Libya Newslinks 8-9 September 2011

9 September 2011 —

9 September 2011

Gadaffi loyalists fire on rebels at Bani Walid
Morning Star Today at 16:42
Libyan supporters of Muammar Gadaffi unleashed barrages of Grad rockets on Nato-backed forces massing outside the towns of Bani Walid, Sirte and Teassain today.

U.S. NATO Envoy Hails “Extraordinary’ French, British Libya Assault

‘Battle under way’ for Libya town

WWL Radio #121 Kapitulation & Manipulation. This is Freedom?

U.S. Furthers Reagan’s Star Wars Plans With Global NATO

Turkey pissed off: Threatens war with Israel for not receiving Libyan oil cut

Libya clashes as deadline looms
BBC News Today at 16:29
Fierce clashes break out around the Libyan towns of Bani Walid and Sirte ahead of a deadline set by anti-Gaddafi forces for loyalists to surrender.

Communists condemn West’s grab for Libyan oil
Morning Star Today at 16:29
Britain’s communists condemned the West’s role in Libya today, saying that Nato’s scramble for access to the country’s enormous oil and gas resources has begun even before the killing has stopped.

The First 9/11 Lingers – Southern Cone, Northern Collars, US Intervention
The Wild Wild Left – Front Page Today at 16:26
(this essay refers to man nations outside the literal ‘southern cone’ and begs forgiveness for the nice flow of the slightly misleading title… it just sounded catchy.)

The Congressional “Supercommittee”: Debt Panel or Death Panel?
Dissident VoiceToday at 16:00 Medea Benjamin and Charles Davis
When it comes to government handouts, there’s no bigger welfare queens than the Pentagon and the legions of mercenaries and weapons manufacturers profiting from America’s half-dozen ongoing wars and its global empire of military bases. In fact, more than half of U.S. income taxes are funneled, not to welfare mothers and underprivileged youths, but to what President Eisenhower called the ‘military-industrial complex.’

NATO-backed Libyan regime persecutes black Africans
World Socialist Web Site Today at 15:35
The racist abuse and killing of black foreigners and Libyans is a devastating refutation of claims by the US and its European allies to be waging a war for democracy and the defence of civilian lives.

Egyptian military junta deepens ties to NATO-backed Libyan opposition
World Socialist Web Site Today at 15:35
In recent weeks, the US-backed military junta in Egypt has increased its support for Libya’s National Transitional Council (NTC).

U.S. Congressman Witnessed European Special Forces Beheading Libyans
Mathaba News Briefing (Alerts) Today at 15:01
Walter Fauntleroy, Feared Dead in Libya, Returns Home — Guess Who He Saw Doing the Killing?

Skull of Bin Laden Grinning to Kingdom Come
Strategic Culture Foundation Today at 14:31
‘.. The story of how an al-Qaeda asset turned out to be the top Libyan military commander in still war-torn Tripoli is bound to shatter – once again – that wilderness of mirrors that is the ‘war on terror’, as well as deeply compromising the carefully constructed propaganda of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO’s) ‘humanitarian’ intervention in Libya’, wrote Asia Times.

William Today at 14:27
9 September 2011 — Pambazuka News The authoritative electronic weekly newsletter and platform for social justice in Africa Pambazuka News (English edition): ISSN 1753-6839 CONTENTS: 1. Features, 2. Announcements, 3. Comment & analysis, 4. Advocacy & campaigns, 5. Books & arts, 6. Letters & Opinions, 7. Cartoons 1 Features LIBYA COULD BREAK UP LIKE SOMALIA […]

Russian Report confirms 70-80% of Libya remains under Jamahiriya control
Mathaba News Briefing (Alerts) Today at 11:01
The Libyan people, gathered in their popular congresses and committees, are the Jamahiriya founded by Muammar Qaddafi, and are the legal de jure and de facto government of Libya.

Russia officially recognises the National Transitional Council in Libya
World Socialist Web Site Today at 09:35
Following the Russian abstention in the UN resolution sanctioning NATO’s invasion of Libya, Moscow’s recent recognition of the Libyan TNC exposes mounting tensions within the Russian ruling elite.

Libya, propaganda and imperialism
Mathaba News Briefing (Alerts) Today at 09:01
The sick trivia of the banker media of the west and its omission of the incredible achievements of one man who is still leading most of Libya and soon most of Africa

Medvedev urges Syria, Libya to stop bloodshed
Strategic Culture Foundation Today at 07:55

Anarchy spreads as Tripoli celebrates Today at 07:35
Confrontation between Libyan rebels and pro-Gaddafi forces shows no sign of easing. Battles have been raging near the towns of Sirte and Bani Walid – two of the few remaining strongholds of the fallen regime.

Libyan scenario in Syria unacceptable – Russian president Today at 07:30
UN Resolution 1973 was exceeded in Libya, and Russia does not want similar scenario to unfold in Syria, Dmitry Medvedev told the Euronews TV Channel after the Global Policy Forum in Yaroslavl.

Nigerian politicians urge government to derecognize Libyan rebels
Mathaba News Briefing (Alerts) Today at 07:01
African Renaissance Party: ‘It is improper to recognize a group whose aim is to murder Nigerian citizens.’

VIDEO: Libya: Rebels prepare to do battle for Sirte
BBC News Today at 06:36
A deadline set by the Libyan rebels for the loyalist-held town of Sirte to surrender or face all out assault expires on Saturday.

Updates on Libyan war/Stop NATO news: September 9, 2011
Stop NATO Today at 03:29

On stream
BBC News Today at 00:02
The world waits for the return of Libyan oil

8 September 2011

Libya interim leaders urge unity
BBC News Yesterday at 23:04
Libya’s interim cabinet leader Mahmoud Jibril calls for national unity to rebuild the country, saying the liberation from Col Gaddafi’s regime is not complete.

NATO And U.S. Make Libya Safe For Plutocracy Yesterday at 17:07
For more details, please click on the link to read the article.

Lies, War, and Empire: NATO’s Humanitarian Imperialism in Libya
Dissident Voice Yesterday at 16:01A
In this report I seek to examine the war against Libya in a more critical and comprehensive manner than that of the story we have been told. We hear a grand fairy tale about powerful Western nations working together to save innocent civilians in a far-off country who simply want the freedoms and rights we already have.

For the Love of Israel: Congresswoman’s Misguided War on the UN
Dissident Voice Yesterday at 16:00
From an Israeli point of view, Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen is the ideal American politician. Although many in the US government aspire to her level of commitment to Israel, few can measure up to a dedication that extends beyond the very interests of her own country.

$4 bln down the drain: Libyan rebels won’t buy Russian arms Yesterday at 14:04
Libya’s rebel governing body does not plan to buy weapons from Russia because the country will not need them in the future. The estimated amount of all signed and planned military contracts of Gaddafi’s government with…

Ukrainian and African “mercenaries” robbed and detained in Tripoli
Mathaba News Briefing (Alerts) Yesterday at 13:01
Ukrainians and sub-Saharan Africans living in Libya and suspected of being ‘mercenaries for Gadhafi’ are detained in a Libyan military base held by rebels from the Zentan Al Kakaa Brigade in Tripoli.

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