Wikileaks Newslinks 8 March 2012

8 March


Wikileaks: US-led NATO Troops Operate Inside Syria

Syrian Radio & TV Online

A document released by the WikiLeaks website has revealed that undercover US-led NATO forces are operating inside Syria against the Syrian government. WikiLeaks released a confidential email from an analyst working for the US-based intelligence firm …


WikiLeaks: Osama bin Laden’s body not at sea but taken to US

Tehran Times

WikiLeaks has revealed a series of emails that allege the body of Osama bin

Laden was not buried at sea as initial US reports had suggested. Instead

they claim the former al-Qaeda leader’s body was flown to the United States

by the CIA in secrecy.


WikiLeaks report cites corruption in Venezuela production

Corruption is stifling local production in favor of imports, according to a

leaked report WikiLeaks. By Antonio Maria Delgado The destruction of

Venezuelan production in favor of imports is worsening the scarcity problem

and creating corruption by …


Point Austin: Stratfor‘s Web: The WikiLeaks emails and the future of information

Austin Chronicle

They were robbed, but WikiLeaks didn’t rob them, and the largest irony is

that WikiLeaks is doing on a massive scale exactly what Stratfor on its

website and in its correspondence brags about doing: getting information

about global events in every way …


Wikileaks: Bin Laden body was flown To US military mortuary

Press TV

The whistleblower website Wikileaks has released the email belonging to

Stratfor vice president for intelligence Fred Burton, in which he says

“Reportedly, we took the body with us. Thank goodness.” “Body bound

for Dover, DE on CIA plane.


Stratfor emails on WikiLeaks have some serious implications, others overblown

SHSU Houstonian Online

Five million internal emails from 2004 through 2011 are currently in the

process of being published on WikiLeaks. But while some of the implications

are serious, I believe others are being overdramatized. What is unusual

about this company is that …


LulzSec frontman Sabu was FBI informant, fed Stratfor docs to Wikileaks from …

Boing Boing

A second document shows that Monsegur – styled this time as CW-1 –

provided an FBI-owned computer to facilitate the release of 5m emails taken

from US security consultancy Stratfor and which are now being published by

WikiLeaks. That suggests the FBI


Recep Tayyip Erdogan dismisses Wikileaks rumours he has only two years to live

Ottawa Citizen

Erdogan rejects rumours spread by e-mails released by WikiLeaks saying he

has only two years to live. ANKARA – Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip

Erdogan on Wednesday dismissed as “impudent” rumours about his health based

on an e-mail released by …


Turkey’s Erdogan Dismisses WikiLeaks Cancer Report


The prime minister of Turkey has dismissed a report released by the

antisecrecy group WikiLeaks suggesting he is suffering from terminal cancer

and has only two years to live. In a speech on March 7 to members of his

ruling Justice and Development …


Was the FBI complicit in Anonymous hacking Stratfor and leaking its emails to …

Death and Taxes

The recent Stratfor hack, however—the documents of which were published

by WikiLeaks—was executed by LulzSec members. The FBI‘s press release

states that in December of 2011 Chicago-based hacker Jeremy Hammond, or

“Anarchaos,” messaged Sabu (Hector …


New controversy over Osama bin Laden’s sea burial

WikiLeaks has released the short emails exchanged within Stratfor on May 2,

the day when then world’s most wanted terrorist was shot dead. Following

bin Laden’s killing, US had said his body was buried at sea in accordance

with Islamic tradition.


‘Osama not buried at sea, flown to US

Bangladesh News 24 hours

In the emails, also shared with WikiLeaks, the firm’s vice president for

intelligence, Fred Burton, says, he doubts the official White House version

of what happened to bin Laden’s body. “Stratfor‘s vice-president for

intelligence, Fred Burton, …


Stratfor email disputes Osama burial’

Indian Express

WikiLeaks has released the emails exchanged within Stratfor on May 2, the

day Osama was killed. Following his death, the US said he was buried at sea

in accordance with Islamic tradition. However, Stratfor‘s vice-president

for intelligence, …


Was Osama bin Laden’s burial a hoax?

Wikileaks recently started posting about five million e-mails stolen from

Stratfor over the past eight years, and among them may have been e-mails

from a Stratfor vice president who contends the CIA flew bin Laden`s body

to the US where it ended up at …,0,3235391.story


Were Osama’s remains cremated in US?

Ceylon Daily News

The new emails that were leaked and posted online by WikiLeaks raise

serious questions as to whether Osama Bin Laden war buried at sea or was he

cremated in the US. The emails were allegedly obtained by the hacker group

Anonymous from Stratfor, …


US-led NATO Troops Operate Inside Syria – Wikileaks

Eurasia Review

A document released by the WikiLeaks whistle-blowing website has revealed

that undercover US-led NATO forces are operating inside Syria against the

Syrian government, Islam Times reported Wednesday, March 7. According to

Al-Manar, WikiLeaks released a …


Osama bin Laden: Anonymous Discover Buried At Sea Hoax?

International Business Times

The deceased al-Qaeda chief was said to be buried in the waters of the

north Arabian sea, but emails leaked by WikiLeaks beg to tell a different

story. According to these emails, bin Laden’s body was sent to Dover, Del.,

and then Maryland for …


Was Osama not buried but body flown to US for cremation?

But in a particular set of emails given to WikiLeaks, the Stratfor‘s vice

president for intelligence, Fred Burton, says he doubts the official White

House version of what happened to Osama’s body. Burton says the body was

“bound for Dover, …


Possible US Involvement in Covert Warfare in Syria

The New American

However, according to documents WikiLeaks has recently released, an

insidious war on the Mideast nation may already have begun, as the Pentagon

is planning to direct terrorist attacks and assassinations inside Syria in

order to overthrow President …


‘McGillLeaks’ website shut down; police investigating

In a kind of WikiLeaks operation, an unidentified person or group put up a

website on the weekend called McGillLeaks that posted confidential

documents from McGill’s Development and Alumni Relations department.

MONTREAL – McGill University has …


Do These Emails Show That Osama Bin Laden’s Body is Actually Buried on U.S. Soil?

… to shout down the lunatics like Alex Jones and Glenn Beck”. Burton

doesn’t think any US agencies will allow that to happen, though. WikiLeaks

began bringing these emails to light when they were successfully retrieved

by a hacker group just last month.


Staff opinion: Hacking and crimes of enlightenment

East Orlando Sun

Precisely what the founder of the website WikiLeaks has done to deserve his

US Department of Justice-sponsored leap from journalism to terrorist is far

from clear. Ask an investigative reporter what they think about Assange’s

organization obtaining and …


Stratfor Emails: Covert Special Ops Inside Syria Since December

by John Glaser, March 07, 2012 Special operations forces from the US and

its allies have been on the ground in Syria since at least December,

according to confidential emails from the private intelligence firm

Stratfor that were released by WikiLeaks.


Watchdog: Mob Ties at Chinese Casinos Owned by US Firms?

ABC News

A new web site that loosely fashions itself after the now famous WikiLeaks

sites is working to shed light on the increasingly profitable operations of

American-owned casinos on the Chinese island of Macau, and is prodding

gaming investigators to also …


Discord Unites Elite Hackers Charged in NY, IL

ABC News

He helped coordinate attacks on credit card companies after they refused to

accept donations to Wikileaks. Then, they said, he added another layer to

the subterfuge by informing on his accomplices after he was caught by the

FBI last spring.


Beware the cost of all this ‘communication’

Chicago Tribune

In fact, the opposite was true: There were too many tweets about Wikileaks,

and they were so constant Twitter started treating Wikileaks as the new

normal. The bottom line is, you can use Twitter to talk obsessively about

Justin Bieber (in 2010, …–tms–ahuffcoltq–m-a20120307mar07,0,2494518.column


Intel group: Israel behind blast in Iranian base last year

The Times of Israel

… were responsible for a devastating blast last November that damaged an

important Iranian military facility, according to an email written by the

head of a leading private American intelligence company that was revealed

Wednesday on Wikileaks.


UN top torture official denounces Bradley Manning’s detention


The Army Private has been detained since May, 2010, on charges that he

leaked classified documents to WikiLeaks, but has not yet been tried.

Yesterday, the UN official overseeing the investigation pronounced that

“Bradley Manning was subjected to cruel …


RedHack to Publish “Policeleaks”


The hackers group now announced to continue publishing the seized data in a

system like “Wikileaks”. The hackers group RedHack announced to publish the

information seized from the databases of POLNET (Police Net) and the Ankara

Police Directorate on a …


Wikileaks document reveals: US-led NATO troops operate inside Syria

By wmw_admin

Western Special Forces teams are reportedly already on the ground in Syria,

involved in reconnaissance missions and training rebel forces.


NAICU – WikiLeaks-like Twitter feed exposes campus secrets

WikiLeaks-like Twitter feed exposes campus secrets. March

7, 2012. St. Louis now has its own version of WikiLeaks, the controversial

site famous for releasing confidential information into the mainstream. But

the St. Louis …


My View On “Stephens: From WikiLeaks to the Killing Fields …

By admin

When the U.S. went into this it was a fact that it would not be a short

term stay. If we leave now, these people will be slaughtered and all those

PEACE lovers.


brian_carnell: RT @wikileaks: Daily Mail issues retraction 10 months …

By Twitter / brian_carnell

brian_carnell: RT @wikileaks: Daily Mail issues retraction 10 months after

falsely claiming Assange “hacked” the US and “got people killed” … Posted on March 7, 2012 by Twitter / brian_carnell.

brian_carnell: RT @wikileaks: Daily …


US lied about Bin Laden’s burial – Wikileaks | Tv9 Online News

By admin

Search for: home | Recent Videos | Top News | TV Shows | Audio Functions &

Events · US lied about Bin Laden’s burial – Wikileaks US lied about Bin

Laden’s bur… © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2011 Web Hosting and Web Design by



Corrections and Clarifications 8 Mar 2012 » Corrections and …

By admin

A column on 12 July suggested that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange had

hacked into the security services and published information which got

people killed. Mr Assange asks us to clarify that Wikileaks does not itself

‘hack’ but provides a …

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