VSC SPECIAL UPDATE, JANUARY 11, 2012: Venezuelan Supreme Court Rules Chavez Can Be Sworn in Later, Packed Solidarity Event & Messages of Support for Hugo Chavez

11 January 2013 — VSC

  2. Packed Emergency Meeting Stands in Solidarity with Venezuela
  3. Statements of support from Britain for Hugo Chavez on the day his new term of office begins

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The CIA’s Hollywood Release: “Zero Dark Thirty”, or How People Lose Their Humanity By Annie Day

10 January, 2013 — revcom.us

I was shaking as I walked out of Zero Dark Thirty, the new film about the CIA’s 10-year search for Osama bin Laden. Shaking and queasy. Wanting to hear from others in the audience, I asked people questions as they streamed out… What did they think of the film? Overwhelmingly, people answered positively… with smiles.

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VTJP Occupied Palestine and Israel News and Articles 10 January 2013: BBC’s cruel excuses for ignoring Palestinian hunger strikes

10 January 2012 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Abbas: “There Are 63 UN Organizations We Have The Right To Join”
IMEMC – “Israel Must Stop Its Illegal Settlement Activities, Violations” Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, stated that the Palestinian Authority will act on the international level to stop Israel’s illegal settlement construction and expansion activities, and stated that there are 63 UN organizations that the Palestinians can now join. …

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ICH 10 January 2013: Our Killer President: He murders — and he's proud of it

10 January 2013 Information Clearing House


Syria Must be Defenseless for America to Illegaly Invade, Rated: XXX

By John Robles

The arrogance of those debating the fate of Syria from thousands of miles away, as if they even have a right to in the first place, is mind boggling.



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Video: Chavez Misses Inauguration, Will Be Sworn in by Supreme Court if he Recovers

11 January, 2013The Real News Network


Alex Main (CEPR): Venezuelan opposition hopes to take advantage of crisis but after sweeping state elections and winning decisively in the Presidential election, Chavez forces unlikely to lose power in a new election


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Is There an Alternative for Capitalist Economics and Politics? Richard Wolff Says Yes

8 January 2013Truthout

(Image: Haymarket Books)

(Image: Haymarket Books)

“Imagine a country where the majority of the population reaps the majority of the benefits for their hard work, creative ingenuity and collaborative efforts. Imagine a country where corporate losses aren’t socialized, while gains are captured by an exclusive minority. Imagine a country run as a democracy, from the bottom up, not a plutocracy from the top down. Richard Wolff not only imagines it, but in his compelling, captivating and stunningly reasoned new book, Democracy at Work, he details how we get there from here – and why we absolutely must.” Nomi Prins, Author of It Takes a Pillage and Black Tuesday

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