Russia could deliver death blow to Nato in Afghanistan, say analysts

1 December, 2011 — The News (Pakistan)

ISLAMABAD: With the Russian threat to cut land routes for supply to NATO troops in Afghanistan, the Afghan battleground may turn into a cold death trap for NATO, defence analysts believe. They say that Pakistan should utilise the opportunity for a peaceful and prosperous Pakistan by pulling it out of the American war.

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ColdType, December 2011

1 December 2011 — ColdType

In this month’s 64-page COLDTYPE MAGAZINE (By the way it’s free)
Cover story is Felicity Arbuthnot’s impassioned indictment of the hypocrisy of the Western world’s celebration of Remembrance Day at the same time as political leaders are sending their armed forces on missions of slaughter against some of the poorest nations on earth. Other stories include the end/beginning of the Occupy movement and its surge towards a social and political revolution in North America, an alternative look at the legacy of Steve Jobs, the war on drugs (and family pets), America’s 51st state and much more. Writers include John Dugard, Jason Leopold, John Pilger, George Monbiot, Chris Hedges, Michael I. Niman, David Cromwell and Elizabeth Murray – Tony Sutton, Editor

PLUS: 2 Book Excerpts and 2 Essays

  1. Goldfinger is a 44-page excerpt from Greg Palast’s best-selling Vultures’ Picnic: In Pursuit of Petroleum Pigs, Power Pirates, and High-Finance Carnivores.
  2. Olivia’s Story comes from Robin Levy & Ayelet Waldman’s new book Inside This Place, Not Of It: Narratives From Women’s Prisons.

In addition, we have two stimulating full-length essays:

  1. Civil Society at Ground Zero, a reflection on the Occupation at New York’s Zuccotti Park, by Rebecca Solnit.
  2. How To Steal A Navy, the story of a valiant sea rescue at the end of the Vietnam War, by Don North

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Tony Sutton, Editor

Stop NATO news: December 1, 2011

1 December 2011 — Stop NATO

  • Pakistan: Nationwide Protests Against NATO Attack Continue
  • Vietnam-Style Exit: Russia Could Deliver Death Blow To NATO
  • 224 Iranian MPs Condemn NATO Attack On Pakistan
  • NATO Reports Fresh Clash With Pakistani Military
  • Pakistan: Tribal Elders, Civil Society Back Government Against NATO
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Wikileaks Newslinks 1 December 2011

1 December 2011 —

ZANU PF to avoid Wikileaks scandal at Congress
ZimEye Zimbabwe
By A Correspondent THE Zanu-PF Politburo has decided to chop out the Wikileaks scandal from its agenda at the upcoming Congress to be held in Bulawayo. The Politburo met in Harare yesterday to discuss the agenda of the 12th annual National People’s …

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Bradley Manning Newslinks 1 December 2011

1 December 2011 —

How Does He Defy Democracy? Let We Count the Ways
Pacific Free Press
Army private Bradley Manning is accused of leaking thousands of government documents to Wikileaks. These documents expose untold numbers of lies by US government officials, wrongful killings of civilians, policies to ignore torture in Iraq, …

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Africa Lies Naked to Euro-American Military Offensive By Glen Ford

30 November 2011 — Black Agenda Report

Glen Ford is executive editor of BAR
As the U.S. and its NATO allies move southward to further consolidate their grip on Africa, following the seizure of Libya and its vast oil fields, most of the continent’s leadership seems to welcome re-absorption into empire. ‘Africa is the most vulnerable region in America’s warpath, a continent ripe for the plucking due to the multitudinous entanglements of Africa’s political and military classes with imperialism.’ AFRICOM is already in the cat-bird seat, placed there by Africans, themselves.

Information Clearing House Newsletter 30 November 2011: Prepare for an Economic 9/11 and Economic Martial Law

30 November 2011 — Information Clearing House

Syrian Time Bomb
By Eric Margolis
The US, France, Israel and Britain are so blinded by their anti-Iran passion, they are ready to destroy Syria to get at Great Satan Iranian.

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VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 30 November 2011: Boycott Israel campaign grows among UK unions, despite Zionist backlash

30 November 2011 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Abbas- Livni Met In Amman
IMEMC – The Israeli Radio reported that Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, held a meeting in Amman on Wednesday with Israeli opposition leader of the Kadima Party, Tzipi Livni. …

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