Bahrain Mostly Mainstream Newslinks for 25 February, 2011

25 February, 2011 —

Opposition leader says he is being prevented from returning to Bahrain
By Mustafa Al-Arab, CNN (CNN) — The leader of Bahrain’s largest opposition
party said Friday he didn’t know when he can go back home and blamed the
kingdom for blocking his return. Hassan Mushaimaa, leader of the Haq
Movement, said he was unable to …

It is a measure of how nervous the Saudi ruling class must be as revolution
laps at its front door in Bahrain and at its back door in Yemen, that King
Abdullah has come home from medical treatment abroad bearing such lavish
gifts. …

Bahrain protesters gear up for mass rally
MANAMA — Bahrain protesters were gearing up for a mass rally Friday to
honour the seven victims of a deadly police crackdown as an anti-regime
campaign entered its 12th day. After days of angry protests, demonstrators
milled about Pearl Square, …

Bahrain opposition party optimistic about talks
Washington Times
By Ben Birnbaum Senior members of Bahrain’s largest opposition party told
The Washington Times on Thursday that they were cautiously optimistic about
upcoming talks with the government after it took several
confidence-building measures. …

Aquino to review ban on travel to Bahrain
By Norman Bordadora MANILA, Philippines—President Benigno Aquino III said
Friday he would have the ban on travel to Bahrain reviewed. This developed
after a Filipino worker in Bahrain told the President through a
teleconference that the Filipino …

No Impact On Bahrain Bank Sector From Unrest
By Joe Parkinson MANAMA, Bahrain (Dow Jones)—The unrest gripping Bahrain
hasn’t triggered major capital flight, the chief of the country’s central
bank said Thursday, urging protesters to open talks with the government to
avoid lasting damage to the …

Amid the Mideast protests, where is Saudi Arabia?
Washington Post
Meanwhile, waiting among the 50 or so white-robed men on the tarmac to meet
Abdullah was the man who worries him most: King Hamad bin Isa al Khalifa of
the neighboring island nation of Bahrain. A week ago the Khalifa regime
tried to put down the first …

S&P cuts Bahrain’s credit ratings amid unrest
By AP , DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Standard & Poor’s cut the
Bahrain government’s credit ratings Monday because of concerns that
political unrest could roil the small island kingdom for some time to come.
Stock markets across the Middle East …

US lawmaker: US Fleet can stay in Bahrain
WASHINGTON — A US lawmaker visiting Bahrain amid an 11-day uprising
against the country’s monarchy said Thursday that the US Fifth Fleet should
remain headquartered there despite the unrest. Asked whether he had any
misgivings about the fleet’s …

Phoenix-Bahrain ties draw demonstrators
Arizona Republic
About 50 members of Students for Justice in Palestine waved signs and flags
to support protesters in Libya, Bahrain and Yemen. Protesters also called
on Mayor Phil Gordon to denounce the actions of the Bahrain government,
whose royalty has seized …

Mullen in Bahrain as protesters stage march
Channel News Asia
MANAMA – Top US military officer Admiral Mike Mullen arrived in Bahrain for
talks with officials Thursday as thousands of protesters staged a march in
Manama, pressing an 11-day uprising against the monarchy. Mullen, on a
regional tour, said the visits …

Probe call as release of 23 Bahrain activists welcomed
Amnesty International USA
Amnesty International has welcomed the release of 23 opposition activists
in Bahrain, but again called for an independent investigation into claims
that some of them were tortured while in custody. The 23 men were among at
least 250 detainees released …
Setanta Sports Ireland
by Michelle Fortune , 24 February 2011 Bernie Ecclestone sees no reason why
the Bahrain Grand Prix cannot be rescheduled for later in the year. The
2011 Formula 1 season was due to get underway in Bahrain on March 13 but
violent unrest in the gulf …

Cicilline optimistic during first official trip to Mideast
Providence Journal
David N. Cicilline, reporting from Bahrain during his first trip abroad as
a congressman, expressed optimism Thursday that the kingdom’s strategic
relationship with the United States will weather the winds of change in the
Mideast. …

Tension grips Nepalis in Middle East
With violence and turmoil gripping Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen and Libya,
thousands of blue-collar Nepali workers, who keep the fragile republic’s
economy alive by sending money home from abroad, are worried about losing
their jobs, and some even their lives …

Bahrain government funded MPs’ trip
The Guardian
Hospitality received by British politicians has come under scrutiny
following Bahrain government’s brutal crackdown on protesting citizens.
Photograph: Phil Weymouth/AFP/Getty Images The all-party group for Bahrain
is supported by the country’s …

Bahrain Is Capable of Overcoming the Current Situation, Say Orators
Bahrain News Agency
In their statement, orators lauded the massive rally that took place at Al
Fateh Mosque, asserting that it reflected the cohesion of all the
components of the Bahraini society and full support for the Kingdom’s wise
leadership. …

Remittances from Libya, Yemen, Bahrain 1.3% of total, says central bank
But this disruption could eventually matter if the violence continues in
strife-torn Libya, Yemen, and Bahrain, she added. Remittances grew 8.2
percent to a record $18.76 billion last year, from $17.35 billion in 2009,
as demand for skilled Filipino …

Bahrain unions join call for dialogue
Trade Arabia
Bahrain’s unions have joined calls for a national dialogue as it emerged
workers who protested at the Pearl Roundabout were facing salary cuts. The
General Federation of Bahrain Trade Unions (GFBTU) announced its support of
seven societies, …

Toro Rosso: Re-scheduling Bahrain GP would be complex
Yahoo! Eurosport UK
Scuderia Toro Rosso team manager Gianfranco Fantuzzi has said it will be
‘difficult’ to re-schedule the cancelled Bahrain Grand Prix this year.
“That would be very complex,” he explained to “The sea
freight schedule is very tight, …

Book ship to skip Bahrain
Gulf Daily News
By REBECCA TORR , Posted on “ Friday, February 25, 2011 THE world’s
largest floating bookfair making its maiden voyage to the region has
cancelled its trip to Bahrain. The Logos Hope visited Oman, Dubai, Abu
Dhabi and was due to arrive in Bahrain from …

TRA Bahrain to Implement CRM Solution
Established in 2002, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of the
Kingdom of Bahrain (TRATRA) works with government, consumers, operators and
investors to develop the Kingdom of Bahrain into the region’s most modern
communications hub and to …

Union threatens strike in Bahrain
Financial Times
By Robin Wigglesworth in Manama Bahrain’s largest trade union has
threatened to call a general strike in the tiny Gulf kingdom if the
government does not meet the demands of protesters, increasing the pressure
on the embattled al-Khalifa royal family. …

Gadhafi blames al-Qaida for chaos
The Province
Elsewhere in the turbulent region, demonstrators in Yemen and Bahrain
defiantly faced down teetering governments and called for new mass protests
after the main weekly Muslim prayers today. In Yemen, demonstrators vowed
to keep protesting after …

Bahrain Unions Warn of Strike Without Progress in National Talks
By Glen Carey – Thu Feb 24 15:14:28 GMT 2011 Bahrain’s General Federation
for Trade Unions has warned that it may call a general strike unless the
government and opposition parties open an “appropriate” dialogue. “We
are observing the situation,” Sayed …

“Gay” party attendees put on trial in Bahrain
San Diego Gay & Lesbian News
MANAMA, Bahrain — Amidst the on-going turmoil in Bahrain, Al Wasat News
reported today that court proceedings commenced against 52 men who were
arrested on the third of February. Forty-nine of the 52 defendants attended
the court proceeding, …

Libyan diplomats refuse meeting with Bahrain opposition figures
Monsters and
Manama – The Libyan embassy in the capital Manama rejected a meeting with
representatives of Bahrain’s opposition Thursday, who were trying to
deliver a letter condemning the violence against protesters in Libya. The
letter, which was signed by six key …

Protests in Bahrain Despite ‘Dialogue’ Talk
While the Bahraini government is reporting signs of progress toward
dialogue with the opposition, protesters continue to take to the streets.
Video courtesy of Reuters.

Little and loyal – No protests from Bahrain’s Jewish community
Washington Jewish Week
by Larry Luxner Special to WJW Bahrain’s 36-member Jewish community has
refused to join the protests shaking this tiny Persian Gulf country – and
in fact has proclaimed its support for beleaguered King Hamad ibn Isa
Khalifa in the face of demands that …

Eye on Bahrain: It is More Important than Libya |
By Jane Jamison
The reason why Bahrain is very important is because in any negotiation you
have to have some give-and-take, and it’s likely that the Bahraini monarchy
will have to give some concession to the opposition. And once that happens,

Stratfor On Why Developments In Bahrain Are More Important Than …
By Tyler Durden
Stratfor explains why the developments in Libya, while important, are
materially less relevant from a macro perspective than those in smallish
Bahrain: While the world is focusing on the fighting in Libya, there is a
much more profound …

Bahrain says ready to talk, activist can return | Updated News
By admin
MANAMA – Bahrain, which has seen thousands of mainly Shi’ite protesters
take to the streets, is seeking a national dialogue where everything is on
the table, the kingdom’s foreign minister said on Thursday. …

Freed Activists Offer Reminder Of Bahrain’s Past | 89.3 KPCC
Demonstrators in Bahrain cheered the government’s release of political
prisoners — among them veteran activists from past protests. But, for
many, the freed activists also serve as living reminders that negotiating
with the Sunni-led …

Bahrain National Insurance Co. ratings placed on CreditWatch …
Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services placed its ‘BBB+’ long-term counterparty
credit and insurer financial strength ratings, and its ‘gcAA’ regional
credit rating scale for the Gulf Cooperation…

Probe call as release of 23 Bahrain activists – Bikya Masr
By Bikya Masr Staff
Amnesty International has welcomed the release of 23 opposition activists
in Bahrain, but again called for an independent investigation into claims
that some of them were tortured while in custody. The 23 men were among at
least 250 …

US behind Arab unrest, alleges Bahrain lawmaker | Politics
By Lakshit
Manama, Feb 25 (IANS/RIA Novosti) The popular unrest in Arab countries that
led to the fall of regimes in Tunisia and Egypt is part of a US-designed
strategic project dubbed ‘New Middle East’, a Bahraini deputy said

Bahrain GP could find back-to-back slot with Abu Dhabi | DailyFT …
By nugawela
A senior FIA official has revealed the Bahrain and Abu Dhabi Grands Prix
could go back-to-back in any revamped Formula One calendar for this season.
The Bahrain race, scheduled for 13 March, was called off on Monday due to
the political …

US behind Arab unrest, alleges Bahrain lawmaker
US behind Arab unrest, alleges Bahrain l…The term “New Middle East” was
introduce…”These riots and revolutions we are observing…”A new stage of
its implementation that will …A wave of unrest, which has already toppled
author.. .

“Given that payouts failed in Bahrain, will payouts work in Saudi …
By Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert
Arab Unrest Propels Iran; Saudi King Rolls Out Reforms; Violence Shakes
Kurdistan; Bahrain, Saudi Kings Discuss Unrest; Brent Crude Spikes Near
$120. MK : Remember when Bush took office, to calm people down after having
rigged the …

If there is Regime change in Bahrain, the US Fifth Fleet could get …
By bw
The US has important strategic interests in Bahrain, including the US
Navy’s Fifth Fleet – patrolling oil shipping lanes, keeping an eye on
Iran, and involved with the war in Afghanistan. But US officials also worry
about Bahrain’s …

IntelliBriefs: Bahrain lawmaker accuses U.S. of being behind Arab …
By Naxal Watch
A wave of unrest, which has already toppled authoritarian regimes in
Tunisia and Egypt, is sweeping through the Muslim world, stoking mass
popular uprisings in Libya, Bahrain and Yemen. MANAMA, February 24 (RIA
Novosti) …

Protests remain in the same way as Bahrain frees opinionated prisoners
By admin
Abduljalil Al-Sengais, spokesman of the Haq Movement pro Civil Liberties
and Democracy.Bahraini teacher buried Thousands dissent now Bahrain Inside

Notes From Underground: Irish Elections, Bahrain and the U.S. …
By Yra
Bahrain’s problems begin with the fact that a SUNNI minority holds
monarchic power over a SHIITE majority that has continually desired a
greater political voice. The support for the SUNNI rulers come directly
from the SAUDI CROWN as …

Protests stay in the function of Bahrain frees following prisoners
By admin
The discharge of with reference to 25 detainees followed an order by the
sovereign to liberated them and halt proceedings hostile to others, the
Bahrain focal.

Statement by the President on violence in Bahrain, Libya and Yemen …
By Kate Penolope
I am deeply concerned by reports of violence in Bahrain, Libya and Yemen.
The United States condemns the use of violence by governments against

Bahrain: Fitifirana ireo mpitolona amin’ny bala tena izy (Video …
By Candy
Nitobatobaka manerana ny vohikalan’ireo media sosialy ireo tatitra
fitifirana tany amin’ny faritra maro tany Manama, renivohitr’i Bahrain
nandritra ny 18 Febroary 2011 tolakandro. Ireo Video nalaina tany amin’ny
faritra samihafa dia tsy …

Is Bahrain’s Regime Next to Fall? – Council on Foreign Relations
Bahrain’s security forces are loyal to the Sunni regime, which means the
unrest isn’t likely to lead to collapse, says expert F. Gregory Gause III.

Three Lessons in Bahrain – Maha Atal – Foreign Exchange – Forbes
News this week out of Bahrain has been chilling: an overt, immediate and
deadly crackdown from the army killing tens and wounding hundreds.

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