Iraq News Links 20-21 June 2014

21 June 2014 10:56:15 —

The Redrawing of the Map of the Middle East Begins with the Destruction of Iraq (SCF)

17 killed in Sunni militant clashes in Iraq’s Kirkul (SCF)

Show of force raises Iraq tensions (BBC)

PM Maliki’s aide thanks Russia for balanced stance on Iraqi crisis (Voice of Russia)

Andrew Bacevich Discusses How America Made a Mess of Iraq on Bill Moyers (The Greanville Post)

Who “Interferes” In Iraq? (Moon of Alabama)

Jihadist “recruiters” unmasked – the front pages (BBC)

Strongest Antiwar Statement Yet from a Congressional Candidate (WashingtonsBlog)

Washington escalates intervention in region-wide Middle East war (WSWS)

German militarism and the US debacle in Iraq (WSWS)

The Long March of Folly in Iraq (The Greanville post)

Russia Reignites The Proxy War: Putin Offers “Complete Support” To Iraq Prime Minister Scorned By Obama (Global Research)

ISIS mocks Michelle Obama on Twitter, boasts of Iraq victory (RT)

International conflict is getting more violent in Iraq (NEO)

The ISIS Crisis – Have the Sunnis Unleashed an Uncontrollable Genie? (Veterans Today)

How NATO organized invasion of Iraq (Voltaire Net)

VIDEO: The Sunni-Shia divide in Iraq (BBC)

American sacrifices give Iraq chance for stable democracy – Obama (Voice of Russia)

20 June 2014

VIDEO: Snipers capture battle against Isis (BBC)

FAIR TV: War Pundits Time Warp, Framing Iraq, NBC Self-Promotion (FAIR Blog)

Iraq and Your Gas Tank (FAIR Blog)

Pentagon crashed more than 400 military drones (RT)

The Iraq Surge ‘Worked’ All Over Again (FAIR Blog)

The danger of mission creep in Iraq (BBC)

Gallup: The Lowest-Rated Living President or Ex-President Is Barack Obama (WashingtonsBlog)

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