Wikileaks Newslinks 21 December 2011

21 December 2011 —

Witness in WikiLeaks case says Manning confessed to him
Los Angeles Times
Other prosecution witnesses testified that messages on Manning’s personal laptop computer indicated he could have communicated with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Mark Johnson, an Army forensic analyst, testified that Manning and a person he …,0,3065361.story

Clault is the Cloud’s vault
Heard of WikiLeaks? Well if you haven’t, Wikileaks is the Wikipedia of
anonymous news sources and news leaks, and contains major sources of data
losses and new leaks from around the world. Of course, leaks and data loss
does not occur only in the …

WikiLeaks Suspect Bradley Manning ‘Was In Direct Contact With Julian Assange’
Huffington Post UK
US Army lawyers claim to have found emails between alleged WikiLeaks source
Bradley Manning and the website’s founder Julian Assange. A data card
containing hundreds of thousands of classified reports on Iraq and
Afghanistan that was allegedly found …

Vancouver 2011 UFO news review highlights the Good, Bad and Ugly
The video that accompanied coverage of the Wikileaks UFO secrets of Julian
Assange has actually generated more dislikes than likes on YouTube.
Courting controversial subjects comes with a price and Wikileaks remains an
enigmatic subject. …

Gerald Celente Forecast 2012, FEMA Prepares for Dollar Collapse
Beacon Equity Research
Celente goes on to explain the critical difference between the Occupy
movement and another anti-establishment organization, WikiLeaks: Occupy has
no leader, which, Celente believes, gives the movement enduring robustness
in the fight for an end to the …

NEW YORK (AP) — The main trade group representing US airlines expects
fewer people to fly this holiday season, but flights will still be packed.
… a month before it was to end up in theaters. KGAN-TV files and
maintains quarterly Children’s …

The U.S. Government targets Twitter Terrorism
That is how government officials such as Joe Lieberman succeeded in cutting
off all of WikiLeaks’ funding sources and web hosting options without the
bother of charging that group with a crime: by demanding that Amazon,
Master Card, Visa, …

Fresh hope for healing
The Nation
As revealed by Wikileaks, US Ambassador Patricia Butenis had penned a memo
to her government to the effect that it was not reasonable to expect a
sitting government to self-indict itself. In the circumstances, it is no
surprise that the response of …

The biggest Web outages of 2011
… does not include website fails caused by hackers, such as Anonymous.
Its first widely known denial-of-service attack was launched last December
against MasterCard, Visa, PayPal and other financial institutions which
disrupted donations to WikiLeaks.

Dan Gillmor: 2012 will be the year of the content-controller oligopoly
Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard
Its virulent attacks on WikiLeaks, and misuse of the ICE (immigration and
customs enforcement) process to take down sites with no due process are
chilling. American journalists have failed to realize that their
non-support for WikiLeaks is non-support …

Australia’s ABC Commercial Scores Sales
World Screen
The Four Corners’ title Wikileaks: The Forgotten Man sold to seven
countries in Europe, Latin America and Asia, and the factual program Rare
Chicken Rescue sold to Channel 4 in the UK A selection of more than one
hundred episodes of Australian Story …

US boats for tsunami-hit fishermen from Kerala
Times of India
A WikiLeaks cable published in August 2011 suggested the Left in Kerala was
irrationally skeptical of the philanthropic gesture by an American company.
The cable called it “Left’s reflexive anti-Americanism” and mentioned,
“Brunswick donated the boats …

Indecision in Zimbabwean politics is final
Nehanda Radio
Moreover if the Wikileaks reports have any validity this sense of
uncertainty is not new, as all parties have, over the last decade,sought
out the father confessor of the American Embassy to vent their fears and
schizophrenic party psyches, …

South Carolina takes measures to protect primary from hackers
The Hill (blog)
The video purports to come from Anonymous, the group made famous this year
for its cyber-attack on PayPal in retaliation for the company’s refusal to
field donations for Wikileaks. “We are calling on you to occupy the
campaign offices of presidential …

Iraqi VP denies terror charges as sectarian dispute continues
A November 2006 diplomatic cable obtained by WikiLeaks reported a meeting
between US officials in Iraq and a former Iraqi prisoner named Ahmed
Mohammed Sami, who said he had been tortured with electric shocks and other
methods while in Iraqi army …

No price to be nice
Salt Lake Tribune
If there is anything worthwhile to be learned from the Wikileaks fiasco it
is that the electronic written word stays around forever and can’t be
hidden. Whether it is some hackers on the other side of the world or an
ex-friend who decides to hit the …

US Web censorship bill may slash the threads of the Net
China Daily
The free speech angle appears to be a reaction to whistle blower websites
like WikiLeaks, which host content belonging to both private and government
institutions and arguably, therefore, infringe on copyrights. I say,
arguably, because there could be …

Corrupt Phone Hackers, Bugging Buggers, Capturing David Carr
Either way, the phone-hacking scoop ended up being 2011’s version of
WikiLeaks, spectacular, far-reaching, and not a little problematic. Hugh
Grant was standing helplessly outside his broken-down car when he was
picked up by a passerby who turns out to …

Twitter Buys Crypto Tech, Then Open-Sources It
She focuses more on how it may be an effort on Twitter’s part to do better
at offering privacy for users in general — but Twitter has also sought to
be supportive of users during law enforcement investigations of Wikileaks,
for example. …

The Best and Worst Dow Jones Industrials Stocks for 2011
Public battles with whistleblower website “WikiLeaks” also made the
news as the site’s founder Julian Assange vowed to “turn the bank inside
out”. Even the savviest investors are feeling the pain of the company’s
dismal performance. …

NDAA 2012: Ron Paul Warns Bill Would Legalize Martial Law
International Business Times
In other words, the Pentagon fears the Internet’s capability to instantly
spread sensitive information (see: Wikileaks), especially when the
information or ideas are “not consistent with US government themes and
messages. …

WikiLeaks suspect supervisor opposed deployment
Fort Meade (AFP) Maryland (AFP) Dec 20, 2011 – A former supervisor of US
Army Private Bradley Manning, accused of spilling US secrets to WikiLeaks,
said Tuesday she had repeatedly recommended that he not be deployed to
Iraq. » Task penalties for Dutch WikiLeaks …
By Doemela
LIKELIHOOD; 19th December, 2011 21:04WikiLeaks, 4Chan and Anonymous are
examples of how rogues can thrive against the will of empire. …

Adrian Lamo makes an appearance at WikiLeaks trial | TG Daily
By Trent Nouveau
Manning now stands accused of downloading thousands of classified and
sensitive documents which ultimately ended up on WikiLeaks. Adrian Lamo
makes an appearance at WikiLeaks trial Lamo said he had not been granted
immunity or …

By Reliapundit
by Reliapundit at 9:59 PM …

U.S. officials debate charging WikiLeaks’ Assange | TPM News
By Tom Kludt
U.S. officials debate charging WikiLeaks’ Assange. share close.
StumbleUpon. Instapaper. digg. Tom Kludt December 20, 2011, 5:11 PM.
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Comment help; Get Livefyre …

WikiLeaks – US rests case against Pfc. Bradley Manning – :: Future of …
By Steffen Konrath
Associated Press | Google :: The U.S. government ended its case Tuesday
against the Army intelligence analyst blamed for the biggest leak of
national secrets in American history. The prosecution called its final six
witnesses in the case …

WikiLeaks prosecutors neighboring result of Manning case
By admin
S. foreign relations and, according to the government, imperiled valuable
services and diplomatic sources. Lawyers in place of the 24-year-old native

Trial of Wikileaks Suspect Raises Questions | Security Clearance …
By Lindy Kyzer
At a military hearing of Pvt. Bradley Manning, accused of leaking thousands
of classified documents to the website Wikileaks, a major issue being
presented by the defense team is whether Manning should have had access to
sensitive …

PearPad – Defense to start in WikiLeaks case
The defense of Pfc. Bradley Manning will begin Wednesday. Defense to start
in WikiLeaks case 3

Manning ‘had links’ to Wikileaks | MyPress.SE – Universal News …
By NewsDesk – Christer Ornestad
Manning ‘had links’ to Wikileaks. On 2011/12/21, in News, by NewsDesk –
Christer Ornestad. Prosecutors argued that Pte Bradley Manning had contact
with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, on the fifth day of his pre-trial
hearing. BBC News …
MyPress.SE – Universal News Agency

WikiLeaks prosecutors near end of Manning case – CBS News
Final witnesses expected to be called in case against alleged WikiLeaks
source Bradley Manning, who could face life in prison.

Welcome to FoWL: Friends of WikiLeaks!
Friends of WikiLeaks is a network of people from across the globe who
defend WikiLeaks, its people, its alleged sources and its mission. We
publicly and …

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