Information Clearing House Newsletter 23 February, 2011: Justice Drops Defense of Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz

23 February, 2011 — Information Clearing House

Khadafi On the Outs
“Khadafi had clearly reached an accommodation with the United States and the rich men of Europe.”
By Glen Ford
The worst possible consequence of the Libyan crisis would be for the United States to find some way to intervene, in any way whatsoever.

The NATO Plan is to Occupy Libya
By Fidel Castro
For me, what is absolutely clear is that the government of the United States is not in the least worried about peace in Libya and it will not hesitate in giving NATO the order to invade that rich country, perhaps in a matter of hours or a few short days.

Gaddafi Raved and Cursed, but he Faces Forces he Cannot Control
By Robert Fisk
So he will go down fighting. That’s what Muammar Gaddafi told us last night, and most Libyans believe him. This will be no smooth flight to Riyadh or a gentle trip to a Red Sea holiday resort.

A False Friend in the White House
By Stephen M. Walt
If Obama were a true friend of Israel, in short, he’d be doing whatever he could to keep it from expanding its ruinous occupation and making the Zionist vision unsustainable.

Justice Drops Defense of Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz
Judge Richard Gergel said allowing the case to proceed could result in “a massive discovery assault on the intelligence agencies of the United States Government…and lengthy and probing depositions of high-ranking government officials.

Libya: 2,000 reported killed in Benghazi, 1,000 in Tripoli:
“They carried out a real massacre,” French doctor says; Fighter pilots crash planes rather than strike protesters.

Gaddafi loses more Libyan cities:
Protesters in Misurata said on Wednesday they had wrested the western city from government control. In a statement on the internet, army officers stationed in the city pledged “total support for the protesters”.

Qaddafi Grips Capital While Rebels Gain Across Libya:
Thousands of African mercenaries and militiamen were massing on roads heading toward Tripoli on Wednesday to reinforce the stronghold of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi as rebels protesting his 40-year rule claimed to have taken control of cities closer to the capital, witnesses said.

“Soldiers” Killed : – Video –
Hands tied behind their back and shot in the head.

Sorrowful Video: Child Massacred “by Gaddafi’s” Army in Benghazi, Libya:
According to informed sources death toll reached more than 1200 hundreds and 5000 others injured.

Horrifying video of Gaddafi’s supporters entering homes in Benghazi

Raw Video: : Man in Cyrene (Shahat) recalls his story from a bed in the hospital:

Raw Video: Green Square Tripoli, Libya –

Raw Video of bloody
Libya unrest as protests rage in Tripoli, Benghazi

Libyan security minister defects – Al Jazeera:
The channel aired amateur video footage that showed Abidi sitting at his desk and reading a statement that also urged the Libyan army to join the people and their “legitimate demands”.

Manufacturing Consent For Attack On Libya:
Obama faces pressure to intervene in Libya:
The United States faced calls to impose sanctions but also to take direct action such as bombing Libyan airfields and imposing no-fly zones — military steps that most analysts consider unlikely

UK sends warship for evacuation:
HMS Cumberland in readiness for possible rescue of British citizens caught up in violent revolt in Libya.

UK does not rule out using military for Libya rescue:

Britain refused on Wednesday to rule out using its armed forces to rescue 170 British workers stranded in the Libyan desert after an appeal for help by desperate oil industry workers.

Live Blog – Libya Feb 23:
AJE Live Stream – Twitter Audio: Voices from Libya

Iranian President Slams Libya Killings:
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has condemned the killings of protesters in Libya, calling the government’s actions there “unimaginable.”

3 Planes Airlift All Russians From Tripoli:
Russian officials announced Wednesday that all Russian citizens had been airlifted from the capital of violence-torn Libya, but reports emerged about people stranded elsewhere in the country.

Gun battles erupt in Ivorian city:
Three soldiers killed as heavy gunfire and explosions rock Abidjan, while African Union tries to end political impasse.

2 Students killed at Yemen rally:
Protests turn deadly as the president’s supporters open fire on anti-government demonstrators in the capital, Sanaa.

Yemen MPs resign over violence:
Seven parliamentarians quit ruling party to protest against what they say is government violence against demonstrators.

Policeman killed in Iraq Kurd anti-govt protest: mayor:
Anti-government protests in the Iraqi Kurdish town of Halabja on Wednesday left a policeman dead as a result of gunshot wounds and another injured, the town’s mayor and a doctor said.

Iraqi officials bend to protesters’ demands:
In an apparent bid to deflate a major protest planned for Friday, the head of Baghdadâd provincial council on Tuesday promised to fire corrupt and inept officials, while Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki announced that he was personally overseeing the availability of sugar and other items provided to the poor.

Moroccan single mother burns herself in protest:
A young Moroccan set herself on fire after being excluded from a social housing scheme because she was an unmarried mother, a local government official said on Wednesday.

Video : Hundreds of Thousands Baharinis march Toward Lulu Roundabot:
Hundreds of thousands of Bahrainis have poured into the streets of Manama to stage the largest rally in more than a week of protests against the kingdom’s royal rule.

Ex-policemen set Egypt’s ministry afire:
They threw fire bombs at a smaller administrative building next to the main offices of the interior ministry.

Running scared:
Saudi king announces new benefits:
King Abdullah announces $10.7 billion in pay raises, job creation and loan forgiveness schemes as he returns to country.

Clashes break out at Greek protests:
Violence breaks out between police and protesters as tens of thousands march in the capital against spending cuts.

Georgian occupation force soldier killed by landmine in Afghanistan:
The Georgian Defense Ministry reported that a Georgian soldier, Corporal Giorgi Avaliani, was killed during the peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan.

Exclusive: U.S. occupation force soldier faces trial for Afghan civilian murder:
Yar Mohammad was in Iran one afternoon last September when his electrician father was taken from his home in an Afghan village by U.S. and Afghan soldiers, beaten in a school bathroom and then shot in the head.

Afghan security at worst state since Taliban: UN:
The security situation in Afghanistan has worsened to its lowest point since the toppling of the Taliban a decade ago and attacks on aid workers are at unprecedented levels, a UN envoy said yesterday.

Taliban claims control of district:
NATO forces say they have secured control of the south of Afghanistan. But just 30 minutes by car from Kandahar city, the Taliban has set up camps.

Afghan resistance statement:

Five days ago, the invading forces in Afghanistan led by America launched brutal aerial attacks against civilian houses in Adargol, esulting in martyrdom of 70 common people.

118 drone raids killed only two top militants:
The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States launched 118 drone attacks in Pakistan last year, but managed to kill only two “most-wanted” terrorists, The Washington Post has reported.

Pakistan : Teen ‘victim’ of US attack ‘Stop drone use’ ;
15-year-old Sadaullah lost both legs and an eye in a bombing in North Wazirstan.

Raymond Davis Does Not Have Diplomatic Immunity:
There are five circumstances in which Raymond Davis, the American killer caught in Pakistan, might have diplomatic immunity. They are these.

IDF fires on “militants” in Gaza :
Palestinians report three children were among the wounded, while the rest belonged to Islamic Jihad; IDF says explosive device was detonated towards soldiers patrolling border.

Four teens suspected of stabbing Arab youth to death in occupied Jerusalem:
Police suspect crime had nationalistic motives; of the four suspects, two are from Jerusalem and two are from settlements in the West Bank.

Reporter tries to place Lieberman under citizens arrest:
Foreign Minster Avigdor Lieberman was challenged by a reporter during his visit to the European Council, when the man told Lieberman that he was under citizens’ arrest and demanded that Lieberman accompany him to the nearest police station.

Israeli activists charge Ian McEwan with supporting apartheid: Video –
Joseph Dana reports that Israeli activists from the Boycott From Within and Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity movements disrupted an event with author Ian McEwan yesterday in Jerusalem.

Iranian navy ships exit Suez Canal:
First such passage through Egyptian channel since 1979 Islamic revolution is condemned by Israel as a “provocation”.

Lawsuit alleges FBI violated Muslims’ freedom of religion:
An FBI informant who infiltrated a California mosque violated the constitutional rights of hundreds of Muslims by targeting them for surveillance because of their religion, the ACLU and a Muslim group said in a lawsuit Tuesday.

Use live ammunition’ against Wisconsin protesters, Indiana official says:
One official in Indiana suggested over the weekend that riot police should use deadly force on those protesting Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s plan to strip unions of their rights.

Wisconsin could lose $46 million in federal funds:
His budget and transportation officials have informed him that he’d could be forfeiting millions in transportation funding from the federal government if his anti-union legislation is signed into law.

Senate Republicans to withhold Democrats’ pay:
Senate Republicans voted Tuesday to make Democrats hiding out in Illinois come back to Wisconsin to pick up their paychecks.

Report: Distressed Homes Accounted for Nearly Half of January Sales:
Already, in the key state of California, the survey found distressed property transactions account for 66 percent of the market.

The curse of negative home equity: Florida:
43% Of Mortgages Underwater, 11% Of Homes In Foreclosure

Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered Since The U.S. Invaded Iraq “1,421,933″

Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq:  4,754

Number Of  International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 2,340

Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan

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