Wikileaks Newslinks 22 November 2011

22 November 2011 —

December court date for Manning in WikiLeaks case
Supporters of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange display photographs of Assange (C) and US serviceman Bradley Manning (R) outside the High Court in central London, in July 2011. Manning, the US soldier alleged to have passed to WikiLeaks a trove of …

WikiLeaks host builds armoured data centres
iT News
The entrepreneur’s other business, ISP and data centre operator, Bahnhof,
made Australian headlines last year when Julian Assange transferred the
hosting of WikiLeaks to Bahnhof’s Vit Bergen (White Mountain) data centre
in Stockholm, after Amazon Web …,wikileaks-host-builds-armoured-data-centres.aspx

BC-US—WikiLeaks-Army Private, 132
SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Authorities say inmates are using social
networks and the growing numbers of smartphones smuggled into prisons and
jails to harass their victims or accusers and intimidate witnesses. …
ISLAMABAD (AP) — Pakistan is cracking …

Mir Waiz Umer Farooq
Kashmir Life
At the peak of controversy triggered by Wikileaks, Mirwaiz Umer Farooq took
off and spent many weeks aboard. Back home, he issued intermittent
statements on issues but stayed, by and large, silent. Last week, however,
he arranged a major event. …

How the Internet Evolves to Overcome Censorship
Government reactions to WikiLeaks highlight this. Late last month, the
whistle-blowing site announced it was halting operations over financial
difficulties. It blames payment processors, such as Visa, MasterCard and
PayPal, which have been persuaded …

Parliament has the power to remove Mugabe
Nehanda Radio
WikiLeaks reports that in June of 2008, McGee wrote: Gideon Gono, Governor
of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ), told the Ambassador on June 4 that
President Robert Mugabe has prostate cancer that has metastasised and,
according to doctors, …

What Obama means for Australia
Australian Times
Like many a political speech, Obama’s rhetorical offering to our Parliament
was an exercise in audacity: “We encourage open government,” he said,
apparently having forgotten his nation’s ongoing war against WikiLeaks, its
editor Julian Assange, …

Jimmy Wales Makes It Easy to Make Fun of Wikipedia Ads
The Atlantic Wire
But apparently his in-your-face face approach works — just ask Wikileaks
founder Julian Assange who has borrowed the face-plastering tactic for his
own campaign. As for Wales, the left-align is just this year’s excuse to
comment on the Wikipedia …

Anonymous exposes cybercrime investigator’s Gmail, voicemail
Ars Technica
The targeting of the FBI and other law enforcement increased after the July
arrest of alleged LulzSec members for denial of service attacks on Visa
over cutting off payment processing for Wikileaks. Update: In a Twitter
message to Ars Technica, …

Kansas City attorneys wanted Moammar Gadhafi as a client
Pitch Weekly
According to documents discovered in the aftermath of Gadhafi’s death and
released by a group called WikiLeaks Libya, Randell K. Wood, a UMKC Law
School graduate with offices in Kansas City and Springfield, Missouri, and
his son, Noah, …

Four party provinces step forward for Mugabe
Business Day
The party is seen to have been fractured by WikiLeaks exposés of Zanu (PF)
top brass in contact with US envoys, questions raised about the gruesome
death of army general and political heavyweight Solomon Mujuru, the North
African uprisings and …

BBC/VoA and manipulation of, by and for Sarath Fonseka
Ceylon Daily News
Not only his interview with Federica Jansz (whether or not one believes him
or her as to what he actually said with regard to the White Flag Case), but
also the persona Patricia Butenis seemed optimistic about according to
Wikileaks, suggests a 180 …

EDITORIAL: SOPA Act harms Internet freedoms
Oklahoma Daily
The sites you get your information from, such as WikiLeaks or any poltical
blog that links to such a site, could dissappear from the Internet.
Originally created to help block out dangerous fake products and copyright
infrgingement from foreign …

How much privacy can smartphone owners expect?
BBC News
Earlier this month, a US Federal Court in Virginia ordered Twitter to grant
the Justice Department access to private data from the accounts of three
suspected Wikileaks supporters, ruling that they had a “lessened
expectation” of privacy after signing …

Turkey’s Richest Man Fights to Survive
Wall Street Journal
In 2005, the US embassy here advised Americans against doing business with
Mr. Karamehmet, according to a diplomatic cable published by WikiLeaks.
Emre Alkin, head of the economics department at Istanbul Kultur University,
describes Cukurova as one of …

US retail madness takes a bite out of Thanksgiving
“The amount of Black Friday shoppers will increase from 212 million last
year to 225 million this year,” says, a kind of
WikiLeaks for consumers looking to see Black Friday advertisements before
publication. …

Memogate — some questions (II)
The Express Tribune
As far as revealing our national secrets to the US is concerned, as history
and more recently WikiLeaks inform us, everyone from presidents, army
chiefs, prime ministers to senior bureaucrats has happily been providing
confidential information to the …—some-questions-ii/

Energy resource bureau aims to bring State Department out of the dark ages
The Guardian (blog)
The 55-person bureau will be headed by Carlos Pascual, who was forced to
resign as US ambassador to Mexico last March after WikiLeaks published his
criticism of the authorities’ fight against drug trafficking. In a briefing
for international press on …

The steno and the memo
South Asian News Agency
But it is a point to ponder that the clamour for resignations is never as
strong for those who have been exposed by WikiLeaks as being in bed with
the Americans, for the abject failure in PNS Mehran and the total unawares
with which they found …

Central Banks: The Hidden Gold Demand Grows
Seeking Alpha
This was all famously the subject of a diplomatic cable (exposed by
WikiLeaks) back in 2009, when many suspect China began its slow
accumulation of gold reserves. While conspiracy theorists went nuts,
there’s much to consider in the content of the …

2012 See You Soon
Times of India (blog)
… or the killing of demonic dictators, whether it is the fight against
corruption in India, or the deadly earthquake in Haiti, whether it is the
exposes of our own ministers by Wikileaks, or the subsequent arrest of
Julian Assange. …

In the year of the DDoS, how best to fight the fire?
SC Magazine UK
It is almost a year since the Anonymous group began its campaign of DDoS
attacks in support of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, and since then it
has become the attack du jour. Prolexic’s report was, not surprisingly,
followed by a service …

Lobbyists Offer An ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Smear Campaign For Just $850000
The tactics suggested sound very similar to those sketched out by HBGary to
target Wikileaks earlier this year: doing record searches and background
checks on OWS leaders and their backers (unpaid speeding tickets will be
unearthed!) …

The OccupyUSA Blog for Tuesday (Nov.22), With Frequent Updates
The Nation. (blog)
OccupyToledo peacefully ended camp today when permit expired… the famous
WIkiLeaks truck seized by NYPD has now gone missing… 9:20 Elsewhere in
NY, Justin Elliot tweets: “People tried to occupy an old school tonight at
prince and mott in SoHo, …

Occupy Pretoria
The global public awakening – from Wikileaks to street protests – we are
currently witnessing will have a profound effect on future governance. The
ANC (which seems to have forgotten it is a servant of the people) will find
it is not as immune as it …

Cyber Security Is Not A New Concern For Federal Government
“Events from Wikileaks Cablegate to the Stuxnet computer worm have pushed
cyber security deeper into the public’s consciousness than perhaps ever
before. However, the progress made has not been nearly enough. Our national
response to these and other …

WikiLeaks suspect hearing set for December 16 – This Just In – CNN …
By report3
The American soldier behind bars for more than 18 months, suspected of
leaking classified documents to the WikiLeaks website, will go before a
military panel on December 16, according to a U.S. military release. The
military made the …

WikiLeaks Suspect Coming to Fort Meade
By wordbones
The soldier who is accused of slipping “hundreds of thousands” of
classified documents to Julian Assange will be coming to Fort Meade for a
military hearing on December 16th. Army Private First Class Bradley Manning
is currently being held …

2011-11-21 #WikiLeaks News: Hearing for Bradley #Manning on …
By -s
This is a “WikiLeaks News Update”, a news update of stories relating
directly to WikiLeaks and also freedom of information, transparency,
cybersecurity, and freedom of expression. Image After 17 months in
confinement, Bradley Manning will …

Lawyer: Manning’s hearing set in WikiLeaks case
By Associated Press
WASHINGTON — The lawyer for a U.S. soldier suspected of passing thousands
of classified documents to WikiLeaks says a military hearing has been
scheduled to determine whether he will stand trial. Attorney David Coombs
posted the …

Lawyer: Manning’s hearing set in WikiLeaks case | The Associated …
By The Associated Press
The Army intelligence analyst suspected of illegally passing government
secrets to the WikiLeaks website will have a military hearing next month to
determine whether he’ll stand trial.

BaltTech: Report: Alleged Wikileaks leaker to face military hearing at …
By Gus Sentementes
Bradley Manning, the U.S. serviceman who is blamed for leaking thousands of
classified documents to Wikileaks, will be facing a military hearing in
Fort Meade, here in Maryland, on Dec. 16, according to the Guardian via
Twitter. [We also …

No Reasonable Expectation of Privacy in IP Address Information …
By Tonya Gisselberg
The decision in this case arose out of the U.S. government’s grand jury
investigation of several individuals associated with Wikileaks: Jacob
Appelbaum, Rop Gonggrip and Birgitta Jonsdottir. The government obtained an
order under the …

Twitter Trackbacks for Alleged WikiLeaks Source Bradley Manning …
One year, six months, and three weeks after he was first jailed in a
military brig in Kuwait, alleged WikiLeaks leaker Bradley Manning will have
his day in court: According to a blog post Monday from his lawyer David
Coombs, the Army private …

Twitter Ordered to Disclose Account Info of WikiLeaks Associates …
A Virginia district court judge has ruled the U.S. government can collect
the private information of three WikiLeaks volunteers from the social
networking site, …

Wikileaks: Justice Demands Twitter Hand Over Files
In the last two years alone, WikiLeaks revealed that the United States had
committed grave war crimes in Afghanistan, Iraq and other global hot-spots
of interest …

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