Iraq Newslinks 13-14 June 2014

14 June 2014 20:08:10 —

Washington’s Iraq “Victory” (Global Research)

Pentagon deploys aircraft carrier to Persian Gulf in case of Iraq op (RT)

The Debacle in Iraq (Global Research)

Resurgence of Al Qaeda in Iraq, Fuelled by Saudi Arabia (Global Research)

The world was right about Iraq– though Israel got its ‘Clean Break’ (Mondoweiss)

The Engineered Destruction and Political Fragmentation of Iraq. Towards the Creation of a US Sponsored Islamist Caliphate (Global Rsearch)

Iraq crisis presents an opportunity for Iran’s Rouhani
Washington Post TEHRAN — Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Saturday that his government is prepared to assist Iraq in its fight against al-Qaeda-inspired …

Iraq violence isn’t rattling Democrats who once backed withdrawal
Washington Post Democrats stood firm behind President Obama’s decision against military intervention in Iraq on Friday, asserting that the upheaval taking place there …

Iraq Reportedly Blocks Social Networks
New York Times As officials in Baghdad searched for ways to blunt the momentum of Islamist militants who have seized large stretches of Iraq in recent days, the …

Iraq violence hits stocks, rupee; adds to economic worries
Times of India NEW DELHI: Rising violence in Iraq dragged down the stock market and hurt the rupee while the spike in global crude oil prices posed potential risks …

Iraq crisis: Obama faces limited options in Iraq crisis, doubts over air strikes
Chicago Tribune He will announce in coming days how far he is willing to go in responding to the crisis in Iraq, where militants are sweeping south towards the capital …

As Iraq Teeters, Washington Plays Blame Game
Newsweek As Iraq descends deeper into turmoil with the advance of Al-Qaeda-inspired militants across large swaths of the north, Democrats are quick to remind …

UN: Iraq Bloodshed Is ‘Alarming’
Voice of America UN: Iraq Bloodshed Is ‘Alarming’ … GENEVA — U.N. Human Rights chief Navi Pillay says the dramatic deterioration of the situation in Iraq is alarming.

Threat in Iraq serious, says PM
The Australian The Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) has gained control of Iraqi cities including Mosul and Tikrit after thousands of Iraqi government troops fled …

Clinton: Iraq Conflict Could Have Broad Impact
ABC News Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Friday the deteriorating conditions in Iraq could have “global consequences.” Clinton said …

As Iraq Burns, Kurds Try (and Fail) to Sell More Crude
Businessweek Iraq is coming apart before our eyes, undoing much of the economic progress that a couple of years of stability had afforded it. While it’s premature to …

Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Iraq, same-sex marriage and beyond
Daily Kos ? (Greg Dworkin) The problem at its core is not just a matter of security, but politics. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and its allies would not have had the opportunity …

‘the stupidest thing of all.’ Invading Iraq was.
Daily Kos ? (Ian Reifowitz) Today, David Brooks offered his opinion on Iraq, 2014. The guts are in the final paragraph, where he called for: “a more forward-leaning American …

President Obama statement on Iraq
Daily Kos ? (Jed Lewison) President Obama is scheduled to make a statement on the situation in Iraq at 11:50 AM ET this morning. You can watch in the live feed posted above …

Romney: Obama’s Decisions in Iraq Have Left Us With ‘Very Poor Options’
Fox News Insider – The official blog of Fox News Channel. ? Fox News Insider Mitt Romney joined Neil Cavuto this afternoon to weigh in on a range of issues, including the VA problems, growing violence in Iraq, Hillary Clinton’s …

Obama denies military aid to Iraq until it is too late
RedState ? streiff (Diary) Barack Obama’s mishandling of the Iraq crisis continues as we learned he refused to aid Iraq last month but now considers doing so.

If you take down the central gov’t…you could… see… pieces of Iraq
Informed Comment ? contributors It would have been a U.S. occupation of Iraq. None of the Arab forces that were willing to fight with us in Kuwait were willing to invade Iraq. Once you …

Obama mulling military action in Iraq, but not troops
Boing Boing ? Rob Beschizza AP: “The president did not specify what options he was considering, but he ruled out sending American troops back into combat in Iraq. Suggestion: …

Obama: No Solution To Iraq Without Political Compromise
The Feed President Obama advised Iraq to smooth over sectarian divisions in his speech today on the fast-moving crisis in the Middle East. But he overstated …

Pelosi: Iraq Not Our Problem
Prison ? admin House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said the American people have “no appetite” for military intervention in Iraq despite the fact that al …

NATO’s Terror Hordes In Iraq A Pretext For Syria Invasion
Oath Keepers » Oath Keepers – Guardians of the Republic ? Shorty Dawkins All roads lead to Baghdad and the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is following them all, north from Syria and Turkey to south. Reading Western.

Iraq conflict: ISIS militants seize new towns
BBC Islamist militants in Iraq have seized two new towns, widening their control after threatening to move on Baghdad. The Sunni-led Islamists advanced …

BBC “Iraq is disintegrating, and ISIS’s success is just a distillation of the problems the country has been struggling with for some time now,” writes Nicholas …

McCain gets testy with HuffPo reporter: Obama lost Iraq, my friend
Hot Air Obama won the 2008 election in no small part because he promised to get the US out of Iraq. John McCain lost in no small part because he famously …

Obama to speak about response to Iraq insurgency
Yahoo News WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama will speak about his administration’s response to a growing insurgency foothold in Iraq. The remarks …

Stocks fall on so-so economic news, Iraq turmoil
Yahoo News From Yahoo News: NEW YORK (AP) — A combination of so-so economic news and violence in Iraq helped push the stock market sharply lower …

Clinton: Iraq conflict could have broad impact
Yahoo News From Yahoo News: WASHINGTON (AP) — Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Friday the deteriorating conditions in Iraq could …

Despite Disastrous Iraq War, Obama “Considering” Airstrikes
Common Dreams President Barack Obama delivered a statement on the situation in Iraq from the White House lawn. (Photograph: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters)As its …

This map shows how many US troops died in Iraq and Afghanistan

ISIS Fills Power Vacuum in Iraq Fundamentally Created by U.S. Foreign Policy (The Real News Network)

Think back to 2003. . . the year the U.S. didn’t invade Iraq (Mondoweiss)

NYT Stenographically Reports White House Ukraine Lies, Like Before 2003 Iraq U.S. Invasion (WashingtonsBlog)

Strange bedfellows: Iran, US to cooperate against Sunni jihadists in Iraq? (RT)

UK offers £3m for Iraq aid effort (BBC)

Iran considers cooperating with US in fighting Sunni extremist fighters in Iraq (Voice of Russia)

The Responsibility of the US in Contaminating Iraq with Depleted Uranium (Global Research)

Diary of a Drabman (Dissident Voice)

The ‘battle for Baghdad’ and Dame Angelina – the papers (BBC)

Obama refuses to send troops to Iraq, but won’t rule out air strikes (SCF)

Missing Saddam (SCF)

Washington’s Iraq “Victory” (SCF)

White House is under heavy criticism due to Iraq policy failure (Voice of Russia)

Another War in Iraq! Just What US Needs! (Dissident Voice)

U.S. Secret War, Murder, Incompetence Are the Real Issues (Dissident Voice)

13 June 2014

Violence in Iraq rattles the global oil market (Voice of Russia)

Foreign Policy Bait and Switch (Dissident Voice)

Iraqi crisis: Obama holds White House meeting (Voice of Russia)

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