Information Clearing House 14 November 2013: Quitting Over Syria

14 November 2013 — Information Clearing House

Preventing War with Iran Is Top Priority

By Sheldon Richman

The best way to keep Iran from building a nuclear bomb is for the Obama administration and its nuclear client Israel to stop threatening the Islamic Republic.


Russian FM: Iran Backed US Nuclear Proposal

The Associated Press

Russia’s foreign minister says Iran had accepted a U.S.-draft proposal on a nuclear deal, but last-minute amendments blocked an accord last week in Geneva.


Senate Republicans Reject White House Plea on Iran


One Republican – Sen. Mark Kirk (Ill.) – angrily compared the Obama administration’s appeal to Neville Chamberlain’s “appeasement” of Nazi Germany before World War II.


U.S. Dismisses Israeli Assessment on Iran as ‘Exaggerated, not Based on Reality’

By Haaretz

State Department rejects Israeli estimate that sanctions relief offered to Iran in Geneva is worth $40 billion to Tehran.


Quitting Over Syria

By Philip Giraldi

Israel obligingly provided what was reported to be interceptions of telephone conversations implicating the Syrian army in the attack, but it was widely believed that the information might have been fabricated by Tel Aviv.


America’s Rampage through the Middle East

John Chuckman

The screams of the hundreds of thousands of initial victims of cluster bombs, Hellfire rockets, depleted uranium explosions, and white phosphorus were what Condi Rice once described as “the birth cries of a new Middle East.


War Criminals Hide Evidence

US Blocks Publication of Chilcot’s Report on How Britain Went to War With Iraq

By James Cusick

Without permission from the US government, David Cameron faces the politically embarrassing situation of having to block evidence, on Washington’s orders.


The Dark Road from the Clipper Chip to PRISM Reveals ‘Crypto Wars’ Never Ended

By Tom Burghardt

Successive US administrations have worked assiduously to erect an impenetrable secrecy regime backstopped by secret laws overseen by secret courts which operate on the basis of secret administrative subpoenas, latter day lettres de cachet.


What Is The Real Agenda Of The American Police State?

By Paul Craig Roberts

A government that will destroy the constitutional protections of free speech and a free press in order to prevent its criminal actions from being disclosed is a tyrannical government.


George W Bush’s New ‘Crusade’: Converting Jews to Christianity

By Andrew Brown

Some people think George W Bush did as much as he could to bring about Armageddon with his earlier interventions in the Middle East. But not the man himself, apparently.


The Apocalypse Industry

End-Time Fantasies of a Crumbling Empire

By Jerry Lembcke

Visions of the apocalypse are a staple element of fundamentalist readings of the Bible’s Book of Revelation.


The Cruel Cut – Female Genital Mutilation (FMG)

By SoggyMog

I finally found time to watch Leyla Hussein’s C4 documentary on (FGM) in the UK. – I simply didn’t know until I watched just how important it was.


Bush- Blair Legacy Continues As –

Iraq attacks kill 44 as millions mark Shiite holiday: –

Attacks mostly against Shiites, including the suicide bombing of a religious procession, killed 44 people in Iraq Thursday despite massive security for one of the holiest days of their faith.


Syria conflict: Central Damascus attacks ‘kill three’:

Three people have been killed by bombs and mortar fire near the historic Old City of the Syrian capital Damascus, according to state-run media.


Syria: Hezbollah aids Assad troops recapture Damascus suburb: Video –

Fighters brandishing Hezbollah arm patches aided the Syrian army in capturing the southern Damascus suburb of Hejeira on Wednesday.


Al-Qaeda-linked rebels apologise after cutting off head of wrong person:

Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham militants say sorry for decapitating a fellow extremist rather than enemy


Opposition will have to talk to Assad: Hezbollah:

 The Syrian opposition will inevitably have to deal directly with President Bashar Assad, Hezbollah’s Hezbollah’s Sheikh Naim Qassem told an Ashoura gathering late Tuesday, warning that the war raging in Lebanon’s neighbor would go on for some time to come.


Poisonous rivalries between commanders end in defeat for Free Syrian Army:

From the jaws of victory however, the FSA snatched defeat – undermined by poisonous rivalries between commanders, failures of communication and weapon shortages.


Hezbollah will carry on backing Bashar al-Assad, says leader Nasrallah:

In a rare public appearance in Beirut’s southern suburbs, Nasrallah told supporters on Thursday that Hezbollah was defending Syria which in turn supported “the resistance” against Israel.


Russian president stresses Moscow’s support for Syria:

The Russian leader praised the Syrian people’s steadfastness and stressed that the Syrians are the only ones to decide the future of their country.


Kerry: Any Iran nuclear deal will be ‘failsafe’:

Kerry told MSNBC on Thursday that he respects Israel’s deep concern about the ongoing negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program. He says he spoke to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Thursday morning to assure him that the U.S. and Israel both agree that Iran should not be allowed to become a nuclear-armed nation.


Hezbollah leader: Failure to reach nuke deal between Iran, world powers will lead to war:

In rare public appearance, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah says Israel is happy to see Muslim factions killing each other.


Senior Israeli minister: Kerry no longer an honest broker between Israel, Palestinians:

With regard to Iran, minister suggests that Washington and Tehran have been communicating directly, in secret, to ‘cook up’ a deal that fails to roll back the Islamic Republic’s nuclear weapons potential.


Palestinian family targeted by arson in ‘revenge’ for murder of Israeli:

Hours after an Israeli soldier is murdered in his sleep, a Palestinian family’s home is set alight while five children are asleep.


300 killed as Somali region appeals for aid after cyclone:

UN says as many as 30,000 people may need aid after floods triggered by cyclone wash away roads and kill at least 300.


Egypt hails renewed military ties with Russia:

Egypt’s top general has hailed a new era of defence co-operation with Moscow during a visit by Russian officials, sending a message to Washington after it suspended some military aid.


Russia in the Middle East: Return of the bear:

The Russians, once vilified in some Arab countries as godless communists, their crumbling economy mocked, their dated weaponry shunned by the rich Gulf states, are now sweeping back into favour as US influence wanes.


3 “terrorists” killed in Egypt’s Sinai: military spokesman:

3 people who the Egyptian military accused of terrorism were killed in confrontations with the armed forces after they allegedly killed a police officer and wounded a soldier early Thursday in al-Arish, a border city with Israel, a military spokesman said.


Nearly 1,000 killed in Cairo since Aug 14 crackdown:

Clashes in Cairo and its suburbs have killed at least 989 people since security forces launched an August 14 crackdown on supporters of ousted Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi, a forensic official told AFP Thursday.


Libya bows down to jihadist group by making legislation more Islamic: –

Libya is seeking to revise existing legislation to make it conform more to Islamic sharia law, a justice ministry document shows.


Libya ex-rebels lift blockade of oil refinery:

The former rebels, who are demanding ongoing medical care for wounds they received in battles during the revolution that toppled Moamer Kadhafi in 2011, had already staged similar protests at the refinery twice last year.


Libya has lost $6 billion from oil protests: minister:

Libya has lost some $6 billion due to protests at ports and oil fields that have reduced the North African country’s crude exports to a trickle, its economy minister said on Thursday.


Libya almost Imploding, Status Quo Unsustainable: Op-Ed:

Gone are the welfare days of Gaddafi’s state when young families could get a house with benefits for free, people’s medication and treatment were paid by the state and free education made available to everyone. About one million supporters of the Gaddafi regime remain internally displaced; hundreds of thousands more fled for their lives abroad.


Coalition occupation force soldier killed in Afghanistan blast:

 “An International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) service member died following an improvised explosive device attack in southern Afghanistan Wednesday,” Xinhua quoted the coalition as stating


How Opium Greed Is Keeping US Troops in Afghanistan : Video –

Abby Martin takes a look at a shocking statistic that puts opium production in Afghanistan at a record high, and puts into perspective the different corporate interests that could be keeping US forces in Afghanistan well beyond 2014.


Millions face desperate plight in Philippines:

Even as the Philippine government declared that it had responded to the disaster “quite well,” shocking scenes were emerging of bodies left strewn across towns, desperate people killed while trying to grab bags of rice from a government warehouse, children begging on streets for food and water, and families living in makeshift huts.


In pictures: Philippines Typhoon Relief:

The UN humanitarian chief says 10,000 people are feared dead in the city of Tacloban alone. Authorities have said at least 9.7 million people in 41 provinces were affected by the typhoon.


Americans’ personal data shared with CIA, IRS, others in security probe:

U.S. agencies collected and shared the personal information of thousands of Americans in an attempt to root out untrustworthy federal workers that ended up scrutinizing people who had no direct ties to the U.S. government and simply had purchased certain books.


WikiLeaks Publishes Secret Trade Text to Rewrite Copyright Laws, Limit Internet Freedom:

WikiLeaks has published the secret text to part of the biggest U.S. trade deal in history, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). For the past several years, the United States and 12 Pacific Rim nations have been negotiating behind closed doors on the sweeping agreement.


Our Government Has Weaponized the Internet. Here’s How They Did It:

The internet backbone – the infrastructure of networks upon which internet traffic travels – went from being a passive infrastructure for communication to an active weapon for attacks.


Seattle police deactivate surveillance system after public outrage:

Last week, Seattle’s The Stranger published an in-depth look at a little known new initiative taking place within the city that involved the installation of dozens of devices that would create a digital mesh network for law enforcement officers.


Have You Been Smoking Pot? Denver Police Have a New Way to Tell:

The ‘Nasal Ranger’: Denver, Colorado-has passed a new “odor ordinance” with a potential $2,000 fine for anyone found guilty of polluting the atmosphere with high concentrations of cannabis. And the police department’s plan for enforcement is a strange-looking device called an olfactometer.”


3D plastic guns: US lawmakers seek ban on national security grounds:

The boom in 3D printing technology has become a game changer that could potentially revolutionize not only the firearms market – 3D-printing is starting to flourish in many high-tech fields, such as medicine, space exploration and military.


A Nun Takes on the Drug War: Consuelo Morales on Crusading Against Mexican Cartels, Corrupt Police: Video report:

We look at the drug war in Mexico and efforts to demand accountability in thousands of cases of people who have been kidnapped, tortured, disappeared and killed.


This Man Was Sentenced to Die in Prison for Shoplifting a $159 Jacket:

This Happens More Than You Think: Thousands of lives have been ruined by life sentences for crimes such as shoplifting.


UK: Two Held by Scotland Yard for Female Genital Mutilation on Baby:

Two people have been arrested by Met detectives over the genital mutilation of a baby girl less than two months old, the Standard has learned. The alleged perpetrators and their victim, under- stood to have been five to six weeks old when the “cutting” was done, all live in Britain. Police hope the arrests could lead to a landmark first British prosecution for female genital mutilation.


Health care sign-ups far below expectations:

The Obama administration revealed Wednesday that fewer than 27,000 people had signed up for private health insurance last month in the 36 states relying on the federal website that has been beset by persistent glitches.


Businesses cut full-time workers to meet Obamacare mandate, study says (+video):

A study of small businesses found that many are cutting full-time workers or worker hours to comply with Obamacare. Franchises are making the biggest cuts.


Japan economy slows dramatically:

The government said Thursday that the economy grew at an annual rate of 1.9% in the three months that ended Sept. 30, compared to 3.8% in the previous quarter.


Euro zone output drops more than expected, recovery ‘stuck in first’:

Euro zone factory output fell more than expected month on month in September as production dropped in every sector but energy, while it rose from the same month last year, in a sign the region’s recovery remains fragile at best.


Alarm Bells: Tough economic times in France raising suicide rate among farmers : Video report:

The tough economic times have ruined many lives, and it seems in France, they’ve taken them too. A recent report cites an alarming rate of suicide among farmers. Tesa Arcilla traveled to one of the worst hit regions.


Far-Right Nationalists Clash with Police in France and Poland :

The rise of the far-right was felt in France and Poland on Monday when clashes broke out between police and protesters during separate national commemoration ceremonies.


Wal-Mart Trims Forecast as Economy Restrains Shoppers:

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (WMT), the world’s largest retailer, cut its annual profit forecast for the second time since August as the discount chain struggles to prevent economically challenged customers from taking their business to dollar stores and other rivals.


Cost Of War


Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq “1,455,590


Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq: 4,883


Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 3,395


Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan

Total Cost of Wars Since 2001




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