Stop NATO News: November 21, 2011

21 November 2011 — Stop NATO

  • Canada Transfers Warship From NATO’s Libya War To NATO’s Active Endeavor
  • Canada Orders Warships To Stay In Mediterranean
  • Canada Eyes Role In NATO Action Against Syria
  • U.S. Works Through NATO, Gulf Cooperation Council In Euro-Mediterranean Region
  • George H.W. Bush Carrier Strike Group Arrives In Mediterranean
  • Africa Command Chief: Troops To Stay In Central Africa
  • Troops In Uganda: Is U.S. After Joseph Kony – Or Oil?
  • United Arab Emirates, Gulf Cooperation Council To Aid Kenyan-Ethiopian Fighting In Somalia
  • Balochistan: At Least Three NATO Tankers Burned
  • Bali: U.S. Expeditionary Strike Group Arrives In Indonesia

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