3 Years After Operation Cast Lead Justice has been Comprehensively Denied; PCHR Release 23 Narratives Documenting the Experience of Victims

27 December 2011 — PCHR – Palestinian Centre for Human Rights Press Release Ref: 145/2011 

Today marks the third anniversary of the commencement of Operation Cast Lead, Israel’s 27 December 2008 – 18 January 2009 offensive on the Gaza Strip. 27 December also marks the anniversary of the single bloodiest day in the history of the occupation; on this day three years ago 334 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces, 76.6% of whom were civilian.

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FAIR Media Advisory: Occupy the P.U.-litzers!

27 December 2011 — Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting

This year has given us simply too many worthy contenders for FAIR’s annual P.U.-litzers—recognizing the stinkiest journalism of the year. A big part of the problem was that so many outlets were striving to distinguish themselves with especially awful coverage of the Occupy Wall Street movement. So to note those lowlights, we bring you a special installment of P.U.-litzers: The OWS edition.

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Video: ‘Confessional war the only way to divide Syrians’ — RT

27 December 2011 — ‘Confessional war the only way to divide Syrians’ — RT

Claims that armed extremists are fighting in Syria are backed by some foreign journalists working on the ground. Independent journalist Thierry Meyssan tells RT how efforts by some forces to turn the conflict into a full-scale civil war are failing.

­‘It began with some armed groups entering the country, making troubles, trying to create Islamic emirates on the border with Jordan. These people recruit others to form bigger fighting groups and now they are entering in co-ordination with political opposition. And you know, in this country, there is a long history of opposition between the Baas Party and the Muslim Brotherhood. So, now there is an alliance between the Muslim Brothers and these armed groups coming from abroad,’ he explained. ‘These groups can go everywhere, because now they have some support inside the population.’

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VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 26 December 2011: Israel city braces for thousands of protesters against exclusion of women

26 December 2011 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Hamas Expresses Support For Syrian Regime
IMEMC – Head of the Political Bureau of the Hamas movement, Khaled Mashal, stated that the Hamas movement supports the Syrian President, Bashar Assad, “as he supported the Palestinian resistance and the Palestinian people in every possible way”, according to Mashal, the Milad News Agency reported. …

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Information Clearing house Newsletter 26 December 2011: Manning Prosecution Lays Basis for Terror Charge Against Assange

26 December 2011 — Information Clearing House

Iran and the Strategic Encirclement of Syria and Lebanon
By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya
Washington and NATO have started the process of cordoning off Lebanon and Syria. The permanent NATO presence in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Syrian Accountability Act are part of this initiative. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article30077.htm

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