Wikileaks Newslinks 29-30 December 2011

30 December 2011 —

30 December 2011
2011: Riots and revolutions: How we all changed the world

ZDNet (blog)
Between you and I, from Wikileaks to one man alone sparking a revolution, we all played our part in changing the world. From the most popular highlights to the crucial events that really mattered, here’s how we did it. Wikileaks was at the top of the …

US mulls transfer of high-risk Taliban prisoner in peace bid
The Guardian
According to US military documents made public by WikiLeaks, he was also on
the scene of a November 2001 prison riot that killed CIA operative Johnny
Micheal Spann, the first American who died in combat in the Afghan war.
There is no evidence, however, …

The year of living dangerously online
Irish Times
Hacktivism – using hacking as a tool for protest – began to emerge in
earnest towards the end of 2010, when the group Anonymous launched
denial-of-service attacks against finance companies that had pulled
services from Wikileaks and made it impossible …

Finding the Cleanup Crew After a Messy Hack Attack
New York Times
“If anybody was any good at preventing leaks, we would have never seen
WikiLeaks,” Mr. Mandia said. “The US government would have stopped it
and that data would never have been dumped.” Meanwhile, Stratfor’s
hackers have taken to Twitter to announce …

Hackers set to dump intel-analysis firm’s emails
Washington Times
… and promise the release of N through Z. “The repercussions from the
Stratfor emails could be as far reaching as the WikiLeaks release of 250000
State Department cables,” said cybersecurity expert Richard Stiennon, who
blogs at …

Passwords “nightmare” solved storing logins
Starting… as a hacker, growing as a “Wikileaks style pioneer”, when
discovering unfair behavours in the company he was working for, he adopted
unconventional hi tech strategies to protect clients, leaking anonymously
informations in the web.

Boot Hezbollah from Twitter or we sue, group says
In January, Twitter successfully appealed the Justice Department’s decision
to keep under seal a subpoena for account records of a member of the
Icelandic Parliament with ties to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Earlier
Thursday, Twitter was ordered …

Scott Tilley: 2011 was an exciting and tragic tech year
Florida Today
The publication of secret documents by WikiLeaks was greeted by some as a
triumph of freedom of information. The use of technology to facilitate
legitimate whistleblowing is laudable, but I found the whole episode
disgraceful. …

Egypt crackdown continues with raids on offices of rights groups
Vancouver Sun
In a February 2010 State Department cable obtained by WikiLeaks, US
officials in Cairo reported that Egyptian law allowed authorities to ban
any organization that engaged in “prohibited activities” including
“threatening national unity,” and “to …

Internet bands together to fight SOPA
The Jersey Journal –
Plus, the bill could be used to block sites that work the way that YouTube
or WikiLeaks do. The pro-SOPA forces include the Motion Picture Association
of America, the Recording Industry Association of America, and the US
Chamber of Commerce. …

Turkey: Strikes kill 35 mistaken for rebels
CBS News
And judging by Wikileaks video of US helicopters bombing civilians in Iraq,
from dozens of similar US airstrikes that have killed more than 1000
civilians every year in Afghanistan – according to United Nations report,
and from dozens US Predator …

2011 saw the ‘awakening’ of Sabah
Free Malaysia Today
The accusations were lent credence by disclosures in Wikileaks that senior
Malaysian officials had acknowledged the scheme that was implemented during
the government of former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad. A
parliamentary panel hurriedly put …

A more complicated script
WikiLeaks has exposed perfidy that many had suspected and the Internet
plays host to raucous, irreverent debates. So, having seen a government
fail yet again many among the public at large have turned in hope towards a
politician preaching clean …

Army Cloud Intelligence Center Will Give Greater Security, Better Access
She says “when WikiLeaks happened, we had regulations and rules in place.
They just weren’t being followed. It’s a people problem that’s very easily
solved, coupled with technology.” Security, mobility, response, prevention,
accessibility where and …

The people will decide
Business Day
There will always be a WikiLeaks in some shape or form. If all newspapers
want to do is give us opinions as opposed to unbiased reporting, guess
what? We will ignore them in the same way we ignore politicians and judges
and others who assume we are too …

2011: Mujuru death shook up political scene
Zim Diaspora
On the domestic front, whistleblower website WikiLeaks’ exposure shook the
major political parties resulting in strained relations. For some time it
appeared as though there would be a major fallout, especially in Zanu PF,
after revelations that …

Secret Subpoena For Twitter User Account Info Allowed to Proceed
In November, a District Court in Virginia ordered Twitter to hand over user
information requested by the Justice Department in its criminal
investigation into the “Cablegate” scandal in late 2010, in which
Wikileaks published hundreds of thousands of …

Social media in business: Security versus function
Egregious and malicious abuse of these systems (irrespective of your point
of view of the its ultimate merits, Wikileaks was a betrayal of trust)
inevitably end up in the courts. So the individual has much to gain from
exploiting social media to …

Memo to feds: Stop using the same passwords for personal and work accounts
During the past year, the FBI has arrested about 20 cybercrooks aligned
with Anonymous, mainly in connection with attacks on sites, such as PayPal,
that stopped servicing the anti-secrets publisher WikiLeaks. Most recently,
on Dec. …

Top Technology Stories 2011
With his rock-star demeanor, he lives like a fugitive for charges not even
related to the anti-secrecy site WikiLeaks but millions view him as a
modern-day hero who bravely fought and badly injured the only superpower
without firing a bullet. 8. …

Great expectations
Gibraltar Chronicle
Significantly Wikileaks revealed that Spain had urged the US to send its
nuclear submarines to Rota rather than Gibraltar. After that Madrid would
enshrine in its defence agreement a ban on US aircraft from flying over its
territory if they had used …

Stephen Elsberry: Time for a pragmatic approach on Iran
Ct Post
Trita Parsi, president of the National Iranian American Council, explains
that “as WikiLeaks documents show, US officials tend to view the Israeli
threats as a pressure tactic to get the US and Europe to adopt tougher
measures against Iran, …

Russia exposes true colors of the West
Further the report lists such things as violation of the rights of
prisoners in CIA prisons, the problems with freedom of expression and
harassment of employees and the founder of the website WikiLeaks, the death
of at least 111000 Iraqis and 14 …

GMA’s gifts to the Obamas
One does not need WikiLeaks to get this or to invoke the Freedom of
Information Act to access it. It’s available online and makes for an
engaging read. While browsing through the list of gifts presented to
President and Mrs. Obama, I saw that Gloria …

Charges may not be the best response to pirates: OUR OPINION
The Barrie Examiner
Ever heard of WikiLeaks? How about Pirate Bay? Whether these proposed
Canadian and American laws actually become the law remains to be seen. The
bigger question is whether they will actually work, or if they will just be
another challenge for those …

Tracking the year in tracking
Good Morning Silicon Valley (blog)
The doomsday warnings and declarations of Assange, of WikiLeaks fame, spare
no one and no company. To sum up, he says anyone who uses a smartphone or
email can be watched, and that Silicon Valley companies such as Facebook
have “built-in interfaces for …

How Did My Predictions for 2011 Turn Out?
PBS MediaShift
Sure enough, prosecutors are finally making their case against the soldier
who allegedly sent protected information to WikiLeaks. On the policy front,
the Federal Communications Commission instituted rules that protect the
concept of Net neutrality, …

Democracy Lessons for Fidel Castro
Upside Down World
This is approximately the same number of persons who, according to a
WikiLeaks cable released in April, were held for varying numbers of years
at a certain illegal US detention facility on Cuban soil despite US
knowledge of their innocence. …

US-India ties: The year of the drift
Curtis, also a former policy and strategic analyst at the Central
Intelligence Agency, believed that the “series of corruption scandals and
the release of controversial WikiLeaks cables dealing with US-India
relations have constrained Prime Minister …

The year in tech
Pique newsmagazine
Some of its activities in 2011 included continued attacks on companies that
oppose Wikileaks, Operation Titstorm (where they hacked the Australian
government to protest new Internet censorship legislation), and attacks
against the Turkish government …

Judge Orders Release Of IRA Oral History Projects
On the one hand they scream about wikileaks, on the other they leak or give
away what can well risk lives and a fragile peace. It’s up to citizens and
academia to counterbalance this, regardless of risk. Where has our backbone
gone? …

Syrian Activist Speaks Out from Hiding as Arab League Mission Fails to Slow …
Democracy Now
JUAN GONZALEZ: Now, you must be aware, obviously, of the reports in the
WikiLeaks cables of US government support for opposition groups, even
before the uprising in Syria. JUAN GONZALEZ: Is there any concern about
that, in terms of the US government’s …

Source: Al Qaeda leader sends veteran jihadists to establish presence in Libya
CNN International
And a US diplomatic cable from 2008 — published this year by WikiLeaks —
told of support for extremist Islamist views in the town of Derna, which is
close to where “AA” has established a presence. Entitled “Die Hard in
Derna” the cable describes the …

CENSORED NEWS: Wikileaks revealed US espionage of …
In the Censored News pick for the Best of the Best in 2011, Wikileaks
claims first prize. Wikileaks exposed the US corporate schemes, espionage,
promotion of mining and efforts globally to halt passage of the UN
Declaration on the Rights of …

Halkan ka Akhrista Qoraalkii Af Inriisiga Ku Qornaa Ee Shabakadda …
By amuur
Nairobi (Wikileaks)- Waxa aanu halkan idiinku soo gudbinaynaa qoraalkii ay
Shabakadda ku caan baxday faafinta siraha dawladdaha ee Wikileaks ay ka
qortay Maxamed Cumar Carte, isla maraakana fashilisay siro qarsoodi ah oo
uu …

Wikileaks for Ron Paul | What’s On First
By BlArthurHu
3A+NewZeal+%28New+Zeal+Blog%29. Posted just now by …

Schestowitz (schestowitz)’s status on Thursday, 29-Dec-11 13:01:10 …
Schestowitz (schestowitz)’s status on Thursday, 29-Dec-11 13:01:10 UTC.
Schestowitz. Cablegate: #Microsoft Lobbies to Illegalise Backups and Make
Copyright Violation a “Crime” #wikileaks #israel ·
about 54 minutes ago …

Did Wikileaks pay Bradley Manning for information? – CNN
Pfc. Bradley Manning allegedly suggested to someone at the Kansas military
prison where he is being held that WikiLeaks paid for the hundreds of
thousands of …

Bradley Manning Wikileaks Pre-Trial Hearing Ends | PRI’s The World
The pre-trial hearing of alleged Wikileaks source Bradley Manning has
concluded after lawyers made their closing statements. An investigating
officer must now …

29 December 2011
WikiLeaks Impact on Military Operations Will Underlie Manning Case
The Epoch Times
(Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images) Media reporting on the impact of hundreds of
thousands of secret documents leaked by WikiLeaks is centered mostly on the
information’s direct effect on human life. Military discussions over the
ramifications of the leaks, …

ANTON HARBER: All things considered, 2011 was a rigorous and vigorous year
Business Day
All over the world, there is renewed debate over the nature and extent of
media freedom, fuelled by two events: the release of the biggest ever
quantity of government secrets via WikiLeaks; and the sordid behaviour of
British tabloid journalists using …

Justice Department
…HBGary revealed, among many other things, a widespread conspiracy by the
Justice Department, Bank of America, and other parties to attack and
discredit Wikileaks… …interest rates than other borrowers. The higher
fees, according to the Department …

2011 Tech Rewind: This Year in Media
The Next Web
However, authoritarian regimes aren’t the only ones that have tried to put
pressure on Twitter; so has the US Department of Justice, in an attempt to
get information on WikiLeaks activists. Beyond its revelations before it
suspended publishing, …
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Russia pulling ahead in the Arctic
Toronto Star
The Russian foreign ministry’s representative in Siberia smiles as he
quotes the Canadian Prime Minister, as reported in a US diplomatic cable
released by WikiLeaks. Although Stephen Harper never expected that his
conversation with NATO …—russia-pulling-ahead-in-the-arctic

Father Time on life support in 2011
Hopefully in 2012 we can get back to worrying about more mundane bedbugs
and WikiLeaks. Get pricing, product info & discounts from top companies.
Events of the year gave us pause to think and remember. The loss of Steve
Jobs will in all likelihood …

Politics roundup 2011: MPs turn up the heat on the FSA
Money Marketing
The regulator’s accountability has been an issue since it was created but a
new, fiery intake of MPs operating in a post-expenses, post-hacking,
post-Wikileaks world turned up the heat. Calls for transparency and
accountability peppered proposals and …

Native America Calling featuring most censored Native American newsmakers
The NarcoSphere
In the news this year, Wikileaks exposed US spying on Indigenous Peoples
from Mapuche in South America to the Mohawks in Canada. Further, Wikileaks
exposed the role of the US in promoting mining while Indigenous Peoples
were dying to protect their …

2011’s 10 Most Important People in World Politics
International Business Times
The group’s main priorities in the past year were around protest movements
and Wikileaks. After Julian Assange and his Wikileaks site was severely
criticized by a number of countries, Anonymous went on an offensive to
protect the freedom of speech that …

Intel antitrust case may be headed to New York court
Transmeta says it knows Wikileaks – fearless whistleblowers or
irresponsible nuisances? Keep up to date with the latest developments. Read
more Judge Stark had on Dec. 7 granted Intel’s motion that some of the
claims of New York state fell outside …

2011 Was a ‘Muddled’ Year for Hacktivists
PCWorld (blog)
… and user information was posted to the web—the primary motive behind
the action (if spokesperson Barrett Brown is to be believed), was to obtain
millions of emails that can be used to expose a conspiracy against
whistle-blowing site WikiLeaks. …

Occupy blogger fighting subpoena
The Boston Globe
Last year, federal authorities sought information on Twitter related to the
WikiLeaks organization, and a federal judge upheld the request. But Twitter
has become known for opposing such requests and even alerting users of
law-enforcement subpoenas. …

Hackers publish Turnbull’s credit card details
ABC Online
The shadowy group has also launched retaliatory attacks on companies
perceived to be enemies of the anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks. The hackers
said they were able to obtain information in part because Stratfor did not
encrypt it, which could prove a …

Re: Economist’s Poll Analysis is a Tossup
The Wikileaks revelation that “Nana likes to ‘wake and bake’ first thing
in the morning!” was the coup de grace! It even led former President
Kufour to appeal to the Ghanaian voter: “Do not judge Akufo-Addo by his
past!” You are even more unpopular …

The criminal liability of drone attacks
The Nation, Pakistan
Through Wikileaks, we have learnt that until 2009, the US Ambassador in
Islamabad was consulted on drone strikes, but later the operation became
CIA-exclusive. This seems to have changed again. Recently, the Wall Street
Journal published a story …

Celebrity resolutions: Quentin Letts suggests a few those in the public eye …
Daily Mail
Julian Assange, Wikileaks oddball — more regular showers, please. Sally
Bercow — to retrieve a crumb or two of her dignity. Harriet Harman,
former deputy leader of the Labour Party — to restyle herself along the
lines of Peggy Mitchell in EastEnders …

10 things you need to know about Anonymous’ Stratfor hack
So far, Anonymous has not released any data besides credit cards, but it
could have WikiLeaks-caliber info that could disrupt companies’ operations
and, potentially, national security. Anonymous is sometimes described as a
“hacker collective,” a group …

Why Is Nepal Cracking Down on Tibetan Refugees?
New Yorker (blog)
According to a confidential US embassy cable published by WikiLeaks in
2010, China “rewards [Nepalese forces] by providing financial incentives
to officers who hand over Tibetans attempting to exit China.” Another
cable stated, “Beijing has asked …

Inclement in Durban
Hindustan Times
… and counter the EU’s attempt to win over the most vulnerable and
poorest of developing countries through financial promises, coercion and
threats, similar to those used at and after the 2009 Copenhagen conference,
as revealed by WikiLeaks. …

Zanu-PF offices bombing: MDC blamed
ZimEye Zimbabwe
According to the whistle-blowing website Wikileaks, an MDC-T employee
identified as Charles Mutama told US Embassy political officer Audu Besner
that the party’s security, intelligence and youth branches planned dynamite
and petrol bomb attacks on …
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The Year in Revolt
Word of the desperate act of self-immolation spread throughout Tunisia,
where a WikiLeaks-revealed, June 2008 United States embassy cable about the
regime of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali created a national controversy.
“Corruption is a problem …

COURSEY: A cinematic look at the newspaper business
Santa Rosa Press Democrat
They cover issues that are too small for Wikileaks and too mundane for the
blogger sitting at home in his sweatpants. Without newspapers, who will pay
a reporter to go to the Cotati City Council meetings? Who will spend hours
or days digging through …

The United States will strongly support the process of Ukraine’s integration …
The Day Weekly Digest
Thanks to WikiLeaks we have found out that Putin paid a special visit to
Chancellor Merkel to persuade her to deny MAP to Ukraine. As we all know,
it was the German chancellor who declined MAP for Ukraine at the Bucharest
summit despite all the efforts …

Our critics look back on their picks and pans — and preview some flicks still …
Seven Days
But, let’s face it, nobody was more annoying this year than Sarah Jessica
Parker in I Don’t Know How She Does It. I read on WikiLeaks that they’re
forcing detainees at Guantanamo to watch that thing. I’m pretty sure even
Dick Cheney wouldn’t have …
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The year in review for rainforests
The US State Department apparently agrees, according to diplomatic cables
released by Wikileaks. Taib maintains his innocence and even claimed
#&8212; in March #&8212; that Sarawak’s forests are “70 percent intact”. He
was quickly rebuked however by …

It’s Time to Occupy a New Year
The Economic Voice
And let’s also get behind WikiLeaks as they fight for transparency and
accountability by governments and media. We need to support not only
Mediachannel1, but Pacifica Radio, Progressive Radio, Bill Moyers and Laura
Flanders’ new shows and sites like …

Eat, drink and merry be!
John O’Groat Journal
Add to the brew a phone-hacking scandal, Wikileaks and riots on the streets
and you do have to ask: has the world gone mad? We did have a fairy-tale
wedding. Ah, William and Kate. Bless them. And of course the lonely planet
unleashed its usual dramatic …

Apocalypse now: caught in the Web of Revelations
On Line opinion (satire)
And that’s without counting Wikileaks. I had my own experience when
co-authoring a book. Amidst solid sales and good publicity, a poor online
review caused much gnashing of teeth. As an academic who regularly goes
through the brutal anonymous peer …

A-Jad: Gulf Arabs are Western Pawns
Arutz Sheva
A Wikileaks document released earlier this year revealed Iraqi officials
have been complaining for years that Riyadh and Tehran are respectively
funding competing Shiite and Sunni insurgencies in the war-ravaged country.
Riyadh, concerned over the …

The Deceptions of Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, and Ron Paul
By Terresa
A May 24 Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Frontline program quoted
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange as saying he’d never had any contact with
Bradley Manning and that he had no information indicating that the former
Army intelligence …

Shabakada Wikileaks oo Fashilisay Siro uu Maraykanka Siin Jiray …
By admin
Nairobi (OWN)- Shabakadda ku caan baxday faafinta siraha dawladdaha ee
Wikileaks, ayaa fashilisay siro uu si qarsoodi ah wadanka Maraykanka u sii
jiray Maxamed Cumar Carte oo shalay urur-siyaasadeed la yidhaahdo Damal
kaga …

Prison » The Puzzling Case of Stratfor and Anonymous
By admin
Anonymous has apparently attacked the famous, web-based Intel-analyzer
Stratfor in support of WikiLeaks, and yet WikiLeaks is evidently and
obviously (to us anyway) a kind of false-flag facility. We’ve had our
doubts about Anonymous as …

Measuring YouTube Video ‘Guy Throwing My Computer Monitor’ As …
By fpujolmri
Crisis, Media, Reputation (and Wikileaks). Measuring the media and
reputational impact of crisis, especially Wikileaks, by Media, Reputation
and Intangibles center MRI Universidad de Navarra …

The Puzzling Case of Stratfor and Anonymous «
By Stefan B
Free-Market Analysis: Here is a strange case. Anonymous has apparently
attacked the famous, web-based Intel-analyzer Stratfor in support of
WikiLeaks, and yet WikiLeaks is evidently and obviously (to us anyway) a
kind of false-flag facility. …

Computing – Anonymous Hackers Still Active, Closing 2011 with a …
Anonymous gained fame last year when it issued a hit list of Web sites
hostile to WikiLeaks, including PayPal, Visa and MasterCard. Anonymous
struck again on Monday morning — and the backlash by the infamous hacking
group may not be …

Watch Funny Julian Assange & WikiLeaks Awesome MasterCard …
By Jaime McDougall
Yet another parody on the Mastercard cost/priceless ads, but this time it’s
about Mastercard witholding $15M in donations made to Wikileaks… We have
all …

Twitter / WikiLeaks: This Xmas: Assange house a …
This Xmas: Assange house arrested, Manning in jail and WikiLeaks blockaded.
Help them fight

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