Wikileaks Newslinks 30 November 2011

30 November 2011 —

WikiLeaks Postpones Relaunch
PC Magazine
By Sara Yin WikiLeaks has postponed the relaunch of its online submission platform because it was deemed too insecure for whistleblowers to leak information. “Due to the deteriorating state of internet security which directly impacts the ability of …

WikiLeaks wins top Australian journalism prize
World Socialist Web Site
By Richard Phillips The WikiLeaks website has won Australian journalism’s
most prestigious annual prize—the Walkley Award for Outstanding
Contribution to Journalism. Chosen by a panel of journalists and
photographers, a Walkley is the national …

Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Calls Journalists ‘Corrupted’
Hollywood Reporter
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange may be under house arrest in England, but
that isn’t stopping him from celebrating the one-year anniversary of the
release of more than 250000 US embassy cables with a few slams against
journalism. …

WikiLeaks: Security worries impede new submission system
Network World
By Lucian Constantin, IDG News Service WikiLeaks has postponed the launch
of its new secure submission system due to recent security compromises that
seriously affected the credibility of the SSL infrastructure. “Constructing
the system is very complex …

Wikileaks delays launch of document submission system over security fears
By Lucian Constantin | IDG News Service | Published 14:10, 29 November 11
WikiLeaks has postponed the launch of its new secure submission system due
to recent security compromises that seriously affected the credibility of
the SSL infrastructure. …

Uganda: Live Updates – PM Mbabazi and Hilary Onek Appear Before AD Hoc …
On the issue of Wikileaks, the PM has asked the committee to invite the
American Embassy officials named in the wikileaks reports in order for
parliament to find out the real facts. “If you hear in wikileaks that there
was a rumour in town which …

Frail Mugabe hangs on as Zanu PF candidate
Nehanda Radio
The party’s officials, who by day bootlick Mugabe and were exposed by the
whistle-blower website Wikileaks, as regime change merchants for working
with foreigners to push out the 87-year-old president, are said to be still
hopeful of a Mugabe ouster. …

Wikileaks and the Age of Transparency written by Micah Sifry
Press TV
In this edition of Epilogue, the book ‘Wikileaks and the age of
transparency’ by political analyst and writer Micah L. Sifry is discussed.
The book ‘Wikileaks and the Age of Transparency’ is an informed analysis of
how technology has exposed scandals …

iPartly Facetious: /iOur defence forces become unaware of UFOs
Business Recorder (blog)
“Yes we did, and lets not forget WikiLeaks told us this and if you don’t
believe WikiLeaks then the air chief said he can blow the drones before
they hit their targets if so directed in the aftermath of the OBL killing.”
“There is one proviso to that: …

Stop Hiding American Diplomacy
Daily Beast
The anniversary of Wikileaks’s cable dump last year is spawning reflections
of how the awkward revelations changed the game of international diplomacy.
In the journal Democracy, Jonathan Spalter argues that they were a
much-needed chance to rethink the …

“Cunning Albion” of the British press
In his article, Shamir quotes an article by editor of The New York Times
Bill Keller, in which he shares the details of a work with Wikileaks mails
and notes that: “In comparison with this order, Russia is a true bastion of
free speech. …

Alan Dershowitz Will Fix the Middle East With An Episode of emCurb Your …
Harvard law professor and nebbishy Wikileaks attorney Alan Dershowitz is
gunning for the Nobel Peace Prize this year. In an effort to really solve
this whole pesky Israeli-Palestinian conflict thing, Dershowitz sent
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin …

Schneier: Teens and treaties – our cyber-war saviors
Also, there were the attacks on financial institutions that wouldn’t handle
payments of WikiLeaks once the site fell foul of the US government.
Schneier is not complacent. He doesn’t say that cyber war won’t happen –
rather, that we are still in the …

Leveson Inquiry: ‘One or more NOTW journalists deleted voicemail from Milly …
He said the issue emerged during the Guardian’s coverage of the US war logs
from Afghanistan obtained by the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks. “It
became apparent that the material contained information which could get
people on the ground in …

Op-Ed: Why NATO attacked Pakistan
The Wikileaks report telling Pakistan’s key intelligence agency ISI on the
US list of terrorist bodies around as early as 2007 sent shockwaves in
global media, specifically in Pakistan where the military-intelligence has
always been regarded as the …

Analysis: Clinton gives Myanmar respect it craves
The Associated Press
9, 2009, cable to Washington from the embassy — one of the trove of
documents released by WikiLeaks — reported on a meeting with a Myanmar
Foreign Ministry official, Yin Yin Oo, who suggested that initial topics
for engagement could include …

Restraint Urged After Salvos Over Lebanon-Israel Line
New York Times
… of guided missiles, could change the military balance and produce a
scenario significantly more destructive than the July-August 2006 war,”
said a 2009 cable from the American chargé d’affaires in Damascus that was
obtained by WikiLeaks. …

Free to be human
Sydney Morning Herald (blog)
Well, it’s happening again with Iran if we’re to believe the sources cited
by Media Lens, which include unpublished WikiLeaks cables.) Anyway, it’s
fair to say Edwards writes to the beat of his own drum and his book
reflects this ethos. …

It’s not easy being the daughter of a despot
This missive, disclosed by WikiLeaks, pithily adds: “We have no polling
data to support that statement, but we stand by it.” After starting a
fashion label, she made it to New York Fashion Week in 2010, but was barred
this year when the organisers were …

Manufacturing not drowning – investing
Sydney Morning Herald
… maunfacturing sector (3405-3468) = -2%., Other Industries (the real
economy, you know where 97% of people are employed) (14508-10694) = 26%.
Get used to it. Ha! Just like Fairfax has to get used to Wikileaks and the
decimation of it’s own business. …—investing-20111130-1o64p.html

Reporter Says RusAl Behind Visa Loss
The Moscow Times
The three arrests outside his office apartment did, however, make it into a
US Embassy cable published by WikiLeaks earlier this year. The February
2010 report says that in a conversation with embassy staff, a RusAl
official, Sergei Chestnoi, …

Coulson brought phone hacking to News of the World, says ex-reporter
The Independent
He said the issue of what should and should not be published arose during
coverage of the US war logs from Afghanistan obtained by WikiLeaks, when it
became obvious that publishing the names of people who gave information to
the coalition forces could …

As Judges Kill Off Habeas Corpus For Guantánamo Prisoners, Will Supreme Court …
Eurasia Review
What made the ruling particularly depressing was that, in January 2007, as
was revealed in the classified military files released by WikiLeaks in
April this year, Rear Adm. Harry B. Harris, Jr., the commander of
Guantánamo at the time, …

Terra Incognita: Is the ‘elite’ being alienated in Israel?
Jerusalem Post
One example of this hypocrisy was revealed by a WikiLeaks leak of a US
embassy cable documenting a meeting on February 10, 2010, between Hedva
Radovanitz, then associate director of the New Israel Fund, and the
embassy’s political officer. …

When can we stop talking about the cloud?
That’s not to say there aren’t important issues involved in the cloud,
including what rights your cloud provider has to simply delete data (as
Amazon did last year with the files hosted by WikiLeaks) or what legal
liabilities you undertake when you …

Can Al Jazeera become a global news station and stay true to its ideals?
Documents released by Wikileaks claim the station toned down its criticism
of the Iraq war after coming under pressure from the US. Will the station
continue to get up the noses of the powerful? ‘Absolutely,’ says Anstey.

To Afghanistan, on the slow train
According to diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks, it took nearly a year
for the US and NATO to negotiate transit rights with central Asian
governments such as Uzbekistan, although two-thirds of jet aviation fuel
bound for Afghanistan was already …

Carbon Credits in the ‘Valley of Death’
In These Times
As further evidence of legal dysfunction, Bird points out that the
businessman with the most holdings in Aguan, Miguel Facusse Barjum, was
recently revealed by WikiLeaks to have strong ties to Colombian cocaine
traffickers. “The police are evicting …

The Lonely Authoritarians of Sudan
Sudan Tribune
In 2009, according to Wikileaks, the Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi
told the US that removing Bashir’s regime would be the ideal scenario.
Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni recently told reporters in Juba that,
“Sudan’s secession was a result of …,40865

Wadah Khanfar, Former Al Jazeera Director: I Was ‘Under Pressure’ From Middle …
Huffington Post
On the same day that Khanfar announced his departure from the Qatari-funded
news network, Wikileaks released documents that seemingly demonstrated that
he had changed news coverage in response to pressure from the United
States. …

The secrecy-loving mind of the US journalist
That’s what NYU Journalism Professor Jay Rosen meant when he said that the
reason we got WikiLeaks is because “the watchdog press died.” With some
exceptions — some of this we have learned about from whistleblowers
leaking to reporters, …

What to do about Tehran’s push for nukes?
After all, the US diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks last year quoted
the Saudi ambassador to the United States as saying that King Abdullah was
urging Washington to “cut off the head of the snake” in Tehran by
launching military strikes. …

Iranian Azeri Soccer Protests Raise Spectre Of Turkish-Iranian-Syrian Proxy …
Eurasia Review
A 2009 cable from the US embassy in Tehran disclosed by Wikileaks describes
how Mr. Ahmadinejad has sought with limited success to associate himself
with Iran’s national team in a bid to curry popular favor. The Football
Federation of the Islamic …

WikiLeaks IT security concerns delay whistleblower system launch …
By (Leo King)
IT security woes at WikiLeaks have led to the organisation delaying the
launch of a system intended to protect whistleblowers submitting sensitive

One year after Cablegate: WikiLeaks’ legacy on cyberactivism – The …
By Irene Poetranto
To the eyes of cyberactivists, WikiLeaks was more than just an online
drop-box amassing leaked classified documents. As soon as the organization
came under pressure following the publication of the US cables, and
companies like PayPal, …

Cablegate One Year Later: How WikiLeaks Has … – Boardhost
Cablegate One Year Later: How WikiLeaks Has Influenced Foreign Policy,
Journalism, and the First Amendment November 29, 2011. By Trevor Timm:
(11/282011) One year ago today, WikiLeaks started publishing a trove of
over 250000 …

Lessons from WikiLeaks and Wall Street | CASIE
By Bobbi Kay
At the recent Project Zero conference in Atlanta, Dr. Howard Gardner posed
this question during his Closing Plenary address: “How many of you think
WikiLeaks is a good thing?” Many hands rose in favor of the website and
many rose against …

Suburban Guerrilla » Blog Archive » WikiLeaks vs. the surveillance …
By odd man out
One Response to “WikiLeaks vs. the surveillance machine”. on 29 Nov
2011 at 2:17 pm1 jawbone. Think about the stakes involved in what Assange
is saying and doing the next time you get e-mail from someone who shouldn’t
know your …

WikiLeaks vs. the surveillance machine | Odd Man Out
By oddmanout215
More and more, the so-called social media remind me of a children’s book I
read to my son many years ago: There’s an Awful Lot of Weirdos in Our
Neighborhood. Weirdos aren’t necessarily bad — some of my friends are
weirdos — but too …

Julian Assange: Why the world needs WikiLeaks | Hidden …
By DeWang
The TED interview below (video at the end of the post) was conducted in
July 2010 with Julian Assange talking about the need for the public to keep
an eye out.

No Massacre At Tiananmen Square: WikiLeaks |
By Maoist Rebel News
In a strange turn of events, a series of secret cables released by
WikiLeaks shows communications between the US Embassy in Beijing and
Washington saying there was no bloodshed at Tiananmen Square 22 years ago.
This news was …

Wikileaks Identifies Hidden Jews Remaining In Baghdad |
By admin
There are seven Jews remaining in the city of Baghdad, a tiny remnant of
the tens of thousands of Jews who once lived in Iraq’s capital city. The

Prison » Internet has become ‘surveillance machine …
By yihan
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange blasted the mainstream media, Washington,
banks and the Internet itself as he addressed journalists in Hong Kong on
Monday via videolink from house arrest in England. Fresh from accepting a
top award … – Thehalsreport, news, politics, new world order …
Topics include politics, news, government, conspiracies, the new world
order, wikileaks, technology, health and more. Url … news, politics, new
world order, conspiracy, wikileaks, conspiracy theorists, illuminati,
government, obama, cover-ups …

WikiLeaks wins Australian journalism award – Yahoo! News
From Yahoo! News: WikiLeaks has been recognised in Australia for its “
outstanding contribution to journalism”, with founder Julian Assange
lashing out at …

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