Libya Mostly Mainstream Newslinks for 25 February, 2011

25 February, 2011 —

Gadhafi tells Tripoli crowd: ‘Retaliate’
TRIPOLI, Libya — Libya’s embattled Moammar Gadhafi called on his
supporters Friday to defend against the surging oppposition, telling a
crowd of thousands that “we are ready to triumph over the enemy.” Gadhafi,
wearing a fur cap and sunglasses, …

UN Human Rights Council condemns Gaddafi’s crackdown in Libya
Washington Post
It also provided the first clear sign that the popular uprisings in the
Middle East are forcing governments to rethink their traditional alliances
with autocratic governments such as Libya’s that are facing existential
threats to their rule. …

U.S. officials act to protect Americans, interests in Libya
CNN International
By the CNN Wire Staff Washington (CNN) — US government officials stepped
up their efforts to get American citizens out of an increasingly chaotic
Libya Friday, dispatching a ferry with at least 300 people to Malta and
making preparations for a …

Diplomatic Push on Libya Intensifies
New York Times
By STEVEN ERLANGER PARIS — The world should intervene to stop the
killings and bloodshed in Libya, a senior official with the United Nations
said Friday. France and Britain also called on the international
organization to approve an arms embargo and …

American Ferry Departs Tripoli Amid Exodus From Libya
New York Times
ferry chartered by the United States two days ago but stranded in Libya
because of high seas left Tripoli on Friday with more than 300 Americans
and foreign citizens on board, …

NATO to ponder sending ships, aircraft near Libya
CBS News
(AP) BRUSSELS (AP) — NATO may discuss deploying ships and surveillance
aircraft to the Mediterranean as it holds an emergency meeting Friday on
the violence in Libya, officials said. NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh
Rasmussen has said the alliance …

Oil Pares Biggest Weekly Gain Since 2009 Amid Unrest in Libya
25 (Bloomberg) — Jason Gammel, an analyst at Macquarie Capital, discusses
oil supplies and the potential impact of continued unrest in Libya and
Algeria on crude oil prices. Gammel speaks from London with Betty Liu on
Bloomberg Television’s “In the …

Libyan rebels say control oil fields, honour deals
By Tom Pfeiffer BENGHAZI, Libya, Feb 25 (Reuters) – Rebels in eastern Libya
said on Friday they now controlled most of the oil fields east of the town
of Ras Lanuf, and said they would honour oil deals as long as they were in
the interest of the people …

China strives to evacuate nationals from Libya, gets aid from foreign governments
26 (Xinhua) — China has made great efforts to evacuate its nationals from
Libya over the past few days. The evacuees have been flown back to China or
transferred to neighboring countries. According to a statement from the
Chinese Ministry of Foreign …

U.S. Treasury Issues Bulletin On Libya
Wall Street Journal (blog)
By Joe Palazzolo The US Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, or
Fincen, warned banks on Thursday to watch out for the “increased movement
of assets” from Libya as the uprising there takes hold. Libya’s old
national flag flutters as Libyans …

Live Blog – Libya Feb 25 | Al Jazeera Blogs
By Al Jazeera Staff
7:14pm Several hundred people have gathered outside the Libyan embassy in
Britain once more to show their support for protesters, Jacqueline Head, Al
Jazeera’s online reporter in London reports. However this time a small
contigent …

Americans finally depart Libya as rebels prepare to fight for …
By Ed Morrissey
The situation in Libya may well explode today, as rebels and sympathizers
have called to coordinate demonstrations in Tripoli with Friday prayers.
Overnight, the city erupted in violence, resulting in chaos and serious
doubt as to …

Libyan Opposition Leaders Slam U.S. Business Lobby’s Deals With …
By The Huffington Post News Editors
NEW YORK — A broad coalition of interests from oil companies, defense
manufacturers and well-connected lobbying firms to neoconservative scholars
and Harvard Business School professors has worked in recent years to
advance a …

Libya « The Berkeley Blog
By Michael O’Hare
I don’t have any special expertise about international diplomacy, the
culture and history of the Maghreb, or revolutions in general, but
something has to be said about what’s happening in Libya. News is scarce
but it now seems …

Libya Protests: Thousands Gather To Show Solidarity Against Gaddafi
By The Huffington Post News Editors
BENGHAZI, Libya – Militias loyal to Moammar Gadhafi opened fire Friday on
protesters streaming out of mosques and marching across the Libyan capital
to demand the regime’s ouster, witnesses said, reporting at least four

Journalists start arriving in Libya – Yahoo! News
With foreign journalists banned in Libya, it’s been very difficult to
confirm the reports emerging by phone and social media that the government
is brutally …

Libya protests: Gaddafi’s rambling TV address ‘I’ll die here as a …
Libyan leader attacked the international community and said he has no plans
to step down after hundreds were killed when his supporters opened fire on

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