Bloodbath in Libya embarrassing for National Transitional Council

28 August 2011 —

[Embarrassing? I’ll say so! As I wrote yesterday, the ‘rebels’ have been carrying out the slaughter of Black Libyans, not ‘mercenaries’ in Tripoli as yesterday’s Independent felt free to describe them. No sign of this story on the BBC of course. WB]

The horrors began to emerge, despite careful media manipulation, right after Qaddafi’s compound of Bab al-Aziziya was stormed by rebel fighters. Aside from the expected looting and souvenir hauling by rebel fighters, dead bodies were seen strewn across the vast grassy expanses of the compound. At first, rebel fighters alleged they were killed by government loyalists, however, this statement was negated by a resident of the area. He was told to remain silent by one of the rebels.

Many of the dead are black Africans. It appears that they did not die in combat, as they are being shown with hands tied behind their backs, or with handcuffs. Rebel fighters are proudly displaying them to TV journalists, designating them as mercenaries from Chad, Ghana, Mali or Niger ‘imported’ by Qaddafi equipped with guns, designed to kill government opposition rebels.

In a detailed episode of al-Jazeera ‘Witness’ program yesterday, one was able to see bodies in varying degrees of decomposition; the reporter on the ground was wearing a face mask. Inside the Abu Salim hospital, the doors were jammed, but as they were pushed open, all the beds had been pushed together, all were covered with sheets, perhaps as a sign of respect for the dead. Every patient had been executed. One of the doctors estimated the number of dead at 100, but didn’t appear convinced.

It is apparent that most of the damage though has been inflicted by NATO bombardments which did not spare civilians. They were a major force at the Bab-al-Aziziya compound, and moved on to Qaddafi’s home town of Surt, ensuring rebel fighters another speedy victory there.

As more reporting began to focus on what has been called ‘revenge killing’, the head of the Libyan National Transitional Council was forced to make a statement yesterday evening, threatening to resign if the ‘aftermath killing’ did not stop. Senior director of Amnesty International Claudio Cordone suggested that one way to stop the killing would be to declare that anyone committing ‘revenge’ or hate crimes would be subject to arrest by the ICC.

Alternative reporters have indicated the presence of French warships off the Libyan coast with personnel at the ready to land. This would mean boots on the ground, which was not foreseen nor authorized by UN Security Council Resolution 1973. Other sources which cannot be verified have suggested that NATO forces are coordinating with ’mercenaries’ the poisoning of Libyan water so as to justify a ground invasion of the country.

It has now been confirmed that Qaddafi and his family have crossed the border into Algeria.

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