Genocidal Cynicism Part Two BY Fidel Castro

19 November 2011 — Dissident Voice

In order to give an idea of the potential of the USSR in its efforts to maintain parity with the United States in this sphere, we only need to point out that when its disintegration occurred in 1991, in Byelorussia there were 81 nuclear warheads, in Kazakhstan 1400 and in the Ukraine approximately 5000; all these went over to the Russian Federation, the only state capable of sustaining its immense cost, in order to maintain independence.

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Genocidal Cynicism Part One BY Fidel Castro

16 November 2011 — Dissident Voice

No sane person, especially someone who has had access to the elementary knowledge acquired in primary school, would agree that our species, especially those who are children, teenagers or youth, should be deprived of the right to live, today, tomorrow and forever. Never have human beings, throughout their eventful history, as persons endowed with intelligence, ever heard of an experience like that.

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Video: GTWA Day School: Understanding and Fighting Austerity

12 November 2011 — Left Streamed

Toronto — 12 November 2011.

What are some of the forces that are driving the current crisis? How is it pushing forward the agenda of business and governments to get working people and our organizations to tighten our belts and accept their calls for austerity? What forms is resistance taking around the world – what are the strengths and limitations of that resistance and what can we learn from it?


  • Sam Gindin is the Packer Chair in Social Justice, York University.
  • Stefan Kipfer is Associate Professor in the Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University.
  • Moderated by Kamilla Pietrzyk.

Organized by the Public Sector Defence Campaign committee of the Greater Toronto Workers’ Assembly (GTWA).

Stop NATO news: November 20, 2011

20 November 2011 — Stop NATO

  • Ethiopian Troops Invade Somalia
  • Syria: Western Military Attack Will Destabilize Entire Middle East
  • Kazakhstan Warns Against Repeating NATO Libyan War In Syria
  • Turkish Activists Protest NATO Missile System
  • United Arab Emirates To Be Provided First Advanced Missile Interceptors Outside U.S.
  • Georgia: U.S. To Install New Radar Systems, Upgrade Navy
  • Germany: NATO Holds Tenth Baltic Aerial Warfare Training Events

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Information Clearing House Newsletter 19 November 2011: The United States isn't broke

19 November 2011 — Information Clearing House

Britain in Secret Talks with Syrian “Rebels”
By Kim Sengupta and Catrina Stewart
The progression of the working relationship opens up the prospect of the rebels eventually being recognised as the country’s representatives and supplanting the Assad regime. The development comes as France said that it, too, was ready to work with the Syrian opposition.
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VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 19 November 2011: Israeli media paving the way for an attack on Iran

19 November 2011 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Report: Child labor used to collect scrap metal from bomb sites in Gaza
IMEMC – According to an investigation by the Ma’an News Agency in Gaza, the illegal use of child labor has become commonplace in the Gaza Strip, where the lack of an export economy due to the Israeli siege has led families to send their children to bomb sites to collect scrap metal for money. …

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