Information Clearing House 10 November 2013: US Built ‘Powerful Organs of State Terrorism’ in Iraq

10 November 2013 — Information Clearing House

France Wrecks P5+1 Deal for Arab Money

By Finian Cunningham

By wrecking a potential deal with Iran, Fabius was no doubt bidding to please Saudi Arabia and the other Persian Gulf Arab regimes.


France Tries to Blow Up Iran Deal

By Emptywheel

France will make an effort to thwart any deal. And if talks fail, they’ll get a big chunk of Saudi Arabia’s considerable weapons spending.


Killing Arafat

Video – Al Jazeera Investigates –

A world exclusive investigation tells the inside story of the fight for the facts behind Yasser Arafat’s death.


Israeli Bombers: Al Qaeda’s Air Force

By James Petras

The current series of Israeli bombing raids and missile strikes against Syria are designed to strengthen the armed Syrian opposition and Islamist mercenaries seeking to destroy the government in Damascus .


US Built ‘Powerful Organs of State Terrorism’ in Iraq

By Nicolas J.S. Davies

When we look at the absolute chaos today in Iraq, Libya and Syria, I think we have to ask who is responsible – and are these in fact crimes for which people should be held criminally responsible?


Foreign Office And Human Rights in Libya and Iraq

By Vladimir Odintsov

Today the recently prosperous Naser´s, Kaddafi´s and Hussein´s states are ravaged, their resources ransacked, state infrastructure ruined and children grow surrounded by gun sights.


The Dynastic Hillary Bandwagon – Bad for America

By Ralph Nader

Does the future of our country benefit from Hillary, another Clinton, another politician almost indistinguishable from Barack Obama’s militaristic, corporatist policies garnished by big money donors from Wall Street and other plutocratic canyons?


The Required Blood Sacrifice

By Jonathan Goodwin

November 11 is Veterans Day in the United States. It has become a day of holy worship for many. Churches as well as today’s temples of worship – the sports arena – will bear witness to this glorious event.


US Police Have Killed Over 5,000 Civilians Since 9/11

By Katie Rucke

Statistically speaking, Americans should be more fearful of the local cops than “terrorists.”


Are You a Gorilla or a God?

By Paul Rosenberg

Humanity stands about halfway between gorillas and gods. – What we become in the future depends on whether we choose.


Dangerous Ideas

Deepak Chopra vs Richard Dawkins


Does the universe have a purpose ? Is religion good for people ?


The Super Rich Reinvent U.S. Capitalism

By Shamus Cooke

Democrats and Republicans alike – insist that the U.S. is broke, all the while conveniently ignoring the mountains of tax-free wealth piling up in the pockets of the super rich.


Why Does Congress Think It’s OK for Working Americans to Go Hungry?

By Jerry Lanson

Alarming evidence that we live in a broken and declining society.


Bodies in the streets, a plague of looters and 10,000 dead in one city alone:

Filipinos struggle to cope with huge typhoon that was ‘like a tsunami’


Typhoon Survivors Hunt For Food ‘Like Zombies’:

“People are becoming violent. They are looting business establishments, the malls, just to find food, rice and milk. I am afraid that in one week, people will be killing from hunger.”


Clashes in Helmand, 14 Taliban militants killed or injured:

Taliban militants killed in Badghis provinceAt least 14 Taliban militants were killed or injured during clashes with the Afghan security forces in southern Helmand province of Afghanistan.


Attacks in north Iraq kill seven people:

 Attacks across Iraq, the deadliest of which struck the main northern city of Mosul, left seven people dead and 50 wounded Sunday, the latest in a months-long surge in bloodletting.


2 killed as migrant workers clash with Saudi police over deportations:

A crackdown on migrants in Saudi Arabia sparked clashes between police and hundreds of foreign workers in a poor area of the capital Riyadh. Two people were killed and dozens were injured in the violence.


US, Yemen hold talks to build new Guantanamo prison:

The Obama administration is negotiating with Yemen to build a new detention facility on its soil that would hold dozens of Guantanamo Bay prisoners, US and Yemeni officials say.


Syrian army retakes northern military base in third day of clashes:

Syrian forces backed by Lebanese Hezbollah militants recaptured an army base in northern Syria from rebels on Sunday, the third day of heavy fighting for the strategic military target which has changed hands three times since Friday.


Syrian government eases blockade of rebel-held town:

Government officials and rebels reached a deal to ease a weeks-long blockade on a rebel-held town near the Syrian capital on Sunday, allowing food to reach civilians there for the first time in weeks, activists said.


Geneva talks end without deal on Iran’s nuclear programme:

Diplomats said to be furious after France objected to a stopgap deal being presented as a fait accompli


Iran Impasse: French reluctance causes nuclear talks to stall : Video report:

France revealed itself to be the most skeptical in the Western camp, refusing to accept any short-term deal.


Khamenei slams French ‘imprudent, inept move’ to delay Iran nuclear deal:

“Since the time of [former President Nicolas] Sarkozy, the French government has adopted a policy of opposing the Iranian nation and unfortunately the current French government is pursuing the same policy. In our opinion, this is a wrong move. It is ill-advised and unwise.”


McCain: ‘Vive la France’:

Sen. John McCain on Sunday hailed France for its “courage” to hold up a nuclear agreement with Iran.


Bennett to personally lobby Congress against Iran deal:

Economics and Trade Minister Naftali Bennett intends to travel to the US this week to lobby US Congress members against a potential deal with Iran over the Islamic Republic’s nuclear ambitions.


Israel boosts attack on Iran nuclear deal after ‘productive’ Geneva talks:

Israel is ramping up its effort to prevent a deal with Iran, which is seen as a serious threat to its national security. It comes after French intervention stalled high-level talks aimed at resolving the conflict over Iran’s nuclear program.


Iran announces new air defense missile system amid nuclear talks:

Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan announced that the Islamic Republic has successfully developed a new air defense system capable of destroying modern fighter jets and drones, Iranian Fars News agency reported on Saturday.


Japan ready to build nuclear power plants in Iran:

Japanese Foreign Ministry’s Deputy Director General for Press and Public Diplomacy Koichi Mizushima has expressed his country’s readiness to cooperate with Iran to build nuclear power plants in the Islamic Republic.


Egypt: 11 ‘militants” killed in clashes with army in Sinai:

An Egyptian army source said 11 armed men were killed in clashes with army forces over the weekend in northern Sinai.,7340,L-4451505,00.html


7 killed in Nigeria’s Kano state: military: –

At least five Boko Haram fighters and two soldiers were killed during the Nigerian military’s latest clampdown against the militant sect in the northwestern state of Kano, the military said here on Sunday.


Attacks in eastern Libya kill 6;’

A string of attacks in eastern Libya has killed a public prosecutor and five members of the security forces in less than 24 hours, judicial and medical sources said on Saturday.


Libyan autonomy group forms oil firm, challenges government: –

 An autonomy movement in eastern Libya said on Sunday it had formed a regional oil firm to start selling crude after seizing several ports, mounting a challenge to the government in Tripoli as it struggles to gain control of oil facilities.


Zeidan: Foreign forces may act to halt chaos:

Prime Minister Ali Zeidan warned Libyans of the possibility of foreign powers intervening unless the country’s current chaos ends, in an appeal on Sunday aimed at rallying his campaign against militias.


Libyan Prime Minister: Rebel against militias to prevent ‘foreign occupation’: –

Prime Minister Ali Zeidan warned Libyans of the possibility of foreign powers intervening unless the country’s current chaos ends, in an appeal Sunday aimed at rallying his campaign against militias.


Tunisian police accused of torture:

Death of man in custody puts spotlight on country’s feared security forces.


How politicians use the poppy appeal to make today’s wars more popular:

Supporting the troops is increasingly used as a substitute for supporting unpopular wars, and the poppy appeal is part of that process.


Outspoken mayor from Mexico’s Michoacan state found dead:

Ygnacio Lopez Mendoza was one of the few mayors from Mexico’s troubled state of Michoacan who openly sounded the alarm about the narco thugs whose extortion demands were targeting even small local governments like his.,0,1422201.story


Venezuela troops seize shops over high prices:

President orders electronics chain to cut prices and slams “bourgeois parasites” he says are exploiting Venezuelans.


Feds seek $864M from BofA over Countrywide loans:

Federal prosecutors want Bank of America to pay about $864 million over losses incurred by the government after it bought thousands of home loans made by Countrywide Financial during the housing boom. U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara made the request in documents filed late Friday with the U.S. District Court in Manhattan.


Arizona Firefighters Charge Family Nearly $20,000 After Home Burns Down:

 An Arizona couple recently left homeless when their mobile home burned to the ground couldn’t believe their eyes when they received a bill for nearly $20,000 from a private fire department.


Cost Of War


Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq “1,455,590


Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq: 4,883


Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 3,395


Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan

Total Cost of Wars Since 2001




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