ICH 12 March 2013: William Blum: ‘Hugo Chávez Was Murdered By The United States’

12 March 2013 — Information Clearing House

Western Media Set Up North Korea For War

By Finian Cunningham

Western so-called news media coverage of the escalating tensions on the Korean Peninsula is like watching a cross between a bad James Bond movie and a cheap horror flick about flesh-eating zombies.



Iran Can’t Build Nuke Without Tripping Alarm Bells, US Says

By Associated Press.

US intelligence director James Clapper says Tehran still has not decided whether to pursue militarization of nuclear program.



NATO and the Gulf States Conspiring to Drive the Middle East into Full-blown War.

By Patrick Henningsen

The very idea of directly arming terrorists in Syria is not one which can be sold openly in either the US or Britain.



Iraq: A History That Must Not Be Repeated

By Patrick Cockburn

The US and Britain’s percived support for al-Qa’ida fighters in Syria, while condemning them in Iraq, has raised the political temperature.



Bradley Manning In His Own Words

In Leaked Court Recording, Army Whistleblower Tells His Story for First Time


By releasing this audio recording, we wish to make sure that the voice of this generation’s most prolific whistleblower can be heard-literally-by the world.



20 Israel Partisans Behind Iraq War Still at Large

By Maidhc Ó Cathail

As the tenth anniversary approaches, there is no excuse for anyone genuinely interested in the facts to deny the ultimate responsibility of Tel Aviv and its foreign agents for the quagmire in Iraq.



Israel Going for One Million Jews in the Occupied West Bank

By Aluf Benn

The third Netanyahu government has one clear goal: enlarging the illegal settlements and achieving the vision of a million Jews living in the occupied West Bank.



New Chinese President Xi Aims to Paint Africa Red

By Nile Bowie

China’s deepening economic engagement in Africa and its crucial role in developing the mineral sector, telecommunications industry and much-needed infrastructural projects is creating “deep nervousness” in the West.



Lady Justice, Humiliation And John Brennan’s Heavy Baggage

By Ray McGovern

It is no overstatement that for the first time since World War II, many foreign intelligence chiefs are likely to have very mixed reactions to being seen, even in Washington, with a freshly minted CIA Director with the heavy baggage that Brennan carries.



I Personally Believe That Hugo Chávez Was Murdered By The United States

By William Blum

There was no one in the entire universe that those who own and run “United States, Inc.” wanted to see dead more than Hugo Chávez.



Venezuela to Investigate Chavez Murder Allegations


Venezuelan officials have said they will set up an inquiry to investigate suspicions that President Hugo Chavez was murdered by foreign agencies.



Scientific Assassinations Are Part of the CIA’s Record


The CIA‘s Technical Services Department continued to maintain and develop stockpiles of cancer-causing biological agents used in special delivery weapons.



Hugo Chavez Depicted as Tyrant for Challenging Western oil Domination:

By Linda McQuaig

Had Hugo Chavez followed the pattern of many Third World leaders and concentrated on siphoning off his nation’s wealth for personal gain, he would have attracted little attention or animosity in the West.



If Corporations Don’t Pay Taxes, Why Should You?

By Robert Scheer

Go offshore young man and avoid paying taxes. Plunder at will in those foreign lands, and if you get in trouble, Uncle Sam will come rushing to your assistance, diplomatically, financially and militarily.



Ashamed To Be An American?

By Timothy Gatto

I’m tired of holding my tongue and reading the drivel and watching the charade on television. The truth is that everything you are hearing is a lie and lies of the greatest magnitude.



“The Man “


Sandi Toksvig’s chilling look at how an unelected few decide the fate of the masses.



US Police Use of Military Technology & Tactics


“Equipping state and local law enforcement with military weapons and vehicles, military tactical training, erodes civil liberties and encourages increasingly aggressive policing”



The Crucifixion of Tomas Young

By Chris Hedges

“If I had known then what I know now,” Young said, “I would not have gone into the military.



At least 21 killed in Afghanistan:

At least 21 people, including seven foreign troops, have been killed in a single day in Afghanistan.



Erased US data shows 1 in 4 missiles in Afghan airstrikes now fired by drone:

The US military has stopped publishing data on drone use in Afghanistan, claiming missions that include drone strikes are ‘the exception’ – just 3% of all drone flights. However, the figures themselves demonstrate the increasingly important role played by drones in airstrikes by the US and its allies in Afghanistan.



US Threatens Pakistan with Sanctions over Iran Gas Pipeline Deal:

Hours after the official inauguration of the final phase of the Iran-Pakistan natural gas pipeline, the US State Department has said the bilateral project would force Washington to employ the Iran Sanctions Act.



Mortar attack in Damascus kills 6 civilians: –

Mortar shells struck a Christian neighborhood and a football stadium at game time in Damascus on Monday, killing six civilians and wounding at least 24 in what appeared to be an escalating campaign by rebels to sow fear in the Syrian capital.



Bodies dumped in Syria’s ‘river of death’: Video –

An exclusive report from Aleppo where 12 more bodies of executed men have been recovered from the Queiq.



Cameron: Britain could break with Syria arms embargo:

On Monday, France urged the European Union to look again at lifting the arms embargo, putting it at odds with Germany which said such a step could spread conflict in the region.



France says Syria balance of power must be changed: –

France hinted on Tuesday that it would push to get a European Union arms embargo on Syria lifted, saying the balance of power in the country had to change so President Bashar al Assad understood he could not win by military force.



Saudi spy agency funds al-Nusra terrorists in Syria: Report:

Citing foreign intelligence sources, the Intelligence Online Newsletter said Saudi Arabia’s General Intelligence Presidency (GIP), which is led by Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz, took advantage of its communications with terrorists in Iraq to help establish al-Nusra Front.



U.S. spy chief says Syrian opposition remains disorganized:

Clapper noted a growing presence among Assad’s opponents of foreign fighters, many associated with the Nusra Front, an offshoot of al Qaeda in Iraq that has gained strength in Syria partly by offering services to a population beaten down by two years of civil war.



Strange – CIA Maybe?

Former US soldier turned Syrian rebel:

A former US soldier has taken up arms with the most notorious of Syria‘s rebel groups, Jabhat al-Nusra, said to be an offshoot of al-Qaeda in Iraq.



Turkey refutes claim it denies shelter to Christian Syrians:

The claim was made by one of the lawmakers from Turkey’s main opposition party who travelled to Damascus last week and met with officials from the Syrian regime.



Russian Navy Starts Forming Mediterranean Task Force;,

The Russian Navy has begun setting up a permanent task force to defend Russia’s interests in the Mediterranean, Navy Commander Adm. Viktor Chirkov said Monday.



Eight killed, 120 injured in Iraq attacks:

A suicide bomber killed five people and wounded 120 others, including 65 schoolchildren, in northern Iraq Monday, while three people were killed in two other attacks in central Iraq, police said.



Three killed in separate attacks in Baghdad:

Three Iraqis were killed with weapons fitted with silencers in separate attacks in Iraq‘s capital Baghdad on Tuesday.



US condemns ‘terrorist’ attack on Assad’s troops:

The United States Monday condemned what it called a “terrorist” assault on Syrian regime forces who came under fire after crossing into Iraq last week in an attack claimed by an Al-Qaeda group.



CIA ratchets covert operations in Iraq to fight al Qaeda:

U.S. intelligence indicates that this al Qaeda affiliate is giving assistance to the Syrian-based rebel group, the al-Nusra Front, that currently controls parts in northern Syria, UPI says.



Iraq closes its embassy in Qatar:

Iraqi Prime Minister plans to close its embassy in Doha, Qatar, in response to the interference of Qatar in the internal affairs of Iraq and encouraging, provoking the Iraqi protesters and to organize the protests in different parts of Iraq.



Turkey is economic winner of Iraq war:

The Americans won the war, the Iranians won the peace and the Turks won the contracts



Chilcot inquiry report will not reveal Tony Blair’s pledges to George W Bush:

Former cabinet secretary consulted Blair before suppressing documents described by Sir John Chilcot as central to inquiry



In some corners of Iraq, nostalgia for Saddam Hussein lives on:

A decade after the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, years of violence and disdain for the country’s current political class are fueling nostalgia for Saddam Hussein



1 killed as clashes break out in Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon:

The officials said heavy clashes with machine guns and rocket propelled grenades resumed Tuesday.



Israel harms Palestinian economy: report:

The World Bank says Israel‘s checkpoints and delays in transferring money is causing ‘lasting damage’ to Palestinians.



Israel’s Iron Dome: Doubts over success rate:

A leading US expert on missile defence has raised doubts about the efficacy of Israel‘s Iron Dome defence system.



Iran identifies US anti-radar spy plane, issues warning:

 “After the warning issued, the U-2 spy plane flew off Iran‘s air-space borders.” The commander gave the place for the event as the Sea of Oman.



Engineering Consent For Attack On Iran: Bolton:

Israel has ‘very short period of time’ to strike Iran.

Warns Tehran will soon possess nukes beyond Jewish state’s reach



Iran will promise UN not to seek nuclear bomb, semi-official agency reports:

 Iran‘s semi-official Mehr news agency quotes Vice President Mohammad Reza Rahimi as saying that Tehran plans to submit a written promise to that effect, but does not say when; In 2005Ayatollah Khamenei issued a religious edict ‘banning production, storage and use of nuclear weapons’.



Fact or propaganda?

North Korea threatens to attack South island:

“Once an order is issued, you should break the waists of the crazy enemies, totally cut their windpipes and thus clearly show them what a real war is like,” Kim was quoted as saying by the Korean Central News Agency.



N. Korea fielding mobile ICBM: U.S. intelligence chief:

North Korea seems to have taken “initial steps” to deploy mobile long-range missiles, the head of the U.S. intelligence community said Tuesday, as the unpredictable communist nation churns out military threats.



40 rebels killed in Sudan’s Blue Nile State:

The Sudanese army announced Monday that it killed over 40 rebels during clashes with fighters of the rebel Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM)/northern sector at Surkum area in Blue Nile State, official SUNA news agency reported.



Seven killed during clashes in Burundi:

Burundi police killed seven worshippers on Tuesday during clashes with more than 100 followers of a woman who claims to see the Virgin Mary once a month, a regional official said.



Tunisian man self-immolates in protest recalling death that sparked revolution:

Unemployed man aged 27 is said to be in critical condition in hospital after setting himself on fire in Tunia



Egypt refuses IMF emergency funding:

‘It is our right to receive the full $4.8bn loan’



Bolivian president blames ‘imperialists’ for death of Chaves: He says that “sooner or later it will be proven that there was an attempt on his life.

Because it is always like that when presidents or union leaders open their mouth to demand their rights.”



Over 100 Guantanamo inmates ‘on hunger strike,’ possibly in grave condition:

Lawyers for Guantanamo Bay inmates have claimed “all but a few men” are on a hunger strike over their Qurans being taken away. The condition of the strikers “appears to be rapidly deteriorating and reaching a potentially critical level,” they said.



New York Muslims protest police surveillance:

A new report by a coalition of Muslims has shed further light on the NYPD’s controversial surveillance program of the Muslim community, which they say generates widespread fear and has a “chilling effect” on their lives.



New Report: NYPD Spying and its Impact on American Muslims:

Report documenting the devastating impacts of the New York Police Department’s (NYPD) extensive surveillance program that targeted American Muslims throughout the Northeast and spread outrage throughout the nation



Fears of triple-dip recession in France as motor industry sales slump:

France appears to be heading for a triple dip recession amid concerns that political deadlock in Italy could drag the eurozone back into crisis.



UK: Triple dip recession fears:

George Osborne was today warned Britain could be heading for an unprecedented triple dip recession after new figures revealed a steep decline in manufacturing.



UK workers suffer sharpest wage fall of any developed country as business leaders warn the pain is far from over:

Real wages dropped by 4.5 per cent between 2007 and 2011, leaving workers with smaller incomes at a time of rising costs for basic necessities such as food, fuel, gas and electricity – not to mention housing costs.



British banks may have £30bn hidden losses:

British banks may be harbouring a black hole of as much as £50bn in undeclared losses that do not show up in their accounts but hamper their efforts to lend, a shareholder group has warned.



Millions of Europeans Require Red Cross Food Aid:

Needy families and individuals in the European Union are becoming increasingly reliant on charity organizations like the Red Cross for basic needs like food, water and shelter. While Germany is relatively unaffected, unemployment and austerity in countries like Spain are making the problem even more severe.



USDA: Number of Food Stamp Recipients Reached Record High in 2012:

An average of 46.6 million people received the benefits each month last year, with the average number of households that received them totaling 22.3 million. In 2007, just 26.3 million people received food stamps.



Hiding Poverty and Hunger:

The Case Against Government Bans on Feeding the Homeless:

The backlash against prohibitions on feeding the homeless and less fortunate is underway.



Dollars for Docs : How drug companies buy physicians:

“It boggles my mind,” said Dr. James H. Scully Jr., chief executive of the American Psychiatric Association, referring to the big money paid to some psychiatrists for what are billed as educational talks.



Sex abuse victims list ‘dirty dozen’ papal candidates:

“Tragically, the worst is almost certainly ahead,” he said, adding that the truth of “widespread, longstanding and deeply-rooted” abuse and coverups has “yet to surface in most nations.”



Cost Of War


Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq “1,455,590


Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq: 4,883


Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 3,267


Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan

Total Cost of Wars Since 2001




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