Wikileaks Newslinks 27-28 November 2011

28 November 2011 —

28 November 2011
WikiLeaks wins Australian journalism award
SYDNEY — WikiLeaks has been recognised in Australia for its “outstanding contribution to journalism”, with founder Julian Assange lashing out at “cowardly” Prime Minister Julia Gillard in an acceptance speech. The anti-secrecy website was lauded at …

Facebook, Wikileaks and the Protection of Information Bill
Another social platform has, however, come up with a solution for cases like South Africa’s: Wikileaks. In the media spotlight recently for exposing secrets from within the United States Pentagon, this platform has proven itself to be a reliable …

Weekend news roundup
A selection of some of the technology stories in the weekend’s newspapers, including adding up the true cost of information overload, a Twitter project that catalogues World War II, the UK goes to war on cyber criminals and WikiLeaks is planning a new …

Twitter ruling gives government access to all documents stored with third party (blog)
A little less than a month ago a district judge in Virginia ruled that the Twitter must hand over the tweets of three citizens of Iceland who were involved with Wikileaks. Using a combination of the Stored Communications Act, case law and the Third …

Horror Show: Hollywood vs. Silicon Valley
Wall Street Journal
There was an outcry when credit card companies cut off WikiLeaks, drying up its contributions. Internet freedom is better protected through contract—when WikiLeaks violates terms of use, it gets cut off—than by overbroad legislation. …

Gambia: Breaking News: Radio One FM, Independent Newspaper Arsonists, And …
Freedom Newspaper
Editors Note: A United States Embassy Cable leaked by Wikileaks ( said “ Bajinka believes that Jammeh’s attempts to arrest him are based on his knowledge of Jammeh’s nefarious activities during his …—Breaking-News-Radio-One-FM-Independent-Newspaper-Arsonists-And-Ghanaian-Killers-Named/Default.aspx

Muqam shuns govt’s policy
The News International
Wikileaks, he added, had already disclosed this tacit agreement and the government’s inaction over frequent violation of sovereignty proved it correct. He said the latest Nato attack in Salala in Mohmand Agency that killed 24 soldiers and injured …

ABC wins big in journalism awards
ABC Online
Australian WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange made an appearance in a video acceptance speech after winning the award for most outstanding contribution to journalism. Caro Meldrum-Hanna from 7.30 took the award for sport journalism, Katrina Bolton won …

WikiLeaks set to launch new online system
FuelFix (blog)
You can read more energy news from the Financial Times at 206906: We got the first generation of the “smart” meters because the meter readers were afraid of our… Don: I hardly think persons like Deogenes, Helen, …

Qatar Airways honours Journalist of the Year
Peninsula On-line
Davies is also well-known for his work on the WikiLeaks scandal, in which he documented the biggest leak in intelligence history of confidential government information. The lavish gathering of UK and international journalists took place at The Park …

Today’s media stories from the papers
The Guardian
P22 Baghdad’s last Jews live in fear after Wikileaks naming. P30 Basketball millionaires end strike over TV rights money. P32 Yell close to banks agreement. P38 BSkyB shareholder ready to vote against Murdoch. P40 Is it all over for celebrity magazines …

The Politics of Economics in the Age of Shouting
New York Times
Nowadays, of course, freedom of the press belongs to anyone with Internet access, from the information guerrillas of WikiLeaks to the blogger next door. The democratization of media has diminished the authority once held — and sometimes abused — by a …

Today in History
ABC News
WikiLeaks began disclosing over 250000 private cables written by US
diplomats, divulging candid comments from world leaders and detailing
occasional US pressure tactics aimed at hot spots in Afghanistan, Iran and
North Korea. Actor Leslie Nielsen died …

Pirate Party Founder In Foreign Policy’s Top 100 Global Thinkers
“The Swedish and Swiss Pirate parties have aided WikiLeaks, offering the
controversial site server space and web hosting; a self-described Pirate
Party activist was named secretary of youth and sports in Tunisia’s
revolutionary cabinet; …

Breach of privacy – not always a bad thing!
The Media Online
I believe that other social agents – the media, Wikileaks, hacking groups
– sometimes need to breach the state (and often corporate) monopoly on
intrusion. But they need to do it only where the public interest outweighs
the obvious incursion on privacy …

Basin plan divides communities
The Australian
Wiki watch: THE Australian government says it is not aware of any American
criminal charges against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and has “no
formal advice” concerning a US grand jury espionage investigation focused
on the whistleblower group. …

Man forced to choose prison or death of pet dog
The Independent
But the incident would fit with an apparent pathological hatred of
household pets on the part of Mr Berdymukhamedov, detailed in an American
diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks last year. The cable recounted an
incident where a cat ran in front of …

Tahrir protesters outrage some in Egypt
Ironically, while Western aid to the Tahrir Square groups is either
unproven or very indirect, the military council itself still receives more
than $1 billion a year from the United States, in what Egyptian generals
have described in Wikileaks …

Winds of Change in the Levant
Earlier this year, Wikileaks published a leaked diplomatic cable that
quoted Mikati describing Hezbollah as “cancerous” and wishing to see
its state-within-a-state destroyed. Syria, Iran and Hezbollah don’t have as
many genuine allies in Lebanon’s …

#news2011: Follow the Global Editors Network summit in Hong Kong (blog)
The first day of sessions include discussions on topics such as
personalisation, lessons from the Arab Spring, organising newsrooms with
mobile in mind and “the WikiLeaks effect”. Reports from the conference
will be published on and …

Print Pick
The Hindu
This work describes not only the Wikileaks but the moral and political
development of its founder. Marvels Of The South Indian Railway 1859-1951
Rs. 900.00 This collection published on the occasion of the
150{+t}{+h}founding year of the Sesquicentenary …

Dateline’s Yaara Bou Melhem wins Walkley
Wikileaks’ Julian Assange accepted the award for Most Outstanding
Contribution to Journalism, while the Weekend West’s Joseph Catzano took
home best print news report for the ‘Secret toll of war’, focusing on
Australian soldiers wounded in action. …’s-Yaara-Bou-Melhem-wins-Walkley

Vox Populi – Alan Moore Talks Anonymous, Occupy And The V For Vendetta Mask
Bleeding Cool News
The Lloyd-designed Guy Fawkes mask, the face of choice for Anonymous and
their anti-Scientology protests, then by Wikileaks and its proponents and
now being used in the Occupy protests worldwide. Initially given away free
by DC Comics, it is now sold …

Is Mr. Talabani telling the truth?
Today’s Zaman
(WikiLeaks cable
On Dec. 25, 2007, Talabani told the liberal Taraf daily the following:
“The PKK expects an amnesty under which its members can go home and not
end up in jail upon surrendering to …

Punishing the Ashanti Region, NDC Agenda.
Modern Ghana
The President is quoted to have said in the wikileaks report of a ‘Great
Ashanti Project’ was terrifying. which one, no one knows now. One thing
Atta Mills and his cronies show know is that, he who God blesses, no one
curses. …

The merger of journalists and government officials
By Glenn Greenwald The video of the CNN debate I did last night about
WikiLeaks with former Bush Homeland Security Adviser (and CNN contributor)
Fran Townsend and CNN anchor Jessica Yellin is posted below. The way it
proceeded was quite instructive to …

Where are we going? by Evel Economakis*
Today’s Zaman
Even the information intercepted by WikiLeaks has been, though scandalous,
rather insignificant. The bosses and their servants have well-organized
global organizations that promote their interests. They roam freely around
the planet, …*.html

WikiLeaks Wins Walkley for Revealing ‘Inconvenient Truths’ in …
By andrea
Wikileaks has won a Walkley for an outstanding contribution to journalism.
Source: AFP “WikiLeaks applied new technology to penetrate the inner
workings of government to reveal an avalanche of inconvenient truths in a
global publishing …

Cablegate One Year Later: How WikiLeaks Has Influenced Foreign …
By seismologik
One year ago today, WikiLeaks started publishing a trove of over 250000
leaked U.S. State Department cables, which have since formed the basis of
reporting for newspapers around the globe. The publication has given the
public a window …

Wikileaks wins Australian version of Pulitzer Award : Dangerous …
By Erich Vieth
Glenn Greenwald reports that in recognition for breaking stories like this,
Wikileaks has been given Australia’s highest journalism award. The Walkley
Awards are the Australian equivalent of the Pulitzers: that nation’s most
prestigious award for …

WikiLeaks, Julian Assange win Walkley Award for journalism – but …
By Margaret Simons
The awarding of WikiLeaks with the prize for contribution to journalism in
last night’s Walkey awards raises once again the questions of what is a
journalist and what is journalism?

WikiLeaks wins major journalism award in Australia: “It is telling …
By Brian
Last night, the Walkley Foundation awarded its highest distinction — for
“Most Outstanding Contribution to Journalism” — to WikiLeaks, whose
leader, Julian Assange, is an Australian citizen. The panel cited the
group’s “courageous and …

Walkleys for WikiLeaks and outstanding investigative journalists
By Peter Timmins
The award for Most outstanding contribution to journalism to WikiLeaks (and
the response from Julian Assange via video bucketing the Prime Minister) is
attracting plenty of attention here and around the world as debate
continues about …

Assange attacks ‘backstabbing’ British journalists as Wikileaks puts …
By Dominic Ponsford
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange describes British journalism as a
credit-stealing, credit-whoring, backstabbing industry in a documentary
broadast on More4.

WikiLeaks wins Australian journalism award | Pakistan Today …
By faizan
WikiLeaks has been recognised in Australia for its outstanding contribution
to journalism.

Daily Kos: BREAKING: Wikileaks Wins Big Australian Award!!!
By (Tasini)
Look, the folks who gave this award should be applauded for backing up the
idea of Wikileaks—particularly a time of some controversy surrounding
Julian Assange. The issue is not Assange but the rights of the people to
have access to …!!!

An inventory of Australian WikiLeaks cables relating to cluster …
By NAJ Taylor
As I explored at length in Al Jazeera in August, a series of WikiLeaks
cables relating to cluster munitions demonstrate how Australia actively
sought to water down treaty text relating to ‘military interoperability’ –
that is, the ability for foreign …

Facebook, Wikileaks and the Protection of Information Bill
Th? people ?f South Africa recently united t? watch a turning point ?n
th??r country’s democratic history — th? passing ?f th? Protection
?f In rank Bill b? Parliament, perhaps th? gravest offence t? ?t?
democracy h?? seen ?n ??? ?t? seventeen …

Jon Slattery: New doc promises ‘sulphurous, personal and moving …
By Jon Slattery
New doc promises ‘sulphurous, personal and moving’ inside story on the
WikiLeaks saga. More 4 is billing a new documentary on Julian Assange and
WikiLeaks, due to be broadcast tomorrow, as the definitive account of the
‘wiki-saga.’ …

Old Ending For A New Great Game? « Musings from the Chiefio
By E.M.Smith
In a leaked US Embassy cable released by WikiLeaks, it was reported that
Prince Andrew, Duke of York, supports the concept of a New Great Game:
Addressing the Ambassador directly, Prince Andrew then turned to regional
politics. …

Mother of Julian Assange, WikiLeaks founder, speaks with the WSWS
Christine Assange discusses the US-led frame-up campaign against WikiLeaks
and her son Julian, the role of the Gillard Labor government, and the
political …

Cablegate One Year Later: How WikiLeaks Has Influenced Foreign …
One year ago today, WikiLeaks started publishing a trove of over 250000
leaked U.S. State Department cables, which have since formed the basis of
reporting …

WikiLeaks Wins Walkley for Revealing ‘Inconvenient Truths’ in …
Wikileaks has won a Walkley for an outstanding contribution to journalism.
Source: AFP “WikiLeaks applied new technology to penetrate the inner
workings of …

Twitter / WikiLeaks: You couldn’t make it up: C …
You couldn’t make it up: Covert campaign that polarised Sweden against #
Assange wins Swedish national journalism prize

27 November 2011
Rally defends WikiLeaks, Assange
Green Left Weekly
By Jim McIlroy, Brisbane A rally to defend WikiLeaks and its founder Julian
Assange took place outside the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade on
November 25. More than 50 people attended to demand the Australian
government take firm diplomatic …

The Need For Transparency Of The Forthcoming LLRC Report
Sunday Leader
… as revealed in WikiLeaks cables – Colombo Telegraph on November 14,
2011 It was reported in the media that the Lessons Learnt and
Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) presented its final report to the
President on the November 20, 2011. …

Robotic Army Of Ants: The Swarm Motion – Harvard University
CrazyEngineers VoiCE
Some try to exercise control over honey bees, some over a group of people
on streets while some try to exercise this while sitting in front of your
PC-the best example being Wikileaks. However this time Harvard scientists
have expanded these activities …

Ambassador to Ecuador: Who Is Adam Namm?
… who in April 2011 was expelled by the Ecuadorian government after the
release by WikiLeaks of a diplomatic cable in which Hodges discussed
allegedly corrupt police officials appointed to positions of high command
by President Rafael Correa, …

Fonseka Convicted: Another Opportunity To Reflect On Ethnicity And Communalism …
Sunday Leader
According to a cable released by WikiLeaks, Gotabhaya reportedly said that,
“unlike outrageous claims by regular political opponents, Fonseka’s
threats and betrayals had to be taken more seriously.” The government was
also concerned about reports that …

Finally, shoes can squeak
New York Post
Claiming no inside information concerning the specifics — I’m waiting to
receive my clandestine copy from Wikileaks — I can say this late-game,
love-in shouldn’t come as a surprise. There was more than enough impetus on
both sides to kiss and make up …

Egyptian Military: State Within a State
Huffington Post (blog)
A perceptive look into all this comes via a 2008 USdiplomatic cable
released by WikiLeaks. The writer in the US Embassy in Cairo ticked off the
various businesses the military was involved in, and considered how the
military might react if Egypt’s then …

Today in History: Sunday, November 27
Herkimer Evening Telegram
The State Department released a letter from its top lawyer to WikiLeaks
founder Julian Assange, warning that an expected imminent release of
classified cables would put “countless” lives at risk, threaten global
counterterrorism operations and …

Faustian bargains in a culture of deceit
Santa Maria Times
Wikileaks’ founder, Julian Assange, has been targeted by a livid US
government that is always seeking to keep secret its criminal, immoral and
hypocritical behavior, instances of which Assange exposed. Within the
private sector, there have been …

Pakistan secretly helps, publicly hits U.S. interests
Washington Times
In 2009 and early 2010, as Pakistani intelligence officials were harassing
US embassy personnel, according to a State Department cable released by the
anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks, the government’s guards were convoying
critical supplies for NATO …

USA vows full probe into Pak Nato strike
The Statesman
Secret US cables leaked by WikiLeaks have suggested that the UAE, which has
controlled Shamsi airbase since the 1990s, has allowed the USA to use it
for its drone flights. Foreign secretary Mr Salman Bashir lodged with Mr
Munter a “strong protest on …

Alan Moore – meet the man behind the protest mask
The Guardian
… for instance; and Moore takes a particular satisfaction in a strand of
the plot that seemed to anticipate the sort of internet-based dissent that
has made groups such as Anonymous and Assange’s WikiLeaks such major agents
of protest. …

Radware – Cyber Soldiers
J-Wire Jewish Australian News Service
He spoke about the Anonymous group reaction to the US Government’s decision
to stop funding the Wikileaks organisation by blocking the usage of Visa,
Mastercard and Paypal in an attempt to cripple the cables leaking
organisation. …

Iran: West applies pressure with nuclear spin
Green Left Weekly
An October 16, 2009, secret cable from the US diplomatic mission to the UN
in Vienna (since published by WikiLeaks) revealed US satisfaction at
ElBaradei’s replacement. The cable said: “IAEA Director General-designate
Yukiya Amano thanked the US for …

Afghanistan war ‘debate’ needs to reflect majority view
Green Left Weekly
However, a group of anti-war activists on parliament lawns that day,
including Christine Assange — mother of WikiLeaks founder Julian — and
war veterans opposed to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, aired the real
impact of the war and militarism. …

Will Robert Mugabe exit like Gaddafi?
Fuelling speculation have been WikiLeaks cables which tell of Zanu-PF
luminaries lining up to inform US embassy officials that their leader is on
his last legs. “They refer to a prostate condition that varies in its
seriousness according to who is …

Berezovsky vs. Abramovich: secrets of the Wild East revealed
The opposition newspaper, Novaya Gazeta, has described the trial as
“Russia’s version of WikiLeaks”. The trial has been live-blogged by
several of Russia’s main newspapers – Vedomosti, Kommersant and online
portal Having boasted that they …

it’s all one thing: Re Wikileaks and Julian Assange: Is Israel Shamir …
By Will Shetterly
Re Wikileaks and Julian Assange: Is Israel Shamir a Holocaust-deniar? In
the smear campaign against Julian Assange, the phrase “Holocaust-deniar”
keeps coming up because of one writer who worked briefly with Wikileaks,
Israel Shamir. …

WikiLeaks Submission System Reopened | Rixstep Industry Watch
WikiLeaks press conference on Dec 1st. Online security and the reopening of
the submission system. On December 1st, WikiLeaks will host a press
conference which will expose extraordinary privacy threats to journalists,
sources and others …,00.shtml

Bradley Manning Hearing Date Set, the Alleged Whistleblower Who …
By Andy Worthington
Every day, for the last seven months, I have had cause to reflect on the
bravery of the whistleblower — Pfc. Bradley Manning, according to the US
authorities — who, two years ago, released, to WikiLeaks, a trove of
classified US documents …

Economy and Society » Blog Archive » They Found Nothing …
By Heidi
One of the stunning omissions in corporate media coverage of the IAEA
report are the WikiLeaks disclosures concerning IAEA chief, Yukiya Amano.
According to a US Embassy cable from a US diplomat in Vienna, where the
IAEA is based, …

Interview with mother of Julian Assange: “I now believe that the US …
By Daniel
Christine Assange, the mother of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, spoke
with the World Socialist Web Site last week during US President Barack
Obama’s visit to Australia. Early this month, Britain’s High Court
dismissed an appeal by Julian …

WikiLeaks suspect Bradley Manning to … – Collections – Baltimore Sun
A military hearing for Army Pfc. Bradley Manning, the former intelligence
analyst accused of giving classified materials about the wars in
Afghanistan and Iraq to …

Julian Assange seeks to take extradition fight to supreme court …
WikiLeaks founder will ask permission to appeal against high court ruling
that he must face sex crime charges in Sweden.

Twitter / WikiLeaks: Finally some gets the Wiki …
Finally some gets the WikiLeaks logo | RP magazine

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