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25 November 2012 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Three Injured By Israeli Fire In Khan Younis
IMEMC – Palestinian medical sources reported that three Palestinians have been injured, on Sunday evening, after Israeli soldiers, stationed across the border, opened fire at them in Al-Faraheen area, east of Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. …

Ma’an News

Medics: Man injured by Israeli gunfire in Gaza
11/25/2012GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Israeli forces opened fire at a group of Palestinians in Gaza on Sunday, lightly injuring one man, a Gaza medical official said. Ashraf al-Qidra told Ma’an that soldiers opened fire at a group of farmers east of Khan Younis, south Gaza. One man received light head injuries in….

Israeli forces detain 4 in south West Bank
11/25/2012 – HEBRON (Ma’an) — Israeli forces detained four Palestinians in the southern West Bank early Sunday, locals told Ma’an. Diaa Ghaleb Samamreh, and Issa Ahmad Issa Samamreh were detained in south Hebron town al-Dhahiriya, residents said. Ismail Amro was arrested in nearby Dura, and Issa Khalil Abdullah Zein was seized in Yatta, they….

‘Price tag Gaza’ sprayed on vandalized car in Jerusalem
11/25/2012 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Vandals slashed the tires of several cars in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Shufat on Sunday morning, spraying one with the slogan ‘Price tag – Gaza’, Israeli police said. Police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld said the force had opened an investigation. ‘Price tag’ is the slogan used by right-wing….

Israel says successfully tests more powerful rocket interceptor
11/25/2012 – JERUSALEM (Reuters) — A new Israeli air shield against rockets more powerful than those intercepted by Iron Dome in the Gaza conflict passed its first field test last week after being rushed through development, officials said on Sunday. They said that David’s Sling, billed as Israel’s answer to the longer-range missiles of….

Report: Israel army reveals elite unit survived rocket attack
11/25/2012TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma’an) — Israel’s army revealed on Sunday that a building housing elite soldiers preparing for a possible ground invasion was struck by a rocket last Tuesday, Hebrew daily Maariv reported. One soldier was injured in the incident, which Israel’s army cleared for publication over the weekend, and….

Palestinians in Europe urge Ashton to condemn Israeli bombing
11/25/2012 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — A coalition of Palestinians living in Europe wrote to the EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton on Saturday urging her to take a stronger stance condemning Israel’s bombing of the Gaza Strip last week.” To react to the onslaught by asking Israel to make sure that it does all….

What did Israel gain by its Gaza war?
11/25/2012 – By Ziad Khalil Abu Zayyad – On Nov. 14, the Israeli government, led by Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his minister of defense Ehud Barak, declared the beginning of its “Pillar of Cloud” operation in Gaza. At the time, several goals were declared; bringing back Israel’s deterrence power, destroying the Palestinian movements’….

Gaza crossing open for aid delivery
11/25/2012GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Israeli authorities partially opened the sole commercial crossing into the Gaza Strip on Sunday, a Palestinian official said. Crossings official Raed Fattouh said 150 aid trucks, including medical, commercial and agricultural goods, are expected to enter the Gaza Strip via the Kerem Shalom crossing. The terminal was closed for much….

Hezbollah threatens rocket barrage if Israel attacks Lebanon
11/25/2012 – BEIRUT (Reuters) — Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah warned Israel on Sunday that thousands of rockets would rain down on Tel Aviv and other Israeli cities if Israel attacked Lebanon. In a speech marking the Shiite Muslim festival of Ashura, Nasrallah said Hezbollah‘s response to any attack would dwarf the attacks from Gaza during….

Abbas says determined to pursue UN bid
11/25/2012 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — President Abbas reiterated on Sunday that he is determined pursue a UN bid to upgrade Palestine’s status at the international body. Abbas made the remarks while addressing a pro UN-bid rally outside the presidential compound in Ramallah.” Today, the UN, and tomorrow we will achieve another right which is…. Related: Teachers union to suspend classes for UN bid

PA official: Sri Lanka stages anti-Gaza war demo
11/25/2012 – COLOMBO (Ma’an) — Hundreds of people staged a demonstration in Sri Lanka on Friday to show solidarity with the people of Gaza, a Palestinian Authority diplomat said. Anwar al-Agha, PA ambassador to Sri Lanka and the Republic of Maldives, told Ma’an Sunday that demonstrators had gathered in front of a municipality building….

UK calls for US focus on two-state solution
11/25/2012 – LONDON (Reuters) — British Foreign Secretary William Hague on Sunday urged the United States to take a more active role in seeking a lasting settlement between Israelis and Palestinians, warning of a “final chance” for a two-state solution. Eight days of fighting between Israel and Palestinians in the Hamas-ruled enclave of Gaza diverted US President Barack…. Related:Israel ‘disappointed’ with US stance on UN bid

Teachers union to suspend classes for UN bid
11/25/2012 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The teachers union in the West Bank will suspend classes on Nov. 29 as part of activities to support the UN bid for non-member status, a union official said Sunday. Muhammad Suwwan, the union’s secretary-general, told Ma’an that classes will be suspended after the third period in…. Related: Abbas says determined to pursue UN bid

Official: Party conference in 2013 to reboot Fatah
11/25/2012 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — President Mahmoud Abbas‘ Fatah party will hold a general conference in the first half of 2013 in order to revitalize the movement, a senior official said Sunday. Fatah is reeling from Israel’s eight-day war on Gaza, which was seen locally as victory for Hamas and other factions using….

PLO reform committee ‘to meet after UN bid’
11/25/2012GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — President Mahmoud Abbas is expected to call a meeting of the PLO reform committee in Cairo after returning from the UN General Assembly this week, a political official said. The meeting will discuss next steps after the vote on upgrading Palestine’s UN membership on Nov. 29, DFLP leader….

Hamas grants amnesty in reconciliation gesture
11/25/2012GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — The Hamas government in the Gaza Strip on Sunday indicated they would free prisoners affiliated to their West Bank rivals Fatah, giving further momentum to reconciliation efforts since the Israeli war on the coastal enclave. Government spokesman Taher al-Nunu said the government would grant an amnesty to all suspects and…. Related:Palestinian Authority to ‘release Hamas detainees’

Mashaal ‘to visit Gaza in December’
11/25/2012GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Exiled Hamas chief Khalid Mashaal plans to visit the Gaza Strip for the first time next month, informed sources told Ma’an on Sunday. Mashaal hopes to attend the 25th anniversary celebrations of the Islamist movement in Gaza. Ahmad Yousef, a former adviser to Hamas prime minister Ismail Haniyeh….

Fatah delegation arrives at Rafah en-route to Gaza
11/25/2012GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — A Fatah delegation en-route to Gaza arrived at Rafah crossing on Sunday as part of a visit to show solidarity with the Gazan people, a Fatah official said. Amin Maqboul, who heads the delegation from Fatah’s revolutionary council, told Ma’an that the group is scheduled to….

Palestinian Authority to ‘release Hamas detainees’
11/25/2012 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The Palestinian Authority will release Hamas-affiliated detainees as a goodwill gesture to boost reconciliation efforts, a PLO official said Sunday, after Hamas announced similar measures earlier. Nabil Shaath told Ma’an that preparations will begin in the coming days to release dozens of Hamas prisoners held for political reasons, adding…. Related: Hamas grants amnesty in reconciliation gesture

Suspected militants bomb security bases in Egypt’s Sinai
11/25/2012 – ISMAILIA, Egypt (Reuters) — Militants bombed security bases being built in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, injuring three people, authorities said, as the state tries to reassert control over territory that slipped from its grip after the uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak. A massive explosion partly destroyed the wall of a security base being built for….

Egypt stocks plunge after Mursi power grab
11/25/2012 – CAIRO (Reuters) — Egypt’s stock market plunged on Sunday in its first day open since President Muhammad Mursi seizure of new powers set off street violence and a political crisis, unraveling efforts to restore stability after last year’s revolution. More than 500 people have been injured in protests since Friday, when Egyptians….

Egypt’s justice minister seeks to end rift with judges
11/25/2012 – CAIRO (Reuters) — Egyptian Justice Minister Ahmed Mekky has started mediation efforts to try to end a crisis between Egypt’s executive and judicial authorities, state TV reported on Sunday. It was the first public sign of a government attempt to resolve a crisis ignited by President Muhammad Mursi’s decision to expand his….

Egyptian presidency: Mursi decrees ‘temporary’, wants dialogue
11/25/2012 – CAIRO (Reuters) — The Egyptian presidency said on Sunday it was committed to engaging “all political forces” to reach common ground on the constitution and stressed the “temporary nature” of a decree expanding President Mohamed Mursi’s powers.” This declaration is deemed necessary in order to hold accountable those responsible for the corruption as well….

Syrian rebels take airbase in slow progress toward Damascus
11/25/2012 – AMMAN (Reuters) — Syrian rebels said on Sunday they had captured a helicopter base east of Damascus after an overnight assault, their latest gain in a costly battle to unseat President Bashar Assad that is drawing nearer to his seat of power. The Marj al-Sultan base, 15 km from the capital, is the second military facility….

1 killed, 60 hurt in an attack on Egypt’s Brotherhood office
11/25/2012 – CAIRO (Reuters) — A Muslim Brotherhood member was killed and 60 people were injured on Sunday in an attack on the main office of the Brotherhood in the Egyptian Nile Delta town of Damanhour, the website of the Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party said.” Brotherhood member, Islam Fathy Masoud, 15, was killed and 60….


Investigators prepare to exhume Arafat’s body
AlJazeera 25 Nov 2012 – Scientists arrive in West Bank to study late Palestinian leader’s remains for traces of radioactive polonium.

Palestine News Network

Food, Child-Friendly Spaces Help Children Recover in Gaza
Palestine News Network

An Open Call to the International Community to Offer Protection to Palestinian Civilians, Mainly Women
Palestine News Network

In Preparation for the Next Round
Palestine News Network

Palestinian Center for Human Rights

PCHR welcomes Gaza Authorities’ Decision to Grant Amnesties to Persons Accused of Criminal Charges in Relation to the 20…
Palestinian Center for Human Rights

Alternative Information Center

New combat robots ready for Gaza ground offensive
Alternative Information Center – As part of its preparations for an upcoming ground invasion of the Gaza Strip, the Israeli army is planning to use in combat for the first time ever an unmanned ground vehicle, the Guardium, which is…

The National

Morsi’s power play prompts judge strike threat, hammers stocks
The National 25 Nov 2012 – Egyptian president’s move to grant himself sweeping powers continues to roil country, with supporters and detractors taking to the streets and threatening continued instability. Ashraf Khalil reports from Cairo 

Abu Dhabi cancer survivor’s Antarctic mission
The National 25 Nov 2012 – The mother-of-three wants to show people there is hope after a diagnosis and is about to embark on the challenge of a lifetime to prove it.

Taliban bomb at religious procession kills 6 people
The National 25 Nov 2012 – Shiite procession bombed during Ashura religious holiday, killing at least six people and wounding 90 others.

Flight of the falcons elates scientists
The National 25 Nov 2012 – UAE scientists are monitoring the movements of nine rare falcons which were released back into the wild in May this year.

Palestinian Authority’s ’emboldened’ Abbas to push for UN upgrade
The National 25 Nov 2012 – Diplomats say there has been a groundswell of support for the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority and its UN upgrade.

Students flag their true colours in moving salute to National Day
The National 25 Nov 2012 – More than 4,000 young people stood side by side wearing red, white, black and green as part of a patriotic challenge to show their pride in the UAE outside Emirates Palace.

Thailand’s Yingluck faces no-confidence motion
The National 25 Nov 2012 – Thailand’s prime minister, Yingluck Shinawatra, yesterday faced a no-confidence debate launched by her opponents in parliament, a day after political protests turned violent in Bangkok.

Unemployed are riding out the crisis on Spanish surf
The National 25 Nov 2012 – Rather than mope around at home, legions of unemployed Spaniards are riding out the economic crisis on some of the best waves in Europe, driving a surf boom on the country’s northern breaks.


UN envoy urges Hamas: Abide by cease-fire, become partner for peace
Ha’aretz – 25 Nov 2012

Likud primary falls foul of cyber snafu
Ha’aretz – 25 Nov 2012

Likud to hold primaries for second day after voting system malfunction
Ha’aretz – 25 Nov 2012

Hamas leader sets date for debut visit to Gaza
Ha’aretz – 25 Nov 2012

Israel’s David’s Sling defense system intercepts mid-range missile in first trial
Ha’aretz – 25 Nov 2012

Report: Number of women in Israel murdered by spouses drops sharply
Ha’aretz – 25 Nov 2012

Turkey FM confirms resumption of reconciliation talks with Israel
Ha’aretz – 25 Nov 2012

U.K. to U.S.: Take more active role on Mideast peace
Ha’aretz – 25 Nov 2012

Hezbollah: Tel Aviv will be hit with thousands of rockets if Israel attacks Lebanon
Ha’aretz – 25 Nov 2012

Likud extends primaries until midnight, due to voting malfunctions
Ha’aretz – 25 Nov 2012

IDF chief: Situation along Gaza border seems ‘positive,’ but only time will tell
Ha’aretz – 25 Nov 2012

Top Likud minister: Party primaries must be stopped over voting malfunctions
Ha’aretz – 25 Nov 2012

Israel charges East Jerusalem resident with spying for Hezbollah
Ha’aretz – 25 Nov 2012

Gaza cleric issues edict calling violation of truce with Israel ‘a sin’
Ha’aretz – 25 Nov 2012

Widespread polling station malfunctions reported, as Likud primary kicks off
Ha’aretz – 25 Nov 2012

Likud MK: Israeli ground offensive in Gaza would have hurt push on Iran
Ha’aretz – 25 Nov 2012

Palestinian cars vandalized in Jerusalem, in suspected ‘price tag’ attack
Ha’aretz – 25 Nov 2012

Report: Israeli spy satellites spot Iranian ship being loaded with rockets for Gaza
Ha’aretz – 25 Nov 2012

Jerusalem Post

Lebanese leader blames Iran for drone downed over Israel
Jerusalem Post 25 Nov 2012 – Tehran’s Speaker Larijani criticizes Arab countries for arming Syrian rebels, saying it damages Syrian resistance against Israel; Hezbollah chief Nasrallah threatens rocket fire on Israel “from Kiryat Shmona to Eilat.” 

100s protest violence against women in Tel Aviv
Jerusalem Post 25 Nov 2012 – “Take Back The Night” march marks World Awareness Day for Violence Against Women; Meretz leader addresses crowd. 

1 dead, 60 hurt in Egypt Brotherhood office attack
Jerusalem Post 25 Nov 2012 – 15-year-old Muslim Brotherhood member killed after thugs attack headquarters in Damanhour, according to party’s website. 

Tourism industry suffers cancellations after Gaza op
Jerusalem Post 25 Nov 2012 – Israel’s tourism industry suffered cancellations of up to 20% during the eight days of Operation Pillar of Defense. 

Three youngsters win in Turing code competition
Jerusalem Post 25 Nov 2012 – Science and Technology Ministry’s competition marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Alan Turing, the “father of the computer.” 

Through it all, an olah in the end
Jerusalem Post 25 Nov 2012 – Crisis, a restoration of faith and a victory over the NII in a lawsuit for compensation tell story of the daughter of a Mumbai terror victim. 

Palestinian reality
Jerusalem Post 25 Nov 2012 – Foolish diplomatic quests leading nowhere will only push off further the day when Palestinians and Israelis can coexist in peace. 

Trapped by a failed strategic ‘conceptzia’
Jerusalem Post 25 Nov 2012 – Israel’s leaders do not appear to know how to win a war against a terrorist organization. 

Candidly Speaking: Victory, stalemate or defeat?
Jerusalem Post 25 Nov 2012 – It was unrealistic to anticipate that this campaign would end the conflict, as eliminating Hamas was unfeasible. 

The Region: Who won in Gaza?
Jerusalem Post 25 Nov 2012 – One might better conclude that Hamas set back this timetable by showing its Egyptian sponsor that it was not a good team player. 

Why was there war in Gaza?
Jerusalem Post 25 Nov 2012 – Israel has once again succeeded in defending itself. But, yet again, only until the next round, which, as the night follows the day, will come. 

Think About It: We elect them – but to do what?
Jerusalem Post 25 Nov 2012 – The more extreme the ideological positions held by an MK, the more likely he is to actively promote them in the Knesset. 

Reality Check: What is Netanyahu’s plan?
Jerusalem Post 25 Nov 2012 – Will the PM follow through on the tough rhetoric of his FM? With Netanyahu, one never knows. 

Israel successfully tests David’s Sling’s interceptor
Jerusalem Post 25 Nov 2012 – Defense system aims at intercepting long-range missiles, will work in conjunction with Iron Dome, Arrow, Arrow 3; test brings Israel step closer to having active defense shield against Hezbollah‘s arsenal of projectiles. 

Sudan to move Yarmouk factory outside Khartoum
Jerusalem Post 25 Nov 2012 – Officials say they intend to move sections of military plant outside capital after accusing Israel of conducting airstrike. 

Children in southern Israel go back to school
Jerusalem Post 25 Nov 2012 – Although the cease-fire was implemented several days earlier, some municipalities in South had decided to keep schools closed. 

‘Serial conman, wife murderer’ to face indictment
Jerusalem Post 25 Nov 2012 – Police, prosecutors says Shimon Cooper killed wife in 2009, probing if he also orchestrated death of 1st wife who died in similar circumstances. 

Shi’ite Muslims mark holy day
Jerusalem Post 25 Nov 2012 – Across the Muslim world, Shi’ites celebrate the holy day of Ashura. 

Morsi to discuss decree with Judicial Council
Jerusalem Post 25 Nov 2012 – Egypt’s president to meet state’s highest judicial authority after stock market falls nearly 10%; street violence injures over 500. 

Syrian rebels move towards seizing Damascus
Jerusalem Post 25 Nov 2012 – Rebels capture helicopter base in latest gain to unseat Assad; marks second military city near Damascus to fall to rebels. 

‘Katz may have broken law in campaign tactics’
Jerusalem Post 25 Nov 2012 – State Comptroller Yosef Shapira says he had warned of possible illegal behavior in Likud primary elections. 

PM unsure of durability of Hamas-Israel truce
Jerusalem Post 25 Nov 2012 – Netanyahu tells IAF they could “continue preparing for next campaign” as he salutes reservists who may be “needed later.” 

Lapid offers Livni number-two spot on party list
Jerusalem Post 25 Nov 2012 – Yesh Atid leader says he has spoken with Livni, offers her second slot on Knesset list and “full partner” in all key decisions. 

Hezbollah warns of rocket barrage if Israel attacks
Jerusalem Post 25 Nov 2012 – Nasrallah says Hezbollah‘s response to Israeli attack would dwarf Gaza rocket fire in Ashura, Islamic festival speech. 

Egypt stocks plunge as anti-Morsi protests grow
Jerusalem Post 25 Nov 2012 – Stock market falls nearly 10% in response to Egyptian president’s power grab; street violence injures over 500. 

Fighting the leftover blues
Jerusalem Post 25 Nov 2012 – Just because Thanksgiving is over, doesn’t mean all the turkey has been eaten; here are simple ideas to liven up the leftovers. 

J’lem man charged with spying for Hezbollah
Jerusalem Post 25 Nov 2012 – Shin Bet arrest 37-year-old man on suspicion of passing sensitive information to enemy terrorist organization. 

A light unto the nations
Jerusalem Post 25 Nov 2012 – Jerusalem-based global solar firm Energiya Global aims to transform developing countries into photovoltaic oases. 

‘Missile deployment in Turkey would spark tensions’
Jerusalem Post 25 Nov 2012 – Iran says deployment of Patriot missiles in Turkey would “intensify problems of region,” fears start of “no-fly zone” in Syria. 

Top 5: Sushi spots in Tel Aviv
Jerusalem Post 25 Nov 2012 – With sushi on offer all over the city, it’s hard to choose the right place; Taste TLV looks at some of the best. 

The Guardian

The Israeli and the Palestinian: ‘We have discovered this joint pain’
The Guardian 25 Nov 2012 – An Israeli mother who lost her son and a Palestinian whose father was shot dead – together they now seek peace in the Middle East It was only later, after the intense shock had subsided and…

Open door: The readers’ editor on… accusations of antisemitism against a political cartoon
The Guardian 25 Nov 2012 – The image of Jews as puppet masters is an antisemitic theme. But does that mean Israeli politicians should never be portrayed using such imagery, when other countries’ politicians often are? Steve Bell is a cartoonist who…

UK to debate Palestinian statehood vote
The Guardian 25 Nov 2012 – Nick Clegg will urge coalition partners to support Palestinian request for recognition of statehood at United Nations The UK government is to have a fresh debate on whether it should vote to recognise Palestine as a…

Gaza grabs the headlines as Congo once more descends into chaos | Ian Birrell
The Guardian 25 Nov 2012 – Conflict in the Middle East is overshadowing the bloody events in central Africa Once again, the apparently insoluble struggle between Israel and Palestine has flared up before flickering into uneasy standoff. As usual, world leaders issued…

Inter Press Service

End of Assault Opens Opportunities for Gaza
IPS As the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas seems to be holding, many are hoping that one of the agreement’s main points – the easing of restrictions on people and goods coming in and out of the Gaza Strip – signals a new era for the besieged Palestinian territory. “The people…


US spy agencies edited Benghazi “talking points”

Gaza: The “International Community” Also Lies Buried

For young Gazans, the trauma may never end

The Gaza Ceasefire: An Early Assessment

Mass protests erupt in Egypt against Mursi’s antidemocratic decrees

Mr President, you win this round

Joint Statement by Twenty-Two Egyptian Rights Organizations on Morsi Declaration

Down with Drone War Silence

Judges rise against Morsy’s power grab, announce strike

Why Israel Didn’t Win

Daily Star

Egypt’s justice minister seeks to end rift with judges
Daily Star 25 Nov 2012 Egyptian Justice Minister Ahmed Mekky has started mediation efforts to try to end a crisis between Egypt’s executive and judicial authorities, state TV reports.

East Lebanon boy feared kidnapped
Daily Star 25 Nov 2012 Relatives of a 10-year-old boy, who has been missing since Saturday, suspect that the child could have been kidnapped, the National News Agency reports.

Egypt journalists call for strike
Daily Star 25 Nov 2012 Egyptian journalists calls for a general strike to protest guarantees of press freedom in a draft constitution, amid a political crisis sparked by decree by President Mohammad Mursi granting himself sweeping powers.

Thousands take part in Ashoura rituals in south Lebanon
Daily Star 25 Nov 2012 Thousands march through the streets of Nabatieh, south Lebanon, as part of Ashura Day amid tightened security measures.

Gaza damage to cost $1.2 bln: Hamas spokesman
Daily Star 25 Nov 2012 Israel’s eight-day bombardment of the Gaza Strip has caused more than $1.2 billion in direct and indirect damages, a spokesman for the Hamas government says.

Lebanon revokes licenses of 15 pharmacists
Daily Star 25 Nov 2012 Licenses belonging to 15 pharmacists have been revoked due to fake documentation, Lebanon’s Health Ministry says.

Palestinian cars vandalised in apparent hate attack
Daily Star 25 Nov 2012 Palestinian cars were vandalised overnight in Israeli-annexed east Jerusalem, in an attack that bore the hallmarks of a hate crime by rightwing Israeli extremists, victims and police said on Sunday.

Russia, France to tackle Syria during Medvedev visit
Daily Star 25 Nov 2012 Russia and France will tackle disagreements over how to deal with the Syria conflict this week when Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev visits Paris for talks.

Israel accuses Palestinian of spying for Hezbollah
Daily Star 25 Nov 2012 Israel’s Shin Bet internal security agency says a Palestinian man has been charged with relaying information to Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon about sensitive government sites, including parliament.

Hamas arsenal hit, but rocket know-how exists
Daily Star 25 Nov 2012 Although the Islamists’ firepower was hard hit during its eight-day confrontation with Israel, Hamas has valuable technical knowledge at its fingertips which could be used to rebuild its arsenal.

Hezbollah warns Israel of rocket onslaught in any future war
Daily Star 25 Nov 2012 Nasrallah warns Israel against a war with Lebanon to regain momentum after its defeat in the Gaza Strip, saying his group will rain thousands of rockets on the Jewish state in the event it did so.

Israel’s Likud choosing parliament candidates
Daily Star 25 Nov 2012 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s governing Likud Party is voting to choose a list of candidates to contest upcoming parliamentary elections – in balloting that could strengthen the party’s pro-settler faction.

YNet News

112 killed in fire at Bangladesh garment factory 
YNet News, 25 Nov 2012 – ….

Spain’s Catalonia punishes pro-referendum leader
YNet News, 25 Nov 2012 – ….

Golan Heights: Stray fire from Syria; none injured
YNet News, 25 Nov 2012 – ….

Air raid kills 10 children near Damascus
YNet News, 25 Nov 2012 – ….

Suicide blasts at Nigeria military base kill 11
YNet News, 25 Nov 2012 – ….

We could have achieved more 
YNet News, 25 Nov 2012 – Op-ed: Israel missed opportunity to extensively damage Hamas‘ national infrastructure, creating even greater deterrence ….

How to break the cycle
YNet News, 25 Nov 2012 – Op-ed: What Israel needs is not a military victory over Hamas but to quickly turn its non-state Palestinian rival into a stable state ….

Palestinian Information Center

Hamad: Officials in Cairo to discuss the opening of crossings
PIC – Deputy minister of foreign affairs Ghazi Hamad said a delegation from the Palestinian government in Gaza would be in Cairo today to discuss the opening of Gaza crossings as part of the truce deal. 

B’Tselem: Soldiers shot dead two unarmed West Bankers in pro-Gaza protests
PIC – The human rights group B’Tselem said Israeli soldiers killed in cold blood two Palestinian civilians during protests in support for Gaza a few days ago in the West Bank.

Bardawil: Hamas will not oppose Abbas’s decision to go to the United Nations
PIC – Hamas leader Salah Bardawil said that the Egyptian capital Cairo will host on Monday a new round of sessions to discuss ways of implementing the truce agreement..

Health condition from prisoner Qa’qour deteriorates
PIC – The Israeli occupation authorities prevented a medical committee from visiting the patient prisoner Hamza Sam Qa’qour, 32, from the city of Jenin, who is held in Megiddo prison.

Arafat’s body to be exhumed next Tuesday for testing
PIC – Head of the investigation committee into the death of the former Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, asserted that Arafat was murdered by the Israeli occupation..

Hamas MPs demand Abbas to release political prisoners
PIC – A meeting was held between PA president Abbas and a delegation of MPs and former ministers from Hamas Movement on Saturday evening, at the Muqata in Ramallah.

Doctors Worldwide delegation arrives in Gaza
PIC – The delegation of Doctors Worldwide organization arrived in the Gaza Strip, which has been experiencing Israeli attacks, on Saturday in a solidarity visit.

Thousands protest in London demanding an end to the Gaza siege
PIC – Thousands of British protestors marched in London, on Saturday, outside 10 Downing Street, demanding an end to the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip and an end to the suffering of the Palestinians.

Palestinian cars punctured in “price tag†attack in OJ
PIC – Jewish settlers vandalized eight Palestinian cars in Shufat suburb north of occupied Jerusalem on Saturday night in a “price tag†attack. 

Jewish settlers attack, destroy Palestinian farmland
PIC – Jewish settlers attacked the village of Qasra, south of Nablus city, and destroyed vast areas of its farmland, local sources said.


Newspapers Review: Arafat’s Grave to be Opened Tuesday Focus of Dailies
WAFA – 25 Nov 2012

Settlers Vandalize Palestinian Vehicles in East Jerusalem
WAFA – 25 Nov 2012

Exports Increase, Imports Decrease in September, says Statistics Bureau
WAFA – 25 Nov 2012

Europe Welcomes Gaza Ceasefire
WAFA – 22 Nov 2012


Morsi’s Judicial Decree Draws High-Level Dissent
New York Times 25 Nov 2012 – President Mohamed Morsi defended his decree, but his justice minister argued for a retreat to defuse an escalating battle between Egypt’s new Islamist leaders and its old government.

Syrian Rebels Said to Have Seized Military Airport
New York Times 25 Nov 2012 – Rebels claimed to have seized three crucial installations and 11 mobile antiaircraft guns, demonstrating their ability to advance in areas around the capital despite facing aerial attacks.

Africa-Israel signs NIS 700m Dorad power purchasing deal 
Globes Energy & Water – Africa-Israel estimates that the contract with Dorad will result in large savings on its electricity bill compared with the prices it pays to IEC.

Givot: Meged 5 well to resume production 
Globes Energy & Water – Production at the oil well was suspended on November 13, due to a breakdown.

Italy’s Edison joins Ratio in Gal permit 
Globes Energy & Water – Edison will be the operator for the Gal licenses, with 20% of the rights in the permit’s two licenses and an option on another 20%.

Babylon postpones Wall Street public offering
Globes Main News – The online translation company had filed to raise up to $115 million but is postponing the offering due to “market conditions,” sources believe.

Tomato prices double due to Gaza conflict
Globes Main News – Farmers Union: The tomato shortage will worsen and prices for peppers, turnips, potatoes, and cucumbers will also rise.

Golan Telecom slashes package prices
Globes Main News – Telecom source: It is doubtful whether Golan Telecom made a profit at NIS 99 per month, let alone at NIS 49 per month.

Sun: Banks lead bull market
Globes Main News – Bank Leumi and Bank Hapoalim rose on the day’s two largest turnovers.

IDB jumps on final Blavatnik payment for Clal Industries
Globes Main News – Len Blavatnik’s Access Industries has made its final NIS 509 million payment for Clal Industries.

Hamashbir sells Cibus Business Meals for NIS 71m
Globes Main News – The department store chain will report a profit of NIS 55 million on the sale

Treasury: We won’t increase defense budget 
Globes Macro Economics – Top Finance Ministry official: There is no justification for supplementing the defense budget for Operation Pillar of Cloud.

Analysts: BoI to keep December interest rate unchanged 
Globes Macro Economics – “Bloomberg” poll: The Bank of Israel monetary committee will keep the interest rate for December unchanged at 2% at tomorrow’s meeting.

How Israelis imagine their future
Mondoweiss – Israeli government Border Police website image From Ofer Neiman: A photo of body painting on a pregnant woman (one hopes not a tattoo) published on the official Israeli Border Police Facebook page . The baby/foetus in the image is sleeping under a blanket with the Border Police’s…

IDF spokesman posts blackface photo of himself as Obama, then issues non-apology
Mondoweiss – Sacha Dratwa in black face Obama Style, at ASG The above picture was posted by Israeli army social media official Sacha Dratwa on his Facebook page back in September, and reported three days ago by this site .  Dratwa has tried to explain the picture: There…

Settlers vandalize Palestinian cars in Jerusalem as ‘price tag’ for Gaza
Mondoweiss – A report on a hate crime in the Daily Star in Lebanon . I wonder if this will get into the New York Times (which did cover price tag attacks last spring ), let alone be the basis of a big feature on growing rightwing thuggery in Israeli…

The war in the West Bank
Mondoweiss – Israeli military firing tear gas at Palestinian youths at Qalandia checkpoint, 19 November 2012. This past week while the world was watching eight days of air strikes on the Gaza Strip, the West Bank erupted in unexpected protests at every major checkpoint and city, leaving three…

Israel lost — LRB
Mondoweiss – The west is now reckoning with the ways that the Gaza conflict changed the political terrain of the Middle East. From Why Israel Didn’t Win , by Adam Shatz in the LRB (thanks to Idrees Ahmad): That Netanyahu stopped short of a ground war, and gave in…

Washington Post defends picture of dead Gaza child after complaints from ‘Jews in large numbers’
Mondoweiss – On Nov. 14, an Israeli warhead struck a house in Gaza City and killed an infant, Omar Masharawi, 11 months old. His father Jiwad Masharawi works for BBC in Gaza. A photo of him grieving his son’s death, taken by the AP (below), was widely circulated…

Extremists Target Arab Cars in East Jerusalem 
The Foward Breaking News 25 Nov 2012 – Eight Arab-owned cars were vandalized in a Palestinian neighborhood in eastern Jerusalem in a suspected price-tag attack. Click here for the rest of the article…

Hezbollah Warns Israel Against Attacking Lebanon 
The Foward Breaking News 25 Nov 2012Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah warned Israel on Sunday that thousands of rockets would rain down on Tel Aviv and other Israeli cities if Israel attacked Lebanon. Click here for the rest of the article…

Gaza’s Hard Truths 
The Forward Editorial 25 Nov 2012 – FORWARD EDITORIAL : The heartbreaking Gaza conflict offers reminders for both sides. Israel has the right to live in peace, and the Palestinians deserve an independent state. Click here for the rest of the article…

Egypt: Country Denies Plans to Deploy U.S Troops in Sinai 
allAfrica.com 25 Nov 2012 – [Egypt Online]The Egyptian Armed Forces denied Israeli news reports about plans to deploy US forces in Sinai as part of a ceasefire agreement reached between Palestinian movement Hamas and Israel.

Egypt: President Morsi Receives Invitation to Take Part in TICAD 
allAfrica.com 25 Nov 2012 – [Egypt Online]President Mohamed Morsi received on Saturday 24/11/2012 an invitation from the Japanese envoy to the Middle East Yutaka Iimura to attend in the fourth round of Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD).

Egypt: Two Agreements Signed With IFC 
allAfrica.com 25 Nov 2012 – [Egypt Online]The events of the first regional conference to develop the bankruptcy system in the Middle East and North Africa kicked off on Saturday 24/11/2012 by signing two cooperation agreements between Egypt’s ministry of justice and the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

Nigeria: Pilgrims in Israel Safe, Says Scribe 
allAfrica.com 25 Nov 2012 – [Daily Trust]Nigerian pilgrims in Israel are well protected and safe in spite of the recent crisis between Israel and Hamas, said Mr John-Kennedy Opara, Executive Secretary of the Nigeria Christian Pilgrim Commission (NCPC).

Mursi reaches out to opponents 
BBC 25 Nov 2012 – The decree giving Egypt’s president sweeping new power is temporary, his office says, as a young Islamist is killed in protests triggered by it.

Gaza: When Propaganda Masquarades as News 
Sabbah report 25 Nov 2012 – Major news outlets almost systematically relied on Israeli government, military, and intelligence sources to shape its coverage, victimising Israel while dehumanise atrocities of Gaza. Gaza: When Propaganda Masquarades as News was published by Sabbah Report . Get Daily Newsletter , follow on Twitter . Support through Sabbah Store or…

Israel use social media to moralise Gaza massacre 
Sabbah report 25 Nov 2012 – The clinical weapon of PTSD and its aura of scientificity become tools for the moralisation of killings. Thus, the subtext reads: Killings are moral because they help to reduce and prevent PTSD. Israel use social media to moralise Gaza massacre was published by Sabbah Report . Get…

Israel’s Gaza adventure backfires 
Sabbah report 25 Nov 2012Hamas should be accepted as a key player in the diplomatic process from now on. Israel comes out of Gaza war smelling even worse than before and is now universally despised. Israel’s Gaza adventure backfires was published by Sabbah Report . Get Daily Newsletter , follow on Twitter ….

New combat robots ready for Gaza ground offensive 
AIC: Economy of the Occupoation 25 Nov 2012 – As part of its preparations for an upcoming ground invasion of the Gaza Strip, the Israeli army is planning to use in combat for the first time ever an unmanned ground vehicle, the Guardium, which is already prowling the border between Israel and Gaza. The materialization…

Salafi Cleric’s Militia Ambitions Curtailed 
Al-Akhbar News 25 Nov 2012 – But 33 days later, he agreed to end his sit-in without achieving this goal. (Photo: Hasan Bahsoun) But 33 days later, he agreed to end his sit-in without achieving this goal. (Photo: Hasan Bahsoun) Lebanese Salafi cleric Sheikh Ahmad al-Assir has become a lightning rod for…

A Real Land Steal in Coastal Damour 
Al-Akhbar News 25 Nov 2012 – The mayor thus acts as an agent for contractors on whose behalf he alters zoning regulations. (Photo: Bilal Jawich) The mayor thus acts as an agent for contractors on whose behalf he alters zoning regulations. (Photo: Bilal Jawich) Damour is the latest Lebanese town to be…

Syrian rebels capture army airport 
Al-Akhbar News 25 Nov 2012 – Members of the Free Syrian Army walk with new youth recruits near the northern Syrian town of Ras al-Ain, as seen from the Turkish border town of Ceylanpinar, Sanliurfa province, on 24 November 2012. (Photo: Reuters – Amr Abdallah Dalsh) Syrian rebels seized a “large part”…

Gaza war cost $300 million: report 
Al-Akhbar News 25 Nov 2012 – Palestinian children walk on the rubble of a building destroyed by Israeli war planes adjacent to their United Nations run school, in Gaza City, on 24 November 2012, three days after a truce was declared between Israel and Hamas. (Photo: AFP – Mohammed Abed) Israel’s week-long…

The Right Time for a Coup in Sudan? 
Al-Akhbar Politics 24 Nov 2012 – Sudanese Information Minister Ahmed Bilal Osman speaks during a press conference in the capital Khartoum on 22 November 2012 (Photo: AFP – Ebrahim Hamid) Sudanese Information Minister Ahmed Bilal Osman speaks during a press conference in the capital Khartoum on 22 November 2012 (Photo: AFP -…

Mursi reaches out to opponents 
BBC 25 Nov 2012 – The decree giving Egypt’s president sweeping new power is temporary, his office says, as a young Islamist is killed in protests triggered by it.

UK calls for US lead on Mid-East 
BBC 25 Nov 2012 – UK Foreign Secretary William Hague calls for a “decisive lead” from the United States in seeking a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Rebels ‘seize base near Damascus’ 
BBC 25 Nov 2012 – Syrian rebels say they have taken a military air base near the capital, Damascus.

‘Hot air’ may spike climate talks 
BBC 25 Nov 2012 – The right of some rich countries to keep using so called “hot air” carbon permits could hamper progress at UN climate talks starting today in Qatar.


Journalists demand UN probe into why Israel targeted them in Gaza 
Jillian Kestler-D’Amours, Ramallah, Electronic Intifada 11/25/2012
      RAMALLAH (IPS) – As people anxiously wait to see if the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas will hold, local and international human rights groups are calling for investigations into Israeli human rights abuses committed during its eight-day assault on the Gaza Strip, including flagrant attacks on journalists.
     “We want an international investigation into what happened in Gaza,” Abdal Nasser Najjar, chairman of the Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate said. “We want to put an end to this [Israeli] policy of killing and injuring journalists. There is no difference between a journalist: Israeli, Palestinian, or international. We want to do our jobs only, as journalists.”
     In its most recent assault on the Gaza Strip, which Israel called Operation Pillar of Defense, 162 Palestinians were killed and more than 1,100 injured. Three Palestinian journalists were killed and more than a dozen injured in targeted Israeli air strikes.
     According to MADA, the Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms, the Israeli army has killed 18 journalists, including two foreign journalists, in the past decade.
     “They have classified journalists as enemies. They don’t want the world to know what they’re doing in Gaza, what the crimes of the Israeli soldiers are. I think they didn’t want the information to go from Gaza to outside,” Najjar, who is managing editor of the daily newspaper al-Ayam said.
     On 20 November, two Palestinian cameramen from al-Aqsa TV were killed instantly when an Israeli missile hit their car, which was reportedly marked with the letters “TV” in neon letters. The two journalists — Hussam Mohammed Salama, 30, and Mahmoud Ali al-Koumi, 29 — were on their way to al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City to document the admission of injured Palestinians. more.. e-mail

Settler violence and IDF raids: For West Bank Palestinians, there is no ceasefire 
+972 Magazine 11/25/2012
      While Israelis are breathing a sigh of relief that quiet has mostly been restored (for the time being), and life can supposedly just go back to normal, with Gaza out of sight and out of mind, the other elephant in the room – the West Bank and East Jerusalem – is all but quiet.
     This morning (Sunday) a “price tag” attack was identified on a car in Shuafat, a Palestinian refugee camp in East Jerusalem, which is located inside the city’s municipal borders (and thus under total Israeli jurisdiction). The car has the word “Gaza” graffitied on it, as pictured here in a photo taken by the nonprofit Ir Amim:
     According to The Times of Israel, a total of eight vehicles in East Jerusalem were vandalized with such messages on Sunday – the second time such an incident took place in the last three weeks.
     In addition, last Thursday, one day after the ceasefire between Hamas and Israel was announced, 400 olive and fruit trees were destroyed by settlers in the South Hebron Hills, in yet another price tag attack, which have become all too routine over the past few years and especially months.
     Israeli Ta’ayush activists found this message graffitied by the perpetrators:
     “Price tag: From Be’er Sheva and Tel Aviv,” South Hebron Hills, Nov 22, 2012
     According to Ta’ayush, a police report has been filed, but as has been reported on here countless times, this rarely leads to arrest and the settlers continue to act with impunity. more.. e-mail

’Operation Pillar of Defense’ – Was a Crime 
Adam Parsons, CounterPunch 11/23/2012
      The International Responsibility for Justice in Occupied Palestine
     The conflict in Gaza may have come to an inauspicious end last night following a ceasefire agreement, but there is little reason to rejoice for the Palestinian people. Although a ground assault of the Gaza Strip was narrowly avoided, still well over 1,500 air strikes by F-16 fighter jets, Apache helicopters and drones have further devastated the impoverished territory, leaving more than 140 Palestinians dead – mostly civilians, including at least 34 children – while five Israelis also died.
     The diplomatic efforts that led to relief from eight days of bombing, death and suffering are of course to be welcomed, but a tentative truce is far from a guarantee that a new cycle of violence will not erupt again soon. Still the same questions remain over Israel’s war of dispossession against the Palestinian people, its illegal occupation and colonisation of Palestinian land, and the ever-distant prospects of Palestinian statehood.
     There were many disturbing parallels between the current round of violence and the previous three-week invasion of Gaza during the winter of 2008-9. Although the death toll this time was significantly less than the reported 1,284 Gazans and 13 Israeli’s killed during the war against Hamas four years ago, other memories of that fateful conflict were quickly revived over the past week.
     There were the same obfuscations and counter-claims over the causes of the renewed upsurge in violence, in which Israel again played the decisive role – not least in its extra-judicial assassination of a Hamas military leader. There was the same plea from the Israeli government that it is merely defending itself, despite its illegal occupation of the Gaza Strip that is still recognised as such by the United Nations, and despite the incredible imbalance in bloodshed and military response between both sides…. more.. e-mail

Gaza accounting 
Gideon Levy, Haaretz, Israeli Occupation Archive 11/25/2012
      Gaza’s death toll is enormous and its battle is against a continued occupation – a partial occupation since the disengagement, but an occupation nonetheless.
     Sometimes numbers do reflect reality, and this reality can no longer be ignored: Since the first Qassam rocket fell on Israel in April 2001, 59 Israelis have been killed – and 4,717 Palestinians. The numbers don’t lie, as they say in less lethal fields, and this proportion is horrifying.1 It ought to disturb every Israeli.
     Haaretz’s Hebrew edition published these figures in a front-page graphic and table on Friday but, so far, the data seems mainly to be bothering people overseas: The Economist, a restrained, conservative, British magazine that is assuredly not anti-Israel, published a similar table last week on its website, under the title “The Gaza conflict in numbers.” The weekly informed its readers that, between the start of the year and the outbreak of Operation Pillar of Defense, only one Israeli was killed by rocket and mortar-shell fire from Gaza (the figure should have been three, according to Haaretz’s data ). During that same period, Israel killed no fewer than 78 Palestinians in Gaza. That was during a period of calm that, according to Israel, was broken only by the Palestinians.
     To these figures must be added the data from Pillar of Defense: 156 Palestinians killed, and six Israelis. The Economist reminds us that 19 of those killed were children.
     In this tally of death, the proportion over the years has generally been that of Cast Lead, the operation Israel conducted in Gaza four years ago: 1:100. During Operation Cast Lead, one Israeli was killed for every 100 Palestinians. In Pillar of Defense, it was one Israeli for every 26 Palestinians, while the multiyear average since 2001 has also been almost one per 100. — See also: Source: Haaretz more.. e-mail

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