Gaza News Coverage 16 November 2012

16 November 2012 Countercurrents

Day Two Of Israeli Assault On Gaza: At Least 15 Killed Including 4 Children, Over 150 Injured; 3 Israelis Killed Near Ashkelon
By Alex Kane & Adam Horowitz
Medics say 15 have died and 150 were injured in the 24 hours since Israel began a major escalation in the Gaza Strip and assassinated a senior Hamas military commander. Three Israelis were killed when a rocket hit their home in Kiryat Malakhi, a town about 10 miles from Ashkelon

Israel Masses Troops On Gaza Border As Bombardment Intensifies 
By Bill Van Auken
Israeli warplanes carried out hundreds of air strikes against the densely populated Gaza Strip Thursday as Israel mobilized troops on the Palestinian territory’s border

‘Washington Post’ Prints False Narrative Of How Gaza Escalation Started 
By Alex Kane
Following a two-week lull in violence, on November 8 Israeli soldiers invade Gaza. In the resulting exchange of gunfire with Palestinian fighters, a 12-year-old boy is killed by an Israeli bullet while he plays soccer. Shortly afterwards, Palestinian fighters blow up a tunnel along the GazaIsrael frontier, injuring one Israeli soldier

Excuse Me While I Vomit 
By Alan Hart
I imagine I am not the only one who feels the need to vomit (dictionary definition – “to throw up the contents of the stomach through the mouth”) when Israel’s Goebbels justifies the Zionist state’s ferocious and monstrously disproportionate attacks by air and sea on the Israeli-blockaded Gaza Strip, the prison camp which is home to 1.5 million besieged and mainly impoverished Palestinians

Inciting War Crimes: Israel Minister Says Force 
Gaza Population Into Egypt, Cut Off Water, Electricity

By Ali Abunimah
An Israeli minister has called for the army to bomb Gaza until the population flees en masse into Egypt’s Sinai peninsula, and for water and electricity supplies to be cut, a clear case of incitement to war crimes

In Gaza, My Son Asks, What Do The Israelis Want From Us? 
By Rami Almeghari
“What do they want from us? What do they want from us?” — this is the question posed to me by my son Munir who is now 13 years old. I had just returned from touring nearby towns here in Gaza out of journalistic duty on the second day of Israel’s massive military attacks

Family Mourns Gaza Boy Shot By Israeli Forces While Playing Football 
By Rami Almeghari
Thirteen-year-old Muhammad Abu Daqqa vividly recalls the moment his friend and cousin Ahmad Abu Daqqa was killed outside his southeast Gaza home while they were playing football last Thursday afternoon

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