Occupied Palestine: The Freedom Bus – Ride for Justice!

21 March 2012Freedom Bus

The Freedom Bus – A 9-Day Solidarity Ride Through Occupied Palestine


From Sept 23rd – Oct 1st 2012, people from around the world will take part in a solidarity ride through the West Bank. Interactive performances will give voice to personal stories about popular struggle, political imprisonment, home demolitions, the Separation Wall and daily life under Israeli occupation.

As part of the lead-up to the ride, actors and musicians from the Freedom Bus troupe have been holding Playback Theatre performances in towns, villages, refugee camps and Bedouin encampments since December 2011. Recently, the Freedom Bus troupe also performed in Amman, Jordan, enacting stories from the Arab Spring. The troupe has since been invited to Egypt in late April where they will perform accounts from the revolution in Tahrir Square

Endorsers of the Freedom Bus include Alice Walker, Noam Chomsky, Angela Davis, Judith Butler, John Berger and Mairead Maguire. A range of prominent Palestinian artists, scholars and human rights advocates have also endorsed the ride. For a full list of endorsers, please visit www.freedombus.ps/endorsements

The freedom ride represents the aspirations of the Palestinian people to be freed from an illegal occupation, to exercise rights of self-determination, and to demand justice after decades of oppression. The freedom ride represents as well the freedom of movement and a movement for freedom. Those who ride for and with Palestinians answer the call for global solidarity, and demand a free Palestine. We all must heed that call. – Judith Butler, Author and Philosopher

The Freedom Bus will utilize Playback Theatre as a response to the fundamental human need to share one’s story and have it heard, acknowledged and honored. The use of Playback Theatre will also build solidarity, as members from different West Bank communities join the ride to share stories, knowledge and experiences. Communication between towns, villages, refugee camps, community groups, Bedouin encampments and popular committees will help overcome the social fragmentation and alienation that results from colonization and military occupation. – Faisal Abu Al-Heija, Actor, The Freedom Theatre


Playback Theatre is an interactive theatre approach used in over 50 countries as a tool for community building, public dialogue, trauma recovery, social activism, and popular education. In a Playback event, audience members share thoughts, feelings, memories and autobiographical accounts, and watch as a team of actors and musicians instantly transform these experiences into improvised theatre pieces.

The Freedom Bus ride will take place from September 23rd – October 1st, 2012. During the 9-day ride, 14 communities throughout the West Bank will be visited. Through video link, Palestinians in Gaza and the Diaspora will also participate.

The Freedom Bus is coordinated by The Freedom Theatre, a Palestinian theatre and cultural centre based in Jenin Refugee Camp, occupied Palestine. A range of other Palestinian community based organizations, associations and popular committees are involved in the design, development and delivery of the Freedom Bus project.

Ben Rivers, Communications Director
The Freedom Theatre
Jenin Refugee Camp
Occupied Palestine

The Freedom Bus Website: http://www.freedombus.ps
The Freedom Bus Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/thefreedombus

If you are unable to read this email, please press here.

The Freedom Theater | Office: +970 4 2503345 | Fax: +970 4 2503219

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