VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 3 July 2012: Caught on video: Israeli policeman kicking Palestinian boy

2 July 2012 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Committee of US Presbyterian Church votes to divest from Israel
IMEMC – At its annual assembly in Pittsburgh on Tuesday, the Middle East Committee of the Presbyterian Church USA voted to divest from three companies involved in business with the Israeli military, citing human rights abuses carried out by Israel against the Palestinian people. The measure will now go to the full Assembly for a vote on Thursday. …

Romney to Visit Israel in July
IMEMC – Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney plans to visit Israel later this month and meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Romney is a vocal supporter of Israel and is reported to be on better terms with Netanyahu than current President Barack Obama …

Settler Attack Near Nablus Destroys Olive Trees
IMEMC – Israeli settlers wrecked numerous olive trees in a Nablus village, in the West Bank. …

Army Invades Rafah, Uproots Farmlands
IMEMC – On Tuesday at dawn a number of armored Israeli military vehicles, accompanied by military bulldozers, invaded an area east of Rafah city, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, and bulldozed Palestinian farmlands. …

Soldiers Caught On Tape Abusing Palestinian Child
IMEMC – The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories (B’Tselem) published a video taken by one of its volunteers showing an Israeli officer of the Border Police kicking a Palestinian child while another officer held the child. The attack took place in Hebron, in the southern part of the West Bank. …

Ma’an News

Official: Settlers destroy olive trees in Nablus village
7/3/2012 – NABLUS (Ma’an) — Israeli settlers on Tuesday destroyed dozens of olive trees in a northern West Bank village, a PA official said. Residents of Havat Gilad outpost entered a private field owned by Nayif Raihan, from Tell village south of Nablus, and chopped down 41 trees, Ghassan Daghlas, a PA official monitoring settlement activity….

Locals: Israeli forces erect checkpoint near Jenin
7/3/2012 – JENIN (Ma’an) — Israeli forces put up a checkpoint on Tuesday for the third consecutive day at the entrance to Yabad, a village near Jenin in the northern West Bank, witnesses said. Locals told Ma’an that military patrols were stationed in the area and that Israeli soldiers raided the home of Fares….

Palestinian, 2 Americans briefly detained in Hebron
7/3/2012 – HEBRON — Israeli forces briefly detained three people in the Old City of Hebron on Tuesday during a tour of the city, a relative of one of the detainees told Ma’an. The Palestinian and two Americans were detained on Shuhada Street, which has been off limits to Palestinians since Israeli forces imposed a closure….

Ramallah protests: How the day unfolded
7/3/2012RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — — 22:48 Here ends our account of how the day unfolded in Ramallah, as Palestinians took to the streets to demand a new Palestinian strategy. It was not clear Tuesday if the groups organizing the last three demonstrations had plans for more. One factor will be the outcome of an inquiry….

‘Radioactive element’ on Arafat belongings
7/3/2012 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Items belonging to late president Yasser Arafat were found to have been contaminated by a rare and radioactive element, Al Jazeera reported Tuesday. Arafat, who fell ill while besieged in his compound in Ramallah, eventually passed away in October 2004 in a Paris hospital. Mystery surrounded his cause of death. Now….

Soldiers seize Hebron youth, say he carried knife
7/3/2012 – HEBRON (Ma’an) — Israeli forces detained a youth in Hebron on Tuesday, after they said he was caught carrying a knife. Locals told Ma’an Ameer Zahdeh 21, was seized in Shuhada Street in central Hebron. An Israeli military spokesman said he was caught by soldiers carrying a knife during a routine inspection….

Witnesses: Israel detains man at flying checkpoint
7/3/2012 – QALQILIYA (Ma’an) — Israeli forces on Tuesday detained a 21-year-old man at a flying checkpoint in Qalqiliya in the northern West Bank, witnesses said. Bashar Mahmud Shtewi was detained while trying to cross a temporary checkpoint near Jinsafut village, locals said. Three of Shtewi’s brothers are in Israeli jails for participating….

Press freedom groups blast Palestinian police violence
7/3/2012 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Foreign press freedom groups have joined Palestinian media advocates in condemning two days of violent incidents involving journalists in Ramallah. On Tuesday, the Vienna-based International Press Institute condemned the attacks on at least four journalists covering protests against Palestinian Authority policy in Ramallah.”Journalists must be able to record and report….

Egypt detains 56 African migrants headed to Israel
7/3/2012EL-ARISH, Egypt (Ma’an) — Egyptian border police detained 56 African migrants attempting to enter into Israel on Monday, security sources said. Egyptian officials told Ma’an that 22 Sudanese and 24 Eritrean men were seized in central Sinai, while six Sudanese and four Eritrean men were detained elsewhere in the peninsula, all headed….

In photos: Day 3 of protests in Ramallah
7/3/2012 – MaanImages / Charlotte Alfred – Palestinians take to the streets of central Ramallah for a third day in protest of their government’s negotiations with Israel and police violence against two prior demonstrations, on July 3, 2012. The protest Tuesday ended largely without incident, after police stayed mainly in the background after violently attacking protests on….

Romney to visit Israel in late July, meet with Netanyahu
7/3/2012 – WASHINGTON (Reuters) — Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney will travel to Israel in late July for a meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu aimed at fleshing out his foreign policy credentials. Romney will be overseas in late July to attend the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympic Games in London. His campaign often promotes Romney’….

Gaza ministry: Egypt, Israel reduced fuel deliveries
7/3/2012GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Gaza’s Ministry of Energy said on Tuesday that deliveries of fuel from Qatar had been reduced by Egypt and Israel, the countries through which it is transited. The ministry said in a statement that it is receiving approximately 100,000 liters of fuel per day, while the power station….

UN drugs chief rebukes Iran over ‘anti-Semitic’ speech
7/3/2012 – VIENNA (Reuters) — The UN drugs watchdog chief voiced “dismay and serious concern” in talks with an Iranian envoy on Tuesday over allegations by a senior government official in the Islamic state that Zionists were inciting narcotics trafficking. Yury Fedotov, head of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, called for the meeting with the Iranian….

EU police trainers concerned by Ramallah violence
7/3/2012 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The European Union is concerned by reports that Palestinian police used excessive force against protesters on Saturday and Sunday, an EU security training agency said Tuesday. A spokesman for EUPOL COPPS, an EU mission that has been training Palestinian police since 2006, told Ma’an the European Union was “concerned….

Hundreds protest negotiations in Ramallah
7/3/2012RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Hundreds of protesters demonstrated in Ramallah on Tuesday calling on the Palestinian Authority not to negotiate with Israel. Protesters gathered in Manara square, chanting “The people want to bring down Oslo,” referring to the 1993 agreement that established the PA as a 5-year interim administration to govern until a final….

UN chief pleads for arms pact, Palestinians demand seat
7/3/2012 – UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) — UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon pleaded Tuesday for a binding pact to regulate the more than $60 billion global weapons market, while delegates at a treaty drafting conference worked to defuse a dispute over Palestinian participation.” We do not have a multilateral treaty of global scope dealing with conventional arms,” Ban told delegates….

PLO: Hamas pull-out from voter registration ‘unjustifiable’
7/3/2012RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — PLO officials gathered in Ramallah on Monday evening to discuss Hamas‘ decision to suspend voter registration in the Gaza Strip earlier in the day. Electoral officials were set to start registration on Tuesday, the first time rolls have been updated in Gaza since 2005. The meeting in the West Bank….

Military draft dispute shakes Israel coalition
7/3/2012 – JERUSALEM (Reuters) — A dispute over military draft exemptions exposed cracks in Israel’s ruling coalition on Monday, when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dismissed a panel charged with drafting reforms of the law on the emotive issue. Vice Prime Minister Shaul Mofaz, head of coalition partner Kadima, threatened to end their two-month-old alliance unless Netanyahu….

Dahlan adds support to Ramallah protests
7/3/2012 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Ousted Fatah strongman Muhammad Dahlan on Monday voiced his support to youth protests in Ramallah against Palestinian Authority policies. Dahlan said peace talks with Israel, which first brought Palestinians to the streets on Saturday, simply serve to consume time while Israel continues to confiscate Palestinian land. He said in a statement….

PLO official: Hamas can still reverse voter roll suspension
7/3/2012 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Hamas still has an opportunity to retract its decision to suspend scheduled voter registration in the Gaza Strip, a top PLO official said Tuesday. Officials have not yet contacted Hamas chief Khalid Mashaal or Egyptian mediators for an explanation of Hamas‘ announcement Monday that it was suspending the electoral registration….

Finance minister: PA must delay June salaries
7/3/2012RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Payment of salaries for nearly 200,000 government employees will be delayed a week due to a financial crisis, the minister of finance said Tuesday. Nabil Qasis said the Palestinian Authority could not afford to pay salaries due to the crisis, which he said was the worst in three years, the official….

PA says needs space to complete inquiry into violence
7/3/2012RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — The Palestinian Authority minister of interior said Tuesday that the results of an investigative committee formed by the president to examine violence against protesters over the weekend should be given space to work. Said Abu Ali told journalists who organized a sit-in in front of the ministry Tuesday morning that the….

Israeli firm grows ‘highless’ marijuana
7/3/2012 – SAFED, Israel (Reuters) — They grow in a secret location in northern Israel. A tall fence, security cameras and an armed guard protect them from criminals. A hint of their sweet-scented blossom carries in the air: rows and rows of cannabis plants, as far as the eye can see. It is here, at a medical marijuana….

Fire crews battle Nablus blaze
7/3/2012 – NABLUS (Ma’an) — Firefighters extinguished a huge blaze in Nablus on Tuesday, the civil defense force said. Crews contained the fire in olive groves in Majdal Bani Fadil before it spread to other crops, the force said in a statement….

Syria’s Assad says wishes Turkish jet not downed
7/3/2012 – ISTANBUL (Reuters) — Syrian President Bashar Assad has told a Turkish newspaper he wished Syrian forces had not shot down a Turkish jet last month and that he would not allow the tensions between the two countries to turn into open combat.” We learned that it (the plane) belonged to Turkey after shooting it down. I….

Turkey scrambles jets along Syrian border for third day
7/3/2012 – ANKARA (Reuters) — Turkey’s armed forces command said on Tuesday it had scrambled F-16 fighter jets for a third consecutive day on Monday after Syrian transport helicopters were spotted flying near to the Turkey-Syrian border, but there was no violation of Turkish airspace. It said in a statement a total of six jets….

Fights break out at Syrian opposition meeting in Cairo
7/3/2012 – CAIRO (Reuters) — A meeting of Syria’s splintered opposition in Cairo on Tuesday descended into scuffles and fistfights that will dishearten Western leaders calling for unity against Bashar Assad. A Syrian Kurdish group quit the meeting, sparking mayhem and cries of “scandal, scandal” from some delegates. Women wept as men traded blows, and staff….

Expelled priest turns diplomat for Syrian opposition
7/3/2012 – CAIRO (Reuters) — An Italian priest may seem an unlikely champion of Syrian national unity, yet Paolo Dall’Oglio’s efforts to bridge deep sectarian divisions have gained him a following among a people shattered by conflict. Bashar Assad’s government expelled Dall’Oglio last month, three decades after he revived a….


Arafat’s widow calls to exhume his body
AlJazeera 3 Jul 2012 – A nine-month investigation suggests that the late Palestinian leader may have been poisoned with polonium.

Palestinians stage protests in the West Bank
AlJazeera 3 Jul 2012 – Hundreds demonstrate in Ramallah for the third consecutive day as frustration with the Palestinian Authority grows.

Palestine News Network

Al-Khafash: Prisons’ Administration Reduces the Visit Duration to 30 Minutes
Palestine News Network

Settlers Throw Stones at Palestinian Family, West of Bethlehem
Palestine News Network

The Palestine Brief (8) : Morsi Wins, Gazans Breathe Relief, Israeli Dogs, Criminals Attack Prisoners, Three Palestinian…
Palestine News Network

PA President Abbas Decides Formation of Committee to Investigate Ramallah’s Incidents
Palestine News Network

“Palestinians for Dignity” Calls For Mass Participation in Protest Against Violence, Suppression of Peaceful Demonstrati…
Palestine News Network

Canadian Boat to Gaza Files for Return of Tahrir
Palestine News Network

MADA: Attacks Against Journalists in Ramallah a Flagrant Violation of Palestinian Law
Palestine News Network

IHR Organization Reveals Violations against Children during Investigations
Palestine News Network

Comunità Papa Giovanni XXIII-Condivisione fra i Popoli Launches EU-Funded Summer Camp for School Children in Hebron
Palestine News Network

Palestinian Center for Human Rights

PCHR Strongly Condemns the Use of Force against Peaceful Demonstrations in Ramallah
Palestinian Center for Human Rights 

Alternative Information Center

Israeli Army spies on social protest
Alternative Information Center – Some 10,000 protesters demanding social justice took to the streets of Tel Aviv on Saturday night, one week after a similar rally turned into a clash between protestors and police. Unlike last week’s protests, no major…

The National

Arafat was poisoned by polonium: report
The National 3 Jul 2012 – The analysis reportedly focused on biological samples taken from the late Palestinian leader’s belongings given to his wife Suha by the military hospital in Paris where he died.

Syria, jihad and the boys from Tunisia’s Ben Guerdane
The National 3 Jul 2012 – Young men, radicalised by the Assad regime’s brutality and intent on fighting it, are disappearing from a dusty Tunisian town.

Iran fires ballistic missiles, stoking tensions
The National 3 Jul 2012 – Missile war games hailed as warning to the west as both sides step up bellicose rhetoric.

Syria is running dozens of torture centres: Human Rights Watch
The National 3 Jul 2012 – Captors regularly punch staples into detainees’ skin, tear out fingernails, beat them and administer electric shocks to their genitals and other body parts, a rights group said yesterday.

Syrian army ‘haemorrhaging’ troops to Turkey
The National 4 Jul 2012 – Institution vital to president Bashar Al Assad’s hold on power is being eroded, with another 85 soldiers, including a general, defecting on Monday.

US ‘unlikely to repeat mistake’ of Iran passenger jet shooting
The National 3 Jul 2012 – The incident, which happened 24 years ago today, killed 290 civilians and is regarded as one of the worst military errors in modern history.

Sheikh Abdullah welcomes speech by President Morsi
The National 3 Jul 2012 – Sheikh Abdullah also described the new president of Egypt, Mohammed Morsi, a former Muslim Brotherhood official, as a “capable statesman”.


Kadima ‘rebels’ to vote with opposition
Ha’aretz – 3 Jul 2012

Rabin assassin to be jailed with others for first time since his incarceration
Ha’aretz – 3 Jul 2012

Mini-rebellion erupts in Kadima party as Labor seeks to disperse Knesset
Ha’aretz – 3 Jul 2012

Palestinians vie for voting rights at UN arms trade treaty talks
Ha’aretz – 3 Jul 2012

Report: Arafat was poisoned by radioactive substance
Ha’aretz – 3 Jul 2012

U.S. Presbyterian Church committee votes in favor of Israel divestment resolution
Ha’aretz – 3 Jul 2012

Petition: Tel Aviv municipality using red tape to stifle Israel’s social protest
Ha’aretz – 3 Jul 2012

Israel extends law exempting security forces from documenting investigations of terror suspects
Ha’aretz – 3 Jul 2012

Exhibition presents first-ever photos taken of the Land of Israel
Ha’aretz – 3 Jul 2012

Influence of Israeli Arabs, Haredim on Israeli society spells end of mandatory IDF service
Ha’aretz – 3 Jul 2012

Settlers say they bought outpost land, one year after Palestinian owner’s death
Ha’aretz – 3 Jul 2012

Home of former PM Shamir’s daughter broken into while family attends his funeral
Ha’aretz – 2 Jul 2012

Officials decry plans to merge Israeli TV watchdogs
Ha’aretz – 2 Jul 2012

Hub of Jewish spirituality in Israel to offer BA in mysticism
Ha’aretz – 2 Jul 2012

Netanyahu chose alliance with Haredim over IDF service for all
Ha’aretz – 2 Jul 2012

Israeli-born 6-year-old and Filipino migrant mother to be deported in 20 days, court rules
Ha’aretz – 2 Jul 2012

A double-barreled solution to Iran
Ha’aretz – 2 Jul 2012

Jerusalem Post

Tehran: Syria suffering for supporting Palestinians
Jerusalem Post 3 Jul 2012 – Iranian official accuses US, West of ‘taking revenge’ on Damascus’s support for the Palestinians. 

‘Beirut banks funneling illicit funds for Iran, Hezbollah’
Jerusalem Post 3 Jul 2012 – Investigators claim Hezbollah using Lebanon’s banks in large scale money-laundering scheme; US activists call on firms to dump Lebanese debt, securities. 

Student authority heads slam Ariel boycott calls
Jerusalem Post 3 Jul 2012 – Association heads: “Students are shocked, scared by clear danger being posed to Israel’s democracy and academia.” 

PA incapable of paying June salaries to employees
Jerusalem Post 3 Jul 2012 – Shortfall considered biggest crisis in Palestinian Authority history; payment could be delayed for few weeks. 

The problem with the social justice movement
Jerusalem Post 3 Jul 2012 – The city is home to some 400,000 Israelis. If you vandalize it, it probably means you do not truly love it and appreciate it. 

Analysis: Compromises hardest for haredim
Jerusalem Post 3 Jul 2012Netanyahu is aware that going to an election now when he would be painted as the defender of the haredim would not be smart. 

Obama, come visit!
Jerusalem Post 3 Jul 2012 – Some on the Right have conjectured that Obama is avoiding a visit to Israel because he wants to play down tensions that exist between himself, Netanyahu

Equality or prosperity?
Jerusalem Post 3 Jul 2012 – ‘Inequalities exist in all areas of life… should society restrain them because these inequalities of character or nature create economic inequalities’? 

In My Own Write: Baggage Check
Jerusalem Post 3 Jul 2012 – Why do so many of us get anxious when there’s an empty suitcase to fill? 

US Presbyterian c’tee approves Israel divestment
Jerusalem Post 3 Jul 2012 – Church says Caterpillar, Hewlett-Packard and Motorola Solutions providing services that aid Israel’s occupation of the West Bank. 

The Flip Side: For love or money
Jerusalem Post 3 Jul 2012 – There is nothing intrinsically wrong with lending money with interest just as there is nothing wrong with renting out any of my other belongings. 

Can Netanyahu’s messianism save us?
Jerusalem Post 3 Jul 2012 – It would be comforting to believe that if not for Netanyahu’s persistence on the issue over the years, Western leaders would have come to their own conclusions and taken the lead in stopping Iran as Israel so desires. But this would be an illusion. 

Netanyahu optimistic he can keep coalition together
Jerusalem Post 3 Jul 2012 – Dispute with Kadima over how to equalize the burden of IDF service threatens coalition; Labor submits bill to dissolve Knesset. 

PM skeptical democracy will take hold in ME soon
Jerusalem Post 3 Jul 2012 – Marking July 4, Netanyahu says “short term” democratic prospects in region doubtful but he is hopeful about long term. 

J’lem seeks to stop ‘Palestine’ from attending UN parley
Jerusalem Post 3 Jul 2012 – Israel working with capitals around the world to prevent Palestinians from participating in UN arms treaty conference as full fledged state rather than observer, western diplomatic officials say. 

‘Radioactive substance found on Arafat’s clothing’
Jerusalem Post 3 Jul 2012 – Al Jazeera suggests Palestinian leader may have been poisoned, citing laboratory testing of his personal effects. 

Ramon: Lapid or Livni shoud lead new centrist party
Jerusalem Post 3 Jul 2012 – Former Kadima council chairman says poll must be taken to see see whether public prefers that party be led by Livni or Lapid. 

Peres promises to continue working to free Pollard
Jerusalem Post 3 Jul 2012 – In meeting with Israeli agent’s wife Esther, president says, “I regard this as my obligation both morally, as part of my duty as president.” 

Witness: I gave millions in bribes for Lupolianski
Jerusalem Post 3 Jul 2012 – Holyland trial: Former Jerusalem mayor moved project forward at unprecedented pace after bribes. 

Where is Iran’s Sajil missile?
Jerusalem Post 3 Jul 2012 – Iran’s missile tests display old systems, raising questions about fate of the regime’s most-impressive missile. 

Iran: Missile tests a response to enemies’ threats
Jerusalem Post 3 Jul 2012 – Islamic Republic successfully tests medium-ranged missiles capable of striking Israel. 

‘I would have blown up Knesset if I could have’
Jerusalem Post 3 Jul 2012 – Elhanan Estrovic, the ultra-orthodox man who police suspect was involved in vandalizing Yad Vashem last month, arraigned in court. 

#USelections2012: Both Mitt and Obama care
Jerusalem Post 3 Jul 2012 – This Week: CNN and Fox misfire on the Supreme Court Obamacare ruling; deleted tweets; the Affordable Care Cat debuts. 

What a drag, Israeli firm grows ‘highless’ marijuana
Jerusalem Post 3 Jul 2012 – Marijuana is an illegal drug in Israel. Medicinal use of it was first permitted in 1993, according to the health ministry. 

‘US quietly bolstering presence in Persian Gulf’
Jerusalem Post 3 Jul 2012 – According to ‘New York Times’ report, US sending planes, ships to Gulf in bid to protect Hormuz, reassure Israel over Iranian threat. 

It’s not what you know, but who you know
Jerusalem Post 3 Jul 2012 – Work in Progress: Employment expert Danielle Berkowitz offers her advice on how to navigate the Israeli job market. 

Assad: I wish downed Turkish jet had been Israeli
Jerusalem Post 3 Jul 2012 – In interview with Turkish paper, Assad apologetic over interception of plane, says incident happened in corridor oft used by IAF. 

‘Exclude politics from Nativity Church management’
Jerusalem Post 3 Jul 2012 – Following UNESCO decision, church leaders express hope that traditional guardians of Bethlehem site will preserve their jurisdiction of it. 

Egypt: Women’s groups press Mursi for full rights
Jerusalem Post 3 Jul 2012 – Women’s rights activists call on Egypt’s new leader to appoint female vice president, cabinet members and other officials. 

Activists urge probe on PA’s journalist crackdown
Jerusalem Post 3 Jul 2012 – Security forces’ actions incompatible with both letter and spirit of law, says Palestinian Independent Commission of Human Rights. 

Germany to honor mayor who boycotted country
Jerusalem Post 2 Jul 2012 – Haifa mayor Yahav, who refused to visit as a matter of principle, says his German-Jewish parents would be proud of award. 

Editorial: Historic opportunity
Jerusalem Post 2 Jul 2012 – A historic opportunity seems to be slipping from the government’s hands. 

The Guardian

Caught on video: Israeli policeman kicking Palestinian boy
The Guardian 3 Jul 2012 – Human rights group releases footage taken in week UK lawyers condemned Israel’s treatment of Palestinian children in custody A video showing an Israeli police officer kicking a nine-year-old Palestinian boy has prompted an official investigation. The…

Israeli border police officer kicks Palestinian child – video
The Guardian 3 Jul 2012 – Video filmed by a volunteer from the human rights organisation B’Tselem shows an Israeli policeman kicking a Palestinian child while another officer holds the boy

Netanyahu faces Israel coalition crisis amid row over military service
The Guardian 3 Jul 2012 – Kadima party threatens to quit government after prime minister disbands committee set up to draft reform of conscription law Binyamin Netanyahu‘s recently expanded unity government is facing a crisis and the potential loss of a key…

Inter Press Service

Report Details Widespread Torture in Syrian Jails
IPS Since March 2011, Syrian authorities have subjected tens of thousands of people to torture, rape, sexual abuse and unlawful detention, with some cases of ill treatment leading to death, according to a Human Rights Watch (HRW) report released Tuesday. “I think we’re just scratching the surface,” the deputy director of…


PA repression feeds flames of Palestinian discontent

012 (Warning: Graphic Videos)

The spirit of Ni’lin in the face of apartheid

Striking Back at Drone Attacks

Gaza man who lost his legs cleans cars to support family

Profile of Institutionalized Racism

Challenging the Surveillance State

012 : A Video Roundup

Palestinian Authority loyalists blame “foreign agendas” and “Mossad” for Ramallah protests

The ‘wrong’ protest: Why J14 propagates the political status quo

Daily Star

Oil pipeline sabotage cost Yemen $4 bln: minister
Daily Star 3 Jul 2012 Repeated attacks on pipelines since the start of the uprising that ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh have cost Yemen more than $4 billion in lost revenues since February last year.

Pakistani Taliban threaten to attack NATO supply trucks
Daily Star 3 Jul 2012 The Pakistani Taliban threatened late Tuesday to attack NATO supply trucks and kill its drivers if they tried to resume supplies to troops in Afghanistan, a spokesman said.

Fights break out at Syrian opposition meeting in Cairo
Daily Star 3 Jul 2012 A meeting of Syria’s splintered opposition in Cairo on Tuesday descended into scuffles and fistfights that will dishearten Western leaders calling for unity against Bashar al-Assad.

Iran reports long-range missile launch in exercise
Daily Star 3 Jul 2012 Iran said it test-fired several ballistic missiles, including a long-range variety meant to dissuade an Israeli or U.S. attack, alongside a push by Washington to beef up its military might in the region.

Russia accuses West of distorting Syria deal
Daily Star 3 Jul 2012 Russia accused the West of seeking to “distort” an agreement for a political transition in Syria, after international peace envoy Kofi Annan said a ceasefire was “imperative.”

Yemen air strikes kill four al Qaeda suspects-witnesses
Daily Star 3 Jul 2012 At least four suspected al Qaeda militants were killed in two air strikes, thought to have been carried out by U.S. drones on vehicles travelling in central Yemen on Tuesday.

Stop The Wall

PA repression stokes the fires of Palestinian discontent
Stop The Wall – Jamal Juma’ Ramallah Repression 3 The violent repression of demonstrations in Ramallah on Saturday 30 th June and Sunday 1 st July by Palestinian Authority police demonstrates the increasing unpopularity of the PA‘s commitment to negotiations and normalisation with the Israeli occupation. After 20 years of failed negotiations, it is…

Palestinian Authority police brutality against anti-Mofaz protests
Stop The Wall – Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign Ramallah Repression 1 For two consecutive days, EU and US-trained Palestinian Authority (PA) police and un-uniformed thugs attack Palestinians protesting against the invitation of Israeli war criminal Shaul Mofaz to Ramallah. Saturday 30th June started as a protest against the invitation of Palestinian Authority (PA)…

Play satirizes how aid donors sideline Palestinians (Courtesy of The Electronic Intifada)
Stop The Wall – Michelle Gyeney (The Electronic Intifada) Satire A political talk show sets the stage for House of Yasmine (“Beit Yasmine” in Arabic), a play produced in collaboration between the Ashtar Theatre of Ramallah and the Al-Harah Theatre of Jerusalem . The story unfolds as the play’s characters, led by human rights worker…

YNet News

Car bomb in northern Mexico kills 2, wounds 7
YNet News, 3 Jul 2012 – ….

Borderline clinical obsession with Israel
YNet News, 3 Jul 2012 – Op-ed: Do human rights ‘activists’ really care about Palestinians, or are they just out to demonize Israel? ….

UN chief pleads for arms pact, Palestinians demand seat 
YNet News, 3 Jul 2012 – ….

Palestinians take anti-Oslo protest to Abbas HQ 
YNet News, 3 Jul 2012 – ‘We want your head Mofaz,’ protesters chant in Ramallah following canceled meeting between Israeli vice premier and Palestinian president ….

Fights break out at Syrian opposition meeting in Cairo 
YNet News, 3 Jul 2012 – ….

Iran reports long-range missile launch in exercise
YNet News, 3 Jul 2012 – ….

Peres on Iran: Obama will stand strong as a lion 
YNet News, 3 Jul 2012 – Peres congratulates US on its 236th Independence Day during special reception at ambassador’s residence. PM: I appreciate America’s great sacrifices ….

Peres: Obama to stand strong as a lion against Iran
YNet News, 3 Jul 2012 – ….

Student unions support Ariel university bid
YNet News, 3 Jul 2012 – Debate on whether to grant university status to education center in Ariel heating up. Student unions across Israel sign petition calling to recognize West Bank College ….

Report: Radioactive poison may have killed Arafat
YNet News, 3 Jul 2012 – Eight years after Palestinian leader’s death, Al Jazeera unveils report suggesting he was poisoned with polonium ….

Yachimovich seeks Knesset dissolution
YNet News, 3 Jul 2012 – Labor Party leader revives call for early elections after what she says was ‘useless coalition’s failure to formulate reasonable agreement on Tal Law’ ….

From now on we’re just suckers
YNet News, 3 Jul 2012 – Op-ed: State evicts citizens from their homes and collects taxes, so why can’t it enforce universal IDF recruitment? ….

Students: Netanyahu gave up on soldiers
YNet News, 3 Jul 2012 – National Student Union joins ‘suckers’ campaign for universal draft, slam prime minister for dissolving Plesner Committee ….

‘I wish I could blow up the Knesset’
YNet News, 3 Jul 2012 – Man accused of defacing Yad Vashem tells investigators he’s sorry he didn’t destroy Supreme Court, military bases as well ….

Palestinian Information Center

Is the PA an Israeli protectorate?
PIC – The PA was supposed to be the first step toward the realization of Palestinian statehood. None the less, it now seems that it is the biggest obstacle impeding Palestinian statehood..

Tadamun: IOF troops nabbed 265 Palestinians in June
PIC – Israeli occupation forces (IOF) rounded up 265 Palestinians in various West Bank areas and in Gaza Strip in the past month of June, the Tadamun foundation for human rights said on Tuesday.

Energy authority: Big reduction in fuel supplies to Gaza
PIC – The energy and natural resources authority in Gaza has said that the amount of fuel supplied to Gaza electricity generation station was dramatically slashed recently.

Sabha calls on Egyptian president to open the Rafah crossing around the clock
PIC – Maher Abu Sabha confirmed that the recent increase in travelers’ number passing through Rafah crossing is only to compensate for the border closure during Egyptian presidential election.

Israeli new plan to Judaize Jerusalem
PIC – The Islamic-Christian commission for the support of Jerusalem and holy sites condemned, on Tuesday, the Israeli Judaization plan to establish a military college on 14 dunums on Mount of Zeitoun.

46% of the Palestinian university graduates are unemployed
PIC – Official statistical data showed high rates of unemployment among Palestinian university graduates in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Abu Zuhri: Suspending voter registration temporary
PIC – Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri, a Hamas spokesman, said on Tuesday that suspending work in the voter registration committees in Gaza was “temporaryâ€.

Ahrar center appeals for releasing doctor Amjad Qabha from Israeli jail
PIC – Ahrar center appealed to medical associations and unions of physicians around the world to necessarily intervene to get Palestinian doctor Amjad Qabha released from Israeli jails.

Trade union: 15,000 workmen exposed to daily Israeli abuse at Tayeba crossing
PIC – The struggle of workmen bloc said 15, 000 Palestinian workmen from the northern provinces of the West Bank are exposed daily to different kind of Israeli maltreatment in Tayeba checkpoint in Tulkarem.

Jewish settlers throw rocks at Palestinian family
PIC – Jewish settlers attacked a Palestinian family while tending to their land in Husan village, west of Bethlehem, on Monday evening.


88,000 Students Sat for Secondary Exams “Tawjihi”, says Statistical Bureau
WAFA – 3 Jul 2012

June’s Salaries to Be Delayed, says Minister of Finance
WAFA – 3 Jul 2012

PEX Report: Al-Quds Index Up
WAFA – 3 Jul 2012

Israel Arrests Eight Palestinians in West Bank
WAFA – 3 Jul 2012

Newspapers Review: Hamas Suspending Elections Work Dominates Dailies
WAFA – 3 Jul 2012

Italian NGO Launches EU-Funded Children Camp near Hebron
WAFA – 3 Jul 2012


Opposition Unable to Agree on Vision for Post-Assad Syria
New York Times 3 Jul 2012 – As his government’s human rights record came under renewed criticism on Tuesday, President Bashar al-Assad of Syria sought to ease mounting regional tension, saying his gunners believed the jet was Israeli. 

At Least 50 Killed in Iraq by Bombs and Gunfire
New York Times 3 Jul 2012 – Two of the attacks took place in outdoor food markets, and the variety of methods used has exacerbated a sense of fatalism in the country where there has been an upsurge of violence. 

U.S. Adds Forces in Persian Gulf, a Signal to Iran
New York Times 3 Jul 2012 – The United States’ quiet military buildup in the Strait of Hormuz, in response to Iranian threats to disrupt sea traffic, carries risks of confrontation. 

Iran’s President Says New Sanctions Are Toughest Yet
New York Times 3 Jul 2012 – It was the first acknowledgment by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of the severity of the new sanctions, but he said they would not change Iran’s position in a nuclear dispute. 

Israel Disbands Panel Working on Military Service Rules
New York Times 3 Jul 2012 – In a rift that could threaten Israel’s unity government, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his coalition partner, Shaul Mofaz, disagree on what to do about ultra-Orthodox men who avoid service. 

Israeli Gag Order Lifted on Reporting Arrest of Druze Doctor
Tikun Olam – Yesterday, the Shin Bet lifted the gag order prohibiting reporting on the case of the 38 year-old Druze doctor, Eyad Jamil al-Jawhari.  He’d been arrested on June 28th as he attempted to enter the occupied Golan heights at the Kuneitra border crossing.  His entire family had…

Prominent foodblogger who celebrated Israeli cuisine was hosted by org aimed at turning around country’s image
Mondoweiss – A running story on this site has been the dalliance with Israel of the popular foodblogger David Lebovitz, who lives in Paris. Lebovitz just went to Israel as the guest of a Vibe Israel, a project of Kinetis , a pro-Israel organization, and his food posts exuded…

Et tu Elena– Justice Kagan’s in Israel, celebrating ‘deep commitment to the rule of law’
Mondoweiss – It never ends, does it? A day after Romney said he was going to Israel. From the US Embassy in Tel Aviv: Amb Shapiro just took the stage to welcome guests and special guest Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan Justice Kagan: Israel and America share a…

Islamophobia, Shmislamophobia! 97% of Homeland Security security grants go to Jewish orgs
Mondoweiss – From Haaretz, by Natasha Mozgovaya : U.S. Jewish NGOs to get 97% of Homeland Security’s defense grant in 2012 While the budget has shrunk in recent years, the threat to Jewish institutions has not changed; as a result, Jewish non-profits will receive a record percentage of the…

One state: Israel controls access to water from the river to the sea
Mondoweiss – link to 972mag.com link to 972mag.com link to settlementwatcheastjerusalem.wordpress.com link to 972mag.com link towww.haaretz.com link to www.maannews.net link to www.maannews.net link to www.palestine-info.co.uk link to www.btselem.org link to www.btselem.org link to www.palestine-info.co.uk link to www.maannews.net link to www.palestine-info.co.uk link towww.maannews.net link to www.maannews.net link…

Presbyterian committee passes call for divestment from occupation profiteers
Mondoweiss – Caterpillar bulldozer, occupied territories The Presbyterian committee on the Middle East has voted overwhelmingly in favor of divesting from three companies whose products are used by the Israeli military.  The vote this morning, with 36 in favor, 11 against and 1 abstention, is a boon to…

Exploiting Jewish Fear on Iran 
The Forward Leonard Fein 2 Jul 2012 – 

Jewish Republicans Go to Israel To Campaign 
The Foward Breaking News 3 Jul 2012 – The Republican Jewish Coalition is sending two of its top officials to Israel to rally for expatriate votes. Click here for the rest of the article…

Messianic Group Targets Big City Jews 
The Foward Breaking News 3 Jul 2012 – The Messianic group Israel Restoration Ministries, a California-based group devoted to proselytizing to Jews, has embarked on a summer campaign, the Baltimore Jewish Times reports. Click here for the rest of the article…

Young Judaea Makes Break From Hadassah 
The Foward Breaking News 3 Jul 2012 – Young Judaea is en route to full independence from Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America. Click here for the rest of the article…

Few Jews or Arabs Expect Palestinian State: Poll 
The Foward Breaking News 3 Jul 2012 – A large majority of Israelis and Palestinians do not expect a Palestinian state to be established in the next five years. Click here for the rest of the article…

Presbyterians Move Toward Israel Divestment 
The Forward New 3 Jul 2012 – The Presbyterian church is on the brink of approving a long-debated measure to divest church funds from three companies that do business with Israel. Click here for the rest of the article…

Egypt: Morsy – We Refuse Brutal Repression of Syrian People 
allAfrica.com 3 Jul 2012 – [Egypt Online] Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy reiterated on Monday 2/7/2012 his country’s full support of the Syrians’ struggle for their freedom, urging the Syrian opposition to unite and have a clear vision for the new democratic Syria.

North Africa: Egypt’s Official Middle East and North Africa, the International Federation to Support the Dialogue of Civilizations Between the Young 
allAfrica.com 3 Jul 2012 – [Egypt Online] Office of the International Union decided to support the dialogue of civilizations among the youth of first meeting of Prime Minister Fouad Muradov and choice of Egypt as an administrator for the Middle East and North Africa Union which was formed on the sidelines…

Visiting Teacher from Gaza: Meet Amani Inshasi 
Rachel Corrie Foundation 3 Jul 2012 – Visiting Gazan teacher Amani Inshasi will be in Olympia for just under a week beginning Saturday July 7th. Bridge the gap between our communities and share in this cultural exchange! There are many different opportunities to meet Amani: Embroidery Craft: Circle Flag SATURDAY, JULY 7, 3…

Assad ‘regrets’ downing of plane 
BBC 3 Jul 2012 – Syrian President Bashar al-Assad regrets “100%” that a Turkish F-4 jet was shot down after entering Syrian airspace, he tells a Turkish newspaper.

Syria ‘regime torture widespread’ 
BBC 3 Jul 2012 – A detailed Human Rights Watch report accuses the Syrian government of a state policy of torture which it says amounts to a crime against humanity.

Palestinians protest against PA 
BBC 3 Jul 2012 – Hundreds of people take part in a rally in the West Bank city of Ramallah in protest against the policies of the Palestinian Authority.

Lebanon finds Israeli ‘spyware’ 
BBC 3 Jul 2012 – Israel has destroyed three spying devices discovered by Hezbollah in southern Lebanon on Monday, the Lebanese army says.

Syria: The Regime Still Thinks it Can Win 
Al-Akhbar Opinion 3 Jul 2012US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gestures during a press conference on 30 June 2012 at the United Nations office, in Geneva. (Photo: AFP – Fabrice Coffrini) US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gestures during a press conference on 30 June 2012 at the United Nations…

The Beginning of the End for Abbas 
Al-Akhbar Opinion 3 Jul 2012 – Palestinian demonstrators chant slogans in the West Bank city of Ramallah, on 30 June 2012, during a protest against a planned meeting between Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas and Israel’s vice prime minister Shaul Mofaz. (Photo: AFP – Abbas Momani) Palestinian demonstrators chant slogans in the West…

Homs: Making Sense of the Tragedy 
Al-Akhbar News 3 Jul 2012 – Members of rebel group take position at the frontline as they fight against Syrian Army forces at Hamidiyeh district in the central city of Homs 1 July 2012. (Photo: Reuters – Yazen Homsy) Members of rebel group take position at the frontline as they fight against…

Muthanna Gharaybe: Discovering Jordanian Identity 
Al-Akhbar News 3 Jul 2012 – Gharaybe has been a supporter of Palestine since his childhood. His father, born in the rural area of Irbid, is a retired military man who had fought in Palestine. His mother is a teacher who was born in the town of Arraba, near the city of…

Umm Fagarah: Life in the Line of Fire 
Al-Akhbar News 3 Jul 2012 – Photo Blog by Eloise Bollack In the peaceful landscape of the South Hebron Hills, the occupation of the land is a daily struggle. Whilst life seems to be quiet and smooth; the Palestinian communities often have to forget their basic daily life problems to focus on…

Iran in Beirut: A Cultural Summer Storm 
Al-Akhbar News 3 Jul 2012 – Roohafza ensemble was created in 1998 by Aliasghar Rahimi (C) who brought together some of the most prominent tanbur players (the oldest Persian string instrument) in the city of Isfahan. Roohafza ensemble was created in 1998 by Aliasghar Rahimi (C) who brought together some of the…

Iraqi Kurds to sell gas directly to Turkey 
Al-Akhbar News 3 Jul 2012 – Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdish region may begin selling natural gas directly to Turkey within two years, its energy minister said on Tuesday, a move likely to anger the central government and further strain Baghdad’s ties with Ankara. The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in the north of the…

Libya Elections: Mystery Funding Holds Much Sway 
Al-Akhbar News 3 Jul 2012 – A Libyan man living in Jordan shows his right index finger stained with blue ink after casting his vote at a polling station in Amman 3 July 2012. (Photo: Reuters – Ali Jarekji) A Libyan man living in Jordan shows his right index finger stained with…

Palestinians in Lebanon: No Resting in Peace 
Al-Akhbar Series and Features 2 Jul 2012 – Temporary solutions such as burying “relatives on top of each other” are no longer feasible. The cemetery can no longer receive any more dead people. (Photo: Haitham Moussawi) Temporary solutions such as burying “relatives on top of each other” are no longer feasible. The cemetery can…

Oil in the Mediterranean: First Come, First Served 
Al-Akhbar Politics 3 Jul 2012 – Lebanon stands to lose with the Cypriot-Israeli agreement and US interference over determining the geographical criterion for the designation of its maritime boundaries. For one thing, this entails lost oil and gas resources. (Photo: Haitham Moussawi) Lebanon stands to lose with the Cypriot-Israeli agreement and US

Egypt: Keeping Tabs on Mursi’s Promises 
Al-Akhbar Politics 2 Jul 2012 – Egypt’s first Islamist president Mohamed Mursi during his meeting with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu at the presidential palace in Cairo 2 July 2012. (Photo: Reuters – Amr Abdallah Dalsh) Egypt’s first Islamist president Mohamed Mursi during his meeting with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu at…

Yitzak Shamir: An Ideology of Violence 
Al-Akhbar Politics 2 Jul 2012 – A man holds a portrait of former Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Shamir as his body lies in state at the Knesset (Israel’s parliament) in Jerusalem on 2 July 2012. (Photo: AFP – Gali Tibbon) A man holds a portrait of former Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Shamir…


Those Damn Palestinians 
Sam Bahour, Arabic Media Internet Network (AMIN) 7/1/2012
      Those damn Palestinians. They refuse to sit still. They just don’t get it. They are unable to fathom their reality. The more outrageous their situation becomes, the more human they become. When all the powers-to-be thought that they had sufficiently battered (or bought) Palestinians into full political submission, Palestinians embarked on yet another act of terrorism—the terror of dance, music, song, and cultural celebration.
     This is not just any act of humanity; it is one of global dimensions. The world had better take note.
     To begin with, Israel dispossessed Palestinians of 78% of their homeland and created the world’s largest refugee population. Any Palestinian who remained in Israel was involuntarily made an Israeli citizen and the state created a system of structural discrimination, much worse than that against black South Africans before the end of Apartheid.
     As if that was not enough, Israel militarily occupied the remaining 22% of Palestine and subjugated the rest of the Palestinians – those in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip – to a state of prolonged disenfranchisement. As if that was not enough, Israel then embarked on an aggressive illegal settlement enterprise, one that now numbers over 500,000 Jewish-only settlers scattered throughout the militarily occupied territory.
     And to add insult to injury, 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza were besieged and made to live as if in the Dark Ages. Palestinian homes in Gaza, Jerusalem and the West Bank are regularly demolished; Palestinians are imprisoned administratively without charge; Palestinian economic resources are micro-managed by Israel; an illegal Separation Wall, higher and longer than the infamous Berlin Wall, was built on occupied lands; and the list goes on and on. more.. e-mail

PA repression feeds flames of Palestinian discontent 
Jamal Juma, Electronic Intifada 7/3/2012
      The violent repression of demonstrations in Ramallah on Saturday, 30 June and Sunday, 1 July by Palestinian Authority police demonstrates the increasing unpopularity of the PA’s commitment to negotiations and normalization with the Israeli occupation.
     After twenty years of failed negotiations, it is impossible to explain the rationale of talks while Israel accelerates the ethnic cleansing of Area C — 60 percent of the West Bank under total Israeli control — and settlement construction matched with the destruction of Palestinian homes and revocation of residency rights in Jerusalem.
     Initially called by the civil society network Palestinians for Dignity, the 30 June demonstration was to protest the decision of Mahmoud Abbas, the PA president, to invite the ex-Israeli “defense” minister and chief of staff of the Israeli occupation forces, Shaul Mofaz, to Ramallah. Given Mofaz’s command of the Israeli occupation forces, and later the Israeli Ministry of “Defense” during the second intifada, he carries direct responsibility for numerous massacres and kidnappings, amongst the most notorious the use of bulldozers to destroy houses in the Jenin refugee camp in 2003, killing the residents inside. War criminal welcomed by PA
     The PA postponed the meeting in the last minute due to intense pressure from youth movements, political parties and from within the Fatah movement — and this undercut once again a much wider mass mobilization against the occupation. Yet the youth protests went ahead as scheduled.
     The purpose was to underline the disgust that was felt in the Palestinian street about the initial invitation, particularly in light of the fact that war crimes arrest warrants have been issued against Mofaz in other countries, yet he is welcomed to Ramallah by the PA….more.. e-mail

Tel Aviv shocked by robust response 
Saleh Al-Naami, Al-Ahram Weekly 6/28/2012
      Israeli decision-makers are reportedly taken aback that Hamas responded this week with such force to its attacks on smaller Palestinian resistance groups.
     Ismail Hawash no longer uses the winding road shortcut from his home in Al-Qararah village to work in Khan Younis in southern Gaza. The traffic on this road has become too dangerous because it is a region on the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel, which Israeli tanks are heavily shelling whenever there is more escalation by Israel. This is especially true during the most recent confrontation that ended mid-week. Although a new truce was announced between Israel and resistance groups, Hawash and his neighbours avoid using this road and instead are forced to walk on a rugged dirt track to reach their work.
     The recent escalation during one week killed 16 Palestinians, including four children, and injured dozens. Meanwhile, one Israeli soldier and eight settlers were injured. Escalation began when the army carried out air raids on several regions in the Gaza Strip and assassinations of some resistance figures in response to two men who infiltrated the border into Israel from a location near the triangle between Gaza, Egypt and Israel. The operation killed one Israeli soldier and injured another.
     A feature of the latest escalation is that the Ezzeddin Al-Qassam Brigades — the military wing of Hamas — are active in responding to Israel’s air raids, which took Israeli decision-makers by surprise. The Brigades announced that it launched 130 rockets at Israeli military bases that are located near the Gaza Strip. According to Roni Daniel, a military commentator for Israeli Channel 2, it came as a surprise to both political circles as well as the Joint Chiefs of Staff that the Brigades responded in such an escalated manner. “Decision making circles in Tel Aviv assumed that Hamas would not take any action that would cause Israel to deliver a strong blow to its rule, and therefore [Hamas] would not respond to attacks by Israel that targeted other factions,” reported Daniel. more.. e-mail

PA repression feeds flames of Palestinian discontent
Electronic Intifada: 3 Jul 2012 – Jamal Juma’ 3 July 2012 Saturday and Sunday’s brutally repressed protests in Ramallah sent a clear message tot he PA that normalization with the occupation would be met with mass mobilization.more

A Post ‘Arab Spring’ Palestine
Palestine Chronicle: 3 Jul 2012 – By Ramzy Baroud ‘Will the Arab Spring serve the cause of Palestine?’ is a question that has been repeatedly asked, in various ways, over the last year and a half. Many media discussions have been formulated around this very inquiry, although the answer is far from a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ Why should the question be asked in the first place? Hasn’t the Arab link to the Palestinian struggle been consistently strong, regardless of the prevalent form of government in any single Arab country? Rhetorically, at least, the Arab bond to Palestine remained incessantly strong at every significant historical turn. True, disparity between rhetoric and reality are as old as the Arab-Israeli conflict. But the relatively small divide between words and actions widened enormously following the Arab defeat in the 1967 war, which cemented US-Israeli ties like never before. The war brought an end to the dilemma of independent Palestinian…more

The Longest War: Overcoming Lies and Indifference
Palestine Chronicle: 3 Jul 2012 – By Kathy Kelly In April of 2003, I returned from Iraq after having lived there during the U.S. Shock and Awe bombing and the initial weeks of the invasion. Before the bombing I had traveled to Iraq about two dozen times and had helped organize 70 trips to Iraq, aiming to cast light on a brutal sanctions regime, with the “Voices in the Wilderness” campaign. As the bombing had approached, we had given our all to helping organize a remarkable worldwide peace movement effort, one which may have come closer than any before it to stopping a war before it started. But, just as, before the war, we’d failed to lift the vicious and lethally punitive economic sanctions against Iraq, we also failed to stop the war, and the devastating civil war that it created. So it was April and I’d returned home, devastated at our failure. My mother possessed…more

West Bank: The Dog Routine
Palestine Chronicle: 3 Jul 2012 – By Tamar Fleishman Testimony num. 1: • ‘Had it not been a security matter and a humanitarian one, we wouldn’t be doing it!’ said Gidi who was training a dog trainer who was training the dog, using a Palestinian vehicle that was hunted down arbitrarily. -From the back, from the front and inside. Once the mission was completed Gidi found the time to tell us that the preliminary training of the dogs is performed at the base. “This over here is like school for them”, he added and amplified on matters regarding state security, while ignoring the question posed: if it were necessary to use vehicles when training the dogs, then why didn’t they train them using settlers’ cars at Givat Zeev which is closer to their base. Testimony num. 2: • In front of the post the soldiers detained a Palestinian vehicle. The three passengers were taken out, their…more

Whose Egypt is It Anyway?
Palestine Chronicle: 3 Jul 2012 – By Deepak Tripathi After a tantalizing delay, Egypt’s military authorities accepted the inevitable. Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood was declared elected as president a week ago and took the oath of office on Saturday (June 30, 2012). A development of such magnitude was unthinkable before Hosni Mubarak surrendered power to the military in February 2011 amid a massive popular uprising against his regime. For nearly 60 years since the 1952 Egyptian revolution, the Muslim Brotherhood had been the main source of opposition to the ruling establishment. The prospect of the Brotherhood’s candidate being allowed to stand, let alone freely campaign, for the presidency had looked remote. That the Islamist movement has survived despite long state repression, and its own internal conflicts, will be seen as a remarkable feat. Since the Brotherhood’s founding by Hassan al-Banna in 1928, when Egypt was under British rule, the movement’s anti-Western ideology and commitment…more

Hamas and Jordan: Winds of Change, Uncertainty
Palestine Chronicle: 3 Jul 2012 – By Ramzy Baroud The official Jordanian media has described a recent meeting between King Abdullah of Jordan and exiled Hamas leader, Khalid Mesha’al, as if it were a routine exchange of ideas. But neither Petra, Jordan’s news agency, nor Hamas officials could hide the fact that the meeting had everything to do with the regional struggle in Syria. The meeting in Jordan was the second since January. The January meeting happened nearly 13 years after Mesha’al and other Hamas leaders were expelled from the country for alleged “illicit and harmful” activities. The coded language had then signalled that the king was reaching the height of his dominance. Hamas — being a cause of friction with the US and Israel and also the Palestinian National Authority in Ramallah — did not matter much to him then. But things have noticeably changed since then. The transformation is so significant that it is…more

A Post “Arab Spring” Palestine
Dissident Voice: 3 Jul 2012 – “Will the Arab Spring serve the cause of Palestine?” is a question that has been repeatedly asked, in various ways, over the last year and a half. Many media discussions have been formulated around this very inquiry, although the answer is far from a simple “yes” or “no.” Why should the question be asked in the first place? Hasn’t the Arab link to the Palestinian struggle been consistently strong, regardless of the prevalent form of government in any single Arab country? Rhetorically, at least, the Arab bond to Palestine remained incessantly strong at every significant historical turn. True, disparity between rhetoric and reality are as old as the Arab-Israeli conflict. But the relatively small divide between words and actions widened enormously following the Arab defeat in the 1967 war, which cemented US-Israeli ties like never before. The war brought an end to the dilemma of independent Palestinian action. It shifted…more

Migrant Nightmares: Ethiopian Domestic Workers in the Gulf
Dissident Voice: 3 Jul 2012 – Employment opportunities in Ethiopia are scarce, particularly for young women with only a basic education from rural areas where 85% of the population live. Many travel to the towns and cities in search of work, only to discover a barren job scene. The World Bank puts unemployment at 20.5% with a quarter of all 15-24 year olds being out of work.  Unable to find anything in Ethiopia, some venture further afield to the Gulf States. Women that head to the Gulf are overwhelmingly single, between 20 and 30 years of age, and according to the Ministry of Labour and Special Affairs (MOLSA) 70% are Muslim.  Almost a quarter cannot read or write. The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) in its 2011 report on Ethiopia documents a “huge increase in migration in and from Ethiopia, in particular by the youth,” — under 20’s make up 50% of the 85 million population….more

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