Bitter clashes on in Libyan capital

27 August 2011 — Strategic Culture FoundationThe Voice of Russia

Bitter clashes are continuing in the Libyan capital Tripoli. The troops that are loyal to Gaddafi, as well as his supporters, have repulsed a rebel attack on the Bu-Salim district of Tripoli, with dozens of rebels and foreign mercenaries fighting against Gaddafi reported killed in the attack.

Once rebels captured the greater part of Tripoli, they started looting shops and did not even spare the Jamahiriya national museum.

On Friday night, they established control over the Ras-Djdir border pass into Tunisia. Meanwhile, the residents of the Gaddafi hometown Sirte have vowed to fight to the bitter end.

Despite previous reports, the Transitional National Council has not moved from Benghazi to Tripoli for security reasons.

What’s more, the rebel leaders are in the Nafus Mountains, according to some reports.

The Gaddafi whereabouts are still unknown, and a large reward has been offered for him.

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