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29 November 2011 — Update from the Electronic Intifada

Bono must ditch Belgian maker of warplane parts for Israel

By David Cronin, 27 November 2011
The firm that installed screens and lightning on U2’s stage for its world tour also supplies components to Israel’s war industry.

Don’t mention the ‘A’ word: attack on freedom of speech turns into another own goal

By Ben White, 27 November 2011

At the University of Birmingham, attempts to stifle discussion about Israeli apartheid on campus backfire.



The Electronic Intifada barred from reporting inside UK “delegitimization” conference

By Asa Winstanley, 26 November 2011

An anti-Palestinian conference due to take place in the UK tomorrow has barred Electronic Intifada from attending the event, despite admitting other journalists will be given free entry.



An Israeli Soldier Cares For My Safety

By Linah Alsaafin, 16 November 2011

A conversation with the occupier.



Ali, released after 23 years in Israeli jails: “I have to learn life”

By Adri Nieuwhof, 26 November 2011

Ali, Palestinian political prisoner from Israel, has spent 23 years in Israeli jails. Following his release in the prisoner exchange deal, the Israeli internal security service ordered him not to leave the country for 17 years.



Pinkwashing, 2008-2011: Obituary for a hasbara strategy

By Benjamin Doherty, 25 November 2011

Sarah Schulman’s New York Times op-ed Israel and ‘Pinkwashing’ outs Israel’s gay marketing plan that activists have termed “pinkwashing” and consistently sought to resist and expose.



Ethical alternatives to Sabra hummus now at DePaul University

By Nora Barrows-Friedman, 25 November 2011

After a year-long campaign by DePaul’s Students for Justice in Palestine against Sabra hummus products from the dining halls, the university has quietly introduced alternative brands from which students can choose according to their ethics.



Officials suspect French megabank BNP Parisbas pulled out of Israel due to boycott pressure

By Ali Abunimah, 25 November 2011

Israeli officials suspect that France-based megabank BNP Parisbas has pulled out of Israel due to pressure from Palestine solidarity groups, even though the bank itself has denied this.



In new pinkwashing recruitment campaign, Israel offers free travel for propaganda services

By Asa Winstanley, 24 November 2011

The story of the floundering “Brand Israel” advertising campaign continues. An Israeli government ministry has established a propaganda website called Hasbara.gov.il – a Hebrew word often translated as “propaganda”. A notice was recently published on the site asking for volunteer “candidates eligible to conduct public diplomacy activities abroad”. The volunteers “will not be eligible for any remuneration” apart from “costs of travel, daily expenses and insurance”.


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