Wikileaks Newslinks 19 November 2011 – US warned Kenya against invading Somalia

19 November 2011 —

WikiLeaks: US warned Kenya against invading Somalia
By ALAN BOSWELL NAIROBI, Kenya — US cables made public by WikiLeaks show that the United States warned Kenya two years ago not to launch an offensive in southern Somalia against al-Qaida-allied al-Shabab rebels, but a US official also offered to check …

‘WikiLeaks Libya:’ American group wanted to help Gaddafi — for $10 million
Washington Post (blog)
By Elizabeth Flock A group that calls itself ‘WikiLeaks Libya’ has released
to the public scores of documents supposedly found in deposed Libyan leader
Moammar Gaddafi’s former government offices. Among those documents is a
letter from a group of …—for-10-million/2011/11/18/gIQAAR1bYN_blog.html

Google preaches Congress on Wikileaks-style embargo for the Web
At the same time, however, she proposed that maybe the government should
just choke the transfer of funds to rogue sites, conjuring up the crackdown
on payments to the whistleblowing site WikiLeaks. “You look at WikiLeaks.

Naomi Wolf fights fellow feminists over Assange
As WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange faces extradition to Sweden over sexual
assault charges pertaining to alleged rapes, world-renowned feminist Naomi
Wolff has come to the whistleblower’s defense. Back in February, Wolf wrote
an editorial in which she …

Thanksgiving Meets Wikileaks
The most salient example, perhaps, is the case of WikiLeaks and its
founder, Julian Assange. It would be difficult to deny the pedagogical
value of the July 12, 2007, US helicopter attack video from Iraq, entitled
“Collateral Murder. …

No verdict in case of Swiss ex-banker linked to WikiLeaks
DefenceWeb (press release)
A Swiss court said it lacked clear evidence to rule on an appeal by a
former Swiss banker turned WikiLeaks whistleblower against his conviction
for breaching Switzerland’s strict banking secrecy after he revealed
private client data. …

Google Co-Founder Donates $500000 To Wikimedia
NewsFactor Network
Even as WikiLeaks remains silenced by a lack of funds, another wiki is
getting support from high-tech places. Wikimedia, the parent company of
Wikipedia, just raked in $500000 from two heavy hitters. The Brin Wojcicki
Foundation, started by Google …

Ruling Allows US Authorities Unwarranted Access To Any Stored Data
eWEEK Europe UK
The WikiLeaks Icelandic saga contined with a US judge ruling that Twitter
must hand over the tweets of three Icelandic citizens, including
parliamentarian and former WikiLeaks affiliate Birgitta Jonsdottir. More
than this, the Virginia district court …

‘Ahmed Patel masterminded cash-for-vote scam’
Hindustan Times
“After the revelations of Wikileaks, it became clear that Prime Minister
Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi saved their government during the nuclear
deal by purchasing 19 MPs,” Gadkari said at a press conference at the party
office here. …

Page Eight
What most people think they know about spies comes from movies, and now
Wikileaks – but mostly movies. People have become pretty savvy in the
last 30 years, and they’ve come to realize that what they see in films
isn’t quite how it works in the real …

McNally to offer on-demand books
Winnipeg Free Press
The New York Times published its first e-book, Open Secrets: WikiLeaks, War
and American Diplomacy, in February. The Times was one of five publications
that reviewed Wikileaks documents prior to public release. In a September
Times article, …

Cyber Spies Are Winning: Time To Reinvent Online Security
Originally leveraging outrage over the persecution of WikiLeaks founder
Julian Assange, the group called Anonymous began launching Distributed
Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks against sites participating in US
sanctions against WikiLeaks using publicly …

What happens when journalism is everywhere?
What if a site like WikiLeaks or a citizen-journalism service is accused of
using copyrighted material in a news report? Their site could be removed
from the internet and shut down by payment companies (as WikiLeaks has
been) without even a court …

Is the memo believable?
The News International
By virtue of WikiLeaks we are now aware that the US Administration is
minutely involved in Pakistan’s internal affairs and is reckoned by our
civil and military leaders as an umpire of sorts. WikiLeaks has also
revealed that our top leadership …

Iran: is it Iraq all over again?
The Canberra Times
When the time came for ElBaradei to leave the IAEA in 2009, we know,
courtesy of WikiLeaks, that Japan’s Yukio Amano was the US’s preferred
candidate because they expected him to be pliable in accommodating their
wishes; he was reported as being …

Analysts reluctantly blame someone other than Anonymous for Facebook porn storm
The threat was to launch a DDOS attack as Anonymous did in almost every
case in which it has attacked the public sites of large organizations such
as MasterCard, Visa and PayPal, for their opposition to support of
WikiLeaks. …

Newsweek’s woes in a nutshell
Boing Boing
You don’t need to speculate much to figure out why, in an age of Wikileaks
and the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street, of cameraphoned sic semper
tyrannis and nuclear-armed theocracy, this particular news weekly is not
working. …

What the escalation in Syria means for the future
As we know from many sources, including diplomatic cables disclosed by
Wikileaks, Arab regimes, particularly those along the oil-rich Persian Gulf
(which they call the Arabian Gulf) are extremely nervous about the rise of
the Islamic Republic and its …

Internet pushing governments to be more open, digital expert says
Ottawa Citizen
WikiLeaks has already revealed the banality of most government secrets and
demonstrated that it’s hard to keep anything under wraps anymore, he said.
But governments are frightened by the idea of transparency because they
have no licence to fail, …

German chancellor reaches out to citizens via YouTube
Deutsche Welle
The release of secret information by WikiLeaks, the rise of the Pirate
Party and the public outcry over software used by the government to monitor
the personal computers of suspected criminals all served as a wake up call
for public officials.,,15543037,00.html

Political Treachery verses Revolutionary Logic and Wisdom Part 2
However Truth and Falsehood cannot co-exist, because they are from two
opposing directions, so with the cat now out of the bag and the Pandora Box
now opened by WikiLeaks, we now know how to handle all those who have
joined the NDC to eat with both …

Prospects Improve for Sept. 11 Suits Against Nations
In a classified memorandum made public last year by WikiLeaks, Secretary of
State Hillary Rodham Clinton said that “donors in Saudi Arabia constitute
the most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups
worldwide.” Saudi officials deny any …

The Evil Twin: Learning From Insider Security Threats
And, in the case of hijacked government diplomatic or military files, the
potential for damage to national reputation and security has been
enormously amplified by online vehicles like WikiLeaks, with the power to
distribute purloined data globally in …

High Tide: From Considering A Probe Into Ecclestone To Denial Of Mob Ties At …
Wall Street Journal (blog)
… to offer their services to now-deceased Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi
for a $10 million fee amid fighting with rebels now in control of the
country, according to documents posted on a Facebook page called
“WikiLeaks Libya” reviewed by the NY Times.

A familiar familial war
Manila Standard Today
Recent WikiLeaks reports exposing “communications” between the United
States Embassy in the Philippines and Washington alleges of a cable
transmission with reference ID number 05MANILA2970, which supposedly wrote:
“former President Corazon Aquino and …

Anarchy in the USA
The Weekly Standard
They are linked much more closely to the “hacktivist” agents of chaos
at WikiLeaks and Anonymous. When the police officers and sanitation workers
reclaimed Zuccotti Park, Occupy Wall Street’s supporters cried, “You
can’t evict an idea whose time has …

WA and China’s trade tipped to stay strong
The West Australian
The WikiLeaks revelation that then prime minister Kevin Rudd warned US
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to be prepared to use force against
China “if everything goes wrong” has not dented China’s investment
appetite. The Chinese are still the likely …

Furphies a’plenty in long ANZUS alliance
The Canberra Times
One of the most controversial episodes in the history of the ANZUS Treaty,
America’s suspension of its treaty obligations to New Zealand in the 1980s,
has recently come under scrutiny as part of the WikiLeaks cables. The
prevailing wisdom has always …

Bookend for the week
Crikey (blog)
WikiLeaks’ lawyer Jennifer Robinson chimed in to make the point that
Gillard remains silent on the plight of another Australian citizen in
trouble overseas: Julian Assange. No doubt if she was a fly-on-the-wall
she’d be disappointed – I can’t see …

I Hate it Here: ‘Transmetropolitan’ and the Election Season
When The Smiler orders D-Notices — government-mandated censorship — on
Spider’s stories and shuts down his paper, “The Word,” Jerusalem goes
underground, posting his articles to “The Hole,” an anonymous news feed
that essentially predicted WikiLeaks. …

Outing a Counterfeit Guerrilla: A tale of lies by Tamil Tigress Niromi de Soyza
Taking these claims as truth, is it not ironical for an intellectual
property right law graduate to be an admirer of Julian Assange (Purcell
2011), founder of WikiLeaks (who is a proprietary rights abuser)?
Furthermore, if Niromi is really an admirer …

Constitutional crisis erupts in Papua New Guinea
World Socialist Web Site
As yet, there is no evidence of direct US and Australian involvement in
O’Neill’s takeover, but diplomatic cables from 2005 and 2009, published by
WikiLeaks, show that senior Australian and US officials were concerned by
Somare’s trajectory. …

Somalia: China’s Meddling Exacerbates Somali Anarchy
It has funded, according to Wikileaks cables in 2010, the creation of
Azania or Jubaland, to create a buffer zone to protect Kenya from the
radical group of Al Shabaab. Azania was known to the Chinese as Zésàn by
the 3rd century CE; even the name has …

The people’s merit award for Chinua Achebe
Daily Sun
It’s on record, just dig into the archives of corruption; go to Wikileaks
and the answers are readily available. Nigerians bargain for national
honour, they lobby for it every day. People who are given national awards
are often not those who deserve it …

European Parliament ‘opposes’ US internet censorship law
Press TV
This not only includes the .com domain, but .net and .org also; domain
names used by millions of businesses and organizations outside the United
States. Ironically, we know from the WikiLeaks cables that the
State Department has also …

NAIROBI, Kenya | WikiLeaks: US warned Kenya against invading …
U.S. cables made public by WikiLeaks show that the United States warned
Kenya two years ago not to launch an offensive in southern Somalia against
al-Qaida-allied al-Shabab rebels, but a U.S. official also offered to check
on the “feasibility” …

WikiLeaks oo soo daabacay in kenya Laba Sano kahor laga cel …
By admin
kansascity oo soo xiganayey xog uu faafiyey boga WikiLeaks ayaa sheegay in
Mareykanka uu u sheegay in marka hore loo baahanyahay inuu dib u eegis ku
sameeyo qorshaha ay wadato Kenya. Sida uu ku cad xog ay is dhaafsadeen …

Kenya oo la sheegay inay dagaalka Soomaaliya qorsheynaysay …
By Azona
Online: Bogga WikiLeaks ee intabadan faafiya siraha qarsoon ayaa shaaciyay
xog ku saabsan in xukuumadda Kenya ay muddo sanado ah waday qorshaha inay
ciidamo u soo dirto dalka Soomaaliya oo ay soo weerarto gobolada Koofureed.

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