ICH 9 January 2013: Bradley Manning Was Mistreated: Military Judge

9 January 2013 — Information Clearing House


Are Israeli Fears Of A Nuclear Iran Overblown?

By Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett

Strategically, as we’ve argued before, there is no way that a mythical nuclear-armed Iran, much less an Iran enriching uranium at well below weapons grade, poses an “existential threat” to Israel.



Why Progressives Should Oppose Hagel

By Allen Ruff

Those to the left should not fall into the trap of cheering on Obama‘s latest War Department pick, solely because the Right stands opposed.



John Brennan vs. a Sixteen-Year-Old

By Medea Benjamin

A nation of laws? Really? Going around the world killing anyone we want, whenever we want, based on secret information? Just think of the precedent John Brennan is setting for a world of lawlessness and chaos.



Military Judge Recognizes What Many Progressives Denied: Bradley Manning Was Mistreated

By Glenn Greenwald

The ruling is but the latest repudiation of claims from Obama supporters that Manning was treated fairly and justly.



The Fascinating Case of Lynne Stewart

By Jacob G. Hornberger

In the age of the national-security state and never-ending emergencies, it pays to keep your mouth shut.



Bill Burr on the NDAA and Politics


Bill talks about the NDAA, politicians and sociopaths. – Warning – This item contains strong language that may be considered offensive by some people.



Washington’s Hegemonic Ambitions Are Not in Sync With Its Faltering Economy

By Paul Craig Roberts

Americans were told a packet of lies designed to win their gullible acceptance to an economy that produces high returns for Wall Street, shareholders, and corporate executives at the expense of everyone else in the country.



Banks, Get-out-of-jail Free Card

U.S. Banks Win Mortgage Fraud Settlement, Borrowers Lose

By Pratap Chatterjee

Ten major U.S. banks settled charges of illegally kicking people out of their homes for pennies on the dollar, under two agreements with the government announced this week.



At least 30 Darfur rebels killed in clashes:

The Sudanese army says its soldiers have killed at least 30 rebels in clashes in Sudan’s troubled North Darfur region.



Obama regime kills 25 people in Pakistan: Report:

According to reports, three separate drone attacks in Pakistan’s South Waziristan mountains killed at least 17 people Tuesday. The AP reported that eight suspected militants were among the dead in a separate strike in North Waziristan today.



Three “Taliban Insurgents” Killed In Kunar:

As a result of air attacks of NATO forces in Watapor district of Kunar province 3 Pakistani Taliban were killed last night.



One of Indian soldiers killed in Kashmir beheaded: army:

One of the two Indian soldiers killed in a clash along the disputed Kashmir border was decapitated by Pakistani troops who then carried away his head, India’s chief military spokesman said on Wednesday.



Gunmen kill 2 local officials in attacks in northern Afghanistan:

The commander of a police detention centre in Dashti Archi district was ambushed by gunmen while driving on a main road through the area in the afternoon. Commander Abdul Salam and his bodyguard were killed.



Ex-Abu Ghraib inmates get $5m settlement from US firm:

A defence contractor whose subsidiary was accused of conspiring to torture Abu Ghraib prisoners has settled with former inmates for $5m (£3m).



Jihadist Al-Nusra Front executes three Syria troops: NGO:

Rebels from the jihadist Al-Nusra Front executed three captured soldiers in the eastern city of Deir Ezzor, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on Tuesday.



Syrian plane attacked as it attempts to land – video:

Footage appears to show a non-military aircraft under fire as it attempts to land at Deir al Zor airport in eastern Syria on Tuesday.



Aleppo misery eats at Syrian rebel support:

In large areas that have been under rebel control for six months or more complaints are getting louder about indiscipline among the fighters, looting and a general lack of security and necessities like running water, bread and electricity



Surviving in Aleppo:

As fighting in Syria‘s largest city enters its sixth month, the economy has ground to a halt. There is no electricity, and the prices of basic goods such as bread and cooking oil have skyrocketed. Residents are selling off their possessions to survive.



48 Iranians freed by Syrian rebels arrive in Damascus:

Syrian rebels on Wednesday freed 48 Iranians held captive since August in exchange for the release of more than 2,000 detainees in the first major prisoner swap of the country’s war, officials said.



Russia: Assad’s ideas should be heeded:

Assad “affirmed readiness for the launch of an inter-Syrian dialogue and for reforming the country on the basis of Syria‘s sovereignty … and the principle of non-interference in internal affairs,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.



Engineering Consent For Attack On Syria:

Report: Syrian chemical weapons ready:

Israel informed the Pentagon of satellite imagery in the last days of November showing Syrian soldiers mixing chemicals at two storage sites and filling dozens of 500-pound bombs, The New York Times said in a report published Tuesday.



U.S. troops arrive in Turkey:

For now, about 400 U.S. troops are being airlifted from Oklahoma to Incirlik Air Base in southern Turkey. The first wave of troops and supplies arrived Friday, with more scheduled to come in the following days, according to the U.S. European Command.



Shimon Peres: President Obama would hit Iran:

Shimon Peres is confident President Barack Obama would approve a military strike to halt Iran‘s nuclear ambitions if it came to that, the Israeli president said in an interview published Wednesday.



Iran annual inflation hits 27.4 percent:

Iran‘s central bank says the annual inflation rate hit 27.4 percent at the end of 2012, one of the highest rates ever quoted by Iranian authorities.



Hagel’s group sees Iran as a future ally:

Says Israel must give olive branch: The Washington think tank overseen by President Obama‘s defense secretary-designate predicts that Iran one day will be a “natural partner” for the United States and could possess nuclear weapons



Ed Koch and Alan Dershowitz give thumbs down to Hagel:

Dershowitz said the pick is a stinker and will increase the likelihood that Iran pushes forward with its nuclear program. But he still believes in the president:



Maddow Slams Hagel’s ‘Akin-esque’ Views on Rape, Abortion, LGBT in the Military: Video –

Rachel Maddow continued her skepticism of Chuck Hagel by revealing his views on rape, abortion, and LGBT service members that are lined with controversial Senate candidates Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock.



Pro-Israel hawk gets top spot on House Foreign Affairs’s new Middle East panel:

 The term-limited chairwoman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.), has been named to the coveted top spot on the panel’s new Middle East and North Africa subcommittee, giving her a key platform to pursue her hawkish pro-Israel views.



Hamas, Fatah leaders meet in Cairo for Palestinian unity talks:

Meeting hosted by President Mohammed Morsi meant to pave way to elections and unity government; Iran FM in Cairo to discuss Syria crisis.



Russia, China Plan to Boost Cooperation on Missile Defense: –

Russia and China are planning to intensify their cooperation on missile defense in response to America‘s growing missile defense potential around the globe, Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev said on Wednesday.



Saudi Arabia’s riches conceal a growing problem of poverty:

In a country with vast oil wealth and lavish royalty, an estimated quarter of Saudis live below the poverty line



Malaysian sultan forbids using ‘Allah’ outside Islam:

The Sultan of the Malaysian state Selangor has issued a decree that the sacred word ‘Allah’ can be used only by Muslims. The move put more fire into controversy in the state where language peculiarities also make Christians use the term.



Poverty stalks ‘economic powerhouse’ Germany:

Despite unemployment under six percent, poverty affects 16 percent of people.



Hugo Chavez: Venezuela assembly delays inauguration:

The Venezuelan National Assembly has approved a request by President Hugo Chavez to postpone his inauguration for a new term in office, which was scheduled for Thursday. Legislators voted to give Mr Chavez as much time as he needed to recover.



Venezuela attracts flocks of immigrants seeking better life : Video –

As unemployment brings despair to what once was a land of prosperity, many of those who are hunting for a better life are now making some unexpected choices. Lucy Kafanov reports from Venezuela on why the country’s becoming a more attractive place to move to.



Ecuadoran Government Alert to Possible Destabilizing Actions:

Correa said it would not be the first time that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has acted in Latin America with thoroughly reprehensible means.



The US and the Privatization of El Salvador:

There are countries which are still very much living under the hegemony of the United States. In El Salvador, this means subservience to Washington and international investors who seek nothing less than total control of that nation’s economic destiny.



10 Ways the Drug War Is Causing Massive Collateral Damage to Our Society:

From racial injustice to flawed foreign policy, the war on drugs causes harm on many fronts.



Record Heat Fuels Widespread Fires in Australia:

Bush fires raging across some of the most populous parts of Australia – feeding off widespread drought conditions and high winds – pushed firefighters to their limits and residents to their wits’ end on Wednesday as meteorologists tracked the country’s hottest spring and summer on record into uncharted territory.



2012 was warmest year ever for US, second most ‘extreme’:

The average temperature for 2012 was 55.3 degrees Fahrenheit, 3.2 degrees above normal and a full degree higher than the previous warmest year recorded — 1998 — NOAA said in its report Tuesday. All 48 states in the contiguous U.S. had above-average annual temperatures last year, including 19 that broke annual records.



Canada: Oil Sands Raise Levels of Cancer-Causing Compounds in Regional Waters:

From carcinogens to acid rain, tar sands development is raising levels of industrial pollution across the north



Washington’s jaw drops at possibility of AIG lawsuit:

Remember when AIG took a $182 billion bailout only to turn around and hand out seven-figure bonuses to the same guys who tanked their company? Grab the pitchforks – it gets better.



Federal Judge Rules Texas School Can Force Student to Wear Tracking Device:

The Tuesday ruling gave the school the right to expel or transfer 15-year-old Andrea Hernandez from the district. It said that if the girl is to stay at the school, she would be required to wear the badge. Otherwise, she would have to transfer to a new school.



Cost Of War


Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq “1,455,590


Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq: 4,883


Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 3,254


Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan

Total Cost of Wars Since 2001





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