Wikileaks Newslinks 19 February 2012: Assange on the Simpsons

19 February

WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange to Guest on Fox’s THE SIMPSONS, 2/19
Broadway World
As first reported on EWonline, WikiLeaks‘ founder and editor-in-chief Julian Assange has recorded a guest voiceover that will appear during the 500th episode of Fox’s long-running animated series THE SIMPSONS. The episode is scheduled to air on …

WikiLeaks: Blake Alleges Chandrasiri Was US Informant
Sunday Leader
By Vimukthi Yapa WikiLeaks continues to worry politicians and diplomats
across the world. In a further cable unearthed from WikiLeaks archives of
US diplomatic cables, former Ambassador to Sri Lanka Robert Blake informs
his masters in Washington of …

Ambassador Thomas: No comment on leaked cables
Cebu Daily News
By Carla P. Gomez BACOLOD CITY, Philippines—US Ambassador to the
Philippines Harry Thomas Jr. on Saturday refused to comment on the reports
allegedly made by his predecessors to Washington—that were posted on
WikiLeaks—on the antiquated bank secrecy …

500 and counting: The insider’s guide to favorite ‘Simpsons’ episodes
Wausau Daily Herald
Bart and Homer meet their new neighbor, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange,
in the milestone 500th episode of “The Simpsons,” airing Sunday. / Fox/AP
500 episodes are a lot to dig through to find the best of a treasure-trove.
So USA TODAY asked Simpsons …

Swiss come into US sights again over Iran
According to documents published by WikiLeaks, representatives of the US
embassy in Bern have called on Seco to prevent the export of what are
described as sensitive goods to Iran several times in the past few years.
In most cases it seems that Seco …

Ben Rayner’s Reasons to Live … in Springfield!
This Sunday (8 pm Fox and Global, natch) marks the 500th episode of The
Simpsons, a show wherein WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange reportedly
appears as a guest voice and the dependably mob-mentality-prone residents
of Springfield somehow manage to vote …–ben-rayner-s-reasons-to-live-in-springfield

After 500 shows, ‘Simpsons’ still has stories to tell
Series regulars Marge Simpson, right, and Homer Simpson, center, are shown
with their new neighbor, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, in the 500th
episode of “The Simpsons,” airing tonight. (Fox / Associated Press) LOS
ANGELES – The Simpsons of …

‘The Simpsons’: It turns out your favorite episode was … about 100 episodes …
By The Oregonian View full sizeAP Photo/Foxseries regulars Marge Simpson,
right, and Homer Simpson, center, are shown with their new neighbor,
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, in the 500th episode of ” The Simpsons.”
While the volume of the reader …

Five TV shows worth watching on Sunday, Feb. 19
Producers snagged an especially controversial guest star for “At Long
Last Leave” in WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Assange, who’s fighting
extradition to Sweden and recorded his lines in a secret location. His
cartoon self meets the Simpsons when …–five-tv-shows-worth-watching-on-sunday-feb-19

Restaurant review: Novikov
The Guardian
Of course, Putin has been accused in diplomatic cables released by
Wikileaks of turning Russia into a wretched kleptocracy. He pursued violent
campaigns in Chechnya and is being fingered for nicking Russia’s
parliamentary elections.

The Simpsons celebrate 500th episode
Sky News Australia
They go to live on the outskirts of town where their new neighbour is
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. ‘We dare ourselves to do things and
Julian Assange was a dare,’ explains creator Matt Groening. Assange
recorded his part in the show in the UK …

Who’s Leaking the Vatican‘s Secrets?
The Atlantic Wire
The leaks are serious enough that Federico Lombardi, a spokesman for the
Holy See, issued a statement comparing them to Wikileaks’ own targeting of
the United States Government, implying they were being released by someone
looking to harm the church’s …

The Simpsons marks its 500th episode by kicking the family out of Springfield.
Never a show to avoid sensitive subjects, “The Simpsons” 500th episode “At
Long Last Leave” will include WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. “Obviously
he’s a controversial figure and that was discussed before we agreed to let
him do it,” executive …

As pope visit nears, spotlight on Cuba’s cardinal
The affair caused anger even at the Vatican, according to classified US
diplomatic cables leaked to WikiLeaks and separately obtained by The
Associated Press. A May 14, 2007 dispatch written by Washington’s mission
to the Holy See quotes the chief of …

Sen. Graham adapts to the times, confident of re-election
Kansas City Star
Classified diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks and obtained by
McClatchy show Graham warning Pakistani government leaders against
appeasing radical Muslims and upbraiding Chinese officials about currency
manipulation, only to be scolded by them for …

Kalonzo should stop playing second fiddle to Uhuru, Ruto
The Standard
According to the WikiLeaks reports not denied by either party, the
President and Uhuru Kenyatta promised Kalonzo that they would support him
for president in 2012 in return for the support he gave them early 2008.
The current Justice Minister Mutula …

Project X
Buenos Aires Herald
… between extreme dissent and revolutionary activity (without having the
blatantly illegal repression thereof to live down as in Argentina’s
history) — if counter-intelligence can reach the scale of WikiLeaks,
there seems no reason for shock and awe.

Eastbound as down as it gets
Edmonton Journal
WikiLeaks‘ Julian Assange guest-voices as himself. (Fox, Global, 9 pm) ? ?
The plot keeps thickening on Once Upon a Time, as the surprise hit
continues to bind viewers with its magic. This week Snow White and Prince
Charming’s “real world” counterparts …

Burman: US gets a chance to size up China’s leader-to-be Xi Jinping
Toronto Star
In a US embassy cable made public by WikiLeaks, a professor who knew Xi
Jinping well since childhood described him as someone who “had his eye on
the prize from early adulthood. Unlike many youth who made up for lost time
by having fun after the …–burman-u-s-gets-a-chance-to-size-up-china-s-leader-to-be-xi-jinping

Zimbabwe Must Concentrate On SMEs – Says US Ambassador
Ambassador Ray said he did not believe in “Wikileaks” and, instead, said
what he thought was right for the country. “I tell it like it is,” he said
in Harare. “If things are on the record then people must no cry foul when
they are quoted but when …

What branding went behind this, to achieve this fan following?
Economic Times
Wikileaks, Groupon and a myriad other companies /organizations have created
a hitherto unknown level of transparency. The genie is out of the bottle
and it’s not going to get back into it!! We will need to learn to live in a
transparent world.

Bill Oakley Tweets Top 10 ‘Simpsons’ Episode Pitches That Never Made It To Air …
Huffington Post (satire)
… crapped out because he wanted to do a script written by a friend of
his.” See all of Oakley’s tweets below. The 500th episode of “The Simpsons”
featuring WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange (see photo above for a sneak
peek) airs this Sunday, Feb.

The Simpsons Celebrate A Milestone – 500 Episodes
Celebrity Dirty Laundry
There’s even an unusual guest voice – Mr Wikileaks Julian Assange. But
before we get to that there’ll be a longer than usual opening credits to
celebrate 500 episodes. Expect to see some of your favorite openers from
throughout the years.

Vatican Confidential: Why Are So Many Rumors Coming out of the Holy See?
TIME (blog)
In a statement posted Monday on the Vatican Radio’s website, the spokesman
for the Holy See, Federico Lombardi, compared the rapid-fire disclosures to
the Wikileaks revelations in the United States and seemed to imply that the
documents were being …,8599,2107167,00.html?iid=sl-main-mostpop2
See all stories on this topic:,8599,2107167,00.html%3Fiid%3Dsl-main-mostpop2&hl=en&geo=us

At 500 Episodes, How Does ‘The Simpsons’ Say Something New?
The Atlantic
Currently under house arrest Britain and fighting extradition to Sweden,
the WikiLeaks founder recorded his cameo over the phone. Assange joins a
mind-boggling roster of guest stars who’ve been on over the decades, one
that reads like an encyclopedia …

‘Vatileaks’ casts pall over cardinal ceremony
Burlington Hawk Eye
The scandal, dubbed “Vatileaks” after Lombardi himself noted the
similarities to the Wikileaks documents scandal that hit the US government,
has come as the Vatican has tried to clean up its finances and be more
transparent in its financial dealings to …

Occupy Sanity
Wikileaks documents revealed Israel behind a group that murdered several
Iranian scientists and when an attack was made on Israeli diplomats in the
same fashion, charges that the Iranians were behind it all but drowned out
the American presidential …

‘The Simpsons’ marks its 500th episode — Woo Hoo!
Plain Dealer
It’s simply staggering: 500 episodes, the longest scripted show in history,
27 Emmys, roughly 600 guest-star appearances (controversial Wikileaks
founder Julian Assange is a guest star this week) and a corner office in
our culture.

At a crossroads: annual lecture series presents its spring offerings
Islands’ Sounder
He will cover obscenity, privacy, libel, Wikileaks, ownership,
distribution, accuracy and decency. All lectures are held at Orcas Center
at 2 pm, followed by a question and answer period and a public reception
with the speaker.

Unethical conversion: A two-way road
Nation on Sunday
According to a confidential cable released as part of the ‘Wikileaks’ cable
dump, the US Embassy in Colombo termed JHU ‘xenophobes’, referring to the
bill. However, the JHU has so far not been able to muster enough support in
Parliament for its bill to …

China’s mystery
The Voice of Russia
And he is thought to be a huge fan of Hollywood movies, as WikiLeaks and
Telegraph say – he is a huge fan of Steven Spielberg’s movies, say,
“Saving Private Ryan” and so on. On the other hand he belongs to a
grouping which is called princelings which …

Iran exiles moved to ‘transit site’ in Iraq
An October 2005 US diplomatic cable from Baghdad released by whistleblower
website WikiLeaks discussed the cases of two people of Iranian origin who
had lived in Germany, saying that after they arrived at Camp Ashraf in 1999
their travel documents were …

Humanitarian Operation Comes to the South
Asian Tribune
Particularly since a proper investigation is likely to implicate the
Defence Secretary himself, going by some of the Wikileaks revelations. The
recent undertaking given by the army commander to investigate some of the
observations in the LLRC Report is …

Canada complicit in Afghan detainee torture
MWC News
As the New York Times, one of the handful of newspapers first given the
documents by the non-profit group WikiLeaks put it: ‘For years, the CIA had
essentially run the NDS as a subsidiary.’” (ICC#41) Prime Minister
Stephen Harper said in a television …

US Ambassadors to Venezuela: A Chronology of Failure
His further stay in Venezuela was not in any way remarkable, except the
WikiLeaks reports dealing with the embassy’s financial ties to
pro-opposition mass media. Journalists addressed Duddy asking him for money
allegedly to fight the Chavez regime.

UNESCO bans wikileaks from a conference about…get this …
By OzHouse Those of us awake to the game knew long ago UNESCO was nothing
but a system to brainwash children – Just check out some quotes from Sir

UNESCO Shuns WikiLeaks as Speaker at Conference on
By Linda Lewis
WPFC’s spokesman Ron Koven said WikiLeaks was excluded because, “The main
focus of this conference is not about WikiLeaks as such but about the
implications of its actions for the future of professional journalism.”
However, the …

Big Sydney forum defends WikiLeaks, Assange « The Daily Attack
By Rj
More than 400 people crowded into a lecture theatre at the University of
Technology on February 17 to attend a public forum, “Don’t shoot the
messenger: WikiLeaks, Assange and Democracy”. Speakers at the forum
included socialist historian …

The roots of Ravalomanana’s fall with Wikileaks – Madagate
By Redaction
Face à ces inepties -issues pourtant de Malgaches ultra-diplômés-, une
seule démarche pour rétablir la vérité. Il faut remercier, ici, Julian
Assange qui, à travers son réseau Wikileaks, a permis d’aller au centre
des secrets les mieux gardés.

Army Whistleblower Lt. Col. Daniel Davis Says … – WikiLeaks Press
Senior ranking U.S. military leaders have so distorted the truth when
communicating with the U.S. Congress and American people in regards to
conditions on the ground in Afghanistan that the…

Virality: international media coverage of The Global Square …
By Jerome Roos
With Wikileaks and several other major players throwing their weight behind
the project, a vaporware press release has made The Global Square go viral.

Industry creates a contest as a solar company in California at the …
By Rihard Raza
Industry said yesterday that no cables Wikileaks says that the contest is
not yet resolved and can not reveal how many companies have submitted. The
ministry has 45 days statutory period for resolving the contest. On 25
January, the U.S. …

WikiLeaks truck | Flickr – Photo Sharing!
The WikiLeaks truck was giving away records at the winter 2012 Lost Horizon
Night Market.

Monsignors’ Mutiny Mirrors WikiLeaks, Watergate Scandals
Monsignors’ Mutiny Mirrors WikiLeaks, Watergate Scandals 2012 02 17. By
Carol Bengle Gilbert | A Monsignors’ mutiny occurring in the

News journalism in a digital world | United Nations Educational …
The Media World after Wikileaks and News of the World is organized by the
… Participants will examine the fallout from the Wikileaks episode and
the News of …

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