VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 17 November 2013: Film review: Arab citizen of Israel, member of the enemy

17 November 2013 — VTJP


Ma’an News

Israeli forces raid Abu Dis and attack al-Quds University, injuring 40
11/17/2013 – JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — Israeli forces shot 40 Palestinians including a large number of university students with rubber-coated steel bullets during a raid on a Palestinian village east of Jerusalem on Sunday afternoon. Clashes broke out after Israeli forces raided Abu Dis while students from al-Quds University were on their way to class, a local official said. Popular committee spokesman Hani Halbiya told Ma’….

Israel to displace Palestinian community south of Hebron
11/17/2013 – HEBRON (Ma’an) — Israeli forces on Sunday handed confiscation orders to Palestinians in the al-Kaabna area of Um al-Daraj south of Hebron, officials told Ma’an. Soldiers told residents that large tracts of their land would be appropriated for an Israeli military base, said Hassan al-Basaita, mayor of the local village council. Al-Basaita said that Israel wanted to confiscate the lands and destroy….

Extremist Israeli group enters Al-Aqsa compound under police escort
11/17/2013 – JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — Over 100 Israeli Jews accompanied by police entered Al-Aqsa compound through the Moroccan gate on Sunday afternoon. The 104 Israeli Jews were described by witnesses as “settlers,” and they included 33 Israeli intelligence officers led by extremist lawyer Yehuda Glick. Glick was allowed back in Al-Aqsa compound after his 6-month ban was lifted two days ago. He was informed that….

Israeli settlers uproot 106 olive trees near Yatta
11/17/2013 – HEBRON (Ma’an) — Israeli settlers raided Palestinian agricultural areas in the southern West Bank overnight, uprooting 106 olive trees in Quwawees area east of Yatta. Locals said that Israeli settlers destroyed 106 olive trees owned by Abd al-Nabi Makhamra in an overnight attack. Settlers have recently destroyed trees in the area with ripe olives, in order to prevent Palestinians from harvesting them, locals added….

5 injured after explosion in Gaza City
11/17/2013 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Five people were injured in an explosion at a military site south of Gaza City on Sunday, a Ma’an reporter said. The explosion occurred at the Abu Jarad military site as a result of a fire. The explosion was heard throughout the city, and a black cloud was seen overhead. The injured were all taken to Shuhada al-Aqsa Hospital for treatment. [END]

Anti-corruption chief: complaints quintupled in 2013
11/17/2013 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The number of civilian complaints regarding corruption in Palestinian ministries and other governmental institutions has increased recently, the chief of the Palestinian anti-corruption commission told Ma’an. Rafiq al-Natshah said that “as a result of increasing confidence in the anti-corruption commission, complaints have quintupled in 2013 compared to 2012.” He asserted that his commission received hundreds of complaints in 2013….

Israel and strategic US partner fall out over Iran
11/17/2013 – JERUSALEM (AFP) — Israel and its US ally have hit a troubled patch in their close relationship, caused by differences over Iran’s nuclear plans and peace with the Palestinians. In a highly public spat, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Barack Obama are each seeking to directly address the other’s public. At the moment, Israeli Economy Minister Naftali Bennett is campaigning….

Hollande: Israel must make ‘gesture’ on settlements
11/17/2013 – JERUSALEM (AFP) — France expects Israel to make “gestures” over its construction of settlements on land the Palestinians want for a future state, President Francois Hollande said in Jerusalem on Sunday.”There are still gestures that need to be made (by both sides). Some gestures have already been started by Israel, other gestures are expected, especially in the area of settlements,” he said in joint remarks….

Netanyahu: Kerry to visit Israel on Friday
11/17/2013 – JERUSALEM (AFP) — US Secretary of State John Kerry is to visit Israel on Friday to discuss the Iranian nuclear talks and peace with the Palestinians, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said. Speaking to his ministers, Netanyahu said he would also discuss the Iran talks with French President Francois Hollande, who arrives in Israel later on Sunday, as well as with Russian President Vladimir Putin when he….

Iran says next nuclear talks will be ‘difficult’
11/17/2013 – TEHRAN (AFP) — Iran said Sunday nuclear talks with world powers this week will be “difficult,” as Israel boosted its campaign against a possible deal that would bring Tehran some sanctions relief. Negotiations between Iran and the so-called P5+1 — Britain, France, the United States, Russia and China plus Germany — restart in Geneva on Wednesday after the last round failed to seal a deal. Top diplomats….

Teachers union launches strike across West Bank
11/17/2013 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The Palestinian teachers’ general union on Sunday launched a limited strike across the West Bank on Sunday in protest against the Palestinian Authority’s failure to implement previous agreements. The Secretary-General of the teachers’ union, Ahmad Sahwil, said that the union will be suspending class and work after the third class period all across the West Bank through….

Hamdallah: PA improving energy sector
11/17/2013 – NABLUS (Ma’an) — Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah said Sunday that Palestine is improving the energy sector and ensuring that it fulfills the needs of Palestinians without having to buy expensive electricity from Israel. Hamdallah said in a Renewable Energy Leadership training workshop at al-Najah University in Nablus that the government is trying to increase renewable energy to 25 percent off the total….

In photos: Al-Aqsa Brigades hold military parade in Qalandia
11/17/2013 – Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades held a military parade in the Qalandia refugee camp between Ramallah and Jerusalem on Saturday to mark the 9th anniversary of late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat’s death. The Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades are the military wing of Fatah, which is in control of the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank. [END]

Preparations ongoing for third Afro-Arab summit in Kuwait
11/17/2013 – KUWAIT CITY (Ma’an) — Preparations for the third Afro-Arab summit, to be held for the first time outside Africa, are ongoing in Kuwait. Foreign ministers of more than 60 African and Arab countries will attend t
he summit, a Ma’an reporter said Saturday. Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki, who has arrived in Kuwait, told Ma’an that the summit is of great….

Officials: 15 killed in Baghdad area bombings
11/17/2013 – BAGHDAD (AFP) — Five bomb attacks across Baghdad on Sunday evening killed at least 15 people and wounded 48 others, security and medical officials said. The blasts struck both Sunni and Shiite neighborhoods across the capital, from the Shiite slum neighborhood of Sadr City in northeast Baghdad to the Sunni western suburb of Radhwaniyah. [END]

Egypt Islamists must accept govt before talks, minister says
11/17/2013 – CAIRO (AFP) — An Egyptian minister on Sunday ruled out negotiations with the Muslim Brotherhood until the Islamists recognize the government’s transition plan and renounces violence. Social solidarity minister Ahmed al-Borei told AFP the Brotherhood must also accept Islamist president Mohamed Morsi’s overthrow was a “revolution”. A Brotherhood-led coalition had proposed on Saturday its most flexible plan yet for reconciliation talks, but….

Monitor: Syrian warplanes target town near Lebanon
11/17/2013 – BEIRUT (AFP) — Syria’s air force launched air raids on Qara near the border with Lebanon on Sunday as loyalist forces tried to storm rebel positions in the town, a monitoring group said.”Since the morning, the town of Qara has been hit by air strikes,” said Syrian Observatory for Human Rights director Rami Abdel Rahman.”Warplanes bombarded the town heavily yesterday (Saturday). Regime….

2 dead in Iraq unrest, six militants die in attacks
11/17/2013 – BAGHDAD (AFP) — Violence in Iraq killed two people on Sunday, officials said, while six militants also died in a series of attempted attacks, the latest in a nationwide surge in unrest. Mired in its worst bloodshed since 2008, Iraq has been forced to appeal for international help to combat militancy only months before its first general election in four years. On Baghdad’s southern….

Palestinian Center for Human Rights

The Israeli Government Insists on Challenging the International Will and Approves (The National Park) Settlement Plan in…
Palestinian Center for Human Rights

International Solidarity Movement

Photos of Israeli tear gas canisters fired at Palestinian demonstrators in the Gaza ‘buffer zone’
11/17/2013 – International Solidarity Movement – Corporate Watch, Tom Anderson and Therezia Cooper, Gaza, Occupied Palestine – On 2nd November 2013 Israeli forces fired tear gas at Palestinians demonstrating in the Gaza buffer zone East of Gaza City, by the Nahal Oz checkpoint. A report of the demonstration by an eyewitness can be viewed here. Pictures of one of the canisters fired at the activists are shown below. Corporate Watch has written several…. Related: Photos: Gaza march on eve of Balfour anniversary met with Israeli tear gas

Relief Web

occupied Palestinian territory: This week: No cake in Gaza
Relief Web 16 Nov 2013 – Source: Gisha Country: occupied Palestinian territory November 8-14, 2013. Gaza bakeries to stop making cakes due to power shortage ” Quality of sewage treatment deteriorates ” The price of a ton of cement increases from 380 NIS to 1,300 NIS….

The National

UAE Filipinos call for Black Monday in show of solidarity for Typhoon Haiyan victims
The National 17 Nov 2013 – Filipinos in the UAE have been asked to wear black to show support for the victims of the recent calamities back home.

Viewers rave after premiere episode of Beyond Borders documentary show
The National 17 Nov 2013 – The six-episode series, which chronicles the life-changing journey of six young Emiratis to the Philippines, premiered on Friday on MBC.

British soldier Lee Rigby s murder accused to face trial
The National 17 Nov 2013 – Soldier was hacked to death near his barracks in Woolwich, southeast London, on May 22, triggering anti-Muslim demonstrations from right-wing groups and attempted firebombings of mosques.

Mahinda Rajapaksa a national hero in Sri Lanka , despite Commonwealth criticism
The National 17 Nov 2013 – Mahinda Rajapaksa may be a pariah for some of his Commonwealth peers, but for many of his fellow Sri Lankans he is a national hero who ended four decades of bloodshed.

Europe s most active volcano erupts
The National 17 Nov 2013 – Mount Etna lights up the sky over much of eastern Sicily and shoots up a towering column of ash.

Floods hit Saudi capital, three missing and dozens rescued
The National 17 Nov 2013 – Three people reported missing, dozens assisted after being trapped when heavy downpours trigger flash floods in Riyadh.

Syria s rebel warrior queen dreams of reforming her brigade
The National 17 Nov 2013 – Grandmother and leader of the Khowleh bint Al Azwar brigade named after a female Arab warrior from the 7th century wants to reform her band of 40 women fighters and rejoin Syria s war against Bashar Al Assad. Phil Sands and Suha Maayeh report

As fighting flares, Syrians pour into Lebanon
The National 17 Nov 2013 – About 1,000 families pour into Lebanese frontier town of Arsal to escape heavy fighting in western Syria.

Villagers mob aid choppers as Philippine relief effort spreads
The National 17 Nov 2013 – US military helicopters drop desperately needed aid into remote areas of the typhoon-ravaged central Philippines, as survivors flock to ruined churches to pray for their uncertain future.

Netanyahu to lobby against Iran nuclear deal
The National 17 Nov 2013 – Israeli prime minister launches intensive campaign to convince world powers to toughen terms of a proposed nuclear deal with Iran.

Plane crash lands in Russian city of Kazan, 50 killed
The National 17 Nov 2013 – All 50 people on board die when Boeing 737 crashes on landing in the Russian city of Kazan.

Nobel Prize-winning novelist Doris Lessing dies
The National 17 Nov 2013 – Nobel Prize-winning novelist regarded as one of the most important English-language writers of the late 20th century, dies aged 94.

Libya s espionage chief kidnapped
The National 17 Nov 2013 – Head of country’s espionage unit pulled into a vehicle in the car park and whisked away, security sources say.

Musharraf to face trial for treason
The National 17 Nov 2013 – Pakistan’s former military ruler could face the death penalty or life in prison if convicted.

Future for Arab Spring nations varies greatly
The National 17 Nov 2013 – The countries of the Arab Spring may have had similar beginnings – but their futures will be radically different

Filipino newborn dies without ventilator in Tacloban electricity outage
The National 17 Nov 2013 – Three-day-old Althea dies, despite parents’ efforts to squeeze oxygen into her body with hand-held pump, when electricity outage in typhoon-hit Tacloban prevents hospital equipment from working.

Google ad reuniting Indian and Pakistani friends a YouTube hit
The National 17 Nov 2013 – Emotional advertisement for Google’s search engine that reunites two childhood friends becomes a hit in India and Pakistan.

Carlsen leads Anand in world chess quest
The National 17 Nov 2013 – Norwegian grabs formidable 4-2 lead at the halfway stage of his title duel with reigning champion Viswanathan Anand.

Commonwealth summit ends with Sri Lanka agreement to address war crimes claims
The National 17 Nov 2013 – Commonwealth leaders sign agreements on poverty and development, as Sri Lanka undertakes to address war crimes allegations by March.

Pakistan polio outbreak in Syria a blow to global efforts to wipe out disease
The National 17 Nov 2013 – As the outbreak in Syria of a strain of polio from Pakistan demonstrates, when it comes to infectious diseases, human beings are often their own worst enemies.


French president in Israel: Any Iranian deception will trigger resumed sanctions
Ha’aretz – 17 Nov 2013

U.S. sources: Iran nuclear deal includes Arak halt, uranium freeze, tough inspections
Ha’aretz – 17 Nov 2013

Shares follow global markets higher on Fed chief s comments
Ha’aretz – 17 Nov 2013

Netanyahu: Iran deal would allow it to ‘breakout’ to bomb in 3 weeks
Ha’aretz – 17 Nov 2013

Netanyahu: Iran deal would allow it to ‘breakout’ to bomb in 3 weeks
Ha’aretz – 17 Nov 2013

Channel 10: Billionaire Lauder out, Israeli ad mogul in
Ha’aretz – 17 Nov 2013

Iranian FM: No need for world to acknowledge our right to enrichment
Ha’aretz – 17 Nov 2013

Iran and after: Why Israel should embrace France as a partner
Ha’aretz – 17 Nov 2013

Munich art collector spent his life among his paintings and no one else
Ha’aretz – 17 Nov 2013

Peace: The toughest selling job in the world
Ha’aretz – 17 Nov 2013

Tom Friedman tells Obama and Netanyahu: Read Ari Shavit’s book
Ha’aretz – 17 Nov 2013

Remembering Judith Sinai, who told the world about the Nazi horrors
Ha’aretz – 17 Nov 2013

Doris Lessing, 1919-2013: Brave woman, brave writing
Ha’aretz – 17 Nov 2013

Book endorsed by environment minister omits West Bank from map of Israel, report says
Ha’aretz – 17 Nov 2013

Hamas shows off tunnel-digging unit
Ha’aretz – 17 Nov 2013

Hollande: France takes Israel’s position on Iran seriously; we will not cave
Ha’aretz – 17 Nov 2013

Report: Obama rejecting calls from Netanyahu amid tension over Iran
Ha’aretz – 17 Nov 2013

John Kerry to visit Israel while world powers resume talks with Iran
Ha’aretz – 17 Nov 2013

Sunday Times: Israel, Saudi Arabia cooperating to plan possible Iran attack
Ha’aretz – 17 Nov 2013

U.S. boy with leukemia wows as ‘Batkid
Ha’aretz – 17 Nov 2013

U.S. has war and Middle East fatigue
Ha’aretz – 16 Nov 2013

Jerusalem Post

Home Front Command to link civilian emergency services to control system
Jerusalem Post 17 Nov 2013 – In the future, IDF will have more precise control over air raid sirens via the Internet

Encountering Peace: What if the talks fail?
Jerusalem Post 17 Nov 2013 – The solution that answers the national interests of both sides and their aspirations will remain the two-states for two-peoples solution that will also not change it will only become more difficult to achieve.

Liberman to be acting prime minister this week
Jerusalem Post 17 Nov 2013 – Foreign Minister will be acting prime minister for less than two days during Netanyahu’s trip to Russia.

Iranian confidence-building measures: Real or illusory?
Jerusalem Post 17 Nov 2013 – Iran has yet to make its first big concession to prove to the world that it is trustworthy. Failure to do this could doom the whole negotiation process.

Pop culture
Jerusalem Post 17 Nov 2013 – Aping the insipid culture of Reality TV driven by the twin logic of low production costs and appeal to our basest instincts diverts us from our true cultural calling.

Netanyahu to Hollande: Israel will not be bound by ‘bad’ agreement on Iran
Jerusalem Post 17 Nov 2013 – Prime Minister says a good deal would dismantle Iran’s ability to prepare fissile material for a nuclear bomb; French president says France demands guarantees Iran will abandon nuclear weapons program.

On whom can we rely?
Jerusalem Post 17 Nov 2013 – Since his election in 2012, Obama has maintained a level of pressure on Israel exceeding that of any former president.

Defense Ministry gives full military service exemption to 633 haredim
Jerusalem Post 17 Nov 2013 – State continues to exempt haredi men, despite expiration of Tal Law; 1,800 more expected to receive exemption in December.

Abbas rejects resignation of Palestinian peace negotiator Erekat
Jerusalem Post 17 Nov 2013 – PA president tells AFP that regardless of what happens on the ground, talks will continue for the full nine months.

Olmert criticized for slamming Netanyahu abroad
Jerusalem Post 17 Nov 2013 – Former PM says Israel’s “rhetoric of confrontation and war” was unwise, gov’t erred ignoring Rouhani’s talk of peace.

Revealed: Al-Qaida terrorist held in Israel for three years
Jerusalem Post 17 Nov 2013 – Samer Abed a-Latif al-Barak is said to be expert in biological weapons; al-Barak held in Israel since 2010, previously detained by US, Jordan; defense establishment requesting six-month extension of his detention.

Singing star still not questioned over statutory rape claims, as police probe continues
Jerusalem Post 17 Nov 2013 – Suspicion has been cast on singer’s father, who is believed to have played central part in the incidents.

Bad deal on Iran could lead to war, Netanyahu says
Jerusalem Post 17 Nov 2013 – During appearance on CNN, Prime Minister advocates for tightening sanctions, not relaxing them.

Time is on Israel s side
Jerusalem Post 17 Nov 2013 – The military and economic power differential between Israel and its regional foes has grown.

Netanyahu offers job to UN interpreter who assailed UN hypocrisy on Israel in open microphone
Jerusalem Post 17 Nov 2013 – Interpreter wondered aloud why Israel was being treated unfairly.

Iran says it won’t insist on other countries recognizing its ‘right to enrich’
Jerusalem Post 17 Nov 2013 – Prime Minister Netanyahu: Tehran continues enriching uranium in practice, so it doesn’t need international recognition.

The settlements: Israel s albatross
Jerusalem Post 17 Nov 2013 – Netanyahu s demand from the PA to recognize Israel as a Jewish state when the expansion of settlements in the West Bank continues unabated is the height of chutzpah.

Analysis: Hezbollah and Iran two branches of the same tree
Jerusalem Post 17 Nov 2013 – The fact that a Hezbollah MP would call on Iran, Hezbollah, Syria and Iraq to unite against Israel demonstrates the alliances and power his movement has in the region.

Israel’s GDP growth slows to 2.2% in third quarter
Jerusalem Post 17 Nov 2013 – Slowdown follows stellar 4.6% growth in the second quarter, and 2.6% growth in the first quarter of 2013.

Cabinet approves bill allowing detention of illegal migrants for one year
Jerusalem Post 17 Nov 2013 – Amendment follows court decision to strike down previous bill; new bill also provides for construction of detention center.

Arsonist sets fire to car belonging to Islamic court judge in Jaffa
Jerusalem Post 17 Nov 2013 – Livni sets emergency meeting to discuss violence against law enforcement workers, struggle against crime syndicates.

Italian police launch crackdown on neo-Nazi Internet group
Jerusalem Post 17 Nov 2013 – Police raid homes of 35 people in over 20 towns and cities on suspicion of spreading ideas on the Internet based on racial and ethnic hatred.”

Kerry to return to Israel as Netanyahu publicly admits to differences with US on Iran
Jerusalem Post 17 Nov 2013 – PM says there are differences with US on Iran
but disagreements can happen even between the “best of friends.”

Jerusalem police investigate vandalism at Muslim cemetery
Jerusalem Post 17 Nov 2013 – Islamic Movement files complaint after tombstones spray-painted in cemetery in Mamila quarter of capital.

Bid for more sanctions on Iran could reach US Senate this week
Jerusalem Post 16 Nov 2013 – Several Republicans considering offering more restrictions on Iran as an amendment to a pending defense authorization bill.

From Richard Wagner to Roger Waters
Jerusalem Post 16 Nov 2013 – How can it be possible that I admire a man who has so influenced me but who, had he met me, would have despised me?


Gaza: forced to walk through sewage
Uruknet 17 Nov 2013 – November 16, 2013 – The Palestinians of Gaza continue to suffer silently. Not only: -12-18 hour power outages (depending on where in the Strip they live)-critical shortages of medicines (40% of essential drugs): “We re not talking here about luxury…

Gaza marks anniversary of Israel attack
Uruknet 17 Nov 2013 – November 16, 2013 – Ahmed Jamal al-Dalu s life changed in an instant last November. Nothing has been the same for the 29-year-old since an Israeli warplane dropped a bomb on his family s three-storey home in Gaza City, killing…

Libya: on the brink of abyss
Uruknet 17 Nov 2013 – November 16, 2013 – …Overshadowed by the events in Egypt and Syria, Libya s multidimensional crisis attracts little attention. But if the trend persists, it is not clear what would stop the country from becoming a major crisis in the…

News report charges U.S. with conducting illegal operations from German soil
Uruknet 17 Nov 2013 – November 16, 2013 – The breach in U.S.-German relations seemed likely to widen Friday after a joint German newspaper and television investigation titled “Secret War” reported that American intelligence and military use this nation for “tapping, code cracking, recruiting informants,…

Update: lawsuit challenging targeted killings of American citizens
Uruknet 17 Nov 2013 – November 16, 2013 – In December 2012, the US lawyers for Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, and other federal officials sued in their individual capacities , asked a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit over the killing of three American citizens…

Jeremy Hammond & the Need to Promote Respect for the Rule of Law
Uruknet 17 Nov 2013 – November 16, 2013 – As she was sentencing activist Jeremy Hammond to ten years in prison and three years of supervisory release for his involvement in hacking into the private intelligence firm Stratfor and various local, state and federal government…

Interview with Lia Tarachansky: a former settler documents the Nakba
Uruknet 17 Nov 2013 – November 15, 2013 -Frank Barat is an activist based in Belgium and is one of the former coordinators of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine. He recently conducted an interview with filmmaker Lia Tarachansky for “The Wall has Ears: Conversations for…

Israeli Hip-Hop Star Calls for Burning Palestinians Alive
Uruknet 17 Nov 2013 – November 16, 2013 – Israeli rap star, Subliminal (aka Yaakov Shimoni), posted a racist, genocidal Kahanist screed on Facebook in response to the murder of an Israeli soldier, Eden Attias, on an Egged bus in Afula this week. While the…

Rasmea Odeh: Palestinian-American activist risks 10 years in American prison
Uruknet 17 Nov 2013 – November 16, 2013 – On Wednesday 13 October, Rasmea Odeh, associate director of the Arab American Action Network, appeared in court in Detroit on charges of immigration fraud. If convicted, the sixty-six years old Palestinian-American community activist faces a potential…

Gaza s waste water treatment plant breaks down, floods neighborhood (Video)
Uruknet 17 Nov 2013 – November 16, 2013 – From the Institute for Middle East Understanding: Children navigate sewage in the streets of Al Sabra, a neighborhood in Eastern Gaza City on Thursday, November 14, a day after a nearby waste water treatment plant ran…

As Gaza Drowns in Sewage, UN Rapporteur Announces First UN World Toilet Day
Uruknet 17 Nov 2013 – November 16, 2013 – As streets in Gaza flow with excrement, as families stay awake until 2am to take advantage of the two hours that water will flow through the taps – if they are lucky – the United Nations…

Yasser Arafat: The Assassination
Uruknet 17 Nov 2013 – November 16, 2013 -From the first moment, I did not have the slightest doubt that Yasser Arafat was assassinated. It was a matter of simple logic. On the way back from the funeral, I happened upon Jamal Zahalka, a member…

Uruknet 17 Nov 2013 – From early 1991, I began to research and write considerably about Middle Eastern affairs, primarily Iraq, because of the 1991 Gulf War. By then, I saw much sloppy and erroneous reporting, but I once again put it down to laziness…

TPP, WikiLeaks and the Drone Strike Transparency Bill
Uruknet 17 Nov 2013 – November 16, 2013 -The Senate Intelligence Committee recently took an important step by passing an intelligence authorization which would require for the first time — if it became law — that the administration publicly report on civilian casualties from U.S….

Gaza s waste water treatment plant breaks down, floods neighborhood (Video)
Uruknet 17 Nov 2013 – November 16, 2013 – From the Institute for Middle East Understanding: Children navigate sewage in the streets of Al Sabra, a neighborhood in Eastern Gaza City on Thursday, November 14, a day after a nearby waste water treatment plant ran…

Israel and strategic US partner fall out over Iran
Uruknet 17 Nov 2013 – November 16, 2013 – Israel and its US ally have hit a troubled patch in their close relationship, caused by differences over Iran s nuclear plans and peace with the Palestinians. In a highly public spat, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin…

Iran nuclear deal close, US officials say
Uruknet 17 Nov 2013 – November 16, 2013 -US negotiators say they feel they are close to finalizing a nuclear agreement with Iran for the first
time in a decade. “For the first time in nearly a decade we are getting close to [reaching agreement…

Video: Hebron Bedouins demand freedom of movement, infrastructure
Uruknet 17 Nov 2013 – November 16, 2013 – — Palestinian Bedouins historically moved freely across the land, and their lifestyle and survival depended on their mobility. The Israeli occupation, however, has changed all of this. Bedouins in a southern West Bank village enumerated the…

Syria News – November 15, 2013 (Warning: Graphic Videos)
Uruknet 16 Nov 2013 – November 15, 2013 – By the end of Friday the Coordination Committees were able to document 79 martyrs including 11 women, 5 children and 2 martyrs under torture: 18 martyrs were reported in Hama, 18 in Aleppo, 15 in Homs,…

Daily Star

Turkey PM meets Iraqi Kurdish leader to shore up peace talks
Daily Star 17 Nov 2013 Turkey’s prime minister welcomed the leader of Iraq’s autonomous north to his country’s own Kurdish-dominated territory for the first time Saturday, in a visit designed to kickstart a stalled peace process.

France has ‘4 demands’ for interim deal with Iran: Hollande
Daily Star 17 Nov 2013 French President Francois Hollande on Sunday laid out four demands which must be in place for an agreement with Iran to successfully rein in its nuclear programme.

Abbas to AFP: peace talks to continue for full 9 months
Daily Star 17 Nov 2013 Peace talks with Israel will continue for the full nine months as agreed with Washington “regardless of what happens on the ground”, Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas told AFP on Sunday.

Blast kills 31 Syrian troops: watchdog
Daily Star 17 Nov 2013 A rebel bomb attack on an army base near Damascus killed 31 Syrian soldiers Sunday, as loyalist warplanes launched air raids on a town near the border with Lebanon.

Iran: No need for West to declare uranium ‘right’
Daily Star 17 Nov 2013 Iran sees no need for world powers to publicly acknowledge its “right” to uranium enrichment, its foreign minister said Sunday, offering a potential way to sidestep another sticking point on a possible nuclear deal when talks…

Israel PM ‘gravely concerned’ Iran deal will go through
Daily Star 17 Nov 2013 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday said he was “gravely concerned” that attempts by world powers to sign a deal with Iran to curb its nuclear programme will succeed.

Libya’s deputy spy chief kidnapped at airport: sources
Daily Star 17 Nov 2013 Libya’s deputy intelligence chief was kidnapped outside Tripoli airport on Sunday, two security sources said, days after clashes between rival militias and protesters in the capital killed at least 45 people.

Baghdad blasts deadliest among Iraq attacks that kill 34
Daily Star 17 Nov 2013 A series of bombings struck near markets, cafes and a theater in Baghdad Sunday evening, the deadliest in nationwide attacks that killed 34 people, including 12 militants.

Israel calls for Palestinian concessions in peace talks
Daily Star 17 Nov 2013 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insisted Sunday that the peace process with the Palestinians was not “frozen,” but said he was waiting for Palestinian concessions to move the talks forward.

Netanyahu slams ‘exceedingly bad’ Iran nuclear deal
Daily Star 17 Nov 2013 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Sunday decried what he called an “exceedingly bad” nuclear deal with Tehran, saying western powers risked “crumbling the sanctions regime,” that has prevented Iranian nuclear weapons.

Three killed in shelling in troubled north Yemen town, Salafis say
Daily Star 17 Nov 2013 Three people were killed on Sunday when Shi’ite Houthi rebels shelled a school in a northern Yemeni town where sectarian fighting has killed more than 100 people, a spokesman for a hardline Sunni Muslim group said.

YNet News

Fast-moving killer storm, tornadoes batter US Midwest
YNet News, 17 Nov 2013 – ….

Popular Egypt satirist breaks with private station
YNet News, 17 Nov 2013 – ….

Poland: Subway fire sends 8 people to hospital
YNet News, 17 Nov 2013 – ….

Son of Russian regional leader killed in plane crash
YNet News, 17 Nov 2013 – ….

31 troops killed in blast near Damascus
YNet News, 17 Nov 2013 – ….

Words can kill
YNet News, 17 Nov 2013 – Op-ed: Ramallah’s spokesmen, media planting idea to kill Jews in minds of ‘lone’ terrorists ….

Rabbinate signs ‘pact’ with Diaspora rabbis
YNet News, 17 Nov 2013 – Following claims of rift with US Orthodox rabbis, Israel’s chief rabbis sign treaty regulating relations with rabbis abroad. Accusations of ‘black lists’ of rabbis denied. ‘Rabbinate trying to play dumb,’ religious-Zionist movement says in response ….

Putin controls Middle East
YNet News, 17 Nov 2013 – Analysis: The more US takes its time in regaining Sunnis’ trust, Israel may grow closer to Saudi Arabia to prevent Iranian bomb ….

‘Vayishlach’: Don’t do as I do
YNet News, 17 Nov 2013 – Lesson that should be deduced from stories of Jacob in this week’s Torah portion is how not to raise children, how not to raise girls and how not to be a son or brother ….

Palestinian Information Center

Hamas warns against Israeli construction of ‚¨ SNational Park‚¨ ù in OJ
PIC – Hamas movement warned of the Israeli construction of a ‚¨ SNational Park‚¨ ù in occupied Jerusalem in its capacity as the latest series of Judaization projects of the occupied holy city.

Confrontations between IOF soldiers and Jerusalemite students
PIC – Confrontations were reported on Sunday morning between Israeli occupation forces (IOF) and Palestinian students to the east of occupied Jerusalem.

Jewish extremists desecrate Ma’manullah cemetery in Jerusalem
PIC – Restoration of Muslim graves Committee in the occupied city of Jerusalem condemned the desecration of a historic Islamic cemetery in the city on Saturday by Price Tag gangs.

Ghussein: Egyptian authorities deliberately tightening the siege on Gaza
PIC – Palestinian government in Gaza accused the Egyptian authorities of deliberately tightening the siege on the Gaza Strip.

MP Khudari urges Africa Arab summit to work on ending Gaza siege
PIC – Head of the popular committee against the siege MP Jamal Al-Khudari appealed to the participants in the third Africa Arab summit to find all possible means to end the blockade imposed on Gaza.

IOF releases the child Mohammed Hamid after breaking his hand
PIC – The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Friday evening released the child Mohammed Hamid, 12, after he was arrested and assaulted, in Silwad east of Ramallah.

UFree demands int’l action to save lives of patients in Israeli jails
PIC – The European network for human rights-UFree expressed its deep concern over the lives of Palestinian patients in Israeli jails and the medical neglect they are exposed to.

Zahhar: Resistance changed the military equation with occupation in Gaza
PIC – Member of Hamas’s political bureau Mahmoud al-Zahhar stressed that the Palestinian resistance has been able to develop its capabilities and to change the military equation with the occupation.

Haneyya calls for forming committee sponsoring national dialog
PIC – Premier Ismail Haneyya called for forming a committee to sponsor national dialog, reiterating his government’s commitment to ending the internal division but not at the expense of the national rights.


Dozens of Students Injured near Jerusalem
WAFA – 17 Nov 2013

Forces Arrest Five in Bethlehem
WAFA – 17 Nov 2013

Suffocations among Students during Clashes with Israeli Soldiers
WAFA – 17 Nov 2013


French president arrives in Israel; Iran high on agenda
LA Times 17 Nov 2013 – JERUSALEM Arriving for a state visit, French President FranÁois Hollande was warmly welcomed Sunday by Israeli leaders praising France’s historic support of the Jewish state and more recently, its strong stand on Iran.

U.S. drone strikes down since curbs were imposed
LA Times 17 Nov 2013 – Since President Obama adopted stricter targeting guidelines, the number of lethal missile strikes has dropped. He also vowed greater transparency, but that change is yet to come. WASHINGTON Six months after President Obama vowed to change his administration’s approach to lethal drone missile strikes,…

In Jordan, a Traveling Gallery Brings Paintings to Children
New York Times 17 Nov 2013 – The program brings together government agencies, museum professionals, artists, students, parents and teachers to give disadvantaged children access to art.

Two IDB bids left as Elsztain teams with Ben-Moshe
Globes Main News – Creditors must now choose between the Dankner-Granovsky consortium and the Elsztain-Ben-Moshe partnership.

Alon in talks to sell Mega to foreign buyers
Globes Main News – Catterton Partners and France’s Auchan Group are negotiating for 55% of Mega, Teva Eden Market, and AM:PM supermarkets.

Lauder to sell Channel 10 stake to Yafit Greenberg
Globes Main News – Yafit Greenberg will invest so that Channel 10 will be controlled by Israelis and can apply for a new license.

Sun: Tel Aviv 25 Index 1.1% shy of record
Globes Main News – Israel Chemicals led today’s gains on the largest trading turnover, but Teva and Opko Health fell back.

New Yorkers Against the Cornell-Technion Partnership oppose Technion s role in U.S. militarization and domestic spying
Mondoweiss – The paper below, a revised transcript, was authored by Anna Calcutt and presented by her on behalf of New Yorkers Against the Cornell-Technion Partnership (NYACT) at Judson Memorial Church on October 23, 2013 as part of a panel discussion hosted by NYACT, entitled Militarization, Domestic Spying,…

Mellanox jumps on Dov Baharav share purchase
Globes Main News – Mellanox’s share price rose 14% on Friday, the day after Dov Baharav bought $2 million worth of shares.

Ben Gurion U researchers develop alternative fuel
Globes Energy & Water – Researchers have created a green feed alternative to crude oil from water and carbon dioxide.

Koor Q3 profit halved despite Credit Suisse sales
Globes Main News – During the third quarter, Koor sold 20.5 million Credit Suisse shares for 585 million Swiss francs, on which it posted a profit of NIS 396 million.

Q3 growth slows to 2.2%
Globes Main News – Israel’s growth rate fell from an annualized 4.6% in the second quarter of 2013, and 2.6% in the first quarter.

Oil Refineries scales back work for 1,000 contractors
Globes Energy & Water – Oil Refineries notified contract workers that it was reducing their work as part of the company’s streamlining and cost-cutting measures.

Kardan sells GTC Poland stake for ¨ 160m
Globes Main News – Kardan CEO Shouky Oren: The sale of GTC Poland is a major step for Kardan in dealing with its liquidity situation.

Israel, Saudi Arabia Threaten War as West Prepares for Iran Nuclear Deal
Tikun Olam – Not so subtle leaks have emanated from Israel and Saudi Arabia about their immense displeasure with the nuclear deal the P5+1 nations are preparing to finalize with Iran. Those leaks have gone far beyond mere expressions of alarm. In fact, they include not so subtle secret …

Home price surge continues
Globes Main News – The average price of a four-room apartment in Tel Aviv rose 20% in the third quarter.

Maariv s Ben Dror Yemini: The Beat, and the Lies, Go On
Tikun Olam – Over the past few days, Maariv s far-right columnist, Ben Dror Yemini has been lying up a storm in a desperate effort to show that John Kerry hates Israel and loves Islamists like Hamas and Iran. The evidence he s offered is a sack of lies, as I ve…

Huge bomb hits Syria government site
BBC 17 Nov 2013 – A massive bomb attack on a Syrian government building near Damascus kills 31 people, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights activist group says.

France Pledges Its Support of Israel on Iran Nuclear Deal
The Foward Breaking News 17 Nov 2013 – President Francois Hollande assured Israel on Sunday that France would continue to oppose an easing of economic sanctions against Iran until it was convinced Tehran had ended a pursuit of nuclear weapons. Click here for the rest of the article…

Libyan intelligence deputy kidnapped
BBC 17 Nov 2013 – Libya’
s deputy intelligence chief Mustafa Nuh is kidnapped by unknown assailants, as people and shops in Tripoli observe a strike against militias.

Kerry To Visit Israel Amid Tension on Iran Deal and Stalled Peace Talks
The Foward Breaking News 17 Nov 2013 – U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will visit Israel at the end of the week to discuss the proposed nuclear agreement between Iran and the world powers, and stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations. Click here for the rest of the article…

Avigdor Lieberman s Acquittal Stirs Doubts About Israel s Anti-Corruption Fight
The Forward New 17 Nov 2013 – The case against Avigdor Lieberman was supposed to prove that Israel will not tolerate corruption. But the kingmaker s acquittal leaves Israelis more cynical than ever. Click here for the rest of the article…

John Kerry Tells Congress To Ignore What Israel Says on Iran Nukes
The Foward Breaking News 16 Nov 2013 – Secretary of State John Kerry reportedly told U.S. senators to disregard Israeli reports of Iran s progress in developing a nuclear weapon. Click here for the rest of the article…

Huge bomb hits Syria government site
BBC 17 Nov 2013 – A massive bomb attack on a Syrian government building near Damascus kills 31 people, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights activist group says.

Israel Seeks to Tap Arab Markets With Made-in-Jordan Label
Al-Akhbar News 17 Nov 2013 – Palestinian militants of the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas’s armed wing, flank a model of a Gaza Strip made M75 rocket during an anti-Israel parade as part of the celebrations marking the first anniversary of an Israeli army operation, on November 13, 2013 in Gaza City. (Photo:…

Daliyeh, Again and Again: Where Is the Environment Ministry?
Al-Akhbar News 17 Nov 2013 – The bulldozer went back to work, and the fishermen stopped it again. This time they raised the tone of their threats, so the driver stopped completely. (Photo: Marwan Tahtah) The bulldozer went back to work, and the fishermen stopped it again. This time they raised the…

North Lebanon: Closed Asbestos Factory Still Kills
Al-Akhbar News 17 Nov 2013 – The catastrophe is bigger because many people used to buy this stuff and pour it outside their homes. (Photo: Marwan Tahtah) The catastrophe is bigger because many people used to buy this stuff and pour it outside their homes. (Photo: Marwan Tahtah) The people of North…

Boeing leads Dubai order books race
BBC 17 Nov 2013 – US plane maker Boeing, and European rival Airbus, see strong sales on the opening day of the Dubai Air Show.

Hollande asks Israel to halt illegal settlements
Al-Akhbar News 17 Nov 2013 – French President Francois Hollande gestures as he speaks during a joint press briefing with his Israeli counterpart Shimon Peres in Jerusalem on November 17, 2013. (Photo: AFP – Abir Sultan) France expects Israel to make “gestures” over its illegal construction of settlements on land the Palestinian…

Turkish forces shoot three Syrians dead at border
Al-Akhbar News 17 Nov 2013 – The Turkish army shot dead three Syrians attempting to cross the border at a minefield separating the two countries, the news agency Dogon reported Sudnay. At around 1:30 am local time Sunday (2330 GMT Saturday) the army fired at the Syrians, described as smugglers, after shouting…

Netanyahu demands Palestinian “concessions”
Al-Akhbar News 17 Nov 2013 – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that the so-called peace process with the Palestinian Authority was not “frozen,” but that he was waiting for Palestinian “concessions” to move the talks forward. “They’re not frozen. We’re talking,” the right-wing Israeli leader said on CNN’s “State…

Libyan intelligence deputy kidnapped
BBC 17 Nov 2013 – Libya’s deputy intelligence chief Mustafa Nuh is kidnapped by unknown assailants, as people and shops in Tripoli observe a strike against militias.

Libyan capital on strike after deadly clashes
Al-Akhbar News 17 Nov 2013 – A picture taken on November 17, 2013, shows a man walking past closed shops in the Libyan capital Tripoli. (Photo: AFP – Mahmud Turkia) Tripoli began a three-day strike Sunday to mourn dozens killed in clashes at an anti-militia protest over the weekend, the deadliest violence…

Iran: Next round of nuclear talks to be “difficult”
Al-Akhbar News 17 Nov 2013 – A pcture taken on August 26, 2006 shows a general view of the heavy water plant in Arak, Iran. (Photo: AFP – Atta Kenare) Senior Iranian negotiator Abbas Araqchi said the next round of talks between Tehran and world powers over the country’s nuclear program will…

Kerry to meet Netanyahu over Iran nuclear deal
Al-Akhbar News 17 Nov 2013 – US Secretary of State John Kerry will travel to Occupied Palestine on Friday to discuss a proposed deal between world powers and Iran on the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program with Israeli officials, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday. Netanyahu has condemned a proposal, endorsed by…


TIAA-CREF Divests Social Choice Fund from Controversial Veolia Corporation
Mina Remy, Grassroots International 11/14/2013
Grassroots International and its partners in the We Divest coalition join activists from around the country in congratulating TIAA-CREF for taking a step toward living up to its motto, Investment for the Greater Good . TIAA-CREF has made a move in the right direction by divesting its Social Choice Fund of Veolia stock given that Veolia’s business model and practices have consistently put profit over people — whether privatizing water resources around the world, or enabling Israeli occupation and segregation in the West Bank. This is a victory for all those concerned with human rights and justice, said Nikhil Aziz, Executive Director of Grassroots International.
TIAA-CREF Divests Social Choice Fund from Controversial Veolia Corporation
The We Divest coalition joins workers, environmentalists, and corporate accountability organizations in congratulating pension fund giant TIAA-CREF for removing Veolia Environment SA stock (VIE:EN Paris) from its Social Choice Funds portfolio. In July 2013, TIAA-CREF s website showed over $1.2 million in Veolia shares for its Social Choice Funds. Today it shows zero. TIAA-CREF still holds Veolia stock in its regular accounts.
Some of us in the socially responsible investment community are asking the question: does it make sense to own stock in a corporation that is violating international law in Palestine and committing so many environmental abuses around the world? said Lincoln Pain, a Certified Financial Planner practitioner, specializing in socially responsible investments for over 27 years.
TIAA-CREF made the right decision, said Rabbi Alissa Wise, Director of Campaigns at Jewish Voice for Peace and National Coordinator of the We Divest Campaign. Veolia cannot seriously be considered socially responsible given its infamous anti-labor practices, privatization of public resources, disastrous environmental practices, and ongoing servicing of illegal Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian West Bank land.” more..e-mail

Film review: Arab citizen of Israel, member of the enemy
Shoshana Madmoni-gerber, +972 Magazine 11/16/2013
What is a Muslim woman s place in a country where Jewish suffering is the dominant cultural theme? A new Israeli film tells the story of Hadeel, a 27-year-old Arab woman who teaches at a Jewish school in central Israel, and explores the difficulty of never fully belonging.
Dove s Cry, Ganit Ilouz s new documentary (playing at New York City s The Other Israel film festival, November 16-18), tells the story of a charismatic Arabic teacher in a Jewish elementary school in Israel. Edited by Sara Salomon, the film speaks to both the possibilities as well as the limitations of implementing an intercultural Arabic learning program in a Jewish school. Dove s Cry follows the journey of 27-year-old Hadeel over the span of an entire school year, the film focuses on her successes and struggles with her Jewish students and colleagues, as well as her immediate family. The film is a sobering testament to the rigid boundaries within Israeli society, and the complicated dynamics of acceptance and exclusion.
Hadeel is a single Muslim woman and citizen of Israel. She lives in Wadi Ara in northern Israel, and makes her way every day to the town of Hod Hasharon, near Tel Aviv, to teach her sixth grade students both spoken Arabic and about Arab culture. This vision is part of a welcomed attempt to incorporate the Arabic language into the educational system in a more holistic way (and early on in the children s lives). But while Hadeel is fully accepted by her fellow teachers, and mostly beloved by her students, navigating between her Muslim identity and what is regarded in public as the culture of the enemy, is often challenging.
On a personal level, Hadeel is loved by everyone. She is charming, smart, funny and attractive. Viewers can t help but fall in love with her. The interpersonal relationships unfolding on the screen are often heartwarming and encouraging. Even the most cynical among us can feel hope and optimism at the sight of Hadeel chatting with a fellow teacher about the horrors of dating, getting her nails done in red polish by another teacher, and a birthday dance performance by adoring students…. more..e-mail

Homes and Lives Shattered in Palestine the story of Mahmoud Nimer al-Bahtetee
Claire Gilbert, Grassroots International 10/29/2013
The narrative below is the second in a series of three stories documented by the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR), a Grassroots International partner since 1996. PCHR has gained an international reputation as an independent voice on human rights documenting abuses carried out by both the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority. Raji Sourani, the founder and director of PCHR, recently received the Right Livelihood Award (known as the Alternative Nobel Prize). The PCHR documents human rights violations, provides legal aid to victims, advocates for greater economic and social rights,and in particular, defends the rights of Gazan fishers who are routinely denied access to their fishing waters by the Israeli Defense Forces.
Homes and Lives Shattered in Palestine the story of Mahmoud Nimer al-Bahtetee Two days before an Israeli drone injured Najwa Alyan Abu Daqq
a,on November 28, 2012, two separate missile attacks aimed at the Civil Department of the Ministry of the Interior destroyed the home of Mahmoud Nimer al-Bahtetee a 62 year old man who shared the home with 27 members of his family, 13 of them children. He described the incident to the Palestinian Center for Human Rights: “During the first attack, we were all sleeping in the house as it was very early in the morning. When the attack happened, the windows of the house broke from the impact and, as they shattered, pieces of glass fell on some of the children.” This year, Israeli bombings of civilian facilities like the home of Mahmoud have damaged or destroyed 613 houses. These homes sheltered over a thousand families with 2,608 children amongst them. Food supplies and agricultural resources that civilians rely on to feed themselves were also destroyed in the attacks including a greenhouse, an agricultural storage building, and irrigation networks.

Lavrov Reveals Amended Draft Circulated at Last Moment
Gareth Porter, Uruknet 11/15/2013
One of the language changes in the agreement….was aimed at satisfying a demand of Israeli origin at the expense of Iran s support for the draft.
WASHINGTON, Nov 15 2013 (IPS) – Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov revealed a crucial detail Thursday about last week s nuclear talks with Iran in Geneva that explains much more clearly than previous reports why the meeting broke up without agreement.
Lavrov said the United States circulated a draft that had been amended in response to French demands to other members of the six-power P5+1 for approval “literally at the last moment, when we were about to leave Geneva.”
Lavrov s revelation, which has thus far been ignored by major news outlets, came in a news conference in Cairo Thursday that was largely devoted to Egypt and Syria. Lavrov provided the first real details about the circumstances under which Iran left Geneva without agreeing to the draft presented by the P5+1.
The full quote from Lavrov s press conference is available thanks to the report from Voice of Russia correspondent Ksenya Melnikova.
Lavrov noted that unlike previous meetings involving the P5+1 and Iran, “This time, the P5+1 group did not formulate any joint document.”
Instead, he said, “There was an American-proposed draft, which eventually received Iran s consent.” Lavrov thus confirmed the fact that the United States and Iran had reached informal agreement on a negotiating text. more..e-mail

1970s film of Palestinian struggle in Lebanon restored
Electronic Intifada: 17 Nov 2013 – Emily Jacir and Monica Maurer create homage to victims of massacre in Tel al-Zaatar refugee camp. more..

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