12 October 2012 — Housmans Books

The following list includes some of the most popular books from our online shop in 2012, and also has details of this year’s Peace Diary. Our online shop is fully stocked, so if it’s in print you should be able to find it there.

Thank you for supporting Housmans, it means everything to us. At this time of year many people shop via Amazon, however there are many reasons not to give them your money – if you are unfamiliar with their working practices please read the following: What is wrong with using Amazon?

013 with World Peace Directory

Every year we publish the world-renowned Housmans Peace Diary. This is our 60th, Diamond Jubilee, edition! It includes a World Peace Directory listing more than 1500 national and international peace, environment and human rights organisations from around the world. It also has special features looking at inspiring examples of nonviolent resistance to war and oppression.

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by Owen Jones

A compelling investigation into the myth and reality of working-class life in contemporary Britain.

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‘What We Are Fighting For: A Radical Collective Manifesto’ by Federico Campagna and Emanuele Campiglio

The first radical, collective manifesto of the new decade, it brings together some of the key theorists and activists from the new networked and creative social movements. Contributors include Owen Jones, David Graeber, John Holloway, Nina Power, Mark Fisher, Franco Berardi Bifo and Marina Sitrin.

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‘The Year of Dreaming Dangerously’ by Slavoj Zizek

Zizek makes the case that the events of 2011 augur a new political reality.

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‘Debt: the first 5,000 years’

by David Graeber

A myth-busting account of the role of debt in human history, and the relationship between debt and social unrest, from antiquity to present day. Winner of the Bread and Roses Award for Radical Publishing 2012.

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‘Why It’s Kicking Off Everywhere’

by Paul Mason

An incisive, grassroots analysis of the new global revolutions by acclaimed BBC journalist Paul Mason.

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‘People’s History of London

by Lindsey German and John Rees

A look at London as a global city of revolutionaries and radicals in exile in a new history-from-below.

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Mark Thomas presents the People’s Manifesto’

by Mark Thomas

A collection of 50 policy suggestions that Mark Thomas collected from people around the country, with his own commentary opposite.

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‘Rebel Cities’

by David Harvey

Placing the city at the centre of capital and class struggles, a manifesto on the urban commons from the acclaimed theorist.

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‘Reclaiming The F Word’

By Kristin Aune

From cosmetic surgery to celebrity culture and girl power to globalization, from rape to religion and sex to singleness, this book reveals the seven vital issues at stake for feminists, unveils the beginnings of a fresh and diverse wave of feminism, and calls a new generation back to action.

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‘How the World Works’

by Noam Chomsky

A collection of speeches and interviews with Noam Chomsky on the realities of contemporary geopolitics.

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‘The Activists’ Handbook’

by Aidan Ricketts

Environmental activist Aidan Ricketts provides a step-to-step guide for citizens eager to start or get involved in grass-roots activist movements.

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‘Street of Tall People’

by Alan Gibbons

Set in the East End of London in 1936, the story of an unlikely friendship between a Jewish and a Gentile boy during the upsurge of fascist violence led by Oswald Mosley and his Blackshirts. A novel aimed at teen readers.

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‘Magical Marxism’

by Andy Merrifield

A call to move beyond traditional debates about class, the role of the state, and the dictatorship of the proletariat—breathing new life into the Marxist tradition. Shortlisted for the Bread and Roses Award for Radical Publishing 2012.

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Savage Messiah

By Laura Oldfield Ford

Savage Messiah collects together the entire set of Laura Oldfield Ford’s fanzine to date. Part graphic novel, part artwork, the book is both an angry polemic against the marginalization of the city’s working class and an exploration of the cracks that open up in urban space.

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‘Extreme Rambling’

by Mark Thomas

A first-hand account of the author’s walk along the most iconic barricade since the Berlin wall: the Israeli barrier.

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‘One Dimensional Woman’

by Nina Power

This short book is partly an attack on the apparent abdication of any systematic political thought on the part of today’s positive, up-beat feminists. It suggests alternative ways of thinking about transformations in work, sexuality and culture that, while seemingly far-fetched in the current ideological climate, may provide more serious material for future feminism.

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by Tim Gee

An investigation of ‘counterpower’—the power that ‘have-nots’ can use to remove the power of the ‘haves’—in social and political struggles over the last century. Shortlisted for the Bread and Roses Award for Radical Publishing 2012.

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‘Poor Economics’

by Abhijit Banrjee and Esther Duflo

A fresh look at the behaviour of people living poverty, their needs, and the way that aid or financial investment can affect their lives.

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‘The Revenge of History: The Battle for the Twenty First Century’

by Seumas Milne

One of Britain’s foremost political writers confronts ten years of murderous delusion.

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‘Leila Khaled’

by Sarah Irving

A gripping biography of the legendary Palestinian resistance fighter—from refugee camp to international infamy.

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‘From Dictatorship To Democracy’ by Gene Sharp

This ‘how-to’ guide to nonviolently overthrow dictatorships travelled as a photocopied pamphlet from Burma to Indonesia, Serbia and most recently Egypt, Tunisia and Syria, with dissent in China also reported.
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‘Sharp’s Dictionary Of Power And Struggle’ by Gene Sharp

Groundbreaking book by the “godfather of nonviolent resistance.” In nearly 1,000 entries, the Dictionary defines those ideologies, political systems, strategies, methods, and concepts that form the core of nonviolent action as it has occurred throughout history and across the globe.

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‘The Art Of Punk’ 
by Dennis Loren

This is the first ever comprehensive review of punk art/design ever published.

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‘Riot City: Protest and Rebellion in the Capital’
 by Clive Bloom

The follow up to ‘Violent London’ deals in detail with the story behind the 2010 and 2011 riots both from the perspective of the protesters, rioters and from the point of view of the police and government. Bloom uses reportage, parliamentary, police and security briefings, as well as the voices and theory of modern protest, to tell the story.

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by Noam Chomsky

Chomsky‘s latest thinking on the central issues, questions and demands that are driving ordinary people to protest under the Occupy banner. How did we get to this point? How are the wealthiest 1% influencing the lives of the other 99%? How can we separate money from politics? What would a genuinely democratic election look like? How can we redefine basic concepts like ‘growth’ to increase equality and quality of life for all?

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