Wikileaks Newslinks 15-16 August 2011

16 August 2011 —

WikiLeaks: US and Brazil Vie for Power in Peru
Huffington Post
That, at least, is the unmistakable impression that one is left with by reading US cables recently disclosed by whistle-blowing outfit WikiLeaks, and it’s a topic about which I have written widely in recent months. Yet, with President Hugo Chávez’s …

WikiLeaks: Fissures Over South American Left Integration
Huffington Post (blog)
That, at least, is the impression I got from reading US State Department cables recently declassified by whistle-blowing outfit WikiLeaks. Take, for example, the Luiz Inácio “Lula” da Silva administration in Brazil, which at times encouraged a …

WikiLeaks: a powerful tool, not a substitute for radical action
Freedom Socialist Party
In his new book, WikiLeaks and the Age of Transparency (Counterpoint Press), Micah L. Sifry writes about being inspired by the huge controversy surrounding WikiLeaks. He outlines its founding by Julian Assange and Daniel Domsheit-Berg in 2006, …

What if Anonymous targeted you?
The two most prominent examples, of course, are the cases of the collective Anonymous releasing more than 10 gigabytes of data from local sheriffs’ departments last week and WikiLeaks, specifically Julian Assange’s publication of more than 250000 US …

‘I Doubt Domscheit-Berg’s Integrity’: Top German Hacker Slams OpenLeaks Founder
Spiegel Online
Former WikiLeaks deputy Daniel Domscheit-Berg has been expelled from Germany’s top hacker group, the Chaos Computer Club. In an interview, the group’s spokesman Andy Müller-Maguhn told SPIEGEL how he lost faith in Domscheit-Berg and his new …,1518,780289,00.html
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Swiss ex-banker turned whistle-blower Rudolf Elmer has been released from prison.
The former Julius Bär banker had been in police custody since January 19, after he handed over computer discs to Wikileaks which he said contained details of as many as 2000 offshore bank accounts. On Monday, a friend of Elmer confirmed weekend news …

Page One: The Future of Journalism by David Folkenfilk
Indeed, most of the biggest revelations about government misconduct in the last two years have come not from legacy media organizations but from WikiLeaks. Kelly McBride, a former reporter who now works for the Poynter Institution, dismisses WikiLeaks …

Waves of protest pound at BART, shutting down stations
San Francisco Bay Guardian
In January, the federal authorities issued more than 40 search warrants and made more than 20 arrests in a nation wide sweep against Anonymous attacks on companies that illegally withheld donations to Wikileaks. BART Police have come under increasing …

Mass media, democracy and the rule of law
Southern Courier
From the birth of new democracies in post-communist Europe and Indonesia, upheavals sweeping the Middle East and riots in the UK, to WikiLeaks and the News of the World scandal, modern mass media – including social networking – are changing the …

‘Hacktivist’ Groups Like ‘Anonymous’ are not the Biggest Threat to …
UB News Center
Anonymous showed solidarity to WikiLeaks last year when WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was arrested. As an act of sympathy, they attacked Visa, MasterCard and online payment companies, such as PayPal, because these companies broke ties with WikiLeaks …

TechMan: Hacking has become a fact of life
Pittsburgh Post Gazette (blog)
This movement got fuel from the Wikileaks incidents. A group calling itself Anonymous attacked the websites of businesses that had moved against Wikileaks. Later, a spinoff group called Lulzsec attacked gaming networks and businesses and government …

Manganese may not have the same ring to it as oil, gold or even iron ore Business News
And five years after Bogolyubov’s first foray into the metal, it featured on a survey of objects worldwide that the US regards as crucial to its security, as revealed by a diplomatic cable published by the Wikileaks site. …

A Brief History of Online Activism
Mashable (blog)
WikiLeaks is a non-profit organization that publishes classified media to its site by anonymous news sources and whistleblowers. Though it launched in 2006, the site became a household name in 2010 when it published footage from the July 12, …

Freedom fighters or vandals? No consensus on Anonymous
San Jose Mercury News
Police in Europe last month arrested several people affiliated with the group, with some of the arrests related to an Anonymous-led attack on PayPal Inc.’s servers after the company refused to process donations to WikiLeaks. Numerous reports have also …

Argentina’s Illegal Antics
American Spectator
A WikiLeaks cable from the US embassy in Buenos Aires lamented that Argentina’s “emasculated institutional framework” is “incapable of providing needed checks and balances.” In her foreign policy, Kirchner has cozied up to Hugo Chávez (whose bond …

Feds name former BC premier UK envoy
Toronto Sun
Davidson takes over the Kabul posting from William Crosbie, who offered to resign in December 2010 after cables published by Wikileaks revealed he believed Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai and his government to be corrupt. …

The trial of Hosni Mubarak: Revolutionary justice or ‘revolutionary crack’?
CNN International (blog)
One of the US State Department cables from Cairo released by WikiLeaks recounted that frustrated midlevel Egyptian Army officers referred to Tantawi as “Mubarak’s poodle.” The Mubarak trial may be, as one human rights activist recently described it, …

Official says top opponent targeted Saleh
Gulf Times
US diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks say that Ahmar told the then US ambassador that he wanted to draw up a plan in 2009 to force Saleh out of power involving mass protests around the impoverished country. The cable highlights Saudi and US …

UFO sightings increase worldwide with massive exodus to Burgarach underway
“Overall, worldwide UFO files remain mostly under wraps, and this will
continue until WikiLeaks and other groupings of secret UFO documents are
released to the public,” states a ufology expert here at Stonefield.
“In the years since the French made …

British Government Would Be Wrong to Curtail Facebook, Twitter
U.S. News & World Report (blog)
The abhorrently irresponsible behavior of the team at WikiLeaks is an
example of how much more damaging it is to have the Internet available to
reveal sensitive national security information. But Facebook and Twitter
are not themselves the problem; …

If cell phones existed back in the Founding Fathers’ time, they would have …
ZDNet (blog)
We’ve also seen the actions of WikiLeaks, Anonymous, and LulzSec. Just this
month, we watched the flash-mob protests in the United Kingdom and — most
recently — the protest last week in the Bay Area that convinced BART to
shut down mobile service …

Kurdish TV station in Copenhagen court on ‘terror’ charges
The Swedish Wire
referring to information published by whistleblower website WikiLeaks that
Turkey threatened to veto the former Danish premier’s bid for the top NATO
post if Denmark did not close down the Kurdish broadcaster. Before Roj TV
began broadcasting from …

South Sudan Oyee!
Sudan Tribune
In this post-financial crisis, post-WikiLeaks, post-Arab Spring, (post-UK
“Riots” Civil War) post-corruption era, South Sudan simply cannot
afford to become a failed state, for as the Chinese say “Fortune does not
come twice. Misfortune does not come …,39853

Time to rethink ties with the Indonesian Special Forces unit, Kopassus (press release)
Yet in December last year cables released by WikiLeaks in relation to West
Papuan human rights revealed that US diplomats blame the government in
Jakarta for unrest in West Papua due to neglect, corruption and human
rights abuses. civil society …

The Empire’s Favorite Latin American Dictators
Center for Research on Globalization
WikiLeaks disclosures did not include the secret documents of Pentagon and
CIA, which touched upon the escalation of the military conflict, steps of
the parties of the conflict and scenarios of further confrontation. These
“explosive” documents are …

Argentina telecoms regulator opens net censorship Pandora’s Box
In any case, they seem to equal releasing pictures of the Finance Minister
remodelling his bathroom to WikiLeaks’ exposure of how an Empire pressures
other countries. This isn’t the first incident involving e-mail accounts of
politicians and …

Ontario’s wind turbines too noisy: memo
National Post (blog)
Release of the memo marks the start of what Wind Concerns Ontario is
dubbing its “WindyLeaks” campaign, a reference to WikiLeaks, the
website that released hundreds of thousands of leaked government documents
and e-mails earlier this year.

Current Blog » Blog Archive » Nikolas Kozloff: Wikileaks? United …
By admin
Judging from WikiLeaks cables, the U.S. doesn’t have much to fear from this
South American juggernaut in an ideological sense, and indeed leftist
diplomats within Brazil’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs are regarded as
outmoded and …

Wikileaks (wikileaks2)’s status on Monday, 15-Aug-11 20:05:09 UTC …
By wikileaks2
Wikileaks (wikileaks2)’s status on Monday, 15-Aug-11 20:05:09 UTC.
Wikileaks wikileaks2. This 2005 cable from the US emb. in Ankara
questioning Turkey-Syria relations seems very appropriate today: Attachments …

‘I Doubt Domscheit-Berg’s Integrity’: Top German … – WikiLeaks News
By WLNews
Former WikiLeaks deputy Daniel Domscheit-Berg has been expelled from
Germany’s top hacker group, the Chaos Computer Club. In an interview, the
group’s spokesman Andy Müller-Maguhn told SPIEGEL how he lost faith in
Domscheit-Berg and his …

Executive Order Responding to WikiLeaks Due Shortly – Democratic …
Executive Order Responding to WikiLeaks Due Shortly August 12th, 2011 by
Steven Aftergood The Obama Administration is putting the finishing touches
on a new …×4958477

WikiLeaks: Bush, Obama passed on sanctioning Syrian insiders …
WikiLeaks: Bush, Obama passed on sanctioning Syrian insiders. 5 08 2011.
Sourced from McClatchy. By Kevin G. Hall | McClatchy Newspapers. August 3,
2011 …

Wikileaks founder Assange portrayed as ‘predatory, narcissistic …
A new book has blasted Wikileaks founder Julian Assange as predatory,
narcissistic, fantasist and a person unaware of any personal boundaries.

Wikileaks ARTzOne
Wikileaks ARTzOne. … The Official WikiLeaks Forum. *. It’s time to open
the archives. … I just put together this sounds for Wikileaks …

15 August 2011

Hackers gather in Germany for tech ‘Woodstock’
Times of India
And instead of flower power the talk was of the latest controversies in
cyberspace, especially the legality of hacking and the role of famed
whistleblower site WikiLeaks. Organised by the CCC, which fights for
freedom of information through hacking, …

Wikileaks Assange’s White Hair Attributed to ‘Failed Teenage Science Experiment’
by Tanya Thomas on August 15, 2011 at 12:01 AM Wikileaks founder Julian
Assange’s distinctive white hair is due to a failed teenage science
experiment, a new book has revealed. In a new book titled ‘The Revolution
Will Be Digitised’, British journalist …

Swiss ex-banker no longer being held on remand – report
Elmer, former head of the Cayman Islands office of Switzerland’s Julius
Baer private bank, last winter handed over two disks that he said contained
information on about 2000 offshore banking clients to WikiLeaks founder
Julian Assange. …

The diplomat
Boston Globe
And he very well may be the State Department’s first post-WikiLeaks
ambassador. WikiLeaks, with its unauthorized disclosure of thousands of
private State Department cables, unleashed a flurry of government
complaints that it had undermined trusted and …

Hackers Protest BART Decision to Block Cellphones
ABC News
Last month, the FBI and British and Dutch officials made 21 arrests, many
of them related to the group’s attacks on Internet payment provider PayPal
Inc., which has been targeted over its refusal to process donations to
WikiLeaks. …

Glen Eira site proof of residents’ angst
Melbourne Weekly Bayside
GLEN Eira’s own Wikileaks-style website has generated more than 100000 hits
in its first year, many from residents slamming the council’s planning
decisions and governance. But acting mayor Jamie Hyams said it was hard to
take a website seriously when …

Epiphanies from Bob Woodward
Foreign Policy
Is it harder or easier to peel the onion in the age of WikiLeaks? WikiLeaks
is interesting and important, but has been really overblown. Those
documents are midlevel classification. They have virtually no standing in
the White House, where decisions …

Hackers Shift From Petty Vandalism to Massive Data Theft
Some of their past targets included “anti-piracy groups,” such as the
Motion Picture Association of America and the Recording Industry
Association of America; businesses that cut off ties with WikiLeaks; or
even the totalitarian regimes in North Africa …

Ask not for who the bell tolls
The Guardian (blog)
… seek his extradition on terrorist charges relating to WikiLeaks
disclosures” and “Syrian officials blamed the violence on ‘armed gangs’, a
reference to Islamists whom they claim are moving around the country
attempting to ignite sectarian chaos. …

God save the country from bad governance
The News International
The Wikileaks disclosures have put the whole nation to shame. In a column
on Oct 7, 2009, I discussed the topic of Ghairat (self-respect) and as a
follow-up had written another column on Dec. 2, 2009, in which I discussed
Beghairati (absence of …

Former House page outraged program cut
Alton Telegraph
… or approximately $75000 per page. “It’s sad to put a price tag on this
kind of experience,” he said. “I got to see the Flood Act passed; I was
there when the WikiLeaks scandal broke; and I saw a bill introduced to
withdraw troops from Afghanistan.”

Ethiopia: Starve the Beast, Feed the People! (blog)
Recent Wikileaks cablegrams have documented that the most important
objective for Western policy makers in Africa is to support a strongman who
can guarantee them stability so that they can continue to do business as
usual. Basically, they want a “guy …

Invasion of privacy happens here
San Bernardino Sun
Or the demands to punish Wikileaks chief Julian Assange for revealing
secret documents that shouldn’t have been classified as secrets and that
were accessible to hundreds of persons anyway. So where does that leave us?
In general we would have to …

—Pablo Neruda (1904-1973), “I’m Explaining a Few Things”
According to Judge Leonie M. Brinkema, I’m a felon because I have received
classified information that was not authorized by the authorities — eg,
I’ve made use and published an excerpt of a classified cable posted on
WikiLeaks regarding the financial …

Tweetering state
Business Standard
YouTube and Gmail (both from Google), BlackBerry maker Research in Motion
(RIM), WikiLeaks, Twitter and Facebook have all been censored at various
times in countries like China, Iran, Egypt and even India. For instance,
the Indian Telegraph Act, …

‘Hacktivists’ Anonymous vow attacks to show support for riots
Anonymous has claimed to have launched attacks on companies including
Amazon and Mastercard after the group cut ties with whistleblowing website
Wikileaks. Members last week threatened to ‘kill’ Facebook in protest at
the social networking site holding …

Ambassador to United Arab Emirates: Who is Michael Corbin?
According to a cable released by WikiLeaks, in 2007, Corbin urged the
administration of George W. Bush to impose sanctions on Ali Mamluk, the
chief of intelligence for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. His advice was
ignored. …

China turns down offers by 3 Taiwan allies to forge ties: president
Focus Taiwan News Channel
Ma said that in fact, “the government has information that three of our
allies have made similar offers.” The reported Taiwan ally that had sought
to forge ties with China was Panama, according to a diplomatic cable
released by WikiLeaks. …

G Parthasarathy: ‘India can’t choose neighours’
Democratic Voice of Burma
There was concern expressed in one of the Wikileaks cables that India’s
hydropower projects, such as the Tamanthi dam, had not come to fruition
because of an anti-India bias in the Burmese government. Here again, the
slowness has been on our side …

Confusion rife as internet piracy crackdown looms
David Stone says there is nothing in the new law to restrict this to P2P,
so just who is telling the truth, it would seem only the Wikileaks Papers
ever did. A very sad time for us as a country to loose what we have worked
and fought for. …

This Week in WikiLeaks Podcast—Rania Khalek Discusses the …
By Kevin Gosztola
For the past months, I have hosted a show called “This Week in
WikiLeaks,” where I bring a guest on to talk about a WikiLeaks-related
story or to talk.

Computer Chaos Club throws out former Wikileaks spokesman – The Local
With hammocks hanging from trees and the smell of marijuana lingering in
the air, the summer camp organised by Germany’s Chaos Computer Club (CCC)
almost felt like Woodstock.

Is WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange a hero, or a villain?
By Jenny
In this Faculty Insight interview, ThoughtCast speaks with Allan Ryan, of
Harvard Business School Publishing. The subject is a sensitive one: Is
Julian Assange a journalist? Does WikiLeaks serve a legitimate
news-gathering purpose, …

WikiLeaks reveals new details of U.S. intervention in Haiti-Added …
By `
bold and underlined COMMENTARY is added by Haitian-Truth By G. Dunkel
Published Jul 31, 2011 11:23 PM The transparency-advocacy group WikiLeaks
has rele…

Wikileaks, palace and political meddling | Political Prisoners in …
By thaipoliticalprisoners
On 28 March 2006, just a month before the king made a most decisive
political intervention, the U.S. Ambassador Ralph Boyce is, in this
Wikileaks cable, telling Washington and embassies around the world that the
palace is neutral and …

clamorlupus’s status on Sunday, 14-Aug-11 21:26:07 UTC –
By clamorlupus
Closing my #paypal account to support !wikileaks. about 2 hours ago from
web in context. Secondary site navigation. Help · About · FAQ · TOS ·
Privacy · Source · Version · Contact · Badge. StatusNet software
license …

Pambazuka – WikiLeaks Haiti: The Aristide files
The secret cables, made available to the Haitian weekly newspaper Haïti
Liberté by WikiLeaks, show how the political defeat of Aristide and his
Lavalas …

WARNING: WikiLeaks… | Facebook
WARNING: WikiLeaks and Indian black money: The following is a FAKE image
and never … Dilip Bhardwaj publish the original one we all are waiting
wikileaks …

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