ColdType Issue 76 25 July 2013: Linh Dinh / Belvin Corriette / Juliette Volcler

25 July 2013 — ColdType

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CONTENTS  – 72 pages

A TALE OF TWO CAMDENS – This month we contrast life in Camden, New Jersey, and Camden Town, England. 

Linh Dinh’s cover story, The City That America Forgot, features a city traumatised by the flight of manufacturing and jobs from the United States, lost in the depths of 21st Century urban decay. 

The other Camden, seen in Down Town, our separate 20-page photo-essay by British photojournalist Belvin Corriette, is thriving and one of the key parts of London’s tourist and entertainment industries. 

Other top stories this month include major articles on the Edward Snowden affair, the fight back against rapacious capitalism, the military coup in Egypt, and a long excerpt from Juliette Volcler’s new book, Extremely Loud: Sound As A Weapon.


From The Archives: Five of Our Favourite Books. Excerpts from:

1. Resident Alien, by Rian Malan
2. The Trouble With Millionaires, by Linda McQuaig & Neil Brooks
3. Memoir Of A Fascist Childhood, by Trevor Grundy
4. Framing Innocence, by Lynn Powell
The Looting Of America, by Les Leopold

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