New at Strategic Culture Foundation 30 December 2012 – 5 January 2013: USA / Kyrgyzstan / Zbigniew Brzezinski

5 January 2012Strategic Culture Foundation

US Federal Reserve System Should Be Nationalized

03.01.2013 | 00:00 | Olga SHEDROVA

The United States is the only state in the world destitute of the right to issue its own currency. The role of central bank is carried out by the Federal Reserve System – a joint stock company created by 12 Federal Reserve Banks created in their turn by commercial banks on a territorial basis. The state has no money. The government issues bonds to receive its “national currency”, the Federal Reserve System prints notes and gives it to the state by buying its bonds. Then the government buys out the bonds and the money returns to the Federal Reserve with interest rates… The US has become a hostage to greedy FRS bankers who see the state exclusively as a springboard for financial domination. If supporting the state is no longer profitable – there will be other springboards. That’s why getting back the control over the currency is an issue of national survival…


The U.S. military will leave Kyrgyzstan Manas Air Base in 2014

31.12.2012 | 00:00 | Aleksandr SHUSTOV

On December 24th the President of Kyrgyzstan, Almazbek Atambayev, held a major press conference in Bishkek which was notable for a series of important statements on foreign and domestic policy. According to analysts, the tone and the meaning behind his statements implied that Kyrgyzstan had embarked upon the path of a closer alliance with Russia. One of the most resounding of President Atambayev’s remarks was in regard to the future of the U.S. military base in Kyrgyzstan. «There should be no military dimension at Manas international airport», he stated… According to the president of Kyrgyzstan, the American presence has had a destabilizing effect on the region…


Zbigniew Brzezinski as a mirror of American devolution (II)

30.12.2012 | 14:58 | Dmitry MININ

Brzezinski admits that the «exuberant optimism» about the omnipotence of the United States did not last long. Consumer culture and the deregulation of the economy led to the bursting of the stock market bubble and large-scale financial crisis. The wars of George W. Bush have proved disastrous for the country, even before that there was Clinton’s Balkan adventure and the collapse of U.S. foreign policy in general. The similarities between the Soviet Union in the twilight of its days and America at the beginning of the XXI century are really disturbing, notes Brzezinski


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