Wikileaks Newslinks 13-14 December 2011

14 December 2011 —

14 December 2011
AdvancedIO(R) Systems Responds to WikiLeaks

MarketWatch (press release)
VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Dec 13, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) — AdvancedIO Systems was incorrectly listed by WikiLeaks as a company that enables governments to spy on their citizens. Several news agencies have mistakenly connected the company’s …

US to keep watch over Ford, Holden
Sydney Morning Herald
Several documents published by Wikileaks earlier this year gave insight
into the state of the Australian car-making industry at a time when it was
going through upheavals following Mitsubishi’s decision to abandon its
local manufacturing arm in favour …

Christiane Amanpour proves to be wrong fit
The WikiLeaks dump of US embassy cables. If there ever was a time to try
injecting more international news into the tried-and-true, Washington-based
Sunday public affairs talk show format, these last 18 months were it. And
if there were ever a TV …

Wow! China Gold Imports Spike 4000% yoy
Beacon Equity Research
Sign-up for my 100% FREE Alerts As a reminder to evolving drama in the gold
market, WikiLeaks exposed China’s plan to break from its sadistic recycling
of trade surpluses into US Treasuries, a shift in strategy by Beijing
that’s prompted other Asian …

Fall of ‘Nehanda tree’ bad omen for ZANU PF
The Zimbabwean
The WikiLeaks saga also exposed that many in the party are secretly
plotting Mugabe’s ouster. The acrimony was captured by war vets leader
Jabulani Sibanda who described the plotters as ‘worse than dogs.’ Sibanda
said: “Those people are serious …

LiveAtState: Internet Freedom and US Foreign Policy
US Department of State (press release)
JENSEN: Our next question comes from Merette Ibrahim from Egypt: I would
love to know far do – you support the freedom of expression on the
Internet, as you have been against WikiLeaks since the beginning. Don’t you
consider it a part of the freedom of …

Reveal names of 782 tax evaders: Advani to Govt
Zee News
“If the government doesn’t tell us the names, then it may so happen that
Julian Assange may reveal it through WikiLeaks. It is humiliating if we
were to know the details from WikiLeaks,” he added. Referring to certain
estimates, Advani said that Rs 25 …

All about China-based ‘hacking’
Times of India
Many of the cyberattacks have been linked to specific China-related events,
a pattern noted by secret diplomatic cables published by WikiLeaks, the
anti-secrecy website. During the five-year period beginning in 2006, a
second group of China- based …

The almanac
Also in 2010, more than two-thirds of Americans said WikiLeaks hurt the
public interest by releasing classified diplomatic cables, a Washington
Post/ABC News poll indicated. Nearly six in 10 respondents said WikiLeaks
founder Julian Assange should face …

Zimbabwe: Leave State Agents Alone – Tsvangirai Will Destroy Himself
Furthermore, the WikiLeaks have incriminated the premier in various
treacherous and prosecutable arrangements with imperial countries. Without
setting any traps, the premier can clearly be pinned down for a number of
self inflicted charges that range …

US secrecy paranoia exposed
Legalbrief (subscription)
The 250 000 confidential State Department cables obtained by WikiLeaks last
year have been public on the Web for months, but the US Government prefers
to pretend otherwise, according to a report in The New York Times. Asked in
April by the American …

Republican Lawmakers Headed By John McCain Decorate Corrupt Azeri Oligarch’s …
AzeriReport (blog)
The US diplomatic cables from the WikiLeaks published by The Guardian,
which provides a lot of details about the inner working of the business
empires led by corrupt Azerbaijani officials-tuned-oligarchs, names Ziya
Mammadov as one of such mafia bosses …

Speaking out through art
The Sun Daily
In December last year, Lim’s portrait of infamous WikiLeaks founder Julian
Assange propelled him into the limelight when it appeared on the cover of
TIME magazine. Lim was inspired by Assange’s passion for truth and
provocation, relating it to how he …

More pressure on Iran in the works
CNN (blog)
Saudi Arabia’s disdain for Iran (remember the famous WikiLeaks cable in
which King Abdullah urged the United States to “cut the head off the
snake”) gives diplomats confidence Riyadh will step up. There is also hope
that increased production in Libya …

NDA trying to politicise black money: Congress
Appealing to the government to give details on the names given by French
government, Advani said, “It will be shameful if we come to know about
these through some whistleblower like Julian Assange of Wikileaks did some
time back. …

FBI Arrests ‘Anonymous’ Member for Attack Against
ABC News (blog)
Earlier this year, the FBI executed a series of search warrants around the
country in relation to last year’s cyberattacks that targeted MasterCard,
Visa and PayPal after the companies cut off financial donations to
Wikileaks following the website’s …

Internet Users, Free Speech Experts, Petition Against SOPA
Huffington Post
It’s not a new technique, as governments used it to shut down Wikileaks.
This “follow the money” approach is a narrower weapon to combat online
piracy, limits collateral damage and has worked. Unless there are hidden
agendas OPEN would seem like a …

The failed anti-Ga propaganda
The Statesman Online
We are even inclined to further believe that this diabolic plan is part of
the agenda by the ruling NDC to ‘square up for’ the self-inflicted
disaffection the party created among the Muslim community following the
recent Wikileaks revelations that …

West turning blind eye to torture in Uzbekistan, says report
The Independent
Cables released by Wikileaks show that US diplomats urged top officials to
sideline issues such as torture and forced child labour in meetings with
Uzbek leaders to avoid controversy. In 2004, Britain sacked its ambassador
to the country, Craig Murray, …

Drone down in paradise
CNN (blog)
An official cable leaked to Wikileaks shows that two years ago, American
diplomats agreed to get approval to arm the Reapers directly from
Seychelles’ President, who supported UAV counter-terrorism flights into
East Africa. …

‘Global Battlefield’ Provision Allowing Indefinite Detention of Citizens …
The Guantanamo Files, released by WikiLeaks in April, included classified
documents on more than 700 past and present Guantanamo detainees, giving us
an unusual window into the true meaning of “enemy combatant.” Among
those locked up were children, …’global_battlefield’_provision_allowing_indefinite_detention_of_citizens_accused_of_terror_could_pass_this_week

Incite And Sound
Even our Twitter-friendly ADD brains have had to do somersaults to keep up:
from the eruption of British youth and student protests last winter, to
WikiLeaks, to the Arab Spring, to the 500000 strong trade union rally of
26th March, to Libya, …

More in Security Cats Blog:
SC Magazine UK
Another major 2010 story, WikiLeaks, was addressed with US government
agencies encouraged to create ‘insider threat’ programmes to find
disgruntled workers who could leak state secrets. One of the major and
consistent themes of 2011 was consumerisation …

Workers, Technology Need to Team Up to Fight Insiders
Dark Reading
In 2010, the leak of a large cache of diplomatic memos from the US
Department of State through Wikileaks captured the attention of governments
and companies, and shined a light on the problems of insider attacks. Now,
studies of the issue may suggest …

How it Works: A U.S. Military Airstrike
Popular Mechanics
When Wikileaks published the Rules of Engagement for Iraq in 2010, it
provided one of the most detailed windows into the details of that process.
But for other theaters of war, such as Afghanistan, only the broad outlines
are known. …

Turkey: Erdogan most popular among Time readers
Despite being the “people’s choice”, Erdogan was overtaken in the standings
at the last minute by the Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, who in turn
was seen as too controversial and replaced by the founder of Facebook, Mark
Zuckerberg. …

Earth Odyssey 2011
Daily Maverick
A year or so ago, this writer argued that the new power of forces like
Wikileaks would only be fully realised once the leaders of corporations
wake up to find their confidential correspondence available worldwide –
or when North Korean nuclear designs …

US tries to re-establish full relations with Ecuador, Bolivia and Venezuela
Ecuador and the US withdrew their respective ambassadors last April
following President Rafael Correa’s irritation over a Wikileaks US
diplomatic cable which reported claims of alleged irregularities in the
naming of a police chief by the Executive. …

Russia and the Return of the Repressed
The US Moscow embassy confidential cable 09MOSCOW2530 available to us
courtesy of Wikileaks assesses Russian pollsters as rather reliable:
“Russian public opinion polling firms and their staffs exhibited a
thorough knowledge of current survey methods, …
See all stories on this topic:

Lawyer Laments Death Of Habeas Corpus For Guantánamo Prisoners – OpEd
Eurasia Review
Anyone doubting this is directed to my ongoing series, “The Complete
Guantánamo Files,” in which I analyze the chronic and repeated failures
of intelligence revealed in the classified military files released by
WikiLeaks last April. …

As Tension Between Iran and the West Escalates, Keep Oman in Mind
Classified cables released by Wikileaks note that Oman was responsible for
the release of British sailors taken captive by Iran back in 2007. Sultan
Qaboos isn’t perfect, not by any means. He remains an absolute monarch, who
only recently (after …

Sanctions On Burma Must Be Maintained – OpEd
Eurasia Review
The people of Burma will surely agree with the WikiLeaks of how US Charge
d’Affaires Larry Dinger sent a cable to Washington, “The most senior
generals are looking for an escape strategy, they are getting old and want
an assurances that, they and their …

6th Annual Social Media Conference to take place in Miami on January 24-25, 2012
WebWire (press release)
The conference also covers various aspects of this, including the handling
of leaked critical information over the internet, such as the infamous 2011
Wikileaks incidents. The legal implications of having a social media policy
are discussed as well. …

Social media in times of dissent
WikiLeaks again is a phenomenon that governments do not know how to deal
with. They have been caught like a deer in the headlights. Many are
responding by attacking social media and jamming the internet. It has
stirred the Secretary General of United …

Rep. Jared Polis, Web entrepreneur, on SOPA (Q&A)
All of a sudden, that person who was a nobody becomes a somebody and can
raise millions of dollars from people who tend to support WikiLeaks and
other causes like that. We’re causing a bigger problem. Polis: I think that
this bill in its current form …

WikiLeaks suspect seen as hero, traitor – KTIV News 4 Sioux City IA …
FORT MEADE, Maryland (AP) – The document in which Pfc. Bradley Manning
allegedly confessed to giving classified information to WikiLeaks also
includes a rationale that has made him a hero among peace and anti-secrecy
activists …

WikiLeaks suspect seen as hero, traitor | Washington Examiner
By The Associated Press
The document in which Pfc. Bradley Manning allegedly confessed to giving
classified information to WikiLeaks also includes a rationale that has made
him a hero among peace and anti-secrecy activists worldwide: “I want people
to see the …

Atari Teenage Riot se une a Anonymous en apoyo a Wikileaks
Atari Teenage Riot, one of the most fascinating bands of the Internet and
their bizarre surroundings, joined to create the video Anonymous for their
new single in support of Wikileaks, titled ‘Black. » Blog Archive » Reputation Administration
By 3 G Week
A bit track record: In January 2010, Wikileaks creator, Julian Assange,
announced they have info that remove a loan company or two. Determined by
added discussions and interviews, most people believe that one of these
brilliant is Standard …

Panetta visits Marine base saved by CIA interrogators « The …
By Marc Thiessen
As I point out in the current issue of World Affairs, this account of the
disrupted plot against Camp Lemonier has been confirmed by none other than
WikiLeaks. Earlier this year, WikiLeaks released a trove of documents it
dubbed the “Gitmo …

WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange to take fight to British Supreme Court …
Julian Assange, founder of the WikiLeaks website, is free to ask Britain’s
highest court to decide whether he should be extradited to Sweden on
allegations of …

13 December 2011
WikiLeaks: A tale of two worlds
WikiLeaks, 4Chan and Anonymous are examples of how rogues can thrive
against the will of empire. Melbourne, Australia – There is something eerie
about the WikiLeaks logo (see above). It works as a sort of graphic
manifesto, an image of dense political …

Gong for WikiLeaks as barking goes on
The Australian (blog)
But for wryness, look no further than the Walkley Awards, where the most
outstanding contribution to journalism award went to Julian Assange’s
WikiLeaks. The judges said WikiLeaks, which selected a few outlets to make
its information available, …

Milinda proposed pro-US group to counter NAM: Wikileaks
Daily Mirror
… was a minister in the then United National Front (UNF) government –
headed by Ranil Wickremesinghe had said he was interested in forming a
group to counter the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) block of countries, whistle
blower WikiLeaks has revealed. …

EU foreign ministers stick up for Wikileaks
The European Union’s foreign ministers issued a statement on Thursday
reiterating the rights of whistleblowing websites such as Wikileaks. The
Committee of Ministers, the Council of Europe’s decision-making body
comprising the foreign affairs ministers …

Sierra Leone: US Earlier Warning – Koroma’s 2012 Chances Could Be Ruined If…
By Jia Kangbai Freetown — According to a United States embassy classified
information released by the internet whistleblower, Wikileaks, President
Ernest Koroma’s popularity is likely high enough to withstand scandal but
his chances in 2012 could be …

Zanu PF in Mugabe dilemma
Explosive United States diplomatic cables released by whistleblower website
WikiLeaks this year also showed President Mugabe’s lieutenants were
desperate for leadership renewal in Zanu PF. At the age of 88 next year,
Zimbabwe’s only leader since …

Deep thoughts from Senator Ludlam on Julian Assange
Last week the Western Australian Senator took some time out to pen more
than 1300 thoughtful words on the potential future of maverick WikiLeaks
activist Julian Assange, whose fate is very much in the hands of several
global legal systems. …

Lancope Announces Top Five Security Predictions for 2012
Sacramento Bee
Organizations witnessed an explosion of high-profile breaches and cyber
attacks in 2011 – including the highly publicized WikiLeaks breach and
Anonymous and LulzSec attacks. This steady stream of directed attacks will
continue, if not increase, …

Palestinian Activist Dies After Israeli Soldier Shoots Tear Gas Canister At …
By Ben Armbruster on Dec 12, 2011 at 5:45 pm A US diplomatic cable from
February, 2010 released back in September by WikiLeaks revealed that the
Israelis had said that at the time that they were having trouble dealing
with unarmed demonstrations in the …

2011: The year of failed government
Lowy Interpreter
The WikiLeaks phenomenon illustrates the new limitations on government in
the information age. Most governments floundered in response to the
WikiLeaks revelations, and there is little evidence that they are thinking
seriously about how to operate in …

UK, US snub ad hoc oil probe committee
Daily Monitor
In October, MPs mentioned Mr Lanier’s reports in Wikileaks, an online
whistle-blower, where he accused Premier Amama Mbabazi and Internal Affairs
minister Hilary Onek as having received bribes from oil companies. While
appearing before the ad hoc …

Dr Fawaz Akhras
Evening Standard
Our article headlined “Assad’s forces kill 7 protesters in truce breach”
(November 4) referred to a “2008 US cable released by WikiLeaks” which
named Dr Fawaz Akhras as a “money man” for Syrian President Bashar
al-Assad, responsible for helping him …

“Today the role of journalism is to give meaning to the news”
The Day Weekly Digest
Let us remind ourselves about WikiLeaks, the largest world network that
became a cause of serious scandals. When Julian Assange sent first dispatch
of secret materials to the four largest newspapers, they spent a month
calculating all possible threats …

Gifts for the news junkie
The Periscope Post
Photo credit: Daily Mash’s Shot Dead in the Head web shop Undoubtedly one
of the big news stories of 2011 was the publication of WikiLeaks’ US
Embassy diplomatic cables in The Guardian, The New York Times and
elsewhere. While WikiLeaks founder Julian …

Parliament fails to get oil bribery information from UK
The American Embassy officials were also supposed to clarify on information
leaked through wire cables, Wikileaks, that Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi
and former Energy minister, Eng. Hillary Onek allegedly received bribes
from Italian oil company, ENI. …

Congress Bills Could Censor Internet
PW-Philadelphia Weekly (blog)
Opponents to SOPA say it would be a Web-wide firewall, blacklisting sites
like WikiLeaks, which has published copyrighted documents from US companies
as well as internal government documents. Wikimedia, for instance, posted
that SOPA “would allow …

Steve Jobs Named 2011 Media Person of the Year
Hollywood Reporter
The other finalists for this year’s Media Person of the Year honor included
Charlie Sheen, Oprah Winfrey, Arianna Huffington and Glenn Beck. Last
year’s honoree for Media Person of the Year was WikiLeaks founder Julian
Assange. …

Human Rights Watch Slams Obama Administration For Ignoring Abuses In Uzbekistan
Huffington Post
Classified cables released by Wikileaks last year described how, after
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton named an Uzbek human rights activist as
one of her “Women of Courage” in 2009, Karimov became enraged and
threatened “in icy tones” to withdraw …

11:36 Turkey’s PM ranks first in Time magazine’s poll
For instance, Erdogan was ranked the first in the poll last year, however
in the last minute Wikileaks’ founder Julien Assange topped the poll but
this person caused discussions. Then, editors of the magazine made Mark
Zuckerberg, the founder of …

Make war-like acts a crime
Malaysia Star
On Oct 22, 2010, ABC News reported “a secret US government tally put the
Iraqi (civilian) death toll at over 100000”, information that was
included in more than 400000 military documents released by
A UN issued report dated Sept 20, …

Energy Games in the East Mediterranean
Journal of Turkish Weekly
Furthermore, its recent endeavors and serious eagerness to start offshore
activities in Cyprus were mentioned in WikiLeaks documents as well. A
report sent by the US Embassy in Nicosia also mentions the plans of the
company to start seismic research …

Penguin joins push for short ebooks
The Guardian
She was offered four separate books about Julian Assange and Wikileaks, for
example, “but at the time we all thought people were not going to be
interested in a year. If we could have done it in a couple of months,
though…” “We came up with the idea …

Britain can help Sierra Leone to free and fair elections
The Guardian (blog)
US embassy cables released by Wikileaks said that in 2008 Koroma’s minister
for transport, Ibrahim Kemoh Sesay, was questioned by the police for
cocaine trafficking and then released and that the president had given
direct orders for him not to be …

EU vows to help online dissidents speak out
Deutsche Welle
WikiLeaks recently began publishing extensive internal documents from
companies around the globe that engage in these types of surveillance.
Stephan Urbach of Telecomix, a decentralized network of Internet freedom
activists, said his group had …,,15595909,00.html

Qatar’s leadership is politically astute
The channel also gives publicity to information such as that revealed by
WikiLeaks and exposes the activities of some Arab governments. From a
spectator’s point of view, these two reasons are sufficient to ignite
clashes between the despotic regimes in …

Did the US Give Green Light for Ben Ali’s Overthrow?
First there some of the WikiLeaks dealing with Tunisia making it clear that
the State Department had no illusions about Ben Ali’s lack of popularity,
his repressive politics and the money-grabbing nature of the crudely
nouveau riche Ben Ali and …

USA and the Internet: A partnership at work!
Daily Deal Media
Platforms like WikiLeaks have also pushed for greater transparency in
governance. However, we must admit that greater permissiveness and lesser
parental or social control is the norm in today’s times and children are
exposed to a great deal of risks. …

Blue Coat agrees to be acquired for $1.3bn
WikiLeaks has also claimed Blue Coat technology was sold to Governments and
subsequently used to prevent dissidents from organising protests online.
Blue Coat said its technologies were “being cast with all these things and
that’s not what our products …

Thousands of sugar cane workers die as wealthy nations stall on solutions
iWatch News
The US funded conferences to promote biofuels in both Nicaragua and El
Salvador as late as 2008, according to embassy cables released by
WikiLeaks. Its ambassadors met repeatedly with the leaders of both nations’
sugar industries, and fretted that …

Update on WikiLeaks Panel | National Association of Former United …
By Rich
At the Santa Fe conference this past fall, the two hour panel on WikiLeaks
featured a lively discussion on whether or not there have been any serious
ramifications from the extensive leaks. The debate continues and on
December 8, 2011, The …

wikileaks: Pirate Party condemns house raid at Wikileaks
By wikileaks
The police searched the residence on Monday evening by the domain owner
wikileaks,de, Theodor Reppe. The background is obviously the release of
secret internet censorship lists from various countries such as Australia,
Denmark, …

Popularity Operations |
By kohale
A little bit qualifications: In Dec 2010, Wikileaks originator, Julian
Assange, announced bigger info that remove a bank or two. Based on added
discussions and selection interviews, a lot of people believe that one of
these brilliant is Lender of …

WikiLeaks chief Julian Assange can pursue extradition hearing at …
LONDON — WikiLeaks chief Julian Assange said he was “thankful” after being
granted the right Monday to pursue his appeal against extradition to Sweden
at …

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