagarde told
journalists at the beginning of the visit of a few hours, the first since
the fall on January 14 of the regime of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. “Relations
between France and Tunisia have …

Thousands of Turkish citizens to proceed to Tunisia from Libya
Turkish Press
Thousands of Turkish citizens living and working in northwestern part of
Libya are expected to proceed to Tunisia as of Tuesday evening as week-long
unrest left hundreds of people dead in north African country. Some 3
thousand Turkish citizens will …

Tunisia to return airplanes from Libya
Press TV
A private Tunisian airline has decided to return six of its business planes
from Libya because they may be used to transfer foreign mercenaries to
crackdown on the Libyan pro-democracy protesters. The Tunisian airline has
announced that it will return …

French Ambassador May Be Too Sexy for Tunisia
By Eric Pape France may be a nation famous for grandiloquent old diplomats,
but in post-revolutionary Tunisia it seems to be represented by a blunt,
moody, and coarse-tongued ambassador who is as ripped as Mark Wahlberg in a
Calvin Klein ad. …

Tunisia: “Tunisia’s Revolution is an Important Event for Tunisia And the Whole …
Tunis — Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, whose country currently
Chairs the Council of Europe, affirmed that the revolution of the Tunisian
people for freedom and dignity is “an important event for Tunisia, the
region and the whole world”. …

How to win a Nobel Peace Prize: Egypt, Tunisia and beyond
Vancouver Sun
Even so, recent events in Tunisia, Egypt and elsewhere present the West
with an important opportunity. During the 20th century, Canada led the
world in inventing effective, international mechanisms for modern,
wide-scale peacekeeping, and Lester B. …

Zims urged to follow Egypt, Tunisia & Libya’s lead
SW Radio Africa
The campaigns have been inspired by the uprisings in Libya, Tunisia and
Egypt, which have sparked debate across other African countries still ruled
by despots. There are high hopes that the fall of the ruling family in
Tunisia and that of Hosni …

5 Things I Learned from #Egypt #Tunisia #Bahrain #Libya…
He’s the young Google executive who helped start the Egyptian revolution by
creating a Facebook group inspired by the Tunisian protests and criticizing
the death of an activist in Egypt. It was his disappearance and arrest and
re-appearance that …

Arab uprisings: what happens next in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya?
Channel 4 News
The scent of revolution has moved to Libya, but after people power brought
down the leaders of Tunisia and Egypt, Channel 4 News asks two Middle East
experts what is happening in those countries now. It took 29 days to remove
Ben Ali Tunisia, …

Science Panel Says World Will See 50 Million Climate Change Refugees by 2020
Fast Company
The recent food price frustrations and corresponding political protests in
Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya foreshadow how migration may shake out; the
number of refugees from those countries now in Southern Europe is more than
ever before. …

Worker arrested in connection with murder of Polish priest in Tunisia
U.S. Catholic magazine
The Tunisian Ministry of Interior reported that Chokori Ben Mustapha
Bel-Sadek El-Mestiri, 43, was taken into custody Feb. 22, four days after
the body of Father Marek Rybinski, 33, was discovered in a storeroom in a
Salesian-run school in La Manouba …

Protest strikes dog Algeria
But Algerian Foreign Minister Mourad Medelci said the anti-government
protests that toppled rulers in Tunisia and Egypt would not spread to
Algeria as part of a “domino effect” across the region. “The domino effect
is an invention on the part of the …

Tunisia: Review of Current Political And Economic Priorities
Tunis — The review of political and economic priorities during the
transitional stage in Tunisia was the focus of the meeting on Monday of
Minister of Local and Regional Development Mohamed Nejib Chebbi and
Minister of Planning and International …

Tunisia: Interior Minister Claims That RCD Be Dissolved
Tunis — The Interior Minister lodged, on Monday, a claim to the Tunis
Court of First Instance to dissolve former ruling party, the Constitutional
Democratic Rally (RCD). An Interior ministry’s communiqué specified that
the minister submitted this …

U.S. should stay out of uprisings in Muslim world
Let’s look at Tunisia. Imam Rachid Ghannouchi, after being banned from
Tunisia for 21 years, has returned in triumph to a hero’s welcome with
Islamic theocracy in tow. The women of Tunisia are going to be overwhelmed
with his way of thinking. …

UNHCR braces for possible exodus from Libya
Reuters Africa
The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) was preparing to send
emergency staff and aid supplies including tents and mobile hospitals to
beef up its presence in Egypt and Tunisia, spokeswoman Sybella Wilkes told
Reuters. …

Lagarde and Wauquiez: France voices support to Tunisia’s …
By Tunisiaonlinenews.com
The French senior officials’ visit is aimed to review ways to strengthen
Tunisian-French economic partnership and to express France’s appreciation
of the Tunisian people “for this revolution which is both a pioneering
and deeply moral …

Brains and Eggs: First Tunisia, then Egypt, now Libya. Is …
By Perry Dorrell, aka PDiddie
First Tunisia, then Egypt, now Libya. Is Wisconsin next? Eliza Griswold of
The Daily Beast: The last nine days in Libya are bringing the bloodiest of
all recent revolutions to pass. Over the past 48 hours in downtown Tripoli
and to the …

First Tunisia, then Egypt: Whither China? – Editors’ Blog – Japan …
By Takahara Akio
The recent developments in Tunisia and Egypt are being watched warily by
the authorities in Beijing. During his January visit to the United States,
Chinese President Hu Jintao declared his support for the idea of universal
human rights, …

Episode 327 – OAUG, Tunisia, Cybersecurity Research, Stux …
By Ribkah Chan
It seems like the government of Tunisia have been basically phishing their
users with fake versions of login pages for Facebook, Gmail and Yahoo!. It
only works for users that aren’t using the https:// AKA SSL version of the
sites, …

El Vomitar.com: Former Tunisia Dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali’s …
By Enorme Nuez
Ben Ali, the former Tunisian dictator ousted in a popular uprising last
month, had amassed a large fortune during his 23 year reign of tyranny and
decadence. When he hastily fled the country he left some of that fortune
behind. …

Rothschilds Stage Revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt To Kill Islamic …
By sakerfa
(PuppetWorldPost) – Background: Tunisia has undergone increasing economic
liberalization over the last decade: In the 2010-2011 World Economic
Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report, it was ranked as the most
competitive country in …

Wisconsin, The “Tunisia” of American Politics
“Is Wisconsin the ‘Tunisia’ of American politics right now?” asked
Schieffer. Ryan, while couching his answer with budget-balancing gibberish,
answered “So, yes… What our governor is trying to do is address this in
a structural way …

Tunisia Daily Women’s Rights a Strong Point in Tunisia – New …
By tunisia – Google News
Women’s Rights a Strong Point in Tunisia New York Times PARIS — At the
height of the Egyptian uprising, protesters drew encouragement and
practical advice from Tunisian tweets and Facebook messages: “We did it,
you can do it, too! …

How Uprisings In Egypt And Tunisia Fit In With Global Capitalism …
By Lew Rosenbaum
The participation of all sectors of society in the Tunisian and Egyptian
upheavals indicates the nationalist character of those upheavals. They also
have a pan-Arab nationalist character that has no counterpart in the Latin
American …

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