UK Public Sector Strike Newslinks 29-30 November 2011: 2 million strike

30 November 2011 —

30 November 2011
Strikers Show The Tories Who’s Boss: 2 Million Out To Save Their Pensions
Morning Star Today at 17:32
Tory attempts to belittle public-sector industrial action rang pathetically hollow today as millions of workers joined the fight against government-imposed pension cuts.

Strike’s a family affair
Morning Star Today at 17:29
A secondary school teacher who took her 10-year-old daughter to today’s London strike rally revealed that she was motivated to join by fears for her family.

PM shrieks at workers in parliamentary tirade
Morning Star Today at 17:28
Prime Minister David Cameron launched a petulant attack on Labour leader Ed Miliband today for refusing to condemn public-sector strikers.

Action across Britain
Morning Star Today at 17:24
Strike news from across Britain

Solidartity from other side of the world
Morning Star Today at 17:21
Day of Action for pensions: Support for public service strikers in London arrived from the other side of the planet today, writes Tony Patey.

The People Are Not Stupid
Craig Murray Today at 16:50
I have been most impressed today by the ordinary strikers who have been interviewed on all broadcast news media. While some of them have been very low paid, they have not just been talking about their own problems and their own pensions. They have rather continually referred to the fact that they are suffering so much because hundreds of billions of public money have been given to the bankers, who continue to give themselves massive salaries and bonuses. There have also been many references to tax evasion by the wealthy and their massive income increases.

Mass rejection of austerity
Morning Star Today at 16:33
On Tuesday night, shadow Treasury chief secretary Rachel Reeves told the BBC Newsnight programme that Labour did not support today’s strike.

Strike 1: UK civil servants cripple country Today at 13:47
More than 2 million participants put the public sector on hold in the UK, as unions stage a massive public sector strike. It is the largest of its kind in 30 years.

Strike is a damp squib – Cameron
BBC News Today at 13:20
David Cameron says the strike by public sector workers is proving a ‘damp squib’ as he clashes with Labour’s Ed Miliband in the Commons.

Millions of British Public Sector Workers Take to the Streets in Historic General Strike
Democracy Now! Today at 13:13
In Britain, up to two million workers have marched in the streets during the largest mass protest in generations. Teachers, hospital staff, garbage collectors, firefighters and border guards are participating in a 24-hour strike organized by a coalition of 30 trade unions. About a thousand demonstrations and rallies are being held across the country.

In pictures: Public sector workers strike
BBC News Today at 13:08
Public sector workers strike over pensions

VIDEO: House of Commons
BBC News Today at 12:43
David Cameron and Ed Miliband have clashed over public sector strikes, as workers stage a walk-out which is expected to be the biggest for a generation.

Business assesses cost of strikes
BBC News Today at 11:55
Business groups are counting the cost of the public sector pensions strike, although none have estimated the cash damage.

VIDEO: ‘I’ve never come through Heathrow faster’
BBC News Today at 11:28
The BBC’s Jeremy Cooke took a flight from Amsterdam to London Heathrow early on Wednesday morning to see how much disruption the strike would cause.

For a general strike to bring down the Cameron government!
World Socialist Web Site Today at 09:42
More than two million workers across the public sector in the UK are taking part in today’s Day of Action against the Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition’s attack on their pensions.

About 300,000 Scots go on strike
BBC News Today at 09:34
Schools, ferries, airports and benefit offices throughout Scotland are among the services hit as 300,000 public sector workers go on strike.

Public sector strike takes effect
BBC News Today at 09:34
Public sector workers are staging a strike over pensions in what is set to be the biggest walkout for a generation, unions say.

Schools closed in pensions strike
BBC News Today at 09:33
Tens of thousands of schools across the UK are closed as teachers join what is claimed by unions as the biggest public sector strike for over 30 years.

Strike ‘won’t hurt urgent care’
BBC News Today at 09:27
The NHS is confident emergency and urgent care will be mainly unaffected by the strikes, managers believe.

Thousands on strike over pensions
BBC News Today at 09:07
More than one million public sector workers strike over proposed pension changes during a day of action which has closed thousands of schools.

Services hit as thousands strike
BBC News Today at 08:35
About 170,000 workers in Wales are on strike as part of UK-wide industrial action over pension changes, with public services disrupted and most schools closed.

Thousands across NI go on strike
BBC News Today at 07:34
Thousands of public sector workers across Northern Ireland go on strike in the biggest walk-out in a generation.

‘Unprecedented’ Capita strike action reaches day four
Morning Star Today at 16:56
Hundreds of TV Licensing workers at Capita took part in a fourth strike over pay today.

VIDEO: ‘We want to retire in comfort’
BBC News Today at 07:12
As around two million public sector workers stage a strike over pensions, the BBC’s Fiona Trott reports from South Gosforth Metro station in Newcastle, where members of the RMT union are on the picket line.

VIDEO: Maude ‘astonished’ at union claims
BBC News Today at 10:11
As public sector workers begin a 24-hour strike over changes to their pensions, Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude says he is ”astonished” at claims by unions that negotiations with the government have broken down.

29 November 2011

Don’t just look at the figures
Morning Star Yesterday at 17:08
Big strikes aren’t always the successful ones

Unilever workers to strike in pensions fight
Morning Star Yesterday at 16:54
Workers across three unions have backed the first-ever strike at Unilever over the firm’s plan to slash 5,000 workers’ pensions by 40 per cent.

Gail Cartmail says strike is start of cuts fightback
Morning Star Yesterday at 16:51
Wednesday’s public-sector strikes represent the beginning of the fight back against the government austerity drive, assistant general secretary Gail Cartmail has said.

Impoverished you shall stay
Morning Star Yesterday at 16:49
If any public-sector trade unionist had been hesitant about joining today’s strike action, the Chancellor’s autumn statement ought to have clarified matters.

Labour will not condemn strikers
BBC News Yesterday at 11:50
Ed Miliband says he will not condemn public sector workers striking over pensions, as thousands prepare to walk out on Wednesday.

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