Iran calls recent tanker attacks in UAE nothing but ‘Israeli mischief’

14 May 2019 — RT

Iran calls recent tanker attacks in UAE nothing but ‘Israeli mischief’

Al Marzoqah tanker is seen off the Port of Fujairah, United Arab Emirates, May 13, 2019 © Reuters / Satish Kumar

The recent damage sustained to four commercial vessels off the UAE coast is nothing but Israeli meddling, an Iranian parliamentary spokesman said on Tuesday, as US-Iran tensions in the Persian Gulf continue to heat up.

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Yemeni Military Successes May Boost Secret Peace Negotiations with Saudis by Ahmed Abdulkareem

24 April 2019 — Mint Press

Ansar Allah leader Al-Houthi revealed secret negotiations between Ansar Allah and the Saudi regime to end the Saudi war against Yemen, but hinted that ending the war would require serious will from the Saudi regime to change its vision towards Yemen’s relationship with the kingdom after the war.

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Revealed: The Full Extent of US Arms Deals with Saudi Arabia and UAE Commercial deals tracked by arms monitor prove the US is far more involved in the Yemen war than suspected By Frank Andrews

8 April 2019 — Middle East Eye

Mohammad bin Salman

The United States has struck at least $68.2bn worth of deals for firearms, bombs, weapons systems, and military training with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates since the start of their war in Yemen – billions more than previously reported – according to data collected by an American think tank.

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American Political Circus is Rocked Again By Viktor Mikhin

3 April 2019 — New Eastern Outlook


The American political circus is trembling violently again, in a ring where vultures of every stripe have been caught in a chokehold. Special Counsel Robert Mueller is not thinking of finding a dignified solution anymore – he is simply trying to find a way out of a very difficult situation. Like the mythical Sisyphus, Mueller makes a tremendous effort but fails to move apart all the political vultures, who are equally weary of all the bickering which has made a circus out of the United States.

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US Sabotages UN Attempt at Yemen Ceasefire, as Opposition to War Grows in Congress

4 December 2018 — TRNN

The Trump administration claimed it would seek a ceasefire in Yemen in 30 days, but the US blocked a UN Security Council resolution submitted by Britain. Colonel Larry Wilkerson discusses Congress’ historic vote on a War Powers Resolution bill to force a military withdrawal (inc. transcript).

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Israel’s espionage crimes in Gaza and abroad By Maureen Clare Murphy

28 November 2018 — Electronic Intifada – Maureen Clare Murphy

Yahya Sinwar, head of Hamas in Gaza, displays a pistol with a silencer recovered from a vehicle used by Israeli commandos in Gaza during a memorial service for seven members of the resistance group’s armed wing who were killed during a shoot-out with the military unit, Khan Younis, southern Gaza Strip, 16 November. Ashraf Amra APA images

Amnesty International is demanding that Israel’s defense ministry revoke the export license from a company whose spyware has been used in “a series of egregious human rights violations.”

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Yemen’s Condemnation of Washington, London & Paris

23 November 2018 — Strategic Culture Foundation


There was something grotesque and repugnant about US President Donald Trump conducting the ritual pardoning of a plump turkey for the annual American Thanksgiving holiday this weekend. In the same week, a British charity reported 85,000 children under the age of five have died from malnutrition in the war in Yemen.

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At least 85,000 child deaths in Yemen highlight Saudi-US-UK war crimes By Mike Head

23 November 2018 — WSWS

A new estimate by the aid agency Save the Children that 85,000 children have died of hunger since in Yemen since Saudi Arabia’s US-backed bombings of the country began in 2015 underscores the criminal character of Washington’s sponsorship of this horrific slaughter.

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Yemen Genocide About Oil Control By William F Engdahl

20 November 2018 — NEO


The ongoing de facto genocide in the Republic of Yemen in a war whose most intense phase began in 2015, has until very recently been all but ignored in the Western mainstream media. What has also been ignored is the fundamental casus belli for the US-backed Saudi war, ostensibly against the Shi’ite Houthi by the Sunni Wahhabite Saudis. As with virtually every war and destabilization since the British first discovered abundant oil in the Persian Gulf over a century ago, the Yemen war is about oil, more precisely about control of oil, lots of oil.

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