VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 24 November 2013: PHOTOS: Deciding the fate of the Bedouin, without consulting any Bedouin

24 November 2013 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Bedouin Arabs protest forced displacement plan in Negev, southern Israel
IMEMC – A visit by several Israeli legislators to the Negev desert in southern Israel Sunday was met by protests organized by local residents opposed to the Israeli plan to forcibly remove them from their ancestral land. That plan has been dubbed the ‘Prawer Plan’, and would involve the forced displacement of thousands of Palestinian Bedouins who have lived for hundreds of years in the Negev desert, in the southern part of what is now Israel. …

Ma’an News

Negev workers strike Sunday in protest against Prawer Plan
11/24/2013 – BEERSHEBA (Ma’an) — The High Steering Committee of the Arabs of the Negev announced a full strike on Sunday across the southern region to protest against a visit of the Interior Committee of the Israeli Knesset. The strike, which encompasses local authorities, commercial shops and other organizations, was launched by the High Steering Committee, a political organization that unites Palestinians who are citizens of…. Related: 4 injured, 2 detained in anti-Prawer protests in the Negev

4 injured, 2 detained in anti-Prawer protests in the Negev
11/24/2013 – BEERSHEBA (Ma’an) — Four were wounded and two detained in clashes that broke out on Sunday morning between Israeli police and protesters opposed to the visit of a Knesset committee in the Negev region. The clashes broke out as a result of protests coordinated by the High Steering Committee of the Arabs of the Negev as part of a strike against the committee’…. Related: Negev workers strike Sunday in protest against Prawer Plan

Gaza forced to use donkeys for waste collection due to lack of fuel
11/24/2013 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Garbage collection vehicles in the Gaza Strip stopped working on Sunday due to lack of fuel, forcing local municipalities to use donkeys in order to collect garbage and waste from cities and villages across the region. Gaza municipality officials said that the garbage vehicles can no longer be used for waste collection because gas stations across the Gaza Strip have….

World powers, Iran clinch ‘historic’ nuclear deal
11/24/2013 – GENEVA (AFP) — Iran agreed to curb its nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief in a breakthrough deal with world powers reached on Sunday after a decade of failed diplomacy and rising tensions. US President Barack Obama said the preliminary accord clinched in marathon Geneva talks was “an important first step” towards easing fears once and for all that Tehran will get the bomb. Iranian…. Related: Israel blasts Iran nuclear deal as ‘historic mistake’ and Iran leaders hail nuclear deal with world powers

Israeli forces detain three Palestinians trying to enter Al-Aqsa
11/24/2013 – JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — Israeli police detained two Palestinian women and one man when they tried to enter the Al-Aqsa mosque on Sunday, a witness said. An eyewitness told Ma’an that Israeli police inspected the IDs of two Palestinian woman named Hanadi al-Halawani and Zeina Amro when they tried to enter al-Aqsa mosque. Al-Halawani and Amro were subsequently taken to al-Qashla police station….

Israel releases Palestinian prisoner after 16 years of jailtime
11/24/2013 – HEBRON (Ma’an) — Israeli authorities on Sunday released a Palestinian prisoner who had been in custody for 16 years, the man’s family said. Hani Muhammad Badee Bader al-Sharif, 38, had been in Israeli jails since Nov. 24, 1997, his family told a Palestinian prisoners research group Sunday. During his time as a prisoner, Israeli authorities transferred al-Sharif between several jails, his family….

PFLP slams Abbas, negotiation process
11/24/2013 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine on Sunday criticized Abbas for offering “useless” concessions to Israel during peace negotiations, a member of the faction said. Abbas seeks “any political achievement even if it is illusory,” PFLP member Jamil Mizher said. Israel will take advantage of Abbas’ concessions and “continue Judaizing Jerusalem,” Mizher said. He also called for reconciliation….

PA official more confident in diplomacy following Iran ‘success’
11/24/2013 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Palestinian Authority Presidential Spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeineh expressed a new confidence in international diplomatic efforts in Israel-Palestine after world powers clinched a nuclear deal with Iran early Sunday. Given “the success of the international efforts to solve the Iranian issue,” Abu Rudeineh called on the Middle East Quartet to intervene on the Israeli-Palestinian issue as well, he told Ma’an…. Related: World powers, Iran clinch ‘historic’ nuclear deal

PA: Iran embassy bomber ‘does not represent Palestine’
11/24/2013 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Palestinian authorities on Sunday condemned last Tuesday’s suicide bombing attack against the Iranian embassy in Beirut, stressing that the Palestinian individual involved “does not represent the Palestinian leadership.” Palestinian authorities reacted to news that one of the suicide bombers was a young Palestinian refugee in Lebanon named Adnan Mousa Muhammad by saying that “the participation of a Palestinian in….

Israel blasts Iran nuclear deal as ‘historic mistake’
11/24/2013 – JERUSALEM (AFP) — Israel on Sunday lashed out at the Geneva nuclear deal brokered by world powers as being heavily stacked in Iran’s favor, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calling it a “historic mistake.” Following a months-long diplomatic campaign warning of the dangers of easing economic sanctions on Iran in exchange for steps to curb its contested nuclear program, senior cabinet ministers chimed in…. Related: World powers, Iran clinch ‘historic’ nuclear deal and Iran leaders hail nuclear deal with world powers

Iran leaders hail nuclear deal with world powers
11/24/2013 – TEHRAN (AFP) — Iran’s leaders hailed the interim nuclear deal struck with world powers on Sunday as recognition of its “right” to enrich uranium and the start of an end to punishing sanctions. Backed by top decision-maker Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, President Hassan Rouhani said the agreement with world powers at talks in Geneva signaled acceptance of the principle of uranium enrichment in Iran. Rouhani…. Related: Israel blasts Iran nuclear deal as ‘historic mistake’ andWorld powers, Iran clinch ‘historic’ nuclear deal

PM Hamdallah meets his Jordanian counterpart
11/24/2013 – AMMAN (Ma’an) — Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah on Sunday met with his Jordanian counterpart Abdullah Ensour to discuss methods for improving bilateral relations as well as political and economic cooperation between the two countries. Hamdallah said that they discussed issues related to water, politics economy, and the upcoming meetings of the Higher Joint Committee, which will be held in the coming weeks….

Abbas hires new governor for Qalqiliya district
11/24/2013 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — President Mahmoud Abbas on Saturday hired a new governor for the Qalqiliya district. Abdullah Kameil told Ma’an Sunday that Abbas hired him as a governor of the Qalqiliya district. Kameil said he would focus on maintaining safety and security in the district, and that he would work on developing the economic and agricultural sectors. [END]

Teachers’ union suspends protest activities, calls for sit-in
11/24/2013 – NABLUS (Ma’an) — The Palestinian Teachers’ union announced Sunday that it would suspend all strike activities they had scheduled for this week, a union official told Ma’an. Bassam Naem, a media spokesman of the teacher’s union, said that the union decided to give the Palestinian Authority the chance to implement the union’s demands. Naem called for a….

School bus runs over, kills toddler in Ramallah
11/24/2013 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — A toddler died Sunday after a school bus ran her over in a village near Ramallah, police told Ma’an. Police said that a kindergarten bus ran over nineteen-month-old Mais al-Amariya in the village of Kubar, killing her on the spot. Her body was transferred to a nearby hospital. [END]

Egypt, Turkey downgrade ties in row over Morsi
11/24/2013 – CAIRO (AFP) — Egypt expelled Turkey’s ambassador on Saturday and Ankara downgraded relations in tit-for-tat moves, further fraying ties that soured after the July ouster of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi. The latest row between the two US allies came after Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Thursday renewed his criticism of the “coup” that ousted Morsi and Egypt’s continuing crackdown on….

Fighting near Damascus kills 72 rebels, troops
11/24/2013 – BEIRUT (AFP) — Fierce clashes between regime troops and rebels near an opposition stronghold east of Syria’s capital Damascus has killed more than 70 combatants, a monitoring group reported on Sunday. Saturday’s fighting in the East Ghuta region killed 28 militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and the al-Nusra Front, 26 fighters from the Free Syrian Army, and….

Fierce fighting near Damascus ‘kills 160 in two days’
11/24/2013 – BEIRUT (AFP) — At least 160 rebel fighters and Syrian troops have been killed in two days of clashes in the Eastern Ghouta region just outside Damascus, a monitoring group said on Sunday. The latest fighting comes against the backdrop of regime advances in Damascus province that have cut rebel supply lines to the capital and its southern districts. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said….


Iranian nuclear deal sparks war of words
AlJazeera 24 Nov 2013 – Israel and US in dispute over agreement signed with Tehran, which Israel’s prime minister calls a “historic mistake”.

Palestinian Center for Human Rights

Sourani Receives International Officials
Palestinian Center for Human Rights

The National

Egypt, Turkey downgrade ties in row over Morsi 
The National 24 Nov 2013 – Turkey’s ambitions to become a regional leader with a zero-problems foreign policy have been left in tatters by the Syrian civil war, rising sectarian tensions and a diplomatic falling out with Egypt.

Scotland to unveil blueprint for independence
The National 24 Nov 2013 – Government will publish its legal blueprint making the case for independence from the United Kingdom, with the economy at the heart of its bid to break up the 300-year union.

UAE welcomes Iran nuclear pact, hopes for comprehensive accord
The National 24 Nov 2013 – UAE and Bahrain welcome agreement, while Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states weigh their official responses. Elizabeth Dickinson reports

US and Iran held secret talks on nuclear deal for a year
The National 24 Nov 2013 – Oman’s Sultan Qaboos a key player in arranging secret nuclear talks between the US and Iran, which have been taking place for about a year.

‘Ferocious fight’ to break Assad’s blockade in Eastern Ghouta kills scores
The National 24 Nov 2013 – More than 160 people killed in the past two days as Syrian rebels struggle to break a months-long blockade by regime forces aimed at starving out residents.

More than 11,000 children killed in Syrian war: study
The National 24 Nov 2013 – Oxford Research Group says the number of boys killed outnumbered girls killed by a ratio of about two to one, with boys aged between 13 and 17 the most frequent victims of targeted killings.

Suicide bombers in Beirut attack on Iranian embassy identified
The National 24 Nov 2013 – Lebanese authorities say they have identified the two men who launched a double suicide attack on the Iranian embassy, killing 25 people.

Pakistani protesters against US drone strikes attempt to stop Nato supply trucks
The National 24 Nov 2013 – Demonstrators protesting US drone strikes rough up drivers in attempt to stop trucks carrying Nato troop supplies from passing through northwest Pakistan.

Afghanistan’s Karzai rejects elders’ advice to back US deal quickly
The National 24 Nov 2013 – Assembly of Afghan elders endorses security deal to enable US troops to operate in the country beyond next year.

Indonesian residents evacuate after a series of volcanic eruptions
The National 24 Nov 2013 – Thousands flee their homes from Sumatra province, North of Indonesia, after a two volcanoes erupt intermittently.

Optimism must be cautious over Iran nuclear deal 
The National 24 Nov 2013 – The chance to resolve diplomatically the serious concerns the West has with Iran’s nuclear programme is one that must be pursued, albeit with caution and verification.

In pictures: Mount Sinabung eruption
The National 24 Nov 2013 – Indonesian residents of Sumatra province, north of Indonesia, evacuate their homes as volcanoes erupt.

Yemen court delays verdict in Saudi elopement case
The National 24 Nov 2013 – Saudi woman is accused of eloping with her Yemeni boyfriend after her father rejected his marriage proposal.

Saudi man aged 37 becomes country’s 55th Mers victim
The National 24 Nov 2013 – A 37-year-old man has died in Riyadh of Mers, raising to 55 the number of people killed by the coronavirus in the country with the most fatalities.

Pacquiao’s win brings cheers in typhoon-hit Philippines
The National 24 Nov 2013 – Filipinos at temporary shelters in the typhoon-ravaged Philippines erupt in jubilation after boxing hero Manny Pacquiao thumps American Brandon Rios to clinch the WBO welterweight crown in Macau.

Modest deal breaks deadlock at UN climate talks
The National 24 Nov 2013 – Annual UN climate talks limp forward with a modest set of decisions meant to pave the way for a new pact to fight global warming.

Two ex-Guantanamo detainees arrested in Bahrain after ‘terror’ suspicion
The National 24 Nov 2013 – Two Gulf citizens suspected of plotting terror attacks arrested in Bahrain.

Iran nuclear deal: ‘New horizons opened’ says Rouhani as Obama hails ‘important first step’
The National 24 Nov 2013 – US President Barack Obama today called the breakthrough on Iran’s nuclear ambitions ‘an important first step”‘ while his counterpart President Hassan Rouhani in Tehran said the deal opened ‘new horizons’.

Iran, world powers agree breakthrough nuclear deal in Geneva
The National 24 Nov 2013 – World powers today reached an agreement with Iran over its nuclear programme, their chief negotiator Catherine Ashton and Iran’s foreign minister said.


Israeli singer Eyal Golan unlikely to be charged in underage sex scandal
Ha’aretz – 24 Nov 2013

Noble Energy sees Egypt, Jordan as Israeli gas field’s main clients
Ha’aretz – 24 Nov 2013

At a Jewish conference, German president marvels at return of Jews
Ha’aretz – 24 Nov 2013

With Iran deal sealed, don’t expect Israel to send out the air force
Ha’aretz – 24 Nov 2013

Obama tells Netanyahu: Israel has good reason to be skeptical about Iran’s intentions
Ha’aretz – 24 Nov 2013

Obama tells Netanyahu: Israel has good reason to be skeptical about Iran’s intentions
Ha’aretz – 24 Nov 2013

Israeli intel revealed secret U.S.-Iran talks, months before Obama briefed Netanyahu
Ha’aretz – 24 Nov 2013

‘Bad deal’ for Israel is a hollow victory for Iran
Ha’aretz – 24 Nov 2013

Obama and Kerry’s betrayal of ‘never again’
Ha’aretz – 24 Nov 2013

Israeli city to become ‘Gaza’ for three days – in army drill
Ha’aretz – 24 Nov 2013

Yiddish play, still contentious after 100 years, to hit Polish stage
Ha’aretz – 24 Nov 2013

Kerry: U.S. has eyes ‘wide open’ to risks on Iran deal
Ha’aretz – 24 Nov 2013

Report: Egypt enacts law restricting protest
Ha’aretz – 24 Nov 2013

Scores killed as rebels fight siege of Damascus suburbs
Ha’aretz – 24 Nov 2013

Israel approves 799 housing units in West Bank
Ha’aretz – 24 Nov 2013

U.S., Israel spats blur simple truth: Neither wants Iran to have nukes
Ha’aretz – 24 Nov 2013

Former army intel chief: Iran deal better than alternative – no deal
Ha’aretz – 24 Nov 2013

Full text of interim nuclear deal between Iran and six powers
Ha’aretz – 24 Nov 2013

Cabinet votes yea for Shai Nitzan as state prosecutor
Ha’aretz – 24 Nov 2013

Geneva deal seals Netanyahu’s legacy: An ineffectual leader
Ha’aretz – 24 Nov 2013

What Dov Lautman meant to me
Ha’aretz – 24 Nov 2013

Caution: Settlement construction perpetually in progress
Ha’aretz – 24 Nov 2013

AG pushing ‘gag law’ curbing media coverage of open cases
Ha’aretz – 24 Nov 2013

Netanyahu: Iran nuclear deal endangers Israel, we will defend ourselves
Ha’aretz – 24 Nov 2013

A good deal: Geneva pact distances Iran from nuclear bomb
Ha’aretz – 24 Nov 2013

Battle for new sanctions could harm Israel more than Iran, now that deal is done
Ha’aretz – 24 Nov 2013

Even teachers in excellence programs burn out quickly
Ha’aretz – 24 Nov 2013

Newly elected Labor leader says won’t join Netanyahu government
Ha’aretz – 24 Nov 2013

Defending Israel with one hand tied behind our back
Ha’aretz – 24 Nov 2013

This extreme left-wing state
Ha’aretz – 24 Nov 2013

Judge dread
Ha’aretz – 24 Nov 2013

White House releases ‘fact sheet’ on Iran deal
Ha’aretz – 23 Nov 2013

Herzog’s challenge
Ha’aretz – 23 Nov 2013

Spike in indictments against African migrants for driving without a license
Ha’aretz – 23 Nov 2013

Israel’s new Labor Party leader doesn’t bark or bite
Ha’aretz – 23 Nov 2013

Man threatens passengers on British Airways flight to Israel
Ha’aretz – 23 Nov 2013

Jerusalem Post

After Brandeis and Syracuse, a US school decides to stay with Al-Quds
Jerusalem Post 24 Nov 2013 – Bard College in New York, has announced it will continue its partnership despite rally held by Islamic Jihad at Al-Quds. 

Chill out! Relations between the US and Israel are certainly not in a state of crisis
Jerusalem Post 24 Nov 2013 – In fact, the strategic, religious, cultural, scientific, intelligence and economic ties are stronger than ever before – indeed, unbreakable.

Reality check: Popular culture trumps real news
Jerusalem Post 24 Nov 2013 – On the eve of the nuclear negotiations with Iran, Israel’s major evening TV news program devoted the first half of its broadcast to Eyal Golan. 

Singer Eyal Golan released from house arrest
Jerusalem Post 24 Nov 2013 – An employee of singer, his father to remain in custody; victim central to case still missing. 

A Jewish renaissance in Hungary
Jerusalem Post 24 Nov 2013 – For us Hungarians, there is a special significance of anti-Semitism and indeed, of the Holocaust. 

What message is being sent?
Jerusalem Post 24 Nov 2013 – This is a regime which is a master at diplomatic sleight of hand, procrastination and duplicity. 

International law and Judea and Samaria: It’s time to return to the facts
Jerusalem Post 24 Nov 2013 – It is time to return to the intentions and words of the original drafters of international law, and rely less on specious interpretations with little basis. 

Egypt’s president signs law restricting protests
Jerusalem Post 24 Nov 2013 – New bill requires police permission for demonstrators; anti-government protesters swarm streets after bill announced. 

The Geneva deal
Jerusalem Post 24 Nov 2013 – At its best, the deal signed in Geneva might temporarily slow Iran’s progress toward nuclear arms capability. 

Peres among Israeli fans attending Aznavour concert
Jerusalem Post 24 Nov 2013 – The president is an avid Francophile who delights in all forms of French culture. 

4X4 at the Israel Museum
Jerusalem Post 24 Nov 2013 – Tetrad batch of new exhibitions opening on December 4 will each run for four months. 

Likud, Yisrael Beytenu staying together – for now
Jerusalem Post 24 Nov 2013 – Netanyahu asks Liberman to maintain parties’ bond due to increasing challenges Israel is facing with Iran, Palestinians. 

Ya’alon: World powers surrendered to Tehran’s charm offensive
Jerusalem Post 24 Nov 2013 – Coalition politicians compare Iran deal to Munich Agreement; Herzog: Close reading of deal may show positive aspects. 

PA officials condemn Palestinian suspect in Beirut bombing on Iranian embassy
Jerusalem Post 24 Nov 2013 – PA stresses its support for the Lebanese leadership; Palestinian suicide bomber had ties to fugitive Islamist cleric. 

Secret direct US-Iran talks preceded deal in Geneva
Jerusalem Post 24 Nov 2013 – US official says private meetings in Oman were “limited,” most talks were “quite public” and Israeli officials were briefed on substantive conversations; former Iranian official: Khamenei warily approved meetings. 

Canadian Jewish group: Religious symbols ban meant to drum up support for Quebecois secession
Jerusalem Post 24 Nov 2013 – Quebec’s Jewish General Hospital indicates that it plans on ignoring the “prejudicial bill.” 

Peres eulogizes industrialist, philanthropist Dov Lautman
Jerusalem Post 24 Nov 2013 – Peres also noted Lautman’s extraordinary contribution to peace between Israel and her neighbors by establishing factory plants in Egypt and Jordan. 

Sister of ex-mob boss arrested in connection to double murder
Jerusalem Post 24 Nov 2013 – Police have tied Chaya Alperon to a daytime double murder in Petah Tikva in June carried out by two man on motorcycles. 

Cabinet unanimously approves costly plan to deal with illegal migration
Jerusalem Post 24 Nov 2013 – State will create 550 new governmental positions to tackle problem; NIS 440 to be taken from other ministries. 

Obese women apparently at much higher risk of getting aggressive type of breast cancer
Jerusalem Post 24 Nov 2013 – Women should lose weight to reduce their risk, according to study conducted in the US. 

Bennett says significant differences between Bayit Yehudi, Yesh Atid on haredi enlistment
Jerusalem Post 24 Nov 2013 – Bayit Yehudi leader calls on Netanyahu’s Likud party to make public its stance on the matter. 

Zarif: Deal will be void if Congress imposes new sanctions
Jerusalem Post 24 Nov 2013 – Iranian foreign minister says Tehran will not honor the interim agreement if West doesn’t hold its side of the bargain. 

Jerusalem man stabs wife to death, attempts to take own life
Jerusalem Post 24 Nov 2013 – Suspect attacks police and paramedics, remains hospitalized in moderate condition. 

Palestinian Authority hopes Iran nuclear deal prompts greater int’l involvement in peace process
Jerusalem Post 24 Nov 2013 – Hamas concerned Israel to be sole regional power with nuclear and chemical weapons. 

PA, Hamas differ on views of Geneva nuclear deal
Jerusalem Post 24 Nov 2013 – Hamas concerned Israel to be sole regional power with nuclear and chemical weapons. 

Iran’s rial jumps as nuclear deal fuels economy hopes
Jerusalem Post 24 Nov 2013 – Easing tensions could reduce capital flight from Islamic Republic; firm currency would help bring down inflation. 

Brooklyn man charged with assaulting Jewish man in possible ‘Knockout Game’ punch
Jerusalem Post 24 Nov 2013 – victim says he heard the alleged attacker and his friends talking about the game, in which the attackers try to knock someone out with one punch. 

Netanyahu says Iran nuclear deal is ‘historic mistake’
Jerusalem Post 24 Nov 2013 – Bennett: “Israel does not see itself as bound by this bad, this very bad agreement that has been signed.” 

Yadlin: Geneva agreement isn’t final, Iran is being tested
Jerusalem Post 24 Nov 2013 – INSS chief credits Netanyahu with improvements on previous proposal draft, calls on gov’t to stop talking to US through media. 

Iran-bound extremist haredi cult settles in Ontario instead
Jerusalem Post 24 Nov 2013 – Cult members say they moved due to dispute with education authorities in Quebec over curriculum that they were being required to teach children. 


For the 11th month, protests continue in Iraq
Uruknet 24 Nov 2013 – November 22, 2013 – Since December 21st, protests have been taking place in Iraq. Iraqi Spring Media notes protests took place in Rawa, Falluja, Ramadi, Jalawla, Tikrit, Samarra (noted in the Tweet above), among other places … Kitabat reports that protesters…

One year after “ceasefire,” Gaza s suffering deepens
Uruknet 24 Nov 2013 – November 22, 2013 – One year ago, a ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas ended an eight-day Israeli bombardment that killed 174 Palestinians, the vast majority civilians, dozens of them children. Israel even carried out deliberate killings of journalists, offering…

Israel s Siege of Gaza Is Sadistic and Illegal, Yet US Support Continues
Uruknet 24 Nov 2013 – November 22, 2013 – Israel s blockade of Gaza has long been known for it s cruel results in strangling the population. But two recent happenings – namely Egypt s destruction of Gaza s smuggling tunnels and Israel s decision…

Blocking NATO to Stop Drones
Uruknet 24 Nov 2013 – November 22, 2013 — Upping the ante against U.S. drone attacks in Pakistan, celebrated cricketer-turned-political leader Imran Khan has threatened to block NATO supplies to Afghanistan through Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, where his party leads a coalition government. “We are holding…

US Congress moves to legalize unconstitutional surveillance programs
Uruknet 24 Nov 2013 – November 22, 2013 -In the wake of damning revelations about the Obama administration s illegal surveillance operations, Democrats and Republicans in Congress are moving forward competing bills that would both secure the indefinite use of the spying programs. The proposal…

Europe remains Israel s biggest trading partner EU s wary support for Palestine
Uruknet 24 Nov 2013 – November 22, 2013 – Twenty years after the Oslo Accords, the European Union has just taken the first step toward making credible its official support for an “independent, democratic, contiguous and viable” Palestinian state. A directive published in July makes…

Video : Fear Not the Path of Truth
Uruknet 24 Nov 2013 – November 22, 2013 – This documentary follows Ross Caputi, veteran of the 2nd siege of Fallujah, as he investigates the atrocities that he participated in and the legacy of US foreign policy in Fallujah, Iraq…

The Bureau talks to Imran Khan in Islamabad about drones
Uruknet 24 Nov 2013 – November 22, 2013 – In the Bureau s latest podcast Pakistan politician, Imran Khan, discusses why he is leading the campaign against drone attacks in his country. The interview was recorded in Islamabad by reporter and Bureau consultant Bennett Jones…

Thousands protest in Libya against the presence of militias in the capital, Tripoli
Uruknet 24 Nov 2013 – November 22, 2013 – Thousands of protesters demonstrated Friday in Libya s capital to call on unlawful armed groups to leave the city, a week after militiamen killed 43 people during a march demanding the groups disband. Since the fall…

The Dark Road from the Clipper Chip to PRISM Reveals Crypto Wars Never Ended 
Uruknet 24 Nov 2013 – November 22, 2013 – Back in the 1990s, security researchers and privacy watchdogs were alarmed by government demands that hardware and software firms build “backdoors” into their products, the millions of personal computers and cell phones propelling communication flows along…

Unspeakable horrors in a country on the verge of genocide
Uruknet 24 Nov 2013 – November 22, 2013 – A massacre of the innocents is taking place in the heart of Africa as the world looks the other way. One man describes how his four-year-old son s throat was slit, and how he saw a…

Palestinians bring plight of Wadi Foquin to Capitol Hill audience
Uruknet 24 Nov 2013 – November 22, 2013 – While Israel s right-wing Economy Minister was telling American audiences that the occupation doesn t exist, a Palestinian coordinator for the district of Bethlehem was preparing to utter statements of a much different sort. On November…

Shavit called Gideon Levy an enemy of the Jewish people for wanting secular, democratic state 
Uruknet 24 Nov 2013 – November 22, 2013 – Ari Shavit is a well-known and acclaimed Israeli journalist, who is now touring the United States promoting his new book, My Promised Land: The Triumph and Tragedy of Israel. He is being portrayed by the Israel-friendly…

Senate Passes Bill to Help Close Guantánamo; Now President Obama Must Act
Uruknet 24 Nov 2013 – November 22, 2013 – It s rare that there is good news about Guantánamo, and even rarer that the good news involves Congress. However, on Tuesday, the Senate accepted a version of the annual National Defense Authorization Act, which originated…

“Israel has lost the current round against Iran”
Uruknet 24 Nov 2013 – November 22, 2013 -Sources in Israel have admitted that it has lost the current round in the dispute with Iran. “We lost the fight for this round [of talks]; we have to hope that the final agreement is much better,”…

Why we must boycott Israeli universities
Uruknet 24 Nov 2013 – November 22, 2013 – Those of us who have called for a boycott of Israeli academic institutions have done so for quite straightforward reasons. We believe in academic freedom and in the intricate network of intellectual exchanges that it safeguards….

UN warns of deteriorating Gaza humanitarian situation
Uruknet 23 Nov 2013 – November 22, 2013– The humanitarian situation in Gaza has deteriorated one year after a truce that ended fighting between Israel and the Hamas rulers of the Palestinian enclave, UN officials said Thursday. “After 12 months the initial hopes for a…

Syria News – November 21, 2013 (Warning: Graphic Videos) 
Uruknet 23 Nov 2013 – November 21, 2013 – By the end of Thursday the Coordination Committees was able to document 92 martyrs including 15 children, 9 women and 3 martyrs under torture: 33 martyrs were reported in Homs, 26 in Aleppo, 14 in Damascus…

Daily Star

Obama called Netanyahu to discuss Iran nuclear deal: White House
Daily Star 24 Nov 2013 President Barack Obama called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday to discuss an international nuclear deal with Iran that has threatened to raise tensions between the close allies, the White House said.

Israel blasts Iran nuclear deal as ‘historic mistake’
Daily Star 24 Nov 2013 Israel on Sunday lashed out at the Geneva nuclear deal brokered by world powers as being heavily stacked in Iran’s favour, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calling it a “historic mistake.”

Obama has leeway on Iran, despite U.S. lawmakers’ concerns
Daily Star 24 Nov 2013 Republican and Democratic U.S. senators on Sunday voiced skepticism about an interim nuclear deal reached with Iran.

Hard work starts now to achieve Iran nuclear deal: Kerry
Daily Star 24 Nov 2013 US Secretary of State John Kerry declared Sunday that the hard work starts now on Iran, hours after world powers clinched a breakthrough interim deal on Tehran’s controversial nuclear programme.

Attacks kill 5 in Iraq, including journalist
Daily Star 24 Nov 2013 Authorities in Iraq say a series of bombings and shootings have killed five people, including a television journalist.

Israel adopts new measures against African migrants
Daily Star 24 Nov 2013 The Israeli cabinet approved Sunday measures aimed at deporting thousands of Africans who illegally entered the country and who are perceived by it as a threat to its Jewish character.

Egypt prosecutor refers Mubarak to new trial
Daily Star 24 Nov 2013 A public prosecutor in Egypt has referred ousted longtime autocrat Hosni Mubarak to a new trial on charges of embezzling state funds to build and renovate family homes.

Syria peace conference likely in January: envoys
Daily Star 24 Nov 2013 A meeting of UN, US and Russian envoys on Monday is expected to agree that a Syria peace conference should be held in January, diplomats said.

160 Syria rebels, troops killed since Friday near Damascus: Activists
Daily Star 24 Nov 2013 Heavy clashes between Syrian troops and rebels trying to break a government siege in the suburbs of Damascus have killed at least 160 fighters over two days, activists said Sunday.

World powers, Iran clinch ‘historic’ nuclear deal
Daily Star 24 Nov 2013 World leaders hailed Sunday a “historic” nuclear deal with Iran as a triumph for diplomacy, but cautioned that the hard work was only just beginning to keep Tehran from building a bomb.

Mansour hails Iranian-Western deal
Daily Star 24 Nov 2013 Caretaker Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour hailed Sunday the ‘positive’ historic nuclear agreement between Western powers and Iran as he warned against Israel’s nuclear program.

Egypt approves contentious new protest law
Daily Star 24 Nov 2013 Egypt’s interim president Adly Mansour approved a controversial law Sunday that regulates demonstrations and gives authorities the power to ban protests deemed a “threat” to national security, officials said.

Bahrain jails 13 Shiites over attacks on police
Daily Star 24 Nov 2013 A Bahraini court sentences 12 Shiites to 10-year jail terms after convicting them of trying to kill policemen in a village near the capital, a judicial source says.

YNet News

Over a dozen feared dead in Mali clashes
YNet News, 24 Nov 2013 – ….

Hondurans head to polls with violence as top concern
YNet News, 24 Nov 2013 – ….

Negev: Container of chemical substances explodes; none injured
YNet News, 24 Nov 2013 – ….

Canada ‘deeply skeptical’ of Iran nuclear deal
YNet News, 24 Nov 2013 – ….

Total, unmitigated defeat
YNet News, 24 Nov 2013 – Op-ed: Obama abandoned US allies’ security concerns by believing appeasing Iran is only way to avoid war ….

Free Gital: American-style agunah 
YNet News, 24 Nov 2013 – While civil court in US approves Gital Dodelson’s divorce from Avrohom Meir Weiss, husband uses religious ‘get’ as weapon, demanding $350,000 and joint custody over their son in exchange for his wife’s freedom. ‘I can’t give you a get — how else would I control you?’ he reportedly tells her ….

Pros and cons of Geneva deal
YNet News, 24 Nov 2013 – Analysis: Greatest danger is that interim agreement will become permanent, leaving Iran as ‘threshold country’ ….

Caf? provides space for Orthodox women
YNet News, 24 Nov 2013 – Amir and Nitza Halevi, who became religious upon returning to Israel after studying in Milan, decide to create place for Jewish-style empowering of women ….

Palestinian Information Center

Overthrowing tyrannical regimes is a must for Muslims
PIC – There is no doubt that enduring political tyranny is the fundamental root-cause of the many ills plaguing the Arab world from Morocco to Bahrain.

General strike in Negev protesting Prawer plan
PIC – The Arab population in the Negev went on general strike protesting the so-called Prawer plan that envisages razing dozens of Bedouin villages and displacing tens of thousands of its inhabitants.

Hamas: The PA and Egypt’s media incite against the Palestinian resistance
PIC – The Hamas Movement accused the Palestinian Authority of involvement in the incitement conspiracy with some Egyptian media outlets against the Palestinian people and their resistance in the Gaza Strip.

Occupation arrests 3 Jerusalemites, including two teachers in Al-Aqsa Mosque
PIC – Al-Aqsa Foundation said that the Israeli police in the occupied city of Jerusalem arrested on Sunday two teachers at Al-Aqsa Mosque and a student, and took them to the Qishleh center.

Administrative detainees escalate their protest steps
PIC – Administrative detainees in the Israeli occupation jails are scheduled to escalate their protest steps against administrative detention on Monday.

Hamas: Israel waging unprecedented attack on Jerusalem
PIC – Hamas movement warned that Jerusalem is exposed to an unprecedented fierce attack that aims to Judaize it and wipe out its landmarks.

Report: Hundreds of European mercenaries in the ranks of the Israeli army
PIC – A European human rights report revealed that hundreds of European mercenaries volunteer for military service in the ranks of the Israeli occupation army.

IOF soldiers raid Jenin refugee camp, detain two young men
PIC – Israeli occupation forces (IOF) raided the Jenin refugee camp at dawn Sunday and broke into many homes before taking away two young men.


PEX Report: Index Up
WAFA – 24 Nov 2013

Settlers Uproot Olive Trees in Salfit
WAFA – 24 Nov 2013

Statistics Bureau Reports Decrease in the Construction Cost Index
WAFA – 24 Nov 2013

Presidency: We Want a Nuclear Free Middle East
WAFA – 24 Nov 2013


Israel’s Netanyahu: Iran agreement a ‘historic mistake’
LA Times 24 Nov 2013 – JERUSALEM — In his first public comments on the Geneva agreement Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the deal between the six western powers and Iran a “historic mistake” that makes the world a “much more dangerous place.” He added that Israel is not…

Congress appears willing to give Iran deal time to work
LA Times 24 Nov 2013 – WASHINGTON — Secretary of State John F. Kerry opened the administration’s efforts to sell its interim agreement with Iran as key members of Congress signaled skepticism but a willingness to allow the deal to proceed.

For trendy Iran youths, ‘Death to USA’ is so 1979
LA Times 24 Nov 2013 – In the coffeehouses, some even regard the storming of the embassy and taking of hostages as rash acts that set off decades of self-inflicted economic hardship. TEHRAN — As world powers in Geneva negotiate the future of Iran’s nuclear development program, Islamist hard-liners here continue…

Iran agrees to nuclear limits
LA Times 24 Nov 2013 – Iran and six world powers reach accord on a preliminary deal giving Tehran limited sanctions relief in return for curbs on its nuclear program. GENEVA — Six world powers and Iran reached a preliminary agreement early Sunday to curb Tehran’s disputed nuclear program after a…

Special Report: ‘Great Satan’ Meets ‘Axis of Evil’ and Strikes a Deal
New York Times 24 Nov 2013 – Saturday night had turned into Sunday morning and four days of talks over Iran’s nuclear program had already gone so far over schedule that the Geneva Intercontinental Hotel had been given over to another event. 

Obama Phones Israeli PM to Discuss Iran Deal
New York Times 24 Nov 2013 – The White House says President Barack Obama has phoned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss a tentative deal with Iran over its nuclear program. 

Obama Seeks to Reassure Israel’s Netanyahu on Iran Nuclear Deal
New York Times 24 Nov 2013 – President Barack Obama attempted to reassure a skeptical Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday about a deal struck with Iran on its nuclear program and said he wants to begin consultations with Israel about it immediately. 

Officials Say Toughest Work on Iran’s Nuclear Program Lies Ahead
New York Times 24 Nov 2013 – The six-month interim plan buys time to work on the more difficult details of limiting Iran’s capacity to make nuclear weapons. 

Over 11,000 Children Killed in Syria: Study
New York Times 24 Nov 2013 – More than 11,000 children have been killed in Syria since the conflict there began over two and a half years ago, many of them summarily executed or targeted by snipers, a UK-based think tank said in a report published on Sunday. 

Letter From Washington: The Deal on Iran May Be the Best Available
New York Times 24 Nov 2013 – Critics of an agreement on Iran’s nuclear program, both in Congress and in the Israeli government, need to answer a question: Is there a better alternative? 

Canada ‘Deeply Skeptical’ of Iran Nuclear Deal
New York Times 24 Nov 2013 – Canada’s foreign minister says he’s “deeply skeptical” about the international community’s nuclear deal with Iran. Canada will keep its sanctions in place. 

Iranians Await Nuclear Negotiators at Airport
New York Times 24 Nov 2013 – Hundreds of cheering supporters have gathered at the airport in Iran’s capital to welcome its nuclear negotiators. 

Iran Will Start Implementing Nuclear Agreement in Weeks: Zarif
New York Times 24 Nov 2013 – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Sunday his country would begin implementing a nuclear agreement struck with world powers in the next few weeks, as hundreds of supporters welcomed him and his negotiating team home. 

Attacks Kill 5 in Iraq, Including Journalist
New York Times 24 Nov 2013 – Authorities in Iraq say a series of bombings and shootings have killed five people, including a television journalist. 

In Iran, Mainly Praise for Nuclear Deal as a Good First Step
New York Times 24 Nov 2013 – Despite criticisms by some hard-liners, even Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, called the deal a success and praised the Iranian negotiators. 

Factbox-Heightened, Vital Role for U.N. Inspectors in Iran Nuclear Deal
New York Times 24 Nov 2013 – The U.N. nuclear watchdog is to play a major role in verifying the implementation of a landmark deal to curb Iran’s atomic activities that negotiators for Tehran and six major powers reached in Geneva on Sunday. 

United Arab Emirates Looks to Vocational Education
New York Times 24 Nov 2013 – The United Arab Emirates is expanding vocational and technical training in a bid to cut high school dropout rates and improve skill levels of its young people. 

The story behind the deal: Israel kept out of the loop as secret US/Iran meetings took place in Oman
Mondoweiss – It’s a brand new day . As shares in Gulf markets climb , people are celebrating the historic deal around the world with a collective sigh of relief. U.S. mainstream media reports a “ 3-decade gridlock broken “ and “ game-changing rapprochement ” it’s lots of doom and gloom over…

Alvarion appoints CEO, to hire new employees
Globes Main News – Valley Telecom owner Jorge Pinievsky: I do not think that employees will be deterred by Alvarion’s dismal jobs history.

Golan Telecom in talks to join Partner-Hot network
Globes Main News – Sources say initial talks are underway, and operators await the Communications Ministry and Antitrust Authority positions.

Dankner in talks to add Nakash bros. to IDB bid consortium
Globes Main News – The Nakash brothers, the owners of Arkia Airlines, would become the seventh partner in the consortium.

Sun: Banks power TASE to new record
Globes Main News – Bank Leumi posted the biggest gain on the Tel Aviv 25 Index, while Teva rose on the day’s highest turnover.

“Creditors won’t accept Zim’s $1.5b haircut”
Globes Main News – Zim workers committee chairman Avi Sheetrit added that Zim’s decision to move to a Greek port is a death sentence for Haifa Port.

Israeli soldier discusses killing Palestinian children on Ukrainian game show
Mondoweiss – Screen shot of Elena Zakusilo on the Ukrainian game show “Lie Detecter,” 4 November 2013. A few days ago Abir Kopty found a November episode of a Ukrainian game show where an Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) soldier nonchalantly discussed killing Palestinian children. Dual Ukrainian and Israeli…

Netanyahu: Israel is ‘by itself,’ ‘not bound by this agreement’
Mondoweiss – Gray and solemn pronouncements about Israel acting “by itself” were issued by the Israeli prime minister at his Cabinet meeting today and mark Israel’s sudden isolation from world opinion– and signal division inside the Israel lobby in the U.S. (Turn on the captions to watch in…

Analysts see no change in interest rate
Globes Main News – Leader Capital Markets: We expect rents to rise 4.5% in the coming year.

Domestic sales boost Osem revenue and profit
Globes Main News – Domestic sales rose 4.3% to NIS 2.67 billion in January-September, but foreign sales fell 7.1% to NIS 478.9 million

IEC posts NIS 248m third quarter profit 
Globes Energy & Water – Financing costs pushed IEC to a NIS 368 million loss in January-September 2013.

Noble Energy prefers selling Leviathan gas regionally
Globes Energy & Water – CEO Charles Davidson: We will be able to market more gas regionally at lower capital cost.

Dov Lautman dies 
Globes Macro Economics – The founder of Delta Galil Industries and winner of the Israel Prize died from ALS on Saturday morning.

United States takes a ‘new path’ forward in the Middle East!
Mondoweiss – Foreign Minister Zarif and Secretary of State Kerry shake hands An historic dea l, a giant shift in the US relationship to the Middle East, and there is jubilation around the world. We have reached an agreement. — Javad Zarif (@JZarif) November 24, 2013 The Iranian…

In pictures: Women at risk in Iraq 
BBC 24 Nov 2013 – Images of victims of abuse in Iraq shine light on domestic violence

The victims of Syria’s war finding care in Israel 
BBC 24 Nov 2013 – Inside the Israeli hospital quietly treating victims of the Syrian war

Barack Obama Reassures Israel on Iran Deal 
The Foward Breaking News 24 Nov 2013 – President Barack Obama attempted to reassure a skeptical Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday about a deal struck with Iran on its nuclear program and said he wants to begin consultations with Israel about it immediately. Click here for the rest of the article…

A Worthy Leap of Faith 
The Forward Editorial 24 Nov 2013 – EDITORIAL : America should resolve disputes with dangerous enemies by talking, not fighting. That’s why we support the nuclear deal with Iran — and think it will make us all safer. Click here for the rest of the article…

Boycott SodaStream this holiday season! 
Rachel Corrie Foundation 24 Nov 2013 – This holiday season, please join RCF, the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, Jewish Voice for Peace, Code Pink, and activists from around the world as we say: BOYCOTT SODASTREAM! SodaStream is a household kitchen gadget that carbonates water into seltzer and sodas. SodaStream is…

US: Iran deal makes Mid-East safer 
BBC 24 Nov 2013 – The US secretary of state says the deal reached over Iran’s nuclear programme will make the Middle East safer, but Israel fiercely disagrees.

New Egypt protest law condemned 
BBC 24 Nov 2013 – Human rights groups in Egypt criticise a new law on protests, saying it will restrict the right to peaceful demonstration.

Brandeis President Vows To Keep Talking to Palestinian Sister College 
The Foward Breaking News 24 Nov 2013 – Brandeis University President Frederick Lawrence said he would reach out to the president of Al-Quds University in the wake of the U.S. school suspending relations between the two institutions over an Islamic Jihad rally. Click here for the rest of the article…

Skeptical Congress Will Give White House Space on Iran 
The Foward Breaking News 24 Nov 2013 – Republican and Democratic U.S. senators on Sunday voiced skepticism about an interim nuclear deal reached with Iran but Congress looked likely to give President Barack Obama room to see if the agreement works. Click here for the rest of the article…

Egypt: Saudis Train With Army 
allAfrica.com 24 Nov 2013 – [Egypt Online]Egypt started Saturday joint combat training with Saudi Arabia in the Red Sea.

Mahmoud Abbas: I’ll Speak to Knesset — and Say What I Like 
The Foward Breaking News 24 Nov 2013 – Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said he would be willing to speak to the Knesset, but only on the issues he chooses. Click here for the rest of the article…

One Man’s Quixotic Hunt for Sunken Nazi Treasure in Frigid Lake 
The Forward New 24 Nov 2013 – Legend says the Nazis dumped crates of gold and platinum bars in a lake near Berlin in the dying days of World War II. An Israeli researcher wants to find the truth. Click here for the rest of the article…

Utopian Thinkers Plan for Future One-State Israel Solution — If It Comes 
The Forward New 24 Nov 2013 – With Mideast peace talks in limbo, utopian thinkers on the fringes are planning for a single-state future. That could mean a Third Temple — or a Palestinian return to their pre-1948 homes. Click here for the rest of the article…

In pictures: Women at risk in Iraq 
BBC 24 Nov 2013 – Images of victims of abuse in Iraq shine light on domestic violence

The victims of Syria’s war finding care in Israel 
BBC 24 Nov 2013 – Inside the Israeli hospital quietly treating victims of the Syrian war

US: Iran deal makes Mid-East safer 
BBC 24 Nov 2013 – The US secretary of state says the deal reached over Iran’s nuclear programme will make the Middle East safer, but Israel fiercely disagrees.

New Egypt protest law condemned 
BBC 24 Nov 2013 – Human rights groups in Egypt criticise a new law on protests, saying it will restrict the right to peaceful demonstration.

UN protects eloped Saudi ‘Juliet’ 
BBC 24 Nov 2013 – A Saudi girl who eloped to Yemen to be with her Yemeni lover gets UN protection as she seeks asylum, and her application is likely to be approved.

Runaway Saudi urges Yemen to let her stay 
Al-Akhbar News 24 Nov 2013 – A Yemeni girl takes part in a gathering in support with Saudi young woman Huda al-Niran outside the courthouse during her trial on November 24, 2013 in the capital Sanaa. (Photo: AFP – Mohammed Huwais) A young Saudi woman on Sunday urged a Yemeni court to…

Egypt approves law restricting protests 
Al-Akhbar News 24 Nov 2013 – Egypt’s interim president Adly Mansour approved a controversial law Sunday regulating demonstrations which rights groups have slammed as “repressive.” “The president enacted the law on the regulation of the right to hold public meetings, processions and peaceful demonstrations in public places,” presidency spokesman Ehab Badawi said…

Family repudiates suspected Beirut suicide bomber 
Al-Akhbar News 24 Nov 2013 – The grandfather of Adnan Moussa al-Mohammed, one of the suspects responsible for the twin suicide attack on the Iranian embassy in Beirut last week, reacts in front of the building where his family lives on November 23, 2013 in the Lebanese southern village of Bissariyeh, near…

Analysis: Iran deal limited but important 
BBC 24 Nov 2013 – Limited impact, but Iran deal clears way for substantive talks

Iran country profile 
BBC 24 Nov 2013 – Provides an overview of Iran, including key events and facts about this country whose supreme leader is an Islamic cleric

Celebratory gunfire kills two at Yemeni wedding 
Al-Akhbar News 24 Nov 2013 – A Yemeni wedding ended in disaster after a guest firing celebratory shots in the air with his AK-47 accidentally killed two men while they were dancing to pop hit “Gangnam Style,” according to a police source and a video posted online. The police source said the…

Israel outraged over Iranian nuclear deal 
Al-Akhbar News 24 Nov 2013 – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (C) talks with Israeli Cabinet Secretary Avichai Mandelblit (R) during the weekly cabinet meeting on November 24, 2013 in Jerusalem. (Photo: AFP – Abir Sultan) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday denounced the world powers’ widely-hailed nuclear agreement with Iran…


PHOTOS: Deciding the fate of the Bedouin, without consulting any Bedouin 
Michael Omer-Man, photos by Oren Ziv and Yotam Ronen, Activestills, +972 Magazine 11/24/2013
Bedouin activists call for general strike, protests to meet MK Miri Regev and Knesset Interior Committee as they tour areas that will be affected by the Prawer-Begin Plan.
As part of its discussions aimed at advancing the Prawer-Begin Plan that would result in the mass displacement of Israel’s Bedouin citizens, the Knesset Internal Affairs Committee toured the Negev desert on Sunday. In formulating the Prawer plan, the Bedouin community was not consulted and an alternative formulated by Bedouin leaders was not considered.
In response, the High Steering Committee of the Arabs of Negev called for a general strike and a protest against Likud MK Miri Regev and the committee she chairs on their tour.
Bedouin and Jewish activists staged a protest at one of the committee’s stops, with some managing to approach and argue with MK Regev. Additionally, stores in the city of Rahat responded to the call for a general strike, shutting their doors for the day, according to activists.
The Prawer-Begin Plan, which passed its first of three readings in the Knesset earlier this year and could become law in the coming months.
Under the plan, the state will evict tens of thousands of Bedouin from their homes and demolish their villages. The displaced citizens will be forcefully resettled in planned towns and cities, many of which are among Israel’s poorest.
In at least one location, Jewish settlers are literally waiting in the woods until they can build their own towns on the ruins of the soon-to-be-demolished Bedouin villages. The Israeli cabinet approved that plan earlier this month.
Bedouin, Arab Israeli and Palestinian community leaders have vowed to resist the Prawer Plan’s implementation, which would be the largest displacement of a Palestinian population by Israel in decades. more.. e-mail

Jerusalem expert attacked: ’No rock can move me to hate’ 
Dahlia Scheindlin, +972 Magazine 11/25/2013
Daniel Seidemann, one of the country’s top experts on the politics of Jerusalem and a longtime activist who founded the NGOs Ir Amim and Terrestrial Jerusalem, was struck by a rock thrown through his car window on Saturday. He was wounded in the back of his head, requiring stitches. Danny has many colleagues and friends who, like me, were terribly saddened by the incident. Being who he is, Danny himself had many things to say that are characteristically insightful and sensitive. With his permission, I am re-posting the texts he wrote for status updates on social media.
“This afternoon, I paid a working visit to a friend in the Palestinian neighborhood of Sur Bahir, barely a kilometer from my home. When we took leave of one another, I headed home in my car. I had the misfortune of ending up in a traffic jam in the center of the village, just as school was getting out.
“I didn’t see it coming, but should have: I was a sitting duck. The rock was probably thrown at point blank range; it smashed the side window with enough force to leave a deep gash in the back of my head. I was fortunate: I did not lose consciousness, nor my sense of orientation. Thankfully, the traffic jam loosened up a bit. Within a minute or so I was out of danger and on my way to get treatment.
“I come away from this day with a few insights. In the wake of the incident, I encountered about a dozen people who had to hear my story, from the first-aid clinic, to the police, to the emergency room and neurology department at Hadassah Hospital. All were pleasant and empathetic. All but two of them asked the same question: “what the hell were you doing in Sur Bahir?” So much for the undivided capital of Israel, where a Jewish Israeli visiting a Palestinian friend less than a mile away is a source of astonishment….” more.. e-mail

Why did prosecutors sit on a Palestinian boy’s killing for 14 months? 
Yesh Din, written by Yossi Gurvitz, +972 Magazine 11/24/2013
Yusuf Fahri Mussa Ahleil, aged 16, was shot and killed on January 28, 2011, probably by a settler. The state took 14 months to appoint a prosecutor to the case.
Many of Yesh Din’s posts in this blog deal with the incompetence of Israeli police investigations, and it’s possible that the death of Yusuf Fahri Mussa Ahleil, a 16-year-old boy from Beit Ummar, will be added to that list; but for the time being, it is a story of criminal negligence on behalf of the prosecution.
On January 28, 2011, something happened in the village of Beit Ummar in the Hebron region. Testimonies we collected describe an assault by Israeli civilians from two different directions simultaneously. Both incidents involved shooting; the second one ended in death. Witnesses described a large group of Israeli civilians raiding the village, among whom three fired at the
Palestinians using weapons, likely M-16 assault rifles. According to one of the witnesses, the Israelis were conducting some sort of ceremony, blew a shofar, and then opened fire. The witnesses agree that no military troops were present and that they arrived only after the shooting.

When it was all over, Yusuf Ahleil, who was on his way to help his father with his work in the field, lay dead on the ground. The testimony of the father, Fahri, is worth quoting: “I work in agriculture, and that is my main profession. During their vacations the children help me. Before I went to work [on the morning of the incident] I asked my son Yusuf to come with me to work later during the day. At some point I heard the sound of gunshots; I did not know what it was about and kept on working. And then, I don’t remember the time, some people from the village came with a vehicle and asked to take me home. I did not understand why – I refused but they insisted, took me with them and brought me back home. When we arrived, I saw that most of the village was gathered next to my house. I asked what happened. I was told, your son was shot. I said, how can that be? We agreed that he should join me at work. This is how I learned that my son, while on his way to work with me, had been wounded by the settlers.” more.. e-mail

France rushes to defend its protégé 
Dr Mustafa Yousef Al-liddawi, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 11/21/2013
It seems that France is worried for its protégé Israel. President Francois Hollande rushed to Tel Aviv out of concern about Iran’s nuclear project. Accompanied by a large delegation of senior ministers, MPs, businessmen and journalists, Hollande sought to reassure the right-wing Israeli government that it will not allow Iran to compete with, and threaten, France’s first overseas nuclear bomb. For, France, in case you don’t know, is known as the mother of Israel’s nuclear weapons, sponsoring their development before America came along and took over. As such, Hollande’s team showed the most determination in the P5+1 talks about Iran in Geneva; it was France which was most vociferous against Iran in order to protect the future and security of the Israeli colonial state.
It is well known that the French government volunteered to establish the Dimona nuclear reactor in Israel in the mid-fifties, as it wanted to reward Israel for its role alongside France and Britain in the tripartite aggression against Egypt known as the “Suez Crisis”. French largesse was greater than the Israeli government expected; it had only asked the French to equip its forces to protect their borders from the perceived threat of the Arab states.
Ironically, Hollande was received by Israel’s President Shimon Peres, who is considered the father of the Israeli nuclear bomb; its true creator, he was tasked, as the director general of the Ministry of Defence in 1956, with the secret negotiations with the French government. France agreed to Israel’s request and supplied it with everything needed to build and operate a nuclear reactor; Peres worked on this alongside leading French scientists. President Peres still has ceremonial oversight of Israel’s nuclear capability and works hard to maintain and develop it.
That is why France sent such a strong delegation to reassure Israel and will not abandon the colonial state. It was France which enabled Israel to conduct its first nuclear test in the Algerian desert, on free Arab land…. more.. e-mail

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