Britamgate: Staging False Flag Attacks in Syria By Andrey FOMIN (Russia)

30 January 2013 — Strategic Culture Foundation

On January 22 a telling leak cropped up in the Internet. British defense contractor’s BRITAM server was hacked and megabytes of classified internal files of the firm were released to the public. Now the case is acquiring a Britamgate scale due to the publication on Prison Planet. What is the story behind the leakage? Why this scandal is likely to turn around the situation in Syria?

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The real Invasion of Africa is Not News, and a Licence to Lie is Hollywood’s Gift By John Pilger

30 January 2013 —

A full-scale invasion of Africa is under way. The United States is deploying troops in 35 African countries, beginning with Libya, Sudan, Algeria and Niger. Reported by Associated Press on Christmas Day, this was missing from most Anglo-American media.

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Mali: Here We Go Again By Sheldon Richman

28 January 2013 — Explore Freedom

In testimony before Senate and House committees, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton enthusiastically endorsed increased U.S. intervention in Africa. When government officials seem incapable of learning obvious lessons from the recent past, maybe their incentive is not to learn but to keep doing the same destructive things.

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Video: Stop the US War Machine: The Movement to Impeach Obama By grtv

30 January 2013grtv

For much of the last decade, the left participated in activism and protests condemning the Bush administration’s wars of aggression, and calling for the President’s impeachment. Now that it is a Democrat in the White House, however, these self-same activists are suddenly shying away from impeachment as a way to stop the American war machine. Continue reading

Good Terrorist, Bad Terrorist: The West's Double Standards and Hypocrisy By Chandra Muzaffar

30 January 2013 — Global Research


The French military operation in Mali has brought to the fore the blatant double standards in the approach of certain Western nations to the whole question of terrorism. In the case of Mali, France, with the support of Britain, Germany and the United States, has committed itself to combating diehard militants who are determined to use violence to establish their power and authority. Yet in Libya, these countries and their allies in West Asia and North Africa (WANA) had no compunctions about colluding with militant groups to oust Muammar Gaddafi in a bloody and brutal campaign which killed tens of thousands of people in 2011.

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Media Lens: The War on Media Freedom: Undermining the Independent Alternative Online Media, EU to “Regulate” Internet Search Engines BY Nathan Allonby

30 January 2013 — Global Research 

A new report written for the European Commission recommends regulation of internet news, modifying search engines to control access to “conspiracy sites”, the creation of European government news agencies and the training of new “cadres of professional journalists… for… science, technology, finance or medicine”.

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The Coming Imperial Implosion in the Arab World By Glen Ford

23 January 2013 — Black Agenda Report

The Coming Imperial Implosion in the Arab World

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

“Although the NATO powers account for about 70 percent of total worldwide arms spending, they are by no means fully in charge of their own offensive in North Africa and the Middle East.”

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Raddatz Misreports Raddatz on Syrian Weapons By Peter Hart

29 January 2013 — FAIR Blog

raddatzOn ABC‘s This Week (1/27/13), substitute host Martha Raddatz made a pretty remarkable claim about Syrian chemical weapons. During an interview with Sen. John McCain (hey, it’s a Sunday show, he <a style="color: #596d9f; text-decoration: underline;" title="FAIR Blog: John McCain: TV Talk’s Indispensable Man” href=””&gt;has to be a guest), she played a clip of an interview she did with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta: Continue reading

The crisis in the SWP-Britain

30 January, 2013 — Socialist Worker (UK)

Since its national conference in January, the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) in Britain, the country’s largest revolutionary organization, has been shaken by the most severe crisis in its history, stemming from the failure of its leadership to properly respond to rape and sexual harassment allegations made against a leading member, and, in turn, from attempts to stifle discussion of this failure and its consequences.

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