Wikileaks Newslinks 11 March 2012

11 March


“Wikileaks: Secrets and Lies” director Patrick Forbes talks Julian Assange at SXSW


One of the more interesting documentaries to shake up SXSW this year is “Wikileaks: Secrets and Lies,” a film that seeks to set the definitive factual account of Julian Assange and his rise to infamy thanks to Wikileaks. The 76-minute-long documentary …

SXSW Day 1: Texans, new world media and Wikileaks’ doc fill the day

Vancouver Sun (blog)

It was a fascinating documentary entitled Wikileaks: Secrets and Lies. I am

a little embarrassed to say I hadn’t actually planned on seeing this one

and only went in to escape the Vancouver-like deluge that has hammered the



Cables: Chávez betrayed the FARC to appease generals

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez also betrayed the FARC to prevent the

extradition of drug trafficker Walid Makled to the United States, according

to new documents leaked by WikiLeaks. Handout picture released by the

Venezuelan presidency of Venezuelan …


WikiLeaks: A breakdown of Czech sources cited by the US Embassy in Prague

Czech Position

Czech Position analyzed the WikiLeaks documents coming out of the US

embassy in Prague to find out who American diplomats were relying on to

help them understand the intricacies of Czech politics, business and

corruption. The outcome was fairly clear …


Wikileaks Reveals that NATO Troops Operate inside Syria

Center for Research on Globalization

Damascus, Mar 9 (Prensa Latina) Recent revelations by Wikileaks on the

presence of NATO troops in Syria coincide with rumors in journalistic and

academic circles here about the alleged arrests of British and French

agents in the city of Homs.


‘He turned against the very people who trusted him most’ – The story of Sabu …


Some, as the LulzSec name (based on the term LOL or laugh out loud)

suggests, are nothing more than mischief-makers bent on causing mayhem for

the sheer hell of it; others, many of whom hitched their wagon to the

WikiLeaks cause, are more politically …


How the FBI caught LulzSec hacker Sabu, and what that says about the FBI

AMERICAblog (blog)

This mole then worked with the FBI to (among other things) crack into the

email server of a top private security firm, Stratfor, and pass 5 million

emails to Anonymous, who gave them to WikiLeaks for release. (To come up to

speed on that story, …


With arrests, HBGary hack saga finally ends

Ars Technica

Law enforcement agencies around the world wanted to know who was behind the

pro-WikiLeaks attacks—and Aaron Barr thought he knew. It was the perfect

opportunity to get HBGary Federal’s name some high profile press and

reinvigorate the business, …


New tech, old values meet in Sunshine Week

Asheville Citizen-Times

Wikileaks has put tens of thousands of previously unavailable government

documents into the public domain. The Internet is so powerful precisely

because it is so hard to control. There are weaknesses, such as the

reliance on a limited number of …


After the Defeat of SOPA and PIPA – What Was Behind the Internet Censorship …

Socialist Alternative

In 2010, the Justice Department considered using intellectual property laws

to prosecute Julian Assange for releasing copyrighted “trade secrets”

on the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks, (“WikiLeaks Prosecution Studied

by Justice Department,” NY Times …


Valiant Comics unveils complete creator line-up

Digital Spy

A walking WikiLeaks that is a reservoir of dirty secrets that could set the

world on fire. And you’ve just been captured.” Valiant continued with its

Archer & Armstrong solicitation: “Born and raised to be the perfect

assassin, 18-year-old Obadiah …

See all stories on this topic:


Zim’s Saviour an enigma


The opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) has labelled Kasukuwere

a “thug bent on looting”, re-enforcing a view held by US diplomats in

WikiLeaks disclosures, who also said he was a thug, but added he was

“young, smooth and ambitious”.


Information apartheid

Korea Times

For example, the bill’s provisions would permit the state to prosecute

individuals who have downloaded a state secret from WikiLeaks. The bill’s

wording also allows prosecution of civil servants, journalists, and

activists who expose official …


‘The Pure’

Today’s Zaman

Giving details of a top-secret Israeli assassination operation to

WikiLeaks, he makes himself a sworn enemy of Mossad. A mysterious woman

known as Liberty is strangely interested in him and Iran is getting ever

closer to building a nuclear weapon.


Colum Kenny: We need global treaties to match world realities

Irish Independent

Other reported charges against those indicted in New York last week are

more serious, involving the commercial interests of services such as Visa,

MasterCard and PayPal that were allegedly targeted because they refused to

process payments to Wikileaks …


Peter Goodspeed: Military intervention could improve situation in Syria, or …

National Post

Last month, when the WikiLeaks website published some of five million

emails stolen from Stratfor, a Texas-based global intelligence company, one

of the documents was a memo written by an analyst who met with four US,

British and French air force …


Pipeline or pipedream?

The News International

A: Saudi Arabia is Pakistan’s second-largest donor and, according to

WikiLeaks, King Abdullah had urged General Petraeus to “cut off the head

of the snake.” A: In 2008, President Bush signed the US-India Civil

Nuclear legislation into law following …


US lawmaker wants Afghanistan’s Karzai investigated


He cited media reports and Wikileaks cables as sources for his allegations.

The New York Times reported March 7 that Karzai’s brother, Mahmoud Karzai,

received interest-free loans to buy a stake in the Kabul Bank, where the

allegations of financial …


Were Two Prisoners Killed At Guantánamo In 2007 And 2009? – OpEd

Eurasia Review

According to his May 2006 Detainee Assessment (released by WikiLeaks), he

allegedly had “knowledge about, and connections to many high-level

al-Qaida members and operations.” He was also accused of making a film

about the USS Cole bombing, …


Dialogue only way out of Syria’s crisis

Press TV

It seems that they have defied the UNSC already and are taking unilateral

measures such as arming the opposition and logistically supporting armed

groups and even WikiLeaks reports suggested that NATO forces are already on

the ground there.


Hacker attacked abortion website

Yahoo! News UK

Paul The Other One • 16 hours ago This is the type of idiot so admired by

Wikileaks lovers. Stole 10000 personal details because he didn’t agree with

his sister. Hopefully the prat gets a decent sentence for his amazing



Pentagon Prepares War Plans For Syria


However, an email released by WikiLeaks as part of the internal documents

obtained from the private US intelligence firm Stratfor indicates that such

“lethal assistance” has been in place for months. The December 2011

email was from Reva Bhalla, …



The Canberra Times

Wikileaks also weighed in on the breach through its twitter feed, stating

that the hacker group had defaced the site due to ”Australian government

failure to support Australians overseas”. Another user with the handle

@anonopshispano posted ”tango …


Factbox:-Key political risks to watch in Zimbabwe

The Zimbabwe Mail

Pressure for him to retire has been growing especially since reports, based

on a 2008 US diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks, said Mugabe was

suffering from prostate cancer. – Mugabe trying to heal party rifts or

anoint a successor.


WikiLeaks: “STF Murdered Trinco Students” Basil To US | The …

By sanjeewa

WikiLeaks: “STF Murdered Trinco Students” Basil To US. The Colombo

Telegraph found the related leaked cable from the WikiLeaks database. The

cable is classified as “CONFIDENTIAL” and recounts details of a meeting

US Ambassador to …


Wikileaks – Joseph Kony Arrested leaked footage – YouTube

By invisibIechiIdrenlnc

Wikileaks – Joseph Kony Arrested leaked footage joseph kony arrested leaked

live cam footage big richard kony 2012 big tommy parky utubetrollpolice.


Wikileaks Reveals that NATO Troops Operate inside Syria …

By OzHouse Damascus, Mar 9 (Prensa Latina) Recent revelations by

Wikileaks on the presence of NATO troops in Syria coincide with rumors in.


Rogers’ “Cybersecurity” Bill Is Broad Enough to … – WikiLeaks Press

By Irien

Article published by EFF on March 8, 2012 . (Rainey Reitman and Lee Tien)

Congress is doing it again: they’re proposing overbroad regulations that

could have dire consequences for our…


*** Wikileaks / Cyprus EEZ: H Turkey is ready even for a military

The Wikileaks has revealed that Turkey is ready even for a military

confrontation in the Eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus if the extraction of

natural gas from.


Pilger: The dirty war on Wikileaks

By Jim

In this article, from the Guardian, he argues that the real threat of

Wikileaks was not that they would reveal secret military locations, or

contacts, but that they would expose the secret relationship between our

wars, our financial instittuions and …



By Wendy Harmer

As a journalist, I am fascinated by Wikileaks and its enigmatic Australian

founder but as a mother I wonder how I would cope if it were my child under

the spotlight of both the world’s media and the Pentagon. Last week I

interviewed Christine …

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