Nicaragua and the Western ‘Human Rights ‘Industry

5 April 2021 — Global Research

By Stephen Sefton

John Heartfield’s famous photomontage of a newspaper cabbagehead had the caption “Whoever Reads Bourgeois Newspapers Becomes Blind and Deaf!” The caption is even more true now as the 21st Century moves into its third decade.

Western reporting of all kinds is strained through the filters of corporate dominated intellectual managerial classes in every sphere: science, law, culture, medicine and finance, in foreign and domestic news media, in non governmental organizations and in multilateral international agencies. Directly or indirectly, every area of reporting has become increasingly shaped by corporate funding,

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The coronavirus crisis: revealing an ugly truth about the UK and human rights

26 August 2020 — Open Democracy

The UK is not protecting the rights of its marginalised people – and matters are worse in the wake of coronavirus. But civil society is providing hope.

Charlotte Threipland Oscar Rickett

During this crisis, can the UK government be trusted to put people’s needs over financial interests? – Carys Boughton. All rights reserved.

The coronavirus pandemic has revealed to many what was already obvious to plenty: that after forty years of privatisation and deregulation and after 10 years of austerity, the United Kingdom is a country in which financial interests too often override those of our most vulnerable citizens.

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Will Ukraine have any borders by 2015?

30 April 2014 — Oriental Review

Earlier this month Ukraine border service officials “significantly restricted” entry of adult males from Russia. Unsurprisingly, this human rights violation went almost unnoticed by international HR organizations. Ghetto-style segregation in the 21th century is a sad reality on a territory of chaos and violence, formerly known as Ukrainian Republic.

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Russia Under Attack. “Neocon Ideologues are Pushing the World toward Destruction” By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

15 February 2014 — Paul Craig Roberts

In a number of my articles I have explained that the Soviet Union served as a constraint on US power. The Soviet collapse unleashed the neoconservative drive for US world hegemony. Russia under Putin, China, and Iran are the only constraints on the neoconservative agenda.  

“GRANITO: How to Nail a Dictator” now available on iTunes By Kate Doyle

17 December 2013 — Unredacted

In a startling loop of time and memory, Granito: How to Nail a Dictator shows how a filmmaker’s first documentary became instrumental in the indictment and conviction of Guatemala’s ex-dictator Ríos Montt for genocide against the Mayan population. “Granito” transports us back in time through haunting tale of state repression and violence, and then returns to the present with a cast joined by destiny- the quest to bring a dictator to justice. The work of the National Security Archive Senior Analyst Kate Doyle is featured in the film.

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The Strange Thing About Cluster Bombs By Jim Naureckas

6 September 2013 — FAIR Blog

These are not the bad kind of cluster bomb, because they are dropped on and not by official enemies. (photo: US Air Force)

These are not the bad kind of cluster bomb, because they are dropped on and not by official enemies. (photo: US Air Force)

The New York Times has an article today (9/5/13) about a Human Rights Watch report charging Syria’s government with the use of  cluster bombs, a “widely prohibited weapon.”  Cluster bombs are munitions that release hundreds of miniature explosives; as the Times‘ Rick Gladstone writes, “Each bomblet detonates on impact, spraying shrapnel in all directions and killing, maiming and destroying indiscriminately.”

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Cooked Up Evidence. Trying to Fool the Public over Syria By Colin Todhunter

1 September 2013 — Global Research

“Attempts to bypass the Security Council, once again to create artificial groundless excuses for a military intervention in the region are fraught with new suffering in Syria and catastrophic consequences for other countries of the Middle East and North Africa.” Russian foreign ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich.

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Syria: Only Rebels Benefit from Recent Chemical Attack By grtv

22 August 2013 — grtv

Wildly varying reports have emerged of recent chemical weapons use in Syria, with hundreds allegedly killed in the latest attack.

This comes on the same day that the UN inspectors arrive in Damascus to investigate allegations of use of toxic arms. RT talks to reporter and international affairs analyst Patrick Henningsen. Continue reading

PCHR_e: 15 Fishermen Arrested and 6 Fishing Boats Confiscated and Destroyed…

29 November 29012 — PCHR – Palestinian Centre for Human Rights

Ref: 145/2012
Time: 11:20 GMT

15 Fishermen Arrested and 6 Fishing Boats Confiscated and Destroyed
The Continued Attacks against Palestinian Fishermen Prove False Israeli Claims of Permitting Fishermen to Fish up to 6 Nautical Miles

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