Saudi Arabia Mostly Mainstream Media Newslinks for 28 February, 2011

28 February, 2011 —

Activists on Facebook call for March protests in Saudi Arabia
USA Today
On Sunday, about 100 Saudi intellectuals, activists and university professors published an open letter calling on the king to launch major political reforms and allow citizens to have a greater say in ruling the country, Reuters reports. …

Oil Slips as Saudi Arabia Offers to Offset Missing Libya Supply
28 (Bloomberg) — Oil fell as Saudi Arabia offered to make up for supplies
lost because of unrest in Libya and on reports the North African country is
exporting crude. Futures slipped as much as 0.9 percent in New York after
Chief Executive Officer …

No, Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah did not offer to buy Facebook for $150 billion
A “Sunday humor” article from the website claiming that Saudi
Arabia’s King Abdullah planned to buy Facebook for $150 billion is,
surprisingly to some, completely false. This weekend, the Internet became
flooded with reports that King …

Why a king’s ransom is not enough for Saudi Arabia’s protesters
The Guardian
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, watching the assault on Libya’s strong man
Muammar Gaddafi with his monarchy’s usual complacency, thinks he can buy
off protests with the promise of gifts. Of course, the scale of the bribes
the king offered last week to …

Azerbaijani Embassy in Saudi Arabia has not received evacuation appeals
Trend News Agency
The Azerbaijani Embassy in Saudi Arabia has not received appeals from
Azerbaijani citizens temporarily residing in Yemen, Bahrain and Oman to
evacuate them due to the unrest in the countries First Secretary of the
Azerbaijani Embassy in Saudi Arabia …

Binay scrubs Saudi trip; visit to king off
VICE President Jejomar Binay cancelled his planned visit to Riyadh
yesterday after the embassy in Saudi Arabia failed to secure an audience
with King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud. Binay, concurrent presidential
adviser on OFW concerns, …

Iran Calls on Saudi Arabia to Avoid Crude Output Increase
Iran’s Oil Minister urged Saudi Arabia on Sunday to refrain from taking a
hasty decision on increasing its oil production after the popular uprising
in Libya. Massoud Mirkazemi stressed that OPEC has not decided on holding
an emergency meeting to …

Saudi “Student” Arrested in Bomb Plot Obtained Visa for Jihad
The New American
Fifteen of them obtained visas in Saudi Arabia, and three of those obtained
their visas through the “Visa Express Program,” which permits travel
agencies to pass out visas. It was established just four months before the
attacks. …

Saudi pumping 9 mbpd – senior source
Reuters Africa
RIYADH Feb 28 (Reuters) – Saudi Arabia is pumping around 9 million barrels
per day (bpd) and has spare capacity of around 3.5 million bpd, a senior
Saudi source told Reuters on Monday. The comment on Saudi production
confirms a figure given by an …

Senior MP: S. Arabia Should Account for Long-Time Suppression of People
Fars News Agency
“Saudi Arabia should account for the suppressions of the Shiite and Sunni
people in the country for consecutive years,” member of the parliament’s
Presiding Board Mohammad Dehqan told FNA. He pointed to the recent
uprisings in the Arab countries …

Saudi stocks hit new 9-month low
Trade Arabia
Saudi Arabia’s index slipped to a new nine-month low as protests in Oman
continued, the third neighbouring country to be engulfed in unrest after
Bahrain and Yemen. Banque Saudi Fransi dropped 4.4 percent, SABB fell 3.2
percent and Saudi Telecom Co …

Arabs Pay Homage to Facebook and Twitter!: Dar al-Hayat, Saudi Arabia
The Moderate Voice
Whether fundamentalist or not – how grateful are young Arabs for the
emergence of Facebook and Twitter – which are, after all, the inventions
of America’s open society? Dar al-Hayat columnist Jameel Theyabi writes of
the new lease on life social …

Iran Warns S. Arabia against Continued Fingerprinting of Pilgrims
Fars News Agency
“As regards the fingerprinting of Persepolis in the Jeddah airport, we will
retaliate and fingerprint al-Ittihad of Saudi Arabia,” member of the
parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Seyed Hossein
Naqavi told FNA. …

Iran soccer club to sue Saudi Arabia
In a letter to be sent to Asian Football Confederation (AFC), the Iranian
team sued the neighboring Arab country for its stonewalling at the time of
arrival of the Iranian squad at Jeddah Airport. The Iranian club chose to
sue Saudi Arabia after …

On the Eve of Coming Protests in Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah Ease Restrictions …
The move came after recently meetings between senior officials and
prominent Shia figures in the eastern region of Sadui Arabia. Saudi Wahhabi
authorities launched a campaign against Shia since mid-2008, which closed
nine Shiite mosques in Al Khobar, …

Did Saudi Arabia really raise its oil production? | The Oil and …
By Steve LeVine
Saudi Arabia? We have raised that scenario here at O&G, but the primary
risk is not one of losing Saudi production — it’s of scaring the daylights
out of the market because some unrest hits the streets in Saudi’s oil-rich
Eastern …

SAUDI ARABIA: Activists call for reforms; King Abdullah makes …
By Alana Semuels
More than 100 Saudi intellectuals and activists on Sunday called on King
Abdullah to set up a constitutional monarchy and enact sweeping reforms,
putting pressure on the government of the world’s largest oil producer as
revolts simmer …

AMERICAblog News: Saudi Arabia arrests their top blogger
By John Aravosis (DC)
News and opinion about US politics from a liberal perspective.

Saudi Arabia Calms Oil Market, Happy To Add Oman’s 850000 Bbls/Day …
By Tyler Durden
Saudi Arabia continues being on an excess capacity roll. After totally
butchering the concepts of apples and oranges, specifically as pertains to
light sweet and heavy sour, with the market apparently stupid enough not to
know the …

Libya, oil production, OPEC responses, Saudi Arabian capabilities …
By Heading Out
It is actually not that simple because the oil that will be marketed is
likely to be the heavier crudes that Saudi has more difficulty in selling
in normal times – since the higher quality Arabian Light has an
established market. …

Libya’s eastern port Tobruk opens for oil exports | The Associated …
By The Associated Press
Libya’s eastern port of Tobruk reopened Monday and one tanker bound for
China was being loaded, officials said, as the chief executive of Saudi
Arabia’s state -run oil giant announced his company had stepped in to
compensate for an …

Oil rises despite Saudi Arabia raising output | China business news
The International Energy Agency (TEA) and Saudi Arabia both tried to calm
down the markets in recent days, promising to tap into spare supplies. The
IEA member nations have about 1.6 billion barrels in reserves. …

And Now in Saudi Arabia… “ Zwinglius Redivivus
By Jim
And Now in Saudi Arabia… 27 Feb. The Associated Press reports. More than
100 leading Saudi academics and activists urged King Abdullah to enact
sweeping reforms, including setting up a constitutional monarchy, and he
ordered Sunday that …

Saudi Arabia and the crisis in Bahrain “ Red Ant Liberation Army News
By BJ Murphy
Indeed, the Bahrainis, especially the younger ones, feel Bahraini first,
not Iranian, Saudi, Sunni or Shi’a. A normal political contest would bring
stability to the island, which would be good for the United States and for
Saudi Arabia. …

Protests in Oman,Saudi Arabia,UAE reported by Iranian TV …
By Lenziran
Protests in Oman,Saudi Arabia,Uae reported by Iranian TV on Monday 28
February . YouTube Preview Image. Latest Videos. Protests in Oman,Saudi
Arabia,UAE r… Protests in Oman,Saudi Arabia,Uae reported by Iranian TV
on . …

2011 Saudi Arabian protests – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The 2011 Saudi Arabian protests have been influenced by the 2010–2011
Middle East and North Africa protests. On 29 January, hundreds of people
protested …

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