Iran Newslinks 30 November 2011

30 November 2011 —

UK withdraws diplomatic staff from Iran after attack
BBC News
Britain is withdrawing its diplomats from Iran following the attack on its embassy in the capital, Tehran, on Tuesday, diplomatic sources say. The Foreign Office said “some staff” are leaving “for their own safety”, but has not confirmed if all its …

‘Iran is developing low-flying cruise missiles’
Jerusalem Post
By YAAKOV KATZ Iran is developing an advanced low-flying cruise missile
that could potentially carry a non-conventional warhead, Arieh Herzog,
director of the Defense Ministry’s Homa Missile Defense Agency, said on
Wednesday. Herzog, who will step down …

Iran blast near military academy
While Iranian officials continue to deny any reports on the blast in
Isfahan, other sources started to shed light on the mysterious incident.
Iranian paper Farhang Ashti (Peace Culture) reported Monday that the
explosion, which was initially reported …

Iranian People, Students Vow to Continue Path of Assassinated N. Scientists
Fars News Agency
The Islamic Republic of Iran held a ceremony on Tuesday to commemorate the
anniversary of the martyrdom of nuclear scientist Majid Shahriari. People
from all walks of life participated in the ceremony in Tehran to condemn
the his assassination. …

Iran delivers major blow to the CIA
Asia Times Online
By Mahan Abedin Iran’s claim last week to have arrested 12 spies working
for the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is potentially a
major blow to American intelligence-gathering efforts in Iran and to
American intelligence generally. …

UNIDO Praises Iran’s Subsidy Reform Plan
Fars News Agency
The implementation of Subsidiary Reform Plan was a brave work that Iranian
government managed to do, while many countries have not been able to do,
Yumkella said in a meeting with Iran’s Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade
Mehdi Qazanfari in Vienna on …

Iranian company inks $600m deal to develop Yaran oilfield
Tehran Times
TEHRAN – Electric Power Research Center of Iran (MATN) and Energy Persia
Company signed a $600-million deal on Tuesday to develop Yaran oilfield in
west Iran, the SHANA news agency reported. The field holds an estimated 1.1
billion barrels of crude …

Britain evacuates diplomats from Iran; Tehran defiant
RIA Novosti
The UK has evacuated all diplomatic staff from Iran following Tuesday’s
attack on its embassy in Tehran by Iranian protesters, local media reported
on Wednesday. Meanwhile, the Iranian authorities lashed out at the United
States and Britain on …

Agencies Question Need for Iran’s Family Protection Bill
Fox News
By Amy Kellogg Panelists at last week’s press conference discuss Iran’s
Family Protection Bill. From left: Ann Harrison, Amnesty International;
Rouhi Shafii, International Coalition Against Violence in Iran; Roya
Kashefi, Association des Chercheurs …

A proxy war between Iran and the US
The Daily Star
By Sadegh Zibakalam Even before the Americans accused Iran of a plot to
assassinate a Saudi diplomat in the United States, relations between Tehran
and Riyadh were at a low. Needless to say, the accusation only deepened the
animosity between these two …

Britain withdrawing some embassy staff from Iran
Atlanta Journal Constitution
By NASSER KARIMI AP LONDON — Britain says it is withdrawing some staff
and dependents from its embassy in Tehran, which was stormed by Iranian
protesters earlier this week. AP Photo/Vahid Salemi Iranian cleric
lawmakers talk in an open session of the …

Another Blast in Iran, This Time Followed by Rockets Landing in Israel
TIME (blog)
(Photo: Yaron Kaminsky: AP) Things keep blowing up in Iran. On Monday the
big bang was in Isfahan, and the black smoke billowed from the direction of
the nuclear plant on the edge of the city. More than 24 hours later, Iran’s
official news sites had …

BF3: Get Banned by Iran
Battlefield 3 is now officially illegal and has been effectively banned in
Iran. Iran’s Combatant Clergy Association is ensuring that street vendors
don’t sell the game, due to controversial content set in the country’s
capital city. …

German FM slated to propose Iran oil embargo for EU
Jerusalem Post
Minister Guido Westerwelle plans to advocate a ban on Iranian crude oil to
the European Union as part of a new round of December EU sanctions
targeting the Islamic Republic. …

On Obama’s Many Promises to Stop Iran’s Nuclear Program
The Atlantic
By Jeffrey Goldberg President Obama, who has been maligned in every
possible way on the topic of Israel and its security, continues to affirm
his commitment to stopping Iran’s nuclear program. Not that you would
notice from the coverage. …

Iran – Tehran 29.11.2011.Savage Basiji forces attack British embassy – Part 3
Source: Basiji forces climbed
British embassy gate in Tehran, took down British flag, burned it, put up
Iranian regimes flag

Iran thrashed by China in volleyball World Cup
Iran Sports Press
By 12 hours 42 minutes ago China routed Iran in straight sets
(25-19, 25-19, 25-17) on the third day of third-round action in the 2011
FIVB Men’s World Cup at Marine Messe on Tuesday. The victory was China’s
first of the tournament after seven …

Heroin hidden in raisins from Iran seized by Australian police
Vancouver Sun
Heroin and pseudoephedrine worth an estimated $30 million were found
concealed among boxes of raisins shipped to Sydney from Iran, authorities
said. A 34-year-old man was charged with importing a commercial quantity of
drugs, comprising about 98 …

Iran Behind Katyushas in Galilee?
FrontPage Magazine
The attack came hard on the heels of a reportedly much larger explosion in
Esfahan, Iran, home of a major nuclear facility. Are the various Middle
Eastern booms connected to each other? in no way a fluke…. It is no
coincidence that the relative calm …

60 tons of gold reserves explored in Iran
Tehran Times
Sixty tons of gold reserves, valued at around $3.6 billion, have been
explored at different points across the country, the deputy director of the
Geological Survey of Iran announced. The total proven and probable gold
reserves of Iran stand currently …

Armed Iran ship in EEZ worries India
Times of India
NEW DELHI: India is in a dilemma about an armed Iranian ship MV Assa that
has dropped anchor off Lakshadweep over a month ago. On November 23, India
sent a second diplomatic missive “note verbale” to Iran asking them to
remove the ship from India’s …

Former Mossad chief: Israeli strike on Iran will lead to regional war
Meir Dagan said in a television interview that a military strike will
result in massive rocket attacks from Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas. By Haaretz
Tags: Iran Israel Mossad Ehud Barak Meir Dagan Former Mossad chief Meir
Dagan said in a television …

Iran’s non-oil exports surpass $27bn
Press TV
Iran’s Customs Administration says the country’s non-oil exports, including
gas condensates, have surpassed $27 billion in the first eight months of
the current Iranian calendar year (started March 21). Customs
Administration Director Abbas Memarnejad …

Saudi prince warns against Iran military strike
Middle East North Africa Financial Network
(MENAFN – Jordan Times) A senior Saudi official on Tuesday warned against
military action against Iran, calling for diplomatic efforts to pressure
Tehran to bring transparency to its nuclear programme. Addressing a
regional conference on the …

Iran, Syria and Iraq – new regional allies?
And Iran seems to be the great loser, fearing its “investment” in the
Bashar government will go down the drain. The relation between the two
countries is complex and its gravity is not always easy to follow. It can,
though, be explained by looking at …

Admiral: Iran scariest nuclear threat
San Angelo Standard Times
Nuclear proliferation is a problem, with countries such as Iran (“to me the
single scariest country”) overtly threatening Israel, which probably won’t
bomb Iran. Israel might not make peace progress until it and Palestinians
get new leaders, he said. …

Pimco – Four Oil Price Scenarios if There Is a Strike on Iran
Excess capacity is virtually exhausted and we doubt other OPEC nations
would be able to compensate for a reduction in Iranian oil production. ·
In light of these possible oil price spikes, investors should evaluate how
their portfolios might be …—four-oil-price-scenarios-if-there-is-a-strike-on-iran

Iran Gets ‘Serious’ With Naval Expansion
AOL Defense
By Carlo Munoz WASHINGTON: Iran’s three new mini submarines could be
Tehran’s first real step toward expanding its naval presence, but the
regional powerhouse is still a long way from being a legitimate threat to
the United States or its allies, …

UNICEF Iran representative issues message on World AIDS Day
Islamic Republic News Agency
In the Islamic Republic of Iran, UNICEF works with the government for the
implementation of joint projects and programmes. At the moment UNICEF and
the Ministry of Health are embarking on development of the Country
Programme Action Plan for 2012 to …

Iran chosen deputy head of OPCW confab
Press TV
Iran’s envoy to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
(OPCW) has been elected as the deputy head of the 16th conference of the
Hague-based organization. Iran’s Ambassador to the Netherlands Kazem
Gharibabadi, who also represents the …

Beat Iran Back | The Weekly Standard
By Elliott Abrams
Read conservative news, blogs and opinion about Ahmadinejad, British, gas,
Iran, mob, Oil, Regime, Riot, Sanctions and UK from The Weekly Standard,
the must read magazine available in online edition.

Balloon Juice » And Iran
By John Cole
Iranian protesters screaming “death to England!” stormed the vast
British embassy compound and a diplomatic residence in Tehran on Tuesday,
tore down the British flag, smashed windows and ransacked the offices in
what appeared to be …

Battlefield 3 effectively banned in Iran | Joystiq
By David Hinkle
“We understand that the story of a videogame is hypothetical,” an online
petition filed by an Iranian youth group read. “We believe the game is
purposely released at a time when the US is pushing the international
community into fearing Iran. …

Iran and More – Pictures of the Day –
Photographs from Iran, Egypt, Congo and Pakistan.

Iran: Protesters storm British embassy, enter premises – Jihad Watch
By Marisol
A member of Iran’s assembly suggested it while commenting on Sunday’s
resolution that called Britain “worse than the devil” and called for the
expulsion of its ambassador. He said “The British government should know
that if they insist on …

Iran:The storming of British Embassy · Global Voices
By Hadi Nili
Somayeh Tohidlou,talks about the storming of British Embassy compounds by
Iranian protesters. She writes[Fa] in Friendfeed: “Are they wrong about
the date? This is 2011, not 1979 [when protesters took the US embassy in
Tehran]and the …

British Embassy in Iran Seized « Iconic Photos
By thequintessential
As Iranian students storm the British embassies in Tehran, historical
comparisons are made to 1979 (the seizure of the US embassy there) and to
1980 (when the Iran embassy in London was seized by Iraqi terrorists and
rescued by SAS). …

Iran: U.K. Embassy Stormed
By The Huffington Post News Editors
By NASSER KARIMI, Associated Press TEHRAN, Iran — Hard-line Iranian
students stormed British diplomatic sites in Tehran on Tuesday, bringing
down the Union Jack flag, burning an embassy vehicle and throwing documents
from windows …

Pimco’s 4 “Iran Invasion” Oil Price Scenarios: From $140 To …
By Tyler Durden
Although we cannot (and will not) predict whether an attack is imminent, or
even likely, our experience and research tells us that any major disruption
in the supply of oil from Iran could have either subtle or profound global
repercussions …

Iran attack: UK embassy stormed in Tehran (VIDEO, PHOTOS) — RT
Dozens of Iranian students have stormed the UK embassy in Tehran, chanting
“death to England.” Before police intervened, protesters pelted the
embassy with stones and petrol bombs, brought down the flag, and destroyed
a pile of classified …

Iran students storm British Embassy in Tehran – This Just In – CNN …
By lendonsan
Iranian students stormed the UK Embassy in Tehran Tuesday, breaking down
the door, throwing papers and replacing the British flag with an Iranian
one, a CNN crew witnessed. The protesting students also threw stones at the
embassy’s …

UK evacuates staff in Iran after attacks on embassy – News – Mail …
Outraged by the attacks on its embassy in Iran, the UK has evacuated all
its diplomatic staff members, warning of ‘serious consequences’.

Iran’s uranium city explodes « Don Surber
By Don Surber
Seems an explosion rocked Iranian city Isfahan that houses that nation’s
uranium conversion facility on Monday. Hmm. Big hmm. Capitalized,
italicized and boldfaced HMM. From the New York Daily News: “The
government of Isfahan denied …

Protesters in Iran Ransack UK Embassy and Compound in Tehran …
By John Little
Blogging National Security, Counterterrorism, Military, Intelligence,
Cyberwar, and International Affairs Stories Since 2002.

Battlefield 3 Banned in Iran, Authorities Snatching Up Pirated …
GamePro News: Battlefield 3 Banned in Iran, Authorities Snatching Up
Pirated Copies.

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