Egypt Mostly Mainstream Newslinks for 23 February, 2011

23 February, 2011 —

Egypt’s cabinet, under attack, meets for first time
By Marwa Awad and Sarah Mikhail CAIRO, Feb 23 (Reuters) – Egypt’s new
cabinet met for the first time on Wednesday with security high on its
agenda and under attack from the Muslim Brotherhood and others who want it
purged of ministers appointed by …

Libya protests: Evacuation plans of foreign governments
BBC News
About 5000 Egyptians have returned home by land and about 10000 more are
waiting to cross the Libya-Egypt border, an Egyptian security official told
the Associated Press news agency. Egypt has said it will also send six
commercial planes and two …

Economics and Democracy in Egypt
New York Times (blog)
By CASEY B. MULLIGAN Mohamed Omar/European Pressphoto Agency Tens of
thousands of people gathered in Tahrir Square in Cairo last week to call
for Egypt’s military rulers to speed changes and crack down on corruption,
one week after Hosni Mubarak …

Iran Sends Two Naval Vessels Through Egypt’s Suez Canal
Wall Street Journal
By RICHARD BOUDREAUX JERUSALEM—Israel put its navy on alert as two
Iranian naval vessels sailed through Egypt’s Suez Canal on Tuesday, staking
out what Israeli officials called a provocative, symbolic presence in the
Mediterranean. …

Israel’s Road to a Warm Peace with Egypt
Middle East Online
Or, with American encouragement, they can meet the new Egypt – the people
of Egypt – with an outstretched hand, offering them support as they march
toward freedom and democracy, seeking the warm peace of neighbours
determined to share cooperatively …

Sweden lifts all Egypt travel warnings
Sweden has dropped all advisories warning against travel to Egypt, the
foreign ministry announced on Tuesday. “In light of the more stable
security situation, the Foreign Ministry no longer advises against travel
to Egypt,” the ministry said in a …

Egypt’s women face growing sexual harassment
Los Angeles Times
Some women in Egypt say they suffer catcalls, groping and other sexual
harassment daily. For a time it seemed that the Tahrir Square protests
might point to progress, but the attack on TV reporter Lara Logan and
others showed otherwise. …,0,622993.story

Pitso fobs off Egypt`s request
Pitso Mosimane has weighed in with his opinion about Egypt’s request to
postpone their March 26 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier against South
Africa. According to media reports, the Egyptian football authorities have
asked the Confederation of African …,22162,14287_6773706,00.html

Mubarak party struggles to survive in new Egypt
Image Credit: AP Cairo: Three decades after monopolising the politcal scene
and power in Egypt, former president Hosni Mubarak’s National Democratic
Party is trying hard to revamp its image and survive in the post-Mubarak
era. …

Egypt plans stimulus package after blow to growth
By Patrick Werr CAIRO, Feb 22 (Reuters) – Egypt is planning a stimulus
package after its economy was badly hurt by political turmoil, Finance
Minister Samir Radwan said on Tuesday. He estimated that the political
unrest that led to the ousting of …

83 Chinese citizens evacuated to Egypt from restive Libya
ALSALLOUM, Egypt, Feb. 23 (Xinhua) — Eighty-three Chinese nationals were
evacuated from turbulent Libya to Egypt early Wednesday. More Chinese
nationals will be evacuated to Egypt through the border crossing, the
Chinese Embassy said. …

Frontline Examines Muslim Brotherhood’s ‘Strong, Layered’ Role in Egypt
The Muslim Brotherhood, long banned in Egypt and framed by ousted President
Mubarak as an extremist group, is shaping its role in post-Mubarak Egypt.
The NewsHour has an excerpt of a segment that airs Tuesday night on
Frontline, and then Jeffrey Brown …

Abuse of Women Is Sadly Endemic
Huffington Post (blog)
Amidst all the euphoria about Egypt’s peaceful revolution, the news of CBS
news reporter Lara Logan being sexually assaulted fell like a ton of
bricks. The people of Egypt, especially its youth, have been such an
inspiration that any hint of deviant …

McGill grad laid groundwork for ‘Facebook Revolution’
Montreal Gazette
By EHAB LOTAYEF, The Gazette February 23, 2011 5:25 AM A few years later,
Ahmed Nazif was involved in introducing digital technologies to Egypt’s
governmental institutions. Before the turn of the century, he was appointed
minister of Communications and …

No Court Hearing For Arrested Zim Egypt Style Protestors
Hosni Mubarak Egypt’s former president and Ben Ali of Tunisia were ousted
from power by massive uprisings by ordinary people who wanted change after
years under dictatorship. Demonstrations are on-going in Libya and Bahrain
with ordinary people vowing …

Post-Egypt, Kashmir braces to put Centre in a spot
Times of India
But developments in Egypt changed that. “Militancy we can handle. After
9/11 (we’ve seen) it backfires on its promoters. People here are sick of
violence. But our greatest fear is 50000 people landing up at Lal Chowk for
a dharna. …

Egypt’s steps toward liberty remind us of our own
Staunton News Leader
In 2011, it’s a story involving bloggers, Tweets and demonstrations in
Egypt and elsewhere in the Mideast that we’ve watched unfold with amazing
rapidity. But for Americans, that same path to freedom harkens back to
pamphleteers, village greens, …

Coptic Christian priest killed in Egypt, setting off new protests by religious …
Winnipeg Free Press
By: AP ASSIUT, Egypt – A Coptic Christian priest has been killed in
southern Egypt, triggering street demonstrations by several thousand
Christians. The priest was found dead in his home. A fellow clergyman,
Danoub Thabet, says his body had several …

In Egypt, loved ones search for those who didn’t return from protest
Los Angeles Times
His 6-year-old daughter is enrolled in a private German school. Had he not
disappeared that night, Amin said, many members of their family probably
would have joined him in the square. “Tarek was asking for a better life
for Egypt,” Amin said. …,0,188564.story

Egypt police allegedly set building on fire in possible corruption cover-up
Ahram Online
The human resources section of the Egyptian interior ministry building is
ablaze. The police have been pressuring the interior ministry to have human
resources review which of the police had a clean record so those can return
to work. …

23/02/2011German foreign minister to visit Egypt
Expatica Germany
German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said he would travel to Egypt
Wednesday, following hot on the heels of the British prime minister as the
West seeks to woo the post-Mubarak Arab powerhouse. Westerwelle was
expected to hold talks with Prime …

Egypt unrest toll put at 384
Cairo, Feb 23 (IANS/(AKI) At least 384 people died and 6467 were injured in
the 18 days of clashes between protesters and security forces which toppled
Egypt’s former president Hosni Mubarak, the health ministry said. A final
death count has yet to be …

Egypt’s antiquity employees demands attained
Ahram Online
Today Zahi Hawass,Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs met with a
group of young archaeologists, who were representing the protestors who
have been picketing the ministry’s building in recent days. These
university graduates have been campaigning …

David Cameron Exposed As Politician In Egypt
The Spoof (satire)
“The situation here in Egypt is that Mubarak and his regime were a
domineering and self serving totalitarian government, whom had absolutely
no concern for the welfare of its citizens. Furthermore, they have used the
most appalling forms of vicious …

Egypt’s incomplete revolution
Malaysia Kini
Jubilation and widespread celebrations in Egypt that day were a repetition
of what took place in Iran exactly 32 years ago, when the Shah
dictator-monarchy finally collapsed, to give way to the establishment of
the first civilian government there in …

UW alumna beaten in Egypt explains why she would still return
UW Badger Herald
I would love to go back to Egypt. Right now, Egyptians are calling on
foreigners to come to Egypt. I have already seen advertisements for the
“New Egypt.” I do not think Westerns should be uncomfortable going
there. The protesters weren’t not about …

MIDEAST DAYBOOK: Libya Unrest, Credit Rating; Egypt Stock Market
Egypt’s stock exchange extended its trading suspension through this week as
it moves to implement changes aimed at limiting possible losses upon
resumption. Islamic banks in Yemen said they will buy the local currency
sukuk the government plans to sell …

ISRAEL: Democracy And The Next Wars
Strategy Page
February 23, 2011: With the military now running Egypt, until elections can
be held in about six months, Israeli officials are quietly calling, and
visiting, Egyptians who might lead the new government, as well as generals
who are running things now. …

Ashton follows Cameron to Egypt
The European Union’s foreign policy chief, visiting Cairo, has talked about
adding a billion euros to current aid being given to Egypt. Encouraging
free elections was another main point on Catherine Ashton’s agenda. She
said her aim was to see how the …

Clinton to answer questions from Egypt’s youth in online interview
The Canadian Press
Many young people in Egypt have a low opinion of the United States after
its decades of support for the autocratic ruler Hosni Mubarak, who was
removed from office this month. __ Online: ; Twitter feed
(at)masrawyfans State Department’s …

Russian Official Blames Google Exec For Unrest In Egypt
Huffington Post
In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, top ranking Russian official
Igor Sechin, the country’s deputy prime minister and “energy czar,”
pinpointed Google for what he viewed as the company’s role in catalyzing
the protests that rocked Egypt and …

Kenya tea prices tick up on demand from Egypt
Reuters Africa
NAIROBI (Reuters) – Kenyan tea prices edged up at this week’s auction on
demand from Egypt and Pakistan and traders said on Wednesday prices would
rise in upcoming auctions due to low volumes as a result of drought in the
country. Egypt is the leading …

Russia: Egypt Uprising Fault Of Google
By Barry Schwartz
Russia blames Google for stirring Egypt unrest: report from Reuters reports
Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s deputy, Igor Sechin, as telling
the Wall.

Comparing Wisconsin with Egypt “ Commentary Magazine
By Alana Goodman
According to the restaurant, donations have come from all over the world,
including Egypt. And that piece of information was all the media needed to
hear in order to start crowing about the “solidarity” between the
Egyptians and the …

The Egypt-Israel “peace treaty” brought more war than peace …
By (The Blogger)
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated the almost sacred
truth that the “longstanding peace treaty between Israel and Egypt has
greatly contributed to both countries and is the cornerstone for peace and
stability in the …

Social Networks Harnessed by Protest Movement in Egypt
Protest leaders used social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to plan
and organize the recent demonstrations in Egypt.

Wonk Room “ Growing Democracy In Egypt Requires Feeding The People
By Guest Blogger
Any effort to stabilize food prices in Egypt must be led by Egyptians to
identify and meet local needs. But the United States has a role to play to
support the Egyptian people, collectively the world’s largest importer of
wheat. …

From Mali to Tajikistan, from Egypt to Afghanistan: the U.S. …
By sheikyermami
The Latest From Winds Of Jihad: From Mali to Tajikistan, from Egypt to
Afghanistan: the U.S. finances mosques and internet services for radical
Islam “ In the years to come immigration will be seen as Labor’s great
betrayal… …

Egypt Reopens Gaza Border Crossing — News from
By Jason Ditz
The new military junta in Egypt has officially reopened the Rafah border
crossing to the Gaza Strip, allowing Palestinians lined up at the border to
enter Sinai Peninsula. The terminal authority says they will allow 300
people per day …

Egypt | Muslim Brotherhood
By C.M. Sennott
How should the world engage with this political player in Egypt, the Muslim

Microblogging in China and Egypt: Two Views | China Digital Times …
By Sophie Beach
On China Media Project, Ying Chan writes about the recent revolution in
Egypt and its implications for China and the prospects for political reform
there. She discusses the ways China has changed since 1989, and discusses
the role of …

Egypt | Cabinet Unveiled
By News Desk
Egypt’s military rulers were expected to unveil a new cabinet Tuesday with
pro- democracy protesters planning a march to pressure the generals to
purge ministers who served under president Hosni Mubarak.

AMERICAblog News: Egypt-like internet ‘kill switch’ bill now …
By Chris in Paris
A Senate proposal that has become known as the Internet “kill switch” bill
was reintroduced this week, with a tweak its backers say eliminates the
possibility of an Egypt-style disconnection happening in the United States.

Egypt Replaces Several Mubarak-Era Ministers
By The Huffington Post News Editors
CAIRO — Egypt’s military rulers swore in a Cabinet with 11 new ministers
Tuesday , a nod to the protest movement that ousted longtime leader Hosni
Mubarak. However, three former members of the Mubarak regime retained
senior posts.

Amid Recriminations in Post-Mubarak Egypt, Antiquities Chief …
Zahi Hawass defends his reputation, as new reports on the fate of the
country’s cultural sites come in, and some museums reopen.

A New Dawn for (Research in) Egypt ( | Feb 2011 …
The historic events in Egypt this month brought together broad swaths of
the country’s populat…

Western Christians Must ‘Run toward Egypt,’ Worker Says …
By Reed Flannigan
CAIRO (BP) — The monumental changes taking place in Egypt should be a
clarion call for Western Christians to “run toward Egypt” and take
advantage of an opportunity decades in the making, said a Christian worker
deeply familiar with …

Will Egypt Kill Sina Weibo? – Thomas Crampton
By thomascrampton
Ongoing unrest in the Arab world already prompted China’s government to
limit news on the unrest and filter searches and Tweets.Beyond censorship,
these actions.

Egypt Antiquities Missing
Egyptian officials—who earlier reported that no artifacts were stolen
from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo during a looting attempt last month—now
say several …

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