ICH 4 March 2013: UN Demands Prosecution of Bush-era CIA Crimes

4 March 2013 — Information Clearing House

Why We Must Resist Netanyahu and the Hawks’ Reckless Push for War on Iran

By Murtaza Hussain

Netanyahu‘s push for war is clearly counter to the views of his own military and intelligence communities. That exposes the risk of handing the most gravely consequential of geopolitical decisions over to the calculations of ideologically-driven political leaders.



Nuclear Weapons Must Be Eradicated For All Our Sakes

By Desmond Tutu

Until we accept that nuclear weapons are abhorrent and a grave danger no matter who possesses them, that threatening a city with radioactive incineration is intolerable no matter the nationality or religion of its inhabitants – we are unlikely to make meaningful progress.



Fact or Fiction?

Obama Plans to Extract Timetable for Israeli Pullout from West Bank

Special to World Tribune

Report asserts president will tell Netanyahu to move peace process forward or ‘he’ll act on his own’.



UN Demands Prosecution of Bush-era CIA Crimes


A United Nations investigator has demanded that the US publish classified documents regarding the CIA‘s human rights violations under former President George W. Bush, with hopes that the documents will lead to the prosecution of public officials.



We Are Bradley Manning

By Chris Hedges

All those within the system who publicly reveal facts that challenge the official narrative will be imprisoned.



Climate Change as History’s Deal-Breaker

Can You Organize Against the Apocalypse?

By Tom Engelhardt

In the “extreme weather,” which so regularly leads the TV news, its effects are coming closer to us all. Increasing numbers of us know, in our hearts, that it’s the real deal.



Goodbye Blue Sky

By Rand Clifford

“Look, Mummy. Chemtrails up in the sky.”



The Greek Catastrophe

By James Petras

As Greece enters the sixth year of Europe’s worst economic depression, with 30% of its labor force unemployed and over 52% of its youth jobless, the entire social fabric is unraveling; a suicide rate are skyrocketing and close to 80% of the population is downwardly mobile.



How The Sequester Works


Jared Bernstein asks Richard Kogan to explain how sequestration could affect various government functions.



Wealth Inequality In The US


The reality is often not what we think it is.



Time for Outrage!

By Margaret Flowers

“It’s time to take over! It’s time to get angry! . . . Let us not be defeated by the tyranny of the world financial markets that threaten peace and democracy everywhere. I wish all of you to find your reason for indignation. This is a precious thing.”



50 “rebels”, French soldier killed in Mali:

 But both French and Malian officials said clashes had intensified in the region in recent days, with French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian saying a French soldier had died “in some of the heaviest fighting that we have carried out on Malian territory”.



Qaeda source confirms leader slain:

An Al-Qaeda source on Monday confirmed the death of one of the leaders of the organisation’s north African wing, in the most significant success yet for the French-led operation against Islamist fighters in Mali.



At least 15 killed on Kenya coast on election day:

At least 15 people were killed in attacks by machete-wielding gangs on Monday as millions of Kenyans voted in the first presidential election since a disputed 2007 poll unleashed weeks of tribal bloodshed.



Five killed in Egyptian clashes:

Five people – including two policemen – were killed when protesters and security forces clashed in the Egyptian city of Port Said, officials say. At least 400 people were injured in the fighting overnight



Governance’s headquarters set on fire in Egypt’s Port Said:

Both the security and governance’s headquarters in Egypt’s Port Said were set on fire on Monday as protesters hurdled Molotov cocktail at the buildings, state-run Ahram online reported.



Gunmen attack church in Libya’s Benghazi -state media:

Gunmen attacked an Egyptian Coptic church in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi, assaulting two priests, the official LANA news agency quoted the foreign ministry as saying on Sunday.



At least 40 Syrian soldiers killed in Iraq:

They were among a group who fled across the border into Iraq to escape an attack by anti-government rebels, Reuters quotes officials as saying. They were being driven back to the border when they were attacked by unidentified gunmen, Reuters reports. Iraqis are also among the dead.



Iraq shuts border post after Syrian rebels seize frontier:

Iraq shut a border crossing with Syria on Sunday after rebels battling to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad seized the other side of the frontier post from his army, Iraqi military sources said.



Five Iraqi police killed in Mosul suicide car bombing:

The bomber detonated his explosives close to a police facility in the city of Mosul. A doctor confirmed the death toll. At least eight others were wounded.



British troops murdered up to 20 unarmed prisoners and tortured five others. Allegations:

 A public inquiry into allegations that British troops murdered up to 20 unarmed prisoners and tortured five others following a fierce battle with Iraqi insurgents has opened in London with evidence that some of their death certificates recorded what were described as signs of severe mutilation.



Al-Maliki: Iraq Supports the Will of the Syrian People, Opposes Foreign Interference:

The Iraqi Prime Minister stressed the need for cooperation to prevent foreign interference and finding peaceful solutions, adding that vandalism and the use of arms will lead nowhere; rather they will only sow grudges and allow foreign interference.



Syria police academy battle kills over 100:

A pro-government Syrian newspaper says opposition fighters have killed 115 police and wounded 50 in a battle over a police academy in the country’s north.



Kerry pledges US backing for Syria opposition:

Asked about reports of arms being sent to the rebels from countries such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia, Kerry replied: “The moderate opposition has the ability to make sure that the weapons are getting to them and not to the wrong hands”. Kerry said in Riyadh during a press conference with Prince Saud al-Faisal, Saudi Foreign Minister.




Kerry Criticizes Iran and Russia for Shipping Arms to Syria:

“Believe me, the bad actors, regrettably, have no shortage of their ability to get arms – from Iran, from Hezbollah, from Russia, unfortunately,” Mr. Kerry said in a joint news conference with the Saudi foreign minister, Prince Saud al-Faisal.



More Chutzpah:

Saudi foreign minister calls for arms embargo on Syrian regime:

Prince al-Faisal stressed Saudi Arabia’s support for the Syrian people right for self-defense against the brutal crackdown of the President Assad’s forces. He said the international assistance to the Syrian opposition must not be limited to humanitarian aid, in reference for the need to arm the rebels there.



Robert Fisk: Alawite history reveals the complexities of Syria that West does not understand: Op-Ed:

The maps long favoured in the West partition off Arab countries into ethnic divisions, but all these make clear is our own ignorance



Twelve pro-army militiamen killed in Yemen – commander:

A suicide bomber killed at least 12 members of a pro-government militia that helped the Yemeni army to drive al Qaeda-linked Islamist militants out of southern strongholds in a U.S.-backed campaign last year, a commander said on Monday.



Netanyahu to AIPAC: Only credible military threat will stop Iran:

Netanyahu speaks via satellite to the pro-Israel lobby and says that Iran is getting closer to crossing the red line; Biden, speaking earlier, says Obama is not bluffing on Iran.



Biden at AIPAC conference:

Obama is not bluffing on Iran: Biden says U.S. prefers diplomatic solution, but it is ‘important that the world is with us if we have to act’; all options ‘including military force are on the table,’ he notes.



Kerry Warns Iran Has ‘Finite Amount of Time’ for Nuclear Talks:

US Secy of State John Kerry warned Monday talks with Iran over its nuclear development activities “will not go on for the sake of talks.”



Hagel Vows Pentagon to Help Combat Iran’s ‘Malign’ Role:

“Serious contingency planning” by the Pentagon will complement the Obama administration’s strategy of using economic sanctions “with the objective of preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon,” Hagel said in previously unreleased written answers to the Senate Armed Services Committee after his January confirmation hearing.



AIPAC panel hints at deep US-Israel divide on Iran:

Ex-IDF military intelligence chief Yadlin to US: ‘You don’t want another war, understandably. But this is not a war, this is a one-night operation’



US to limit carrier operations in Persian Gulf as spending cuts bite:

The USS Harry Truman, one of 10 nuclear powered aircraft carriers in the US military arsenal, will not be patrolling the waters of the Persian Gulf as US naval assets bear the brunt of sweeping spending cuts, it was reported in the Telegraph.



John Baird’s presence at AIPAC confirms Harper government’s uncritical support of Israel:

John Baird’s presence at the upcoming AIPAC conference is disturbing in light of comments he recently made about Canada-Israel relations. “Simply put, Israel is worthy of our support because it is a society that shares so many values with Canada.



AIPAC aims to play ‘major strategic ally’ card to save aid for Israel from US cuts?:

US aid to Israel may be saved from sequestration and moved into Pentagon budget. That might be the result if the Israeli lobby in Washington gets its way



Palestinians-only bus lines open in West Bank:

Israel launched two Palestinians-only bus lines in the West Bank on Monday, a step an Israeli rights group described as racist and which the Transport Ministry called an improvement in service.



Israeli security forces stand by while settlers harass Palestinian shepherds, witnesses say:

Photo circulated over the weekend shows Border Police officer shaking hands with masked settlers who proceeded to harass Palestinians who just moments before had been denied access to their land; Border Police: Officers were trying to stop the settlers.



Police round up suspects in attacks on Arabs:

Police in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv have in the past two days arrested a series of suspects involved in separate attacks on Arabs in the two cities.



Jerusalem man forced to demolish his own home:

“I am unemployed at the moment and have seven children. We suffer daily from Israeli brutality,” the Old City resident told Ma’an.



Netanyahu pledges to ask Obama for Israeli spy’s clemency:

Netanyahu met Monday with Pollard’s wife, Esther, in advance of Obama‘s visit scheduled for later this month.



Turkish FM refuses to shake Barak’s hand:

Defense minister reportedly snubbed last month at Munich international security conference also attended by US vice president



Washington, London tyrants unmasked in Bahrain: Op-Ed:

The Bahraini regime last week issued a new law that shows just how wobbly-scared it is of its own people. Anyone found in possession of a false face mask is liable to be jailed.



At least 23 people killed as Bangladesh deploys troops:

At least 23 people have been killed in fresh clashes across Bangladesh at the start of a nationwide strike called over a death sentence given to an Islamist party leader for war crimes in the Muslim-majority nation.



Protests over bombing of Shiites in southern Pakistan turn deadly, 2 demonstrators killed; –

Gunmen shot and killed two people returning from a funeral Monday for Shiite Muslim victims of a massive bombing in Karachi, highlighting escalating sectarian tensions in a city where 48 people were killed the day before.



Afghan president outbursts against Pakistan:

Afghan President Hamid Karzai lashed out once again at his supposed ally, Pakistan, alleging Monday that a statement by a Pakistani cleric endorsing suicide bombings in Afghanistan shows the neighbouring country is not sincere in efforts to fight terrorism.



Hunger striking activist pleads not guilty to attempted suicide:

A 40-year old Indian female activist, who has been on a protest hunger strike for more than 12 years, has pleaded not guilty to charges of attempted suicide.



‘Privilege, not a right’: UK on secret passport-revoking crusade:

A Sudanese-British man took his four children on holiday to Sudan. Four days after leaving, he was stripped of his passport and his children were banned from returning the UK. At least five of those whose British passport has been revoked were born in Britain.



‘Medieval Exile’: The 21 Britons stripped of their citizenship:

Almost all of those affected lost their citizenship on national security grounds, often based on evidence which remains secret. Leading immigration lawyer Gareth Peirce has described the process as akin to ‘medieval exile.’



New Poll Finds 57 Percent of Americans Think Obama’s Assassination Program Is Unconstitutional:

A new Reason-Rupe poll finds that a majority of Americans think President Obama‘s targeted killing program, which famously allowed the CIA to assassinate an American-born Muslim cleric living in Yemen as well has his American-born teenage son, to be unconstitutional.



“We prefer to call them killer robots,” Lethal machines coming of age:

“Weapons that on their own can kill, and there would be no human being involved in the decision-making process. When I first learnt about this, I was honestly horrified – the mere thought that human beings would set about creating machines that they can set loose to kill other human beings, I find repulsive.”



China overtakes US as world’s largest net oil importer:

US net oil imports dropped in December to 5.98m barrels a day, the lowest since February 1992, according to provisional figures from the US Energy Information Administration. In the same month, Chinese net oil imports – defined also as crude and refined oil products – surged to 6.12m b/d, according to the country’s custom office.



Obama renews budget offer to cut social safety nets:

President Barack Obama raised anew the issue of cutting entitlements such as Medicare and Social Security as a way out of damaging budget cuts, a White House official said on Sunday, as both sides in Washington tried to limit a fiscal crisis that may soon hit millions of Americans.



Buffett says he’s still paying lower tax rate than his secretary:

Warren Buffett says even though he and other top earners are paying higher taxes this year, he thinks he’s still paying a lower rate than his secretary.



What Researchers Learned About Gun Violence Before Congress Killed Funding:

What the research showed was not only did having a firearm in your home not protect you, but it hugely increased the risk that someone in your family would die from a firearm homicide. It increased the risk almost 300 percent, almost three times as high.



Cost Of War


Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq “1,455,590


Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq: 4,883


Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 3,258


Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan

Total Cost of Wars Since 2001




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