Wikileaks Newslinks 19 October 2011

19 October 2011 —

Kirby backs WikiLeaks
WikiLeaks has found a champion in former High Court judge Michael Kirby, who believes the cyber whistleblower has brought more openness and justice to the world. Mr Kirby said his first reaction to WikiLeaks was that its founder, Julian Assange, …

Wikileaks: Turkish authorities are too disturbed with programs on Armenian …
By at 18 October, 2011, 6:10 pm Here is another document released
by scandalous Wikileaks about Turkish policy towards Armenian Genocide,
which presents without any changes. “Turkish MFA Deputy Director
General for Security Affairs …

Foreign Service Officer Van Buren Disciplined Over WikiLeaks
Depending how one looks at it, he could be either the first State
Department WikiLeaks casualty or the first who’s been punished for
criticizing the agency’s performance in the war. Or both. It doesn’t
matter. Today, after 23 years as a Foreign Service …

Wikileaks defection reports false, says Assange
The Hindu
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange described as non-sense reports of
defections from his organisation and said his group helped inspire the
Occupy Wall Street movement. At a meeting of the Inter American Press
Association in Peru on Monday via Internet …

Zimbabwe officials won’t be charged over wikileaks affair
The Africa Report
According to confidential US embassy cables released by whistle blower
website WikiLeaks last month the two officers made a damning assessment of
Gen Chiwenga’s leadership in a meeting with Ambassador Charles Ray. They
said the Zimbabwean army was too …

Sunday Opinion: Open letter to Morgan Tsvangirai
The Zimbabwe Standard
For instance, it may be necessary to help people to appreciate that if MDC
was a sell-out party, the Wikileaks would by now have exposed all its
underhand dealings with America. It is actually Zanu PF that has been
caught with more revelations in …

Electronic searches based on old law raise questions
Youngstown Vindicator
This issue has come to the fore in recent days thanks to the reporting of
the Wall Street Journal in a case involving Jacob Appelbaum, a volunteer
for WikiLeaks, which publishes documents anonymously. It is difficult for
many people to defend the …

Difficult to be on good terms with both Russia and NATO
Judging by messages from 2009 publicized by the WikiLeaks, protest by
Washington over Russian investment began after Russian President Medvedev’s
to Belgrade. The position of Serbia as military neutral country has not
helped much to Serbian Government …

Nothing could be more bizarre!
South Asian News Agency
Given the millennium old hostility between the Arabs and the Persians, deep
mutual suspicion and antagonism between Saudi Arabia and Iran is viewed as
fairly routine in world capitals; a poignant confirmation of which was the
WikiLeaks disclosure of …

Obama’s Empty Apologetics
National Review Online
According to a controversial leak provided by WikiLeaks — and picked up
in stories by news outlets from AP to NPR — Barack Obama’s administration
was politely advised by the Japanese in September 2009 that there would be
no need for the presidential …

The Revolution Will Be Digitised: how Cablegate, Facebook, Google and the …
Boing Boing
Brooke’s latest book is The Revolution will be Digitised: Dispatches from
the Information War, a history of her involvement in the Wikileaks
cable-dumps and a meditation on the meaning and role of data-driven
journalism in the coming years, …

Serbia Press Review – October 19, 2011
According to WikiLeaks cables the pressure on the government in Belgrade
began in November of 2009, a month after President Medvedev’s visit when
Jennifer Brush, then affairs minister at the US Embassy in Belgrade, sent
to Washington several messages …

Page One: Inside The New York Times
Andrew Rossi’s The New York Times follows members of its staff through a
series of critical events in the evolution of how news stories are told
including Capitol Hill coverage, the rise of WikiLeaks, and the fall of The
Tribune Company. …

Reviews of recent and upcoming DVD releases
Sacramento Bee
As the title implies, “One” takes us inside the bowels of the Times
newsroom, where we watch a culture of newspaper people wrestle with
WikiLeaks, a suspicious “official” announcement of the Iraq war’s
conclusion, and the shameful corporate crash and …

China GDP Falls to 2 Year Low, UK Inflation Surges
International Business Times
[Aug 5, 2009: China’s Provincial Growth Figures Far Overstated versus
National Figures] [Dec 7, 2010: WikiLeaks – China’s GDP Figures are “Man
Made” – or at Least One Province’s] but according to ‘official’ data China
GDP fell to 9.1% this past quarter …

Paypal blocks donations to Diaspora
The cause was picked up by the hacktivists of Anonymous, the group that set
up opposition to Paypal after it ceased accepting donations to Wikileaks.
“#PayPal’s behavior is unacceptable, which is why we have asked our lawyer
to get involved.,” said the …

Padma Bridge and some thoughts on our politics
Financial Express Bangladesh
The WikiLeaks published several documents on our communications minister
and his ministry. One WikiLeaks report indicated that former US ambassador
in Dhaka James F Moriarty branded Communications Minister Syed Abul Hossain
as a “less than honest” man …

Goff cool on training Afghan military in NZ
Newstalk ZB
“I know that the regime is corrupt at the moment, you only have to read
WikiLeaks to see that the vice president was found taking 20 million
American dollars out in a suitcase, that wasn’t part of his salary.” By
Newstalk ZB staff.

UN Calls For Ban On Solitary Confinement
RTT News
Méndez told reporters that he had been following the case of US soldier
Bradley Manning, detained in connection with his alleged leaking of
classified cables to the WikiLeaks website. Manning was held in solitary
confinement for eight months but has …

Zimbabwe: My Turn – the Bird That Borrowed Plumage
Well the clue to Tsvangirai’s apparent confusion lies in the WikiLeaks
revelations that he remembers the advice of his last counsel. In Cape Town,
I am reliably informed that he was sitting next to Youth, Indigenisation
and Economic Empowerment …

‘All Watched Over’ tells us information isn’t power, technology isn’t freedom
The Conversation
Wikileaks is not mentioned in All Watched Over, but it somehow keeps
intruding. Julian Assange wanted to topple the powerful, but he built his
campaign on such a distorted conception of the sources of power that his
spectacular success has changed …

Hackariffic Day for LA Times Twitter Feeds
… Deirdre Edgar and LA Times communications rep Nancy Sullivan to see
what was going on. We got our response on Twitter just moments ago. Hacked
by a toddler! Could be a new trend. Better keep that one away from
WikiLeaks for the foreseeable future.

Britain’s Suicide Bombers
FrontPage Magazine
Those fears were fully articulated in Wikileaks documents released in
February 2011 that cite British intelligence officials fearing Britain
would soon be facing a “wave” of suicide attacks from British-based
Muslim terrorists trained in Pakistan. …

COMMENT: Did someone say “Dr General-CMLA Ziaul Haq” too? —Abbas Zaidi
Pakistan Daily Times
The real target is President Zardari, hated by the media, political
parties, the ISI and the army (refer to WikiLeaks to learn about General
Kayani’s love for Zardari). The formula is: whatever and whoever has
Zardari’s support must be taken on. …

Diplomats urged to act with integrity
China Post
A series of diplomatic cables dumped by WikiLeaks on the Internet in the
past months have caused a political stir among both ruling and opposition
politicians. The cables were classified official US documents from the
Taipei office of the AIT that …

For Twitter, free speech is what matters — not real names
… several users — including prominent hacker Jacob Appelbaum and
Icelandic member of parliament Birgitta Jonsdottir — that the authorities
were looking for data from their accounts as part of the Justice
Department’s campaign against Wikileaks. …

Why Is Obama Deploying US Troops Against rag-tag Bandits, Unless….
Black Star News
For example, according to WikiLeaks, former US ambassador to Uganda, Jerry
Lanier gave President Museveni a failing grade in governance. Most
recently, a member of Parliament revealed that the US Central Intelligence
Agency gave him documents alleging …

The US and Caribbean political delinquency
Stabroek News
The link between the Jamaican case and that of St Lucia is, fortuitously,
indicated in released Wikileaks Papers. There, it is indicated, that as far
back as early 2006,much concern was being expressed by the American Embassy
in Barbados (which serves …

Steve Jobs tops AskMen’s 49 most influential men list for 2011
Three Aussies also made the cut – Tour de France winner Cadel Evans at
number 11, Thor actor Chris Hemsworth at 37 and WikiLeaks founder Julian
Assange at 41.’s Australian editor, Jamie Watt, says the list
revealed those who had shaped what …

Michelle Malkin: Costs of the rent-a-mob occupiers keep multiplying
Marietta Daily Journal
They lionize death row cop killer Troy Davis and WikiLeaks collaborator
Bradley Manning. They condemn “Nazi Bankers,” Jews, Fox News, the
American Legislative Exchange Council, Wisconsin GOP Gov. Scott Walker, the
Koch family and the New York Police …—Costs-of-the-rent-a-mob-occupiers-keep-multiplying?instance=secondary_story_bullets_left_column

Women, War And Peace
A.V. Club
Women, War & Peace is so well documented it’s like the Wikileaks version of
Planet Earth. But leaving it to contemporary footage and present-day
interviews, with nary a factual counterpoint or (God help us) a Morgan
Spurlock overview, we’re not getting …,63528/

Obama’s Imperial Arrogance
The People’s Voice
WikiLeaks disclosed a February 17, 2010 US cable, saying: “China’s economic
ties to Uganda continue to accelerate on all fronts making it one of the
country’s top foreign investors.” It’s also true in other African
countries, including resource rich …

Is the Iraq Occupation Really Drawing to a Close?
In These Times
The Iraqi government has launched an investigation into a 2006 incident
after WikiLeaks released a diplomatic cable alleging that Iraqi civilians
had been shot in the head by US troops, rather than killed in an airstrike
as the military reported. …

State Dept. Suspends Clearance over Wikileaks | We Meant Well …
By Administrator
Now on both and The American Conservative. When was the last
time those two news sources agreed on a story?

Marlin discusses the ethics of WikiLeaks – School of Journalism and …
By ccms_editor
RANDAL MARLIN, a long-time associate of the School and retired philosophy
professor, has published an article, “Propaganda and the Ethics of
WikiLeaks,” in a special edition of Australia’s Global Media Journal
that’s devoted to WikiLeaks.

WikiLeaks Will Reveal New Things Soon :Assange
Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks said Monday that their website is
still active with good financial situation. All the sources around the
world are within the network, he.

“Wikileaks” Opera Gets Underway
By Brendan Lemon
Called “Wikileaks” — and endorsed by Assange — it was the first
glimpse, behind closed doors, of one of Opera Australia’s more risky
ventures. Undoubtedly, a Steve Jobs opera, as well as one about Occupy Wall
Street, are also being written …

Wikileaks (wikileaks2)’s status on Tuesday, 18-Oct-11 22:30:12 UTC …
By wikileaks2
Wikileaks (wikileaks2)’s status on Tuesday, 18-Oct-11 22:30:12 UTC.
Wikileaks. WaPo dep ed Jackson Diehl: Assange terrible journalist Compare Diehl’s pre-Iraq war journalism · about 2 hours ago from …

Scrutiny » Can an algorithm be wrong? Twitter Trends, the specter of …
By tarleton
Similar charges emerged around the absence of #wikileaks from Twitter’s
Trends when the trove of diplomatic cables were released in December of
last year, as well as around the #demo2010 student protests in the UK, the
controversial …

WikiLeaks not financially endangered: Assange
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange told Latin American media that his
organization was far from financially endangered despite sanctions slapped
on it by the …

Historiographic Anarchy: WikiLeaks Has No FBI File
Wikileaks has let out some important and secret information over the last
few years. If you don’t know what wikileaks is, this article gives an
explanation on it. …

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