Wikileaks Newslinks 29 November 2011

29 November 2011 —

WikiLeaks awarded at Walkleys
Julian Assange has launched a broadside against Prime Minister Julia Gilard while accepting WikiLeaks’ award for Most Outstanding Contribution to Journalism at the 2011 Walkleys. Assange’s pre-recorded speech was played at the award ceremony, …

Lawyer hints at strategy in WikiLeaks case
Washington Post
The lawyer for Bradley Manning, an Army private accused of passing
sensitive information to the online site WikiLeaks, is seeking evidence
from the government that the data allegedly leaked did not harm national
security. Manning is scheduled to appear …

We will deal with ‘WikiLeaks lice’ appropriately — Sibanda
War veterans leader Jabulani Sibanda yesterday described Zanu PF stalwarts
fingered in leaked US diplomatic cables intercepted by whistleblower
website, WikiLeaks, as “known party sell-outs” and likened them to
lice. “There is nothing new said by the …

WikiLeaks Postpones Launch of New CMS; Press Conference December 1
WikiLeaks has delayed the launch of its new online system which would have
made it easier for defectors to upload confidential information to the
website. According to an article on The Financial Times, the website’s
electronic content submission …

HTC Faces German Smartphone Ban, Wikileaks Delays New Submissions System …
Fast Company
—KE WikiLeaks Delays New Submissions System. WikiLeaks has had to delay
the launch of a new anonymous submissions system for whistleblowers, thanks
to a mix of technical and financial challenges. The launch was promoted for
today, but has had to be …

The last Jews of Baghdad: Just SEVEN remain (and they fear for their lives …
Daily Mail
By Jessica Satherley The seven remaining Jews in Baghdad have been named by
WikiLeaks, leaving them in danger of persecution, according to the city’s
Anglican vicar. Their lives are now in immediate danger, according to Canon
Andrew White, …—leaving-lives-danger.html

Marko Rakar: We are not Wikileaks!
Rakar said that the comparison of Vjetrenjaca and Wikileaks was a wrong
evaluation. – Wikileaks has published a large material of private data,
while we’ve published the public data. I think we’ve created a good tool
for browsing through the public …—we-are-not-wikileaks/398515

High Tide: From Syria’s Response To Kuwait’s Parliament Quits
Wall Street Journal (blog)
WikiLeaks delayed the release of a new online system for whistleblowers to
pass the group secrets. (Financial Times sub req) The FCPA Blog posts its
reference section for November 2011 and raises the curtain on tomorrow’s
hearing on the possible …

Iraq: Jews In Baghdad Live In Fear After WikiLeaks Disclosure
Huffington Post UK
The few remaining Jews living in Baghdad are living in fear after their
names were published on the WikiLeaks website, a vicar has said. The
whistle-blowing website, which was due to reopen its submission system for
government secrets on Monday, …

Assange tirades against ’embarrassing’ Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard
That he stood before his backdrop of upside down logos belonging to
financial institutions subjecting Wikileaks to an “arbitrary and
unlawful” blockade was, however, a sign there was more to come. Wikileaks
recently announced a “temporary shutdown” to …

Sen. Joe Lieberman Asks Google For A ‘Report Blog As Terrorist’ Button
Senator Joe Lieberman, taking a break from his usual schedule of trying to
stamp out all things Wikileaks-related, returns to his old anti-terrorism
stomping grounds, sending out a letter to Google CEO Larry Page, expressing
his concern that not enough …

Media news derivatives: Nov. 28
Washington Post (blog)
*Julian Assange fights back against the mainstream media, or at least
against the outlets with which Assange’s WikiLeaks collaborated on the
cable-leaking stories. The medium is a film: The film, to be aired on More4
tomorrow, charts how a pact to …

Cyber Monday Deals 2011 Page One: Inside The New York Times and the Future of …
Gadget 411 News
Previous certainties have been shoved aside by new entities this sort of as
WikiLeaks and Gawker, Politico and the Huffington Post. But wherever, in
all this digital innovation, is the long term of great journalism? Is there
a variation amongst an …

Expectations high as Olorunsola heads DPR
This group’s scepticism might have been derived from the WikiLeaks cables
revelations of last December on, “Shell’s grip on Nigerian state
revealed,” as carried in The Guardian of UK on December 8, 2010. Anglo
Dutch Shell claimed “it had inserted staff …

Podcast: Episode 45
Filmed during the WikiLeaks releases last year, it charts the decline of US
newsprint from the offices of the New York Times. I think we may have got a
little bit geeky about journalism at this point. Don’t worry though, Lewis
soon snapped us out of it …

Leaking news: India’s recipe for success for the tour of Australia
Cricket Country
Although the mission is top secret, yours truly managed to obtain a rough
draft of the strategy through Wikileaks. I also firmly believe in the
public’s right to know, so everyone, including Michael Clarke, will now be
privy to Dhoni’s recipe for …

The Secret War: Tense ties plagued Africa ops
Despite speculation that Ethiopia invaded at the US’s behest, cables from
the US Embassy in Addis Ababa released by WikiLeaks indicate Ethiopia felt
forced to act by circumstances in Somalia. “The GOE [government of
Ethiopia] feels ever more compelled …

Don’t Be a Tool This Christmas
Last year, “the holidays” successfully diverted America from the
explosive revelations in the thousands of State Department cables released
by WikiLeaks in November 2010. It was gunning to be a great story with many
moving parts, but Black Friday put a …

BC-US—WikiLeaks-Army Private,127
PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Cyber Monday. Green Tuesday. Black Friday. Magenta
Saturday. Chances are you won’t find any of these holidays on your
calendar. … WEAR files and maintains quarterly Children’s Television
Reports and DTV Consumer Education …

Who They are and what They do: what the current whereabouts of Julian Assange …
Crikey (blog)
Which is part of what’s really fascinating about wikileaks, that it
hysterically demands from the system that which it purports to value, and
in so doing shows very clearly that governance is not really about
heterarchy, it is about heteronomy. …

Five Things You Need to Know Today: Nov. 28
On this day in 2010, Wikileaks released 250000 classified documents and
sensitive national security information sent by US embassies; the US
condemns the unauthorized disclosure. If today is your birthday, you share
it with actor Judd Nelson …

Torture and the Danger of Going Back to the Dark Side
Huffington Post
Each revelation of US-sponsored torture or enhanced interrogation, such as
the secret and often illegal CIA interrogation sites and procedures exposed
by Wikileaks, gravely harms our country’s international standing and
reduces our legitimacy and …

Manmohan Singh want tax havens banned, can he do it?
Moneylife Personal Finance site and magazine
The recent disclosure of details otherwise considered top-secret by
WikiLeaks, has shaken the gnomes, as well as, their clients. Since real
numbers for this sort of business are impossible to come by, even a guess
can not be hazarded on who are the …

Rights groups are also worried as the law could limit free speech gagging
sites like WikiLeaks. British PM David Cameron is considering banning
looters from social networks used to organize the country riots as he
addressed the British parliament in …

Aussie ISPs to trial notifying suspected infringers of suspected misdeeds
Ars Technica
… Federation Against Copyright Theft has pushed the case through the
appeals process—the studios complaining that iiNet has not done enough
about infringement accusations (AFACT is largely backed by Hollywood
studios, according to Wikileaks cables). …

The Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2011 – Leading the Change
Best Media Info
Julian Assange, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Wikileaks, will be addressing
the delegates via video on the second day, in a session that promises to be
a knockout. The final session of the summit will be addressed by Chief
Ministers Sheila Dixit(Delhi), …

Pakistan: The Trust Deficit
National Review Online
First, there was the release of the Wikileaks cables, which crippled our
relationship with key allies in the Pakistani military — most notably the
head of the army, Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, who was recorded requesting
surveillance drones for South …

US govt demands WikiLeaks destroy all files about them – Assange …
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has told a media summit that the US
government has ordered him to destroy all the material WikiLeaks holds on
them – published and unpublished – and to stop using government insiders
to gather fresh material.

WikiLeaks wins Australian journalism award
SYDNEY (AFP) – WikiLeaks has been recognised in Australia for its
“outstanding contribution to journalism”, with founder Julian Assange
lashing out at “cowardly” Prime Minister Julia Gillard in an acceptance
speech. The anti-secrecy website …

WikiLeaks delays anon whistleblower system | TG Daily
By Trent Nouveau
As Sophos Security analyst Lisa Vaas notes, WikiLeaks has taken a virtual
beating over the past year in the security arena, with its SSL certificates
penetrated by various organized crime groups and intelligence agencies,
which “severely and …

WikiLeaks delays more secure whistleblower system | Naked Security
By Lisa Vaas
Online security has become “severely and irreversibly compromised,” the
organization says. Meanwhile, Australia’s Walkley Foundation bestowed the
equivalent of a Pulitzer on WikiLeaks, while Assange revealed that the US
has ordered the …

WikiLeaks wins Aussie Journalism Awards Australia ~ The Hacker …
By THN Reporter
The whistle-blowing website, WikiLeaks, has been honoured at Australia’s
premier journalism awards for releasing of “an avalanche of inconvenient
truths in a global publishing coup” which has had “an undeniable impact”.
The Walkley …

Defense seeks documents in Army WikiLeaks case
By Associated Press
HAGERSTOWN — The Army intelligence analyst suspected of giving classified
material to WikiLeaks says a White House review concluded the alleged leaks
did no real damage to national security. Pfc. Bradley Manning’s defense
attorney …

Anonymous: OpOhHai targets firms going after Wikileaks and …
On several occassions, the wide-ranging constituency of activists that
comprise Anonymous, Wikileaks, Occupy Wall Street, and other efforts have
come under dishonest and well-financed attacks by lobbying syndicates, law
firms, intelligence …

WikiLeaks wins ‘outstanding contribution to journalism’ award
WikiLeaks was awarded a Walkley Sunday night for its outstanding
contribution to journalism, commended by judges for its revelations in the
war on terror to “diplomatic bastardry” and noted the “site’s commitment to
the finest traditions of …

Opinion: WikiLeaks made significant contributions to the right to …
By donal brown
WikiLeaks has changed the face of journalism and contributed more scoops
this year than any other media outlet, reports Trevor Timm in a commentary
for the Electronic Frontier Foundation. In using the Espionage Act to
prosecute WikiLeaks, …

WikiLeaks delays launch of new online system – :: Future of Journalism
By Steffen Konrath
WikiLeaks’ electronic submission system has been offline for more than a
year. Financial Times :: WikiLeaks has delayed the release of a new online
system to allow whistleblowers to pass secrets to its website, in another
blow to Julian …

Defense seeks documents in Army WikiLeaks case – … – Tulsa, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports – |
Defense seeks documents in Army WikiLeaks case. Home · Connect With Us ·
Links Mentioned · Six in the Morning · Food for Kids · TV Schedule ·
RSS Feeds · News …

BFP Exclusive: Revisiting My Silence on WikiLeaks
By Sibel Edmonds
Last December a former Wikileaks insider in one of its European branches
contacted me with excitement and an anticipation inducing piece of
information. According to this credible source the large cache of the State
Department Cables …

WikiLeaks press … – TwitLonger — When you talk too much for Twitter
WikiLeaks press conference on Dec. 1st. Online security and the reopening
of the submission system. On December 1st, WikiLeaks will host a press
conference …

One Year After Cablegate Began, WikiLeaks’ Operations Still …
One year ago today, the slow leak of over 250000 classified U.S. diplomatic
cables from WikiLeaks began. It would be the biggest exposure of such
information …

Wikileaks launches online system for whistleblowers
Whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks is to unveil an online system today to
enable informers to pass on secrets more than a year after its electronic
submission …

Assange: Best journalism on WikiLeaks cables hasn’t come from …
Standing for journalism, strengthening democracy | Journalism training,
media news & how to’s.

Twitter / WikiLeaks: Senator Ludlum to travel t …
Senator Ludlum to travel to London to monitor Assange Dec 5 Supreme Court

Smartphone Battery Life Improves, Black Friday Sales Hit Online …
WikiLeaks Delays New Submissions System. WikiLeaks has had to delay the
launch of a new anonymous submissions system for whistleblowers, thanks to
a …

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