Iraq News Links 17-18 June 2014

18 June 2014 20:18:41 —

US in Iraq: Geopolitical Arsonists Seek to Burn Region (The Greanville Post)

VIDEO: Iraq’s special forces ‘ready for ISIS’ (BBC)

‘Deadly danger’: UK and Germany warn of Islamist fighters’ plans to attack in Europe (RT)

German Ministry of Interior warns of danger of terrorist acts (Voice of Russia)

Thousands of Iraqi forces so ill-trained, unable to face far less jihadists – expert (Voice of Russia)

US Wars: Defining Victory (Greanville Post)

Sending US troops back to Iraq now will be no more than Obama’s political defeat – expert (Voice of Russia)

A Brief History of Iraq for Westerners (WashingtonsBlog)

Obama’s Iraq policy fuels terrorism – Dick Cheney (Voice of Russia)

Iraq formally seeks US air strikes (BBC)

America’s War Crime in Iraq (Global Research)

BFP Exclusive Report- A Distillation of DOD Funding Priorities for May 2014 (Boiling Frogs Post)

UAE recalls envoy to Iraq, hits at Baghdad’s “sectarian” policies, worsen security (Voice of Russia)

U.S. Trained ISIS at Secret Jordan Base (Global Research)

Facing a debacle in Iraq, the US turns for help to Iran (The Greanville Post)

John McCain calls for US military intervention in Iraq, wants Maliki to resign (Voice of Russia)

ISIS “Made in USA”. Iraq “Geopolitical Arsonists” Seek to Burn Region (Global Research)

The Blair Peace Project: Serial warmonger’s call for newIraq war will have opposite effect (RT)

Iraq pays price of US sectarian meddling (Asia Times)

Iraq: The US Sponsored Sectarian “Civil War” is a “War of Aggression”, The “Supreme International Crime” (Global Research)

John McCain calls for US military intervention in Iraq, wants Maliki to resign (Voice of Russia)

Iraq militants walk fine line in seized areas

Washington Post FILE – In this Monday, June 16, 2014 file photo, Demonstrators chant pro-al-Qaida-inspired Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) as they carry …

 Key: Iraq contribution likely to be humanitarian aid

New Zealand Herald New Zealand’s only contribution to the growing crisis in Iraq is likely to be humanitarian aid, Prime Minister John Key said in New York early today.

Iraq crisis fuels concern for oil prices

Chicago Tribune Sharp surges in the world’s oil prices usually end up dragging the economy down, so analysts are watching the crisis in Iraq for risks to U.S. …

Iraq militants catalog violence in ‘annual report’

USA TODAY WASHINGTON —The militant group that exploded on to the scene in Iraq this year has been carefully cataloging its list of brutalities over recent years …    

US Rules Out Iraq Airstrikes for Now

Wall Street Journal Shiites in Najaf, Iraq, brandish rifles and a photo of Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani at a rally to show their willingness to fight Sunni insurgents. Haidar …

Prospect of new Iraq fight turns hawks into doves

Washington Post FILE – This Dec. 3, 2011 file photo shows Iraq’s Shiite Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki talks during an interview with The Associated Press in Baghdad, … 

Iraq-driven oil spike threatens to blow hole in budget – sources

Reuters India … as $120 per barrel for several months because of fighting in Iraq, potentially driving a hole of at least 200 billion rupees ($3.3 billion) in the budget, …

 Iraq-driven oil spike threatens to blow hole in Modi govt’s first budget

Indian Express Indian government expects oil prices to rise as high as $120 per barrel for several months because of fighting in Iraq, potentially driving a hole of at …

Iraq terror brings US, Iran closer Financial Express

The United States and Iran on Monday signalled increased willingness to work together to arrest the expanding Sunni insurgency in Iraq, with …

Iraq crisis prompts reconciliation between Iran and the West – from Great Satan to the great …

The Independent The collapse of Iraq has led Britain and the United States towards a historic rapprochement with Iran which could end 35 years of hostility. Moves to …  

Iraq Premier Fires Army Commanders Amid Battle With ISIL

Bloomberg The startling battlefield success of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, a Sunni Muslim al-Qaeda breakaway, is threatening to re-ignite a sectarian …

In Iraq, let the leaders lead

Boston Globe But hardest of all, and beyond America’s control, they said, was how Iraq’s political leaders would use their army. It would all depend on whether the …  

Iraq impact? Britain set to re-open embassy in Iran

Zee News London: In another sign of increasing Iran-West ties in wake of escalating Iraq crisis, the UK is set to reopen its embassy in Iran, reports said Tuesday.

BLOGS Iraq blowback: Isis rise manufactured by insatiable oil addiction

Resilience Following the bulk of western reporting on the Iraq crisis, you’d think the self-styled ‘Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’ (Isis) popped out of nowhere, took … 

Who are Iraq’s Sunni Arabs and What did we Do to them?

Informed Comment ? Juan Cole By Juan Cole. The two great branches of Islam coexist in Iraq across linguistic and ethnic groups. There are Sunni Arabs and Shiite Arabs, Sunni …

The Plight of Christians in Iraq

Bible Gateway Blog ? Mel Lawrenz Genesis describes the birth of humanity in the region of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, which are in Iraq. Abraham’s hometown, Ur, was in Iraq.

UNESCO Issues Caution on Iraq World Heritage Sites

Hyperallergic ? Mostafa Heddaya The United Nations issued a warning yesterday on possible danger to Iraqi cultural heritage sites as the insurgent army of the Islamic State of Iraq and …

The Latest News Out Of Iraq – Full Overnight Update

Zero Hedge ? Tyler Durden Events in Iraq are changing by the hour, now that US combat boots are “on the ground”, expect them to change even faster. For those looking to catch … 

Videos show brutality of ISIS fighters in Iraq

Erin Burnett OutFront – ? cheromcha Videos continue to emerge depicting the absolute brutality with which ISIS militants are operating in Iraq. CNN’s Jim Sciutto has the report.

The cost of US intervention in Iraq

Erin Burnett OutFront – ? cheromcha Coming Outfront to discuss the cost of U.S. intervention in Iraq: General Anthony Zinni (Ret.), who was in charge of all American troops in the Middle … 

Obama Goes Golfing As Chaos Builds in Iraq

  Right Wing News ? Ashley Herzog I have nothing against golf, but now is really not a good time. Over the weekend, the violence in Iraqescalated so much that the State Department …

The Unraveling of Iraq is Playing Out Just as Dick Cheney Predicted

  Laissez Faire ? Dan Sanchez Another crisis is brewing in the Middle East. This time it involves the country America has spent a decade, as well as a trillion dollars, to build. Iraq.

Oh no, not more on Iraq?!

  DownWithTyranny! ? KenInNY The invasion of Iraq, in 2003, by destroying the Iraqi state, empowered the Shiite majority—Maliki in particular. As long as American troops remained .. 

The Truth About US Troops “Sent to Iraq”

  Prison ? admin Tony Cartalucci Land Destroyer June 17, 2014. Indeed, nearly 300 troops are being prepared to deploy toIraq, as they would be to any nation on … 

Jihadists and their allies in Iraq and Syria are posting weird cat photos online

  Boing Boing ? Xeni Jardin Can’t we all agree to leave the cats out of this conflict? More here. #catsofjihad may or may not be a real thing, and this looks to be the work of fans …

European MEK Supporters Downplay ISIS Role in Iraq ? Eldar Mamedov by Eldar Mamedov. While the world watched in horror as jihadist extremists from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) seized the Iraqi city of Mosul, … 

June 18th IRAQ SITREP by Mindfriedo

  The Vineyard of the Saker ? VINEYARDSAKER: There were a few commentators (appreciate all your support) who had asked about Daash and the future ofIraq. I am no expert here. However, please …

Iraq War Vets Split on What US Should Do Now

  Swords to Plowshares ? Editor San Francisco Chronicle – Former Army Sgt. Hien Manh Tran gave his right eye to the Iraq War. Ex-Navy Chief Petty Officer Kelly McFarland gave two … 

The Proper Way to Interview the Old/New Iraq War Hawks

  The Rude Pundit ? Rude One You know, that thing that was going to happen the moment the U.S. military left Iraq, no matter how lowd.. That thing that all of us were predicting.

Obama’s Procrastination on Iraq Action Is ‘Embarrassing’

  Fox News Insider – The official blog of Fox News Channel. ? Fox News Insider Many are asking how the situation in Iraq has gotten so bad so quickly, and questioning why the White House appears to have been caught by …

This Is Not Going As Planned: Iraq Prime Minister Defies US, Accuses Saudi Arabia Of

  Prison ? admin Not only did Iraq defy the US, but it also called out America’s BFF (or at least formerly so until the arrival of Iran, which the US is aggressively, and …

Jon Stewart Can’t Believe They Got The Original ‘Wrong On Iraq’

  Wonkette ? Doktor Zoom Like a lot of us, Jon Stewart is more than a little bit amazed that at Iraq hits the crazy button, a lot of the faces on cable news are the same old morons …

 Forum: Should The US intervene in Iraq? ? TMH The Independent Sentinel: The U.S. must intervene in Iraq in a significant … The letter outlined a four-stage plan to expand the war in Iraq: drive the … 

The Latest Crisis in Iraq Is Not Necessarily a Reason for US Re-Intervention in That Nation

  The Academe Blog ? martinkich The major ethnic groups in Iraq are the Arabs, which constitute 75% to 80% of the population, and the Kurds, which constitute 15% to 20% of the …

The UK/US ‘Success’ In Iraq

  LaRouchePAC “It has been reported that the UK foreign minister declared that the events in Iraq are, according to him, an illustration that terrorism is rampant in the …

VIDEO: Former Secretary of State Clinton on Iraq, Whether She Would Have Made the Bergdahl Deal

  Gretawire ? Greta Van Susteren In December Reverend Franklin Graham and I went to a Syrian refugee camp in Iraq and we stopped to see President Barzani of Kurdistan …

In warring Iraq, Amarillo woman helps bridge cultural divide

  News ? JON MARK BEILUE … for Texans Only.”It should be noted that Allison is in a city in northern Iraq, the exact location she requested for security reasons not be printed. 

Between Iraq and a Hard Place Premium Cartoon News ? Bill Day Between Iraq and a Hard Place, Political Cartoons, Co

The Fall of Iraq – What You Aren’t Being Told

  The Daily Sheeple ? The Daily Sheeple Iraq is descending into chaos, but not for the reasons we are being fed by politicians and the mainstream media.

Glenn Beck Reflects on Invading Iraq

  The Stranger, Seattle’s Only Newspaper ? Ansel Herz Have to wonder if the rebellions in Egypt, Libya, would have happened without a large standing US Army ready to swoop in, as well as with the …

Middle East Update: Crisis in Iraq

  Latest from FRRME and St George’s Church, Baghdad ? Canon Andrew The crisis in Iraq has now been in operation for over a week. Not hundreds but thousands of people have been killed. Thousands in the Iraqi army … 

Escalating Violence in Iraq, Maternal Mental Illness, Malia Obama’s Summer Job

  Colorlines ? Jamilah King The first signs of sectarian reprisals are breaking out in Iraq. We’re finally hearing more about maternal mental illness. The stories, like this one in the …

The Clandestine Reasons for ISIS Taking Over Iraq

  The Daily Sheeple ? Activist Post By Brandon Turbeville. Recent news of the rapid advance of the Islamic Fundamentalist organization ISIS across a wide swath of Iraq may indeed …

Give Us An Iraq Plan

  Yeshiva World News ? Y.W. Editor oba The Senate’s top Republican says President Barack Obama must present a strategy against the extremists who are gaining ground in Iraq and …

US forces move into Iraq with security mission

  The TexasFred Blog ? TexasFred WASHINGTON (AP) — Nearly 300 armed American forces are being positioned in and around Iraq to help secure U.S. assets as President Barack …  

The Twin Tragedies of War and Peace in Iraq

  Frontiers of Freedom ? Frontiers of Freedom Immediately following Maliki’s authoritarian actions to undermine Iraq’s fledgling … Thus had began Iraq’sviolent descent into its most recent national …

Jon Stewart on just how “completely f’g wrong” GOP was about Iraq

  AMERICAblog News ? John Aravosis Jon Stewart weighs in to remind us of how the Republicans got the entire Iraq strategy totally wrong, predicting that everything would end up just …

US in Iraq: Geopolitical Arsonists Seek to Burn Region

  Land Destroyer ? Land Destroyer Yet, this is precisely what the US proposes – that they – the geopolitical arsonists – be allowed to return to Iraqto extinguish the threat of heavily armed … 

Iraq crisis: Bush’s fault or Obama?
Sense of Events ? Donald Sensing

Now in 2014, as Iraq descends into chaos, Democrats are trying to blame the fiasco on — you guessed it — George W. Bush. “I don’t think this is our …

Pros and Cons of Drone Strikes in Iraq
Frontiers of Freedom ? Frontiers of Freedom

With no Status of Forces Agreement in place between Iraq and the United States, … In Iraq, drones present a little risked, nothing gained proposition.  

Bush’s Folly Strikes Again: Iraq And AmericaBruce Fein Infowars

Bruce Fein shows how the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were a terrible waste of money and not in the interest of the United States. He defends the …   

Bush’s Folly Strikes Again: Iraq And America

The Daily Banter George W. Bush’s decision to invade Iraq has cost the world more lives. The ISIS incursion has been enabled thanks to the power vacuum Bush’s … 

Iraq says Saudi Arabia “siding with terrorism”

Al Akhbar English Saudi Arabia should be “held responsible” for militant financing and crimes committed by insurgent groups inIraq, the Iraqi government charged on …

Is it ISIL or ISIS in Iraq?

THE DEFINITIVE SOURCE – Associated Press In Arabic, the group is known as Al-Dawla Al-Islamiya fi al-Iraq wa al-Sham, or the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham. The term “al-Sham” refers to Iraq …

Heilemann Castigates Kristol’s Call for Iraq Intervention: ‘Absurd’

NewsBusters … vs. neo-con. Isolationist vs. interventionist. The clash over Iraq strategy between John Heilemann and Bill Kristol on today’s Morning Joe had it all.

The War Beyond Iraq, Ctd

The Dish Nicholas Blanford sees ISIS’s Iraq campaign changing the Syrian regime’s war strategy, which in turns has implications for Lebanon: Although sworn …

Iraq, Iran and the Pottery Barn Rule As the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria moves closer to Baghdad, sectarian violence has broken out in that city. Can Prime Minister al-Maliki keep Iraq … 

Iraq: What a Way To Go

The American Interest Something that has been straining to happen now for several years: Iraq is no more. I don’t mean the country is gone. All those rocks and the sand and … 

The Fall of Iraq – What You’re Not Being Told

SCG News Iraq is descending into chaos, but not for the reasons you’re being fed by the politicians and the mainstream media.

The Sectarian Myth of IraqWill America fight al-Qaida in Iraq?

Fox News Video Karl Rove weighs in on the Obama administration’s handling of the crisis in Iraq. Until the 1970s nearly all Iraq’s political organisations were secular, attracting people from all religions and none. The dividing lines were sharply … 

Iraq Sacrifices: Flushed Away

Daily Surge Iraq Sacrifices: Flushed Away. 06.17.2014 | A. F. Branco | 1 · Iraq-sacrifices-NRD-600-w-logo. Obama IraqPolicy is a waste of American sacrifices.  

O’Reilly: Iraq War was Worth Fighting “Were the lives of Americans wasted in Iraq?” Bill O’Reilly asked on a special edition of the Talking Points Memo addressed to American soldiers and …  

Power Hour: Iraq Falling Apart is the Real “Mission Accomplished”

The Corbett Report This time they discuss the latest developments in Iraq as the US/GCC backed terror boogeyman organization threatens to complete the Neocon/Israeli … 

Journalist killed, another injured amid Iraq clashes

Committee to Protect Journalists “As the fighting in Iraq escalates, so too does the danger journalists face in reporting on the conflict,” CPJ’s Middle East and North Africa program …

Iraq Likely to See Violence Worse than 2006-2007 Civil War (The Real News Network)

The United States will not accept peace (RT)

The Most Destructive Presidencies in American History, Part 2: The Fatal Incoherence of the Bush/Obama Foreign Policy (WashingtonsBlog)

On Impeachment of Bush and Obama (Dissident Voice)

US Middle East policy failed – Russian MP (Voice of Russia)

Battle grips Iraq’s biggest refinery (BBC)

VIDEO: Tapsell calls for Blair Iraq impeachment (BBC)

VIDEO: Video ‘shows militants near refinery’ (BBC)

US senators: Let’s bomb Iraq (again…)! (RT)

Iraq’s islamists plan to attack UK – British PM Cameron (Voice of Russia)

VIDEO: In 90 seconds: Who are ISIS? (BBC)

‘Shoot first, justify later’: US trial revisits 2007 Blackwater shootings (RT)

60 foreigners kidnapped by ISIL in Iraq (Voice of Russia)

Iraq’s night is long (Asia Times)

Iraq pays price of US sectarian meddling (Asia Times)

SPENGLER America wants the impossible (Asia Times)

Militants attack Iraq oil refinery (BBC)

ISIS militants kidnap 40 Indian workers in Iraq’s Mosul (ITAR-TASS)

US in Iraq: Geopolitical Arsonists Seek to Burn Region (Land Destroyer)

Jordan, Turkey Rehabilitate The “Moderate” Jabhat Al-Nusra (Moon of Alabama)

VIDEO: Karzai dismisses ‘al-Qaeda comeback’ (BBC)

Sunni militants attack Iraq’s Baiji refinery (Voice of Russia)

ISIS attacks Iraq’s largest refinery in Baiji with mortars, gunfire (RT)

Iraqi PM fires several top security commanders as fighting approaches Baghdad (Voice of Russia)

IDEO: Stories from inside Iraq refugee camp (BBC)

German media clamours for a new Iraq war (WSWS)

Iraq’s civil war provokes UK political crisis (WSWS)

Facing a debacle in Iraq, the US turns for help to Iran (WSWS)

Obama orders nearly 300 US troops to Iraq (WSWS)

‘Any US move in Iraq will be wrong’ (RT)

Can the Empire Reassert Control of the Jihadists? (Black Agenda Report)

Freedom Rider: America’s War Crime in Iraq (Black Agneda Report)

Iraq Prime Minister Sacks Senior Military Officers over Failure to Fight ISIS Rebels (Global Research)

Iraq Witnessing a Popular Revolution, Association of Muslim Scholars (Global Research)

The US media and the debacle in Iraq (The Greanville Post)

The Truth About US Troops “Sent to Iraq” (SCF)

US May Attack ISIS Militants in Iraq – Source (SCF)

US in Iraq: Geopolitical Arsonists Seek to Burn Region (NEO)

Sectarian Monster Reawakened (Dissident Voice)

Iraq: ISIS Terrorists Target Native Assyrian Christians in Nineveh (Global Research)

17 June 2014

VIDEO: Caught in middle of ISIS gun battle (BBC)

Famous War Correspondent Explains Why He’s Still Wrong on Iraq (FAIR Blog)

Iraq: U.S. terrorism policy in action (NEO)

Tony Blair, Phantom of the Opera (RT)

Iraq officers fired over rebel gains (BBC)

Iran will become the natural leaders of the Gulf area – expert (Voice of Russia)

Seven killed in car explosion in Shiite area of Iraq’s Baghdad (Voice of Russia)

Dr. Srdja Trifkovic: The Ever More Complex Levantine Puzzle (Levant Report)

Gazprom has no problems in Iraq but does not rule out tighter security measures (ITAR-TASS)

US driven into a corner in Iraq amid never-ending Islamist strikes (Voice of Russia)

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